University of Illinois Studies in the Social Sciences, Volume 2

University of Illinois, 1913

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Página 7 - ... uniform, in respect to persons and property. within the jurisdiction of the body imposing the same.
Página 18 - Such schedule shall be made in conformity to such instructions and forms as may be prescribed by the auditor of public accounts.
Página 14 - That there shall be no other banks or moneyed institutions in this State but those already provided by law, except a State bank and its branches, which may be established and regulated by the general assembly of the State as they may think proper.
Página 126 - January, one thousand eight hundred and fifty, shall be individually responsible to the amount of their respective share or shares of stock in any such corporation or association, for all its debts and liabilities of every kind, contracted after the said first day of January, one thousand eight hundred and fifty.
Página 7 - The specification of the objects and subjects of taxation shall not deprive the general assembly of the power to require other subjects or objects to be taxed in such manner as may be consistent with the principles of taxation fixed in this constitution.
Página 84 - State for the protection of policy holders, or otherwise, or any payment for taxes, fines, penalties, certificates of authority, license fees, or otherwise, greater than the amount required for such purposes from similar companies of other States by the then existing laws of this State, then, and in every such case, all companies of such States...
Página 118 - I am, therefore, by no means for restoring Canada. If we keep it, all the country from the St. Lawrence to the Mississippi will in another century be filled with British people. Britain itself will become vastly more populous, by the immense increase of its commerce; the Atlantic sea will be covered with your trading ships; and your naval power, thence continually increasing, will extend your influence round the whole globe, and awe the world!
Página 18 - The amount of capital stock authorized, and the number of shares into which such capital stock is divided.
Página 69 - States, or of any foreign government, who willfully and with a design to defraud, sells, pledges or issues, or causes to be sold, pledged or issued, or signs or procures to be signed with intent to sell...
Página 83 - ... shall return to the proper officer of the county, town or municipality in which the agency is established, in the month of May, annually, the amount of the net receipts...

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