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TACLE 81.—S'atistics of gifts and legacies to colleges, schools, 80., for 1985–86, Sc.- Continued.

Post office address.

Nane of institution.


By whom given, residence, amount, kind, purpose, and conditions of gift, and remarks


Gettysburgh, Pa... Pennsylvania Collego.....
Haverford College, Pa.... Haverford College......

Jefferson, Pa.....

Monon sahela College.....
Lancaster, Pa.......

Franklin and Marshall College
Lewisburgh, Pa.....

Bucknell University......
Lincoln University,

Lincoln University .........
Philadelphia, Pa...

La Salle College ....
Swa:thniore, Pa ... Swarthmore College .......
Charleston, S.C... Colloge of Charleston........
Newberry, S. C...

Newberry College ....
Clarksville, Tenu.. Southwestern Presbyterian Univer.

Mossy Creek, Tenn

Carson College .........
Nashville, Tenn..... Roger Williams University........
Nashville, Tenn... Vanderbilt University..........
Sewance, Tenn...

University of the South........
Ashland, Va....

Randolph Macon College .......
Hampden Sidney,

Hampden Sidney College ....
Richmond, Va.....

Richinoad College ........
Salem, Va .......

Roanoke College...........
Appleton, Wis....

Lawrence University ........
Beloit, Wis....

Deloit College ...
Milton, Wis.....

Milton College....
Ripon, Wis.....

Ripon College ...
Watertown, Wis..

Northwestern University........
East Pierre, Dak .... Pierre University .........
Deer Lodge, Mont......... College of Moutana.........

$800 Mancs Bros., Cincinnati, Ohio, $600 ; John M. Young, Williamsport, Pa., $100 ; Ars. A. E. Eger.

man, Easton, Pa., $100; improvement of campus.
20, 246 Jacob P. Joves, $3,000, scholarship; David Scul and others, Philadelphia, the remainder for vac

rious purposes.
1,052 For salaries.
2, 000 L. II. Deibl, scholarahip.
10,000 William Bucknell, Philadelphia, Pa., for a chapel.
15,000 William A. Holliday, Brooklyn, N. Y., to completo endowment of chair of natural scienco.
23, 874 Legacy for building.
20,000 The final annual instalmont of the $100,000 left by Mr. Samuel Willetts, of New York, to be

paid in five annual instalments, the interest of which must be used to assist needy students.
2,500 From the city of Charleston.
600 From Synod of South Carolina, for snpport of faculty.

500 or more volumes for library, and furniture, from numerous individuals and churches.
21,500 J. H. Carson, Dandridge, Tonn., $20,000 in cash and real estate ; Elisha Kimbrough, Mossy

Creek, $1,500 in cash, all to be applied to aid indigent candidates for the ministry.
7, 500 W. E. Haywaru, Pana, III., $1,500, building.
210,000 William II. Vanderbilt (deceased), New York, N. Y., $200,000 in railroad bonds, for the gen-

eral endowment fund, and $10,000 in caslı for general use.
25, 000 Hon. Jacob Thompson (deceased), Memphis, Tenn., $12,000, payment of college dobt; Florenco

Miller Jameson, New York, N. Y., $13,000, to build convocation house and gymnasium.

Frou a great number of people, to ondow tlie college.
3,200 In small amounts, to erect a memorial building for lecture-room, &c.
12, 000 Library and scholarship.
000 In real estate, from Mrs. John Trout, Union Hall, Va., for endowment; other gifts in cash,

small suma, for scholarships and current expenses.
30,000 In 8008 varying from $25 to $5,000, for endowment

500 Endowment for chair of elocution.

000 Old students and other friends of tho college.
20, 500 To endow prosident's chair.
1,000 August Frank (deceased), Milwaukee, Wis.
1, 600 Support of the institntion.
4. 500

Alanson Trask, Brooklyn, N. Y., $2,500, for salary and travelling expenses of the president,

D). W. Me Williams, Brooklyn, N. Y., $250, towards debt on dormitori; Jobn F. Winslow,
Poughkeepsie, N. Y., $1,000, debt on dormitory; Mrs. C. H. McCormick, Chicago, II., $50, debt
on dormitory; remaindor for salaries.



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Whitman College
Howard University

4,082 In small sums : $3,500 to pay debt on building; remainder to build young men's hall, to pay

salaries, and to build up the institution. 2,200 Slater fund, $600; various sources, $1,600; all for general purposes and .ndustrialdepartments

ED 86---43

Walla Walla, Wash
Washington, D.C.

