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Fer. I warrant you, Sir,

The white cold virgin-fnow upon my heart,
Abates the ardour of
my liver.

Pro. Well.

Now come my Ariel, bring a corolary,
Rather than want a fpirit, appear, and pertly.
No tongue; aii eyes; be filent.

[blocks in formation]

[Soft mufick

Iris. Ceres, moft bounteous lady, thy rich leas Of wheat, rye, barley, fetches, oats, and pease; The turfy mountains, where live nibling fheep, And flat meads thatch'd with ftover, them to keep; Thy banks with pioned, and tulip'd brims, Which fpungy April at thy heft betrims,

To make cold nymphs chafte crowns ; and thy broom


Whofe fhadow the dismissed batchelor loves,
Being lafs-lorn; thy pole-clipt vineyard,

And thy fea-marge fteril, and rocky hard,

Where thou thy felf do'ft air; the Queen o' th' sky, Whofe wat'ry arch and meffenger am I,

Bids thee leave thefe, and with her Sov'raign Grace, Here on this grafs-plot, in this very place

[Juno defcends.

To come and fport; her peacocks fly amain:
Approach, rich Ceres, her to entertain.

Enter Ceres.

Cer. Hail many-colour'd meffenger, that ne'er
Do'ft difobey the wife of Jupiter:

Who, with thy faffron wings, upon my flowers
Diffufeft honey drops, refreshing showers;
And with each end of thy blue bow do'ft crown
My bosky acres, and my unfhrub'd down,

Rich fcarf to my proud earth; why hath thy Queen
Summon'd me hither, to this fhort-grafs green?
Iris. A contract of true love to celebrate,
And fome donation freely to estate
On the blefs'd lovers.

Cer. Tell me heav'nly bow,

If Venus or her fon, as thou do'ft know,
Do now attend the Queen? fince they did plot
The means, that dusky Dis, my daughter, got;
Her and her blind boy's fcandal'd company
I have forfworn.

Iris. Of her fociety

Be not afraid; I met her deity

Cutting the clouds towards Paphos, and her fon
Dove-drawn with her; here thought they to have done
Some wanton charm upon this man and maid,
Whofe vows are, that no bed-right fhall be paid
'Till Hymen's torch be lighted; but in vain
Mars's hot minion is return'd again;

Her wafpifh-headed fon has broke his arrows,
Swears he will fhoot no more, but play with fparrows,
And be a boy right-out.

Cer. High Queen of state,

Great Juño comes, I know her by her gate.

Jun. How does my bounteous fifter? go with me To blefs this twain, that they may profp'rous be, And honour'd in their iffue.

Jun, Honour, riches, marriage bleffing,

Long continuance and encreafing,
Hourly joys be fill upon you,

[They fing

Juno fings her blessings on you:
Earth's increafe, and foyfon plenty,
Barns and garners never empty,
Vines, with cluftring bunches growing,
Plants, with goodly burthen bowing:
Spring come to you at the fartheft,
In the very end of harveft:
Scarcity and want fhall fhun you,
Ceres' bleffing fo is on you.
F 4


Fer. This is a moft majestick vifion, and Harmonious charmingly : may I be bold To think these fpirits?

Pro. Spirits which by mine art

I have from all their confines call'd, t'enact
My prefent fancies.

Fer. Let me live here ever;

So rare a wonder'd father, and a wife,
Make this place paradife.

Pro. Sweet now, filence:
Juno and Ceres whifper feriously;

There's fomething elfe to do; hufh, and be mute,
Or else our fpell is marr'd.

Juno and Ceres whisper, and fend Iris on imployment.
Iris. You nymphs call'd Nayads of the winding brooks,
With your fedg'd crowns, and ever-harmless looks,
Leave your crifp channels, and on this green-land
Anfwer your fummons, Juno does command:
Come, temperate nymphs, and help to celebrate
A contract of true love; be not too late.

