Subject List of Works of Reference, Biography, Bibliography, the Auxiliary Historical Sciences, Etc., in the Library of the Patent Office

H.M. Stationery Office, 1908 - 336 páginas

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Página 296 - On the Power, Wisdom, and Goodness of God as manifested in the Adaptation of External Nature to the Moral and Intellectual Constitution of Man.
Página 266 - Farm," &c. 690 pp., demy 8vo. Just Published, crown 8vo, cloth, price 7*. &£, New and Revised Edition. A Million of Facts of Correct Data and Elementary Information in the Entire Circle of the Sciences, and on all Subjects of Speculation and Practice.
Página 215 - The Metric System. A SERIES OF METRIC TABLES, in which the British Standard Measures and Weights are compared with those of the Metric System at present in use on the Continent. By CH DOWLING, CE 8vo, io-r. 6d. strongly bound. " Mr. Bowling's Tables, which are well put together, come just in time as a ready reckoner for the conversion of one system into the other.
Página 75 - A GROUP of ENGLISHMEN (1795 to 1815) ; Records of the Younger Wedgwoods and their Friends, embracing the History of the Discovery. of Photography. By ELIZA HETEYARD.
Página 17 - Primitive Industry, or Illustrations of the Handiwork in Stone, Bone, and Clay of the Native Races of the Northern Atlantic Seaboard of America, by Dr.
Página 274 - PERSON (David). Varieties: or, A Surveigh of Rare and Excellent Matters, necessary and delectable for all sorts of persons. Wherein the principall Heads of diverse Sciences are illustrated, rare secrets of Naturall things unfoulded, etc.
Página 217 - AN ESSAY TOWARDS THE RECOVERY OF THE JEWISH MEASURES AND WEIGHTS, comprehending their Monies; by help of Ancient Standards, compared with ours of England.
Página 13 - Report of Surveys Across the Continent in 1867-68 on the ThirtyFifth and Thirty-Second Parallels for a Route Extending the Kansas Pacific Railway to the Pacific Ocean at San Francisco and San Diego (Philadelphia, 1869), pp.
Página 132 - PUBLIC records. A description of the contents, objects, and uses of the various works printed by authority of the Record Commission ; for the advancement of historical and antiquarian knowledge.
Página 19 - D'HANCARVILLE. Recherches sur l'Origine, l'Esprit et les Progrès des Arts de la Grèce ; sur leurs connections avec les Arts et la Religion des plus anciens peuples connus ; sur les Monumens antiques de l'Inde, de la Perse, du reste de l'Asie, de l'Europe et de l'Egypte.

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