Tnskeegee, Ala.
Mills' Seminary, Cal....
Knoxvillle, 111
Rockford, NI..
Andover, Mass
Northampton, Mass
South Hadley, Mass.
Wellesley, Mass
Albert Loa, Minn ......
Faribault, Minn
Brooklyn, N. Y
New York, NY
Plattsburgh, N. Y.
Lenoir. N.C.
Granville, Ohio
Hillsborough, Ohio
Painesville, Ohio

Alabama Conference Female College
Mills' College and Seminary.
St. Mary's School.....
Rockford Seminary.....
Abbot Academy.
Smith College ....
Mount Holyoke Female Seminary.
Wellesley College
Albert Lea College
St. Mary's Hall.
Packer Collegiate Instituto
Academy of the Sacred Heart, Man-

D'Yonville Convent
Davenport College........
Shepardson College......
Highland Institute
Lake Erie Female Seminary
Allentown Female College.
Montgomery Female College.
Milwaukee College

4, 650 Improvement of college baildings. 10,000 1, 500 Organ and furniture for chapel.

Miss Fannie Morrison (deceased), $5,000; Mrs. C. T. Mills, $5,009; all fur scholarships. 4,963 16, 972

Better endowment of the sominary in various directions. 45,000

Two scholarships, $2,000; building fund, $14,806; alumnal fund for Louks and apparatus, $76.
44, 500
17, 600

For cottage.
4, 300

Books, $750 ; furniture, $580; land, $1,000; cash, $1,970.
For the education of the daughters of missionaries in Minnesota,

To ondow scholarship.
120 James Falden, Breckenridge, Minn., for books for library.

40 $25 to best scholar; $15 for prize in elocution. 100, 000 Endowment.

3:00 Geo, B. Beecher and others. 1, 750

Citizens of lainesville and Cleveland, $1,000 for repairs and improvements; $100 for aid or sta.

dents; $50 for books.
6, 000

L. A. Butz, esq., gavo $1,000 and collected $2,000 to pay college debts.
36 To aid ministers' danghters.
7,000 From C. S. Farrar, president of the college, to enlarge accommodations for boarding students.

Allentown, Pa.
Christiansburgh, Va ....
Milwaukee, Wis.

Worcester, Mass

Worcester County Free Institute of

Industrial Science.

Agricultnral College, Mlala Michigan State Agricultural College.
New York, N. Y. (31 and 36 Hebrew Technical Institute.

Stuyvesant street).
Schenectady, N. Y...... Union College School of Civil Engi.

Easton, Pa..

Pardes scientific department in La

Fayette College.
Northfield, Vt

Norwich University.
Hampton, Va

Hampton Normal and Agricultural

Talladega, Ala..... Theological department Talladega

Tuscaloosa, Ala.c... Taetitute for Training Colored Min-

on? luters.

60, 620 From late Stephen Saliebary, $25,000; P. L. Moon, $25,000; estate of late L.J. Knowles, $10,000,

for general endowment fund; Dosar's. Moen, Salisbury, and G H. W bitcomb, $320, for spe-
cial repairs; Stephen Salisbury, $200, for chemical apparatus; and $100 given anonymously to
purchase writing attachments to chairs; 200 aru-chairs for lecture and reception rooms, from

Heywood Brothers, of Gardner, Mass.
150 Warren M. Badcock, Taunton, England, in recognition of benefit received as a studente

Included in general college records, and not easily separatod.
Reported with classical department.

Subscriptions to an endowment fund by alumni; amonnt not told.
87, 929

General pur es, $34, 119; special purposes, $11,328; annual scholarships, $26, 802; beneficiary

fund, $2,7:22 ; Indian fund, $2,149; endowment fund, $9,811; pastor's salary, $938.

$1,000; others, $300; all for scholarships. 2,300 Rev. Jolin and Lydia Hawes Wood, Fitchburgh, Mass., $1,000; H. B. Lincoln, Worcester, Mass., 4, 200


TALE 4.- Swisttuce of gifts and legasins to esllega, echoola, &c., for 1885–86, 8C.-Continued.

Nane of institution


By whorn given, residence, amount, kind, purpose, and conditions of gift, and remarka.



[blocks in formation]

In varying sums for endowinent of William Thompson fellowship, proceeds to aid good scholar

who wishes to pursue advanced studies in America or in Germany.
$1,100 from American Missionary Association of New York; $400 from preebylories of the

In canh, besides considerable clothing.
Rev. E. H. Gammon, Batavia, IIL
Gifts included in college report

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Hartford, Conn ......... Hartford Theological Seminary ......
Washington, D.C ......... Howard University, theological de

Atlanta, Ga...

Atlanta Baptist Seminary ............
Atlanta, Ga....

Gammon School of Theology ..........
Evanston, Ill .....

Swedish Theological Seminary...
Rock Island, nl

Augustana Theological Seminary ....
Dubuque, lowa.

German Presbytenan Theological

School of the North west.
Louisvillo, Ky....

Southern Baptist Theological Semi

Bangor, Me............

