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Church, and the English Commission. The Regent Murray and the Marquis of Montrose are interred. near the centre of the south side of the Church, and on the outside of its northern wall is the monument of Napier of Merchiston, the inventor of logarithms.

The Cathedral is now divided into three places of worship, viz.— the High Church, the Tolbooth Church, and a Hall, originally intended for the meetings of the General Assembly, but which, after its completion, was found to be unfit for the purpose. In the High Church the Magistrates of the City, and the Judges of the Court of Session, attend divine service in their official robes. The patronage of these, as well as of all the other city parish churches, is vested in the Magistrates and Town Council. The remains of John Knox, the intrepid Ecclesiastical Reformer, were deposited in the cemetery of St. Giles, which formerly occupied the ground where the buildings of the Parliament Square now stand.

So lately as the year 1817, all the spaces between the buttresses of the Church were occupied by small shops called the krames, grafted upon the walls of the building; the unholy fires of the shopkeepers begriming with their smoke the whole external surface of the sacred edifice. The annexed engraving represents this curious alliance between the sacred and profane, while the wood-cut introduced into the text exhibits the building in its present state. With the exception of the spire, the whole of the external walls of the Cathedral

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