Annual Report of the Ohio State Board of Agriculture, Volume 12,Parte 1857

Reports for 1862-66 include reports of the Ohio Pomological Society.

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Página 319 - Saline substances, chlorides of sodium and potassium, sulphate and phosphate of potash and soda, and some other mineral matters, occurring in food, supply the blood, juice of flesh and various animal juices, with .the necessary mineral constituents.
Página 435 - That if the cane is cut and housed, or shocked in the field when in its most favorable condition, it will probably keep unchanged for a long time. 4th. That when the juice is obtained, the process should proceed continuously and without delay.
Página 435 - That it is obvious that there is a culminating point In the development of the sugar in the cane, which is the best time for sugar making. This point or season I consider to be, when most if not all the seeds are ripe, and after several frosts ; say when the temperature falls to 25° or 3o° Fahrenheit.
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