Bangor Theological Seminary ......
Baltimore, Mi...

Centenary Biblical Institute..
Emmittsbur:h, Mu.... Mount Saint Mary's Theological Sem-

Andover, Mass ........ Andover Theological Seminary....
Cambridge, MASA..

Divinity School of Harvard University
Cambride, Mass... Episcopal Theological School...
St. Louis, Mo............ Eden College, Evangelical Theological

Warronton, Mo............ Central Wesleyan College, theologi.

cal department

90,000 Cash and notes payable during year.
4, 100 Given by residents of the State to permanont fand.
8,000 For current expenses.

10,000 TIenry Winkley, Philadelphia, adds this amount to the permanent fund of $10,000 which bears

his name.
Reported under Harvard University.
1,000 volumos, the library of lato kov. Dr. Hollingsworth, of New York, given by the Misses

10, 984
3,743 William Hollmann, Warrenton, $1,000, for stipends; F. G. and W. F. Niedringhans, St. Louis, $50

and $250, respectively; Henry Blanke, St. Louis, $25 ; Mrs. A. Hansman, St. Louis, $25 :
G. Hurni, Belleville, fil., $25 ; P. Frick, Denver, Col., $200; $1,500 of the total amount for

the salary of a professor, remainder for poor theological students.
12,874 | Thomas Williams, real estate for president's house, $6,000; Mrs. Eliza Knox Williams, $1,000

for scholarship; bequest of James B. Hoy, $2,000; persons and churches, $3,874 for gonoral

60, 000 From various persons for a new library building.
20. 123 G. C. Buel, Rochester, N. Y.; Mr. and Mrs. N L. Zabriskie and Henry A. Morgan, of Aurora,

N. Y.; Miss Sarah B. Hills, of New York, and otherg, $1,435, for salary of adjunct professor;
$6,722 to the permanent scholarship fund; $910 in aid of students; $849 towards current el-

ponses; and the remainder addod to the general permanent fund. 1,500 | George A. Dockstader, New York, N. Y., to complete the Dockstador fand of $1,000.

[blocks in formation]

General Theological Seminary, Prot

Rochester Theological Seminary.
Stanfor ville, N. Y.

Theological department, Oberlin Col

Heidelberg Theological Seminary.
Xenia, Ohio......

United Presbyterian Theological Sem.

Reformed Presbyterian Theological

Western Theological Seminary.
Bethlehem, Pa

Moravian College and Theological
Meadville, Pa.

Meadville Theological School..
Philadelphia, PA

Theological Seminary of Evangelical

185,000 William H. Vanderbilt, New York, legacy $50,000, for general endowment; Miss Susan M.

Edson, New York, logaoy: $10,000 for vocal instruction; Mrs. S. V. Hoffman, New York,

gift, $100,000 for chapel and $25,000 in sundry anonymous gifts, unconditional.
5,500 Mainly for scholarships.
1, 500 For library.
5, 600 $1,600 from churches and small gifts from individuals; one bequest of $1,000 in stocks from

estate of Mrs. Emily G. Wilson, Philadelphia, Pa.
16,385 Endowment, $8,815; contingent fund, $7,570.

In cash from sundry donors, for library purposes.
20,000 Given anonymously for endowmont.

100 Heirs of Charles Buch, for the library.
2,074 $1,000, bequest of Ignac Kirkpatrick, North Jackson, Ohio; $574, bequest of William Marshall,

Southfield, Mich. ; $500, bequest of Mary Patterson, New Concord, Ohio. Of the total, $1,000

were for endowment for professors' salaries and $1,074 for endowment for student aid.
2,000 Miss M. W. Denny, Pittsburgh, $500, general endowment; estate of Mary Foster, $1,050, Fos.

ter bequest scholarship; remainder church collections, for library and general expenses.
2, 667

Annual collection in Moravian churches, $2,066 for current expenses, $600 for endowment fund.
23,000 Miss Harriet Wilson, Lowell, Mass.
11, 006

Theological department, University

25, 000 Petor Herman, J. R. Sample, of Muncy, Pa. ; Mine Hattie S. Munich, of Paxinos, Pa.; Valen.

tine Vought, of Elysburgh, Pa.; Megerg. Charles E. and Daniel K. Hoy, George Koup, Jacob

Menges, and J. W. Gauger, all of Turbotvillo, Pa., and others, for endowment.
3, 500 In books and money.

Money for furnishing rooms and for student support while in school; amount not known.
8,000 David Baylos, Angusta County, Virginia.
9, 588 Chiefly from church contributions.

Mrs. Kogger (deceased), Philadelphia, Pa., legacy of $5 000, for scholarship of a student from

Pennsylvania, or, in absence of such, at discretion of faculty, and about $4,000 in varying

150 In prizes and some law books.
40,000 In cash or interest-bearing securities for endowment of chair of real property and of the law

department as a whole. Giver's name withheld.


Union College of Law
Law department Washington_Uni.

versity (also known as St. Louis
Law School).

· Chicago, I1). (2811 College | Hahnemann Medical College and Hog-
Groie arenne).

College of Physicians and Surgeons...
Baltimore, MD

Woman's Medical College of Baltimore.
Boston, MA

Medical School of Harvard University.
St. Paul, Minn

Bellerno Hospital Medical Collego..
Columbus, Ohio

New York, N. Y

estant Episcopal Church. New York, N. Y.(1200 Park Union Theological Sominary.

Rochester, N. Y.

Christian Biblical Institute..
Dayton, Ohio

Union Biblical Seminary..
Oberlin, Ohio

Tiffin, Ohio

inary of Xenia, Ohio.
Allegheny, Pa

Allegheny, Pa

Lutheran Church.
Selin's Grove, Pa

Missionary Institute.

Sewanee, Tenn.
Marshall, Tex
Hanipden Sidney, Va...
Franklin, Wis
Nashotah, Wis.

of the South.
Bishop College.
Union Theological Seminary.
Mission House.
Nashotah House....


Chicago, Illi
St. Louis, lo


pial (homeopathic). Baltimore, MA

St. Paul Medical College St. Joseph, Mo

St. Joseph Medical College New York NY

Columbus Medical College.

10,000 For hospital work.

In money.

Reported under Harvard University.
25,000 From citizens of St. Paul, in cash of varying amounts for land, buildings, &c.
150,000 Samuel Ensworth (deceased), money, land, stocks, given for the construction and maintenance

of St. Joseph Medical College and Hospital, the surplus for beneficiary. 6,000 Andrew Carnegie, New York, N. X.., for current expenses of “Carnegio laboratory." 3, 500 Cash, in various amounts, for hospital of college.


TABLE 84.---Stalistics of gifts and legacies to colleges, schools, fo., for 1885–86, 8c.-Continned.

Tost-office address.

Name of institution.


By whom given, residence, amount, kind, purpose, and conditions of g it, and remarks.



$22, 000 From citizens of Portland for college building.

1, 125 $700 from John F. Slater fand, remainder in small sums from various people.

500 From a lady for apparatus in laboratory.
525 In collections, mineralogical, &c., and complete herbarium of North America, from John Dick.

son (deceased), N. Spang, John Shaffer, and Hugo Blanch, ail of Pittsburgh.

4,809 $4,173 for extension of nurses' home; remainder for general purposes

342 From twenty individuals.
2, 672
4,312 Contributions received during 1885.
11, 698 Bequests, $6,000; to building fund, $4,650; contributions, $1,048.

Portland, Oreg...... Medical department Willamette Uni

Nashville, Tenn ..... Meharry medical department of Cen.

tral Tennessee College.
Philadelphia, Pa....

Philadelphia College of Pharmacy....
Pittsburgh, Pa...... Pittsburgh College of Pharmacy .....

New Haven, Conn.. Connecticut Training School for

Orange, N. J ....... Orange Training School for Nurses...
Brookiyn, N. Y...

Brooklyn Training School for Nurses.
New York, NY..

Training School for Nurses attached

to Bellevue Hospital.
Philadelphia, Pa.... Philadelphia Lying-in Charity and

Nurse School.

Boston, Mass..

Horace Mann School for the Deaf and !

Norris, Mich..

Evangelical Lutheran Institution for

Deaf and Dumb.
New York, N. Y. (Lex | Institution for the Improved Instruc-

ington Ave., bet. 67th tion of Deaf-Mutes.
and oth sts).
Rochester, N. Y.

Western New York Institution for

the Deaf and Damb.
Philadelphia, Pa.... Pennsylvania Institution for the Deaf

and Dumb.
Wilkinsburgh, Pa... Western Pennsylvania Institution for

the Instruction of the Deafand Dumb.
Vancouver, Wash

Washington School for Defectivo

118 Mrs. Fannie Brooks, Boston, for printing language lessons for the young'at pupils, and from

Dr. Geo. F. Bigelow, Boston, 41 reports upon education.
2,400 | For support of the institution.
730 $515 legacy of Migs Juliana Hendricks, the remaindor in small sums from various persons; all

for general purposes of the institution.

From a visitor from London, England, for the purchase of books, and a few small gifts of money. 8,429

William McGann, Norristown, Pa., $1,738; Mrs. Catherine Brown, Philadelphia, $2,710; and

Miss Mary Shields, Philadelphia, $3,981; all to assist students. 30,000 Gift of $5,000 from Andrew Carnegie, Cresson, Pa., for the library, and a legacy from Miss

Jane Holmes, Pittsburgh, for general use of the institution. 100 Nucleus of “Mooro museum fund."

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