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all labor to accomplish the great command," Let there be light.”

Hon. Joseph White, Secretary of the Board of Educa tion of Massachusetts, followed Mr. Adams with a most eloquent address on a similar topic which had been an nounced as the subject for discussion, which was, “ Uni versal Education, the Great Safeguard of a Republicar Government." Mr. White defined a republican govern ment as it is understood in America, answered the ques. tion, What is meant by universal education? and then pro ceeded to inquire what are the relations of such an edu. cation to the permanency of republican institutious. Tho whole subject was treated in a masterly style, and the address was heartily enjoyed and frequently applauded. Every one felt at its close, that no more discussion of that topic would be demanded, or, perhaps, endured. The Institute then proceeded, according to previous assignment, to the election of officers for the ensuing year, as follows:

For President-A. P. Stone, Plymouth.

For Vice Presidents—Samuel Pettes, Roxbury; Barnas Sears, Providence, R. I.; Gideon F. Thayer, Boston ; Benjamin Greenleaf, Bradford ; Daniel Kimball, Needham; William Russell, Lancaster; Henry Barnard, Hartford, Conn. ; William H. Wells, Chicago, Ill. ; Alfred Greenleaf, Brooklyn, N. Y.; William D. Swan, Boston; Chas. Northend, New Britain, Conn.; Samuel S. Greene, Providence, R. I.; Ariel Parish, Springfield; Leander Wetherell, Boston; George B. Emerson, Boston ; Amos Perry, Providence, R. I. ; Nathan Hedges, Newark, N. J.; William J. Adams, Boston ; Zalmon Richards, Washington, D. C.; John W. Bulkley, Brooklyn, N. Y.; Thomas Sherwin, Boston ; Jacob Batchelder, Salem ; George S. Boutwell, Groton; John Kingsbury, Providence, R. I.; George Al. len, Jr., Boston ; Charles Hammond, Groton; D. N. op, New Britain, Conn. ; J. D. Philbrick, Boston; Joshua Bates, Boston; Anson Smyth, Columbus, Ohio ; Alpheus Crosby, Salem ; Ebenezer Hervey, New Bedford ; B. G. Northrop, Framingham; George F. Phelps, New Haven, Conn. ; John C. Pelton, San Francisco, Cal. ; Henry E. Sawyer, Concord, N. H.; William F. Phelps, Trenton, N. J.; J. Escobar, Mexico; E. P. Weston, Gorham, Me. ; E. F. Strong, Bridgeport, Conn.; D. B. Hagar, Jamaica Plain; Hiram Orcutt, West Brattleboro', Vt.; B. B. Whittemore, Norwich, Conn.

Recording Secretary-William E. Sheldon, West Newton.

Corresponding Secretaries--B. W. Putnam, Boston ; John Kneeland, Roxbury.

Treasurer-William D. Ticknor, Boston.

Curators-Nathan Metcalf, Boston ; Samuel Swan, Bos. ton; J. E. Horr, Brookline.

Censors-William T. Adams, Boston; Jas. A. Page, Boston ; C. Goodwin Clark, Boston.

Counselors-Daniel Mansfield, Cambridge; Charles Hutchins, Boston; J. W. Allen, Norwich, Conn.; Geo. N. Bigelow, Framingham ; Richard Edwards, St. Louis, Mo.; T. W. Valentine, Brooklyn, N. Y.; J. E. Littlefield, Bangor, Me.; F. A. Sawyer, Boston ; Moses T. Brown, Toledo, Ohio ; Henry L. Boltwood, Derry, N. H.; Joseph White, Williamstown ; George T. Littlefield, Somerville.

The new President, Mr. A. P. Stone, assumed the duties of the Chair, in the afternoon, having accepted the office in a graceful speech.

Prof. Edward North, of Hamilton College, gave the address of the afternoon on The Sources of Personal Power," which he arranged under four heads, viz: health, organized thought, enthusiasm, and friendship. The great struggle in this life is one for power. Everyone has, away back in his secret thoughts, a guarded shrine, where he sets up a veiled image and whispers in a private litany his aspirations for power. Man's nature fits him

He was sent here to earn the right to influ. ence others, to create history, to create images of his own personality. The various ways in which this four-fold power manifests itself, were illustrated by reference to the lives of Eli Whitney, Charles Goodyear, Hiram Pow. ers, and others. The address was a finished, scholarly one, and was greatly enjoyed.

The Institute adjourned at an early bour to enable many of its members to ascend the mountain on the opposite side of the river, from which to gain a magnificent view of the valley of the river, and a vast extent of beantiful country beyond, extending even to the Green Mountains. More than a hundred persons, principally ladies, made the ascent, who will never forget the efforts it cost them, nor the rich rewards for all the annoyances of the tedious trip.