Enter certain Nymphs.

You fun-burn'd ficklemen, of Auguft weary,
Come hither from the furrow, and be merry;
Make holy-day; your rye-ftraw hats put on,
And these fresh nymphs encounter every one
In country footing.

[blocks in formation]

Enter certain reapers, properly habited; they join with the nymphs in a graceful dance; towards the end whereof Profpero ftarts fuddenly, and speaks; after which, to a strange, hollow and confused noife, they vanish.

Pro. I had forgot that foul confpiracy Of the beast Caliban, and his confed'rates, Against my life; the minute of their plot

Is almoft come.

Well done, avoid; no more.

Fer. This is ftrange; your father's in fome paffion That works him ftrongly.

Mira. Never 'till this day

Saw I him touch'd with anger, fo diftemper'd.
Pro. You look, my fon, in a mov'd fort,
As if you were difmay'd; be chearful, Sir:
Our revels now are ended:

thefe our actors,
As I foretold you, were all spirits, and
Are melted into air, into thin air;

And like the baseless fabrick of their vision,
The cloud-capt towers, the gorgeous palaces,
The folemn temples, the great globe it felf
Yea all which it inherit, fhall diffolve,
And like thisUnfubftantial pageant faded,
Leave not a rack behind! we are fuch stuff
As dreams are made on, and our little life
Is rounded with a fleep. Sir, I am vext;
Bear with my weaknefs, my old brain is troubled:
Be not disturb'd with my infirmity;

If thou be pleas'd, retire into my cell,

And there repofe; a turn or two I'll walk

To ftill my beating mind.

Fer. Mira. We wish you peace.



Pro, Come with a thought; I thank thee, Ariel: come.

Enter Ariel,

Ari. Thy thoughts I cleave to; what's thy pleafure? Pro. Spirit, we must prepare to meet with Caliban. Ari. Ay, my commander; when I prefented Ceres I thought to have told thee of it, but I fear'd Left I might anger thee.

Pro. Say again, where didft thou leave these varlets ? Ari. I told you, Sir, they were red hot with drinking; So full of valour, that they fmote the air For breathing in their faces; beat the ground For kiffing of their feet; yet always bending Towards their project. Then I beat my tabor, At which like unbackt colts they prickt their ears, F. 5


Advanc'd their eye-lids, lifted up their nofes,
As they fmelt mufick; fo I charm'd their ears,
That, calf-like, they my lowing follow'd through
Tooth'd briars, fharp furzes, pricking gofs and thorns,
Which enter'd their frail fhins: at laft I left them
I'th' filthy mantled pool beyond your cell,

There dancing up to th' chins, that the foul lake
O'er-ftunk their feet.

Pro. This was well done, my bird;

Thy fhape invifible retain thou still;

The trumpery in my houfe, go bring it hither,
For ftale to catch thefe thieves.

Ari. I go, I go,


Pro. A devil, a born devil, on whose nature
Nurture can never ftick; on whom my pains,
Humanly taken, all, all loft, quite loft;
And, as with age, his body uglier grows,
So his mind cankers; I will plague them all,
Even to roaring: come, hang them on this line.


Enter Ariel loaden with glistering apparel, &c. Enter Caliban, Stephano, and Trinculo, all wet.

Cal. Pray you tread foftly, that the blind mole may not

Hear a foot fall; we now are near his cell.

Ste. Monfter, your Fairy, which you fay is a harmlefs Fairy, has done little better than plaid the Jack with us.

Trin. Monster, I do fmell all horfe-pifs, at which my nofe is in great indignation.

Ste. So is mine: do you hear, monster? if I should take a displeasure againit you; look you

Trin. Thou wert but a loft monster.

Cal. Good my lord, give me thy favour ftill: Be patient, for the prize I'll bring thee to

Shall hood-wink this mifchance; therefore fpeak foftly; All's husht as midnight yet.

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