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List of schools of theology from which no information has been receired.

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Selma, Ala....... Alabama Baptist Normal and Theo. Name changed to Selma University.

logical School. Carthage, II..... German theological class in Carthago No distinct thcological department.

Chicago, Ill....... Chicago Theological Sominary of the Mail returned.

Lutheran Church. Topeka, Kans.... Kansas Theological School........ This school has merely a nominal es.

istence Louisville, Ky.... Theological department of Kentucky No department proper.

University. Louisville, Ky..... Theological Seminary of the Protest. This institntion exists in name only;

ant Episcopal Church in the Dio. is in possession of a valuable library cese of Kentucky.

and productire funds. Woodstock, Ma. Woodstock Colloge.

Mail returned.
Liberty, Mo..... Jeremiah Vardeman School of The Not theological seminary proper.

ology in Williain Jewoll College. Normandy, Mo...... Evangelical Theological Seminary.... Namo changed to Eden College and ro

moved to St. Louis. Newburgb, N. Y..... Newburgh Theological Sominary..... This soninary exists for the present

only in its library and property. Urbana, Ohio Theclogical department of Urbana No such department in university. Richmond, Va..... Richmond Institute .....

Name changed to Richmond Theologi.



The following is a statement of the number of schools of law reporting to this Bareau each year from 1876 to 1886, inclusive (1883 omitted), with the number of instructors and number of students:

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TABLE 50.Statistics of schools of law for 1885–86 ; from replies to inquiries by the United States Bureau of Education.

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1 Tuscaloosa, Ala
2 Little Rock, Ark

3 San Francisco, Cal.
4 New Haven, Conn
5 Washington, D.C.
6 Washington, D.C.
7 Washington, D.C.
8 Athens, Ga
9 Macon, Ga

Law School of the University of Alabama 1873 Henry D. Clayton
College of Law, Little Rock University*.. 1883 Rev. Edward S. Lew19, A. M., president

of university.
Hastings College of Law (University of 1878 Joseph W. Winans, A. M., dean.

Law department of Yale University 1824 Hon. Francis Wayland, LL.D., dean
Columbian University Law School

1864 James C. Welling
Law department of Georgetown Univer: 1870 Charles W. Hoffrean, LL.D., dean.

Law department of Howard University 1870 B. F. Leighton, dean
Law department of University of Georgia 1867 Rov. P. H. Mell, D.D., LL.D., chancellor..
Law department of Mercer University... 1874 Clifford Anderson, LL. D., chairman of

Law department of Emory College* 1837 J. BI. Pace, professor..
Bloomington Law School (Ilinois Wes- 1874 Reuben M. Benjamin, LL. D

leyan University).
Union College of Law of Ciricago and 1859 Henry Booth, dean....

Northwestern Universities.
Law department of McKendree College... 1860 Henry H. Horner, A. M., dean.
Law department of Chaddock College 1880 Ira M. Moore
Law department, De Pauw University 1839 Alexander C. Downey, dean
Law department, University of Notre 1869 | William Hognes, dean..

lowa College of Law (Drake University).. 1882 A. H. MoVoy, A. M., LL. B
Law department, State University of 1866 Lewis W. Ross, chancellor

10 Oxford, Ga
11 Bloomington, Ill

12 Chicago, Ill

13 Lebanon, Ill
14 Quincy, ill.
15 Greencastle, Ind
16 Notre Dame, Ini
17 Des Moines, Iowa
18 lowa City, Iowa
19 Lawrence, Kans ...... Law School, University of Kansas., 1878, James W. Green, A. B., dean.
20 New Orleans, La ..... Law department, Straight University. 1870 Alfred Shaw, dean..
21 New Orleans, La. (box Law department, Tulane University of 1847 Wm. F. Mellen, dean

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22 Baltimore, Md..

23 Boston, Mass
Boston University School of Law

1872 Edmund H. Bennett, LL.D., dean 24 Cambridge, Mass

Law department, University of Michigan. 1859 Henry Wade Rogers, A.M., dean. 26 Oxford, Miss.

Department of law, University of Missis. 1848 Edward Mayes, LL. D

27 Columbia, Mo

Law department, State University of Mis- 1872 Philoman Bliss, dean

souri. 28 St. Louis, Mo.

St. Louis Law School, Washington Univer. 1867 William G. Hammond, LL. D., doan

29 Albany, N. Y

Albany Law School (Union University) 1851 Horace E. Smith, LL.D., dean.
30 Clinton, N. Y
Law School of Hamilton College..

31 New York, N. Y.
Columbia College Law School.

33 Chapel Hill, N. C. University Law School, University of 1792 Kemp P. Battle, LL. 1)., president

North Carolina. 34 Greensborough, NC Greensborough Law School

P. Dick. 35 Cincinnati, Ohio

Law School of the Cincinnati College. 1833 Jacob D. Cox, LL. D., dean. 36 Lebanon, Ohio

College of Law, National Normal Univer. 1883 J. E. Smith, dean.....

sity. 37 Portland, Oreg.

Law School of the University of Oregon 1884 Richard H. Thornton 38 Salem, Oreg. College of Law, Willamette University

Thomas Van Scoy, A. M., B. D 39 Philadelphia, Pa.

Law department, University of Pennsyl. 1790 E. Coppée Mitchell, LL. D., dean.

vania. 40 Columbia, S. C.

Law department of Allen University 1881 Peter Flynn Oliver, dean
41 Columbia, S. C.

School of Law of Sonth Carolina College.. 1884 Joseph D. Pope, dean..
42 Lebanon, Tenn.

L. Gregory, dean.
44 Nashville, Tenn.

Law department, Vanderbilt University 1874 Thomas H. Malone, M. A., dean, 45 Austin, Tex

Law department, University of Texas 1883 James B. Clark, secretary 46 Lexington, Va..

School of Law and Equity, Washington 1867 Gen. G. W. C. Lee, president.


* From Report of the Commissioner of Education for year 1884-'85.

a Included in report of university (Table 39).

6 Students have access to State Library.

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SCHOOLS OF MEDICINE, DENTISTRY, AND PHARMACY. The following is a comparative statement of the number of schools of medicino, dentistry, and pharmacy reported to this Ofice each year from 1876 to 1886, inclusive (1883 onnitted), with the number of instructors and students :

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Number of institutions
Namber of instructors....
Number of students

102 10G 106 114 120 126 134 145 152 175 1, 201 1, 278 | 1, 337 1,495 1, 660 1.746 1, 946 2,235.2, 5142, 829 110, 143 11, 225 11, E30 13, 321 11,006 14, 536 15,151 15, 300 13, 921 16, 407

TABLE 51.-Summary of statistics of schools of medicine, of dentistry, and of pharmacy.

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1. Preparatory.
North Carolina
Total ....

2. Regular.
Iowa .
New Hampshire

$150,000 177,000

5,000 100,000 225,000

2,500 31, 000 102,000 80,000 25,000 180,000 400,000 70.000 67,000 11.000 30,000

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