The exercises of the evening were of a miscellaneous

for power.

character, consisting of the passage of the customary resolutions of thanks, and hearing reports from the States represented, all of which was interspersed with capital singing by Prof. Wood and his friend, to whom the Inst:tute are much indebted. At the close of the exercises at the Hall, very many accepted the invitation of Mr. Emii Apfelbaum, Superintendent of the Lawrence Water Cure, to enjoy a Social Party in the spacious halls of his establishment, where the song and dance and social conversation closed, at a late hour, the pleasures connected with this last and one of the best meetings of the American Institute of Instruction. Among the resolutions at the evening session was one with reference to the decease of Mr. A. W. Pike, of Boston, who was one of the early Secretaries of the Institute ; and one also with reference to the decease of Mr. Ichabod Morton of Plymouth, a man always prompt to do his duty in the work of education.

VT. STATE TEACHERS' ASSOCIATION. The Eleventh Annual Meeting of the Vt. State Teachers' Association was held at the Congregational Church, in Middlebury, on the 19th and 20th of August, 1861, commencing on Monday at 2 o'clock P. M, the President, Mr. J. K. Colby, in the Chair. After the Association was called to order, prayer was offered by the Rev. Dr. Labaree. The Secretary being absent, B. F. Winslow was appointed pro tem. Appointed the following committees.

On Business.—Messrs. Olmstead, Clark, and Dayton.
To nominate officers.—Messrs. Bascom, Stone, and Hyde.

To fix a place for the next meeting.-Messrs. Orcutt, Conant, and Buckham.

To procure new members.—Messrs. Leavitt, Steele, Sherman, and Crane.

Voted, that the hours of meeting be 9 A. M., 2 P. M., and 7 1-2 P. M., and 10 adjourn at 12 M.

Voted, that in discussions, the time of all speakers, except those previously appointed, be limited to ten minutes each.

The time for the first exercise having arrived and the address on the subject of " Music in Common Schools” not being in readiness, the following resolution was introduced by the Business Committee.

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Resolved.As the sentiment of this Association, that vocal music ought to be introduced into all our schools.”

After discussion by Messrs. Clark, Winslow, Boardman, Stone, Perry, Allis, Olmstead, Muzzy, Hough, Marsh, and Allen, the resolution was inade the order of to-morrowv, at 9 o'clock, A. M.

After a recess of 10 minutes, the Association came to order, when Mr. Conant was appointed Assistant Secretary, and the Business Committee reported the following resolution,

Resolved. That three hours a day and five days in a week, is sufficient time to retain children under ten year's age,

in school."

Before discussing the resolution, the following Hymna was sung to “ auld lang syne,”by the association, and with evident interest.

“ Make channels for the streams of love,

Where they may broadly run ;
And love las overflowing streams,

To fill them erery one.


But if at any time we cease

Such channels to provide,
The very founts of love for us,

Will soon be parched and dried.

For we must share, if we would keep

That blessing from above;
Ceasing to give, we cease to have;

Such is the law of love."

The resolution was then discussed by Messrs. Olmstead, Clani. ler, Hale, Allis, Stone, Clark, Winslow, Fisher, Leavitt, and Allen: and, on motion, was made the order of business afier the ::ridress this evening.

Voted, That English Grammar be the subject for discussion at 1-2 past 9 to-morrow morning.

President Labaree of Middlebury College having given the Association a cordial invitation to visit the College, it was unanimously voted to accept the invitation at 3 o'clock to-morrow.

Adjourned to 1-2 past 7, evening.

EVENING. The Association again met and opened its exercises by singing the Hymn, “My Country, 'tis of thee," after which an interesting address was presented by Mr. Judalı Dana, on the subject of Arithmetic, followed by queries and remarks, in which diessis.

dress on

Olmstead, Daini, Foster, Perry, Allis, Winslow, and Sherman, participated. The resolution in regard to thu time that young childre: should be kept in the school room, was then taken ир and passed in the negative. Adjourned till to-morrow morning at 9 o'clock.

TUESDAY MORNING. Upon taking the chair, the President announced as a Committee on the “ School Journal,” Messrs. Bascom, Ilough, and Dana.

The resolution on Music was then taken up and adopted.

After singing, it was moved that the study of English Grammar ought to occupy a more prominent place among the branches taught in our common schools. The subject was discussed by Messrs. Chandler, Conant, Parker, Olmstead, Orcutt, and Perry, and the resolution adopted: The Association then listened to a valuable ad

“Moral Culture," from Prof. N. G. Clark, and adjourned till 2 o'clock, P. M.

AFTERNOON. The Association, upon assembling, listened to the report of the Treasurer, which was accepted. A letter of resignation, from its late worthy Secretàry, Rev. S. L. Elliott, was presented, and accepted by the Association with regret. The Committee on nomination reported as Officers for the year ensuing.

For President.-J. K. Colby, St. Johnsbury.

Vice President.-D. D. Gorham, Montpelier.
Rec. Secretary.-E. Conant, Randolph.
Treasurer.—Moses Burbank, Ludlow.

Auditor.-B. F. Winslow, Pittsford. Er. Committee.-Judah Dana, Windsor ;J. D. Wickham, Manchester; E. Conant, Randolph.

Corresponding Secretaries