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advantage that it enables a class to be divided and the less frequently consulted portion to be removed to another part of the building without detriment to the searcher, who is informed by a notice on a wooden block on the shelves that books in that class prior to a given date are shelved elsewhere.

Size marks.—In case of books over a certain size, economy of space and other considerations require their separate shelving, Three divisions of size have been made, the octavo (for books under 12 inches in height), quarto (between 12 and 17 inches in height), and folio (over 17 inches in height). The two latter divisions are distinguished by the following marks placed after the "work mark" :—

/ representing the quarto series.
. „ „ folio series.

Special marks.—The addition of an asterisk (*) or asterisks (**) to the work mark indicates that the work in question is not to be found on the open shelves, but is shelved elsewhere in the library buildings. Access to such works is obtainable on

In other respects the rules for using the subject lists remain unaltered. Specific information should be looked for under specific headings, where the monographs on a given subject are to be found, but these monographs must not be accepted as representing the entire resources of the Library on a particular subject. Where further information is required, the searcher should refer to the Key to the Classification at the end of each volume, where th& headings are arranged in their class order, and their relationship to other classes shown by their position in the classification and by references.


July, 1908.






Aborigines. See Anthropology, Ethnological. AP41

ABy88INIA. AR 726

8701* Holland, T. J. , and Hosier, H. M. Record of the ex-
pedition to Abyssinia. London, 1870. 2 vols. 4° and

Academy publications, General, Bibliography. See Periodical
publications. AH 30-40

National Bibliography. See Biblio-
graphy, National.

AG 10-99 (Dtii. i. Periodical and Society Publication), etc.)


889* Hubbard, H. P. Co. Blue book of trade marks and
newspapers (illustrations of trade marks, designs,
and advertisements). New Haven, Gonn, 8°. 1889.
312 pp.

907 Scott, W. D. The theory and practice of advertising.
ADVERTISING (Periodicals). AW 961

907* Advertising World (The). Vol. 13,1907. etc. London. 8°.

Current numbers in Box C 60.


1903. Williams, A. Decorative and sign lighting. National Electrtc Light Association. Proceedings. 26th Convention. Appendix A. D 50: 885

AFRIca, SouTH WEST. AR 749

846* Eden, T. E. The search for nitre, etc., being an account of a voyage ... to the South West Coast of Africa. London, 1846. 12°. 141pp.

Agricultural literature. Classification. See Book Classification: Agriculture, etc. AN 51 gr

ALasKA. AR 945

880* U£. Census Office: 10th Census, 1880. Report on the population, industries and resources of Alaska. By I. Petroff. Washington, 1888. 4°. 189 pp. 8 col. pi.

890* 11th Census, 1890. Report on population and

resources of Alaska. Washington, 1893. 4°. 289 pp. maps. 1 col. pi.

ALBERT HAll. AR 43666 j

1873. Scott, H. Y. D. On the construction of the Albert Hall. Boy. Engineers, Corps of. Prof. Papers. New Ser. Vol.xxi. pp. 49-63. 2 pi. F 90: 844

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ALGIErs : InDuSTRIES. AR 796 1

1867. Zestiboudois, T. Exposition collective de l'Algerie. Paris Dniv. Exhibition, 1867. Rapports du Jury International. Classe 43. Sect. xi. 1868. 8°. pp. 423-452. AB867P

ALHAMBra. AR 4076 ja

848§ Jones, 0., and Goury, J. Plans, elevations, etc., of the Alhambra. London, [1848]. 2 vols. fol.

854* Crystal Palace Co. The Alhambra court in the Crystal Palace. Erected and described by O. Jones. Sydenham, 1854. sm. 8°. 119 pp. lpl.

America (continent). AR 80

847* Macgregor, J. The progress of America from the discovery by Columbus to 1846. Vol. i., historical and statistical; vol. ii., geographical and statistical, London, 1847. 2 vols. 85.

AMERIca (CoNTINenT) HiSTory (Periodicals). AR 80 t

S69* Historical Magazine and notes and queries concerning the antiquities, history, and biography of America. 2nd Ser. Vol. 5; 3rd Ser. Vol. 2. Morrisania, N.Y., 1869 and 1873. 2 vols. 4°.

America (continent) (Maps). AR 80 u

901* U.S. Congress Library: Div. of Maps and Charts. A list of Maps of America in the Library of Congress, preceded by a list of works relating to cartography, by P. L. Phillips. Washington, 1901. 8°. 1,137 pp.

America, Central: Industries. AR 961 1

1867. Martin de Moussy, V. L'Amerique centrale et l'Amerique meridionale a l'Exposition, etc. Paris Univ. Exhibition, 1867. Rapports du Jury International. Classe 43. Sect. xiii. 1868. 8°. pp. 488549. AB 837p

America, North. AR 817

8301* Hall, R Forty etchings from sketches made with the camera lucida in North America in 1827 and 1828. 4th ed. Edinburgh, 1830. 4°. 20 pi. with explanatory text; map.

Union Pacific Railway Co. Beport of surveys across the continent in 1867-68, . . . for a route extending the Kansas Pacific Railway to the Pacific Ocean at San Francisco and San Diego. By W. J. Palmer, Philadelphia, 1869. 8°. 250 pp. 2 maps.

870* Bell, W. A. New tracks in North America. A journal of travel, etc., whilst engaged in the survey for a Southern railroad to the Pacific Ocean, 1867-8. With contributions by W. J. Palmer, etc. 2nd ed. London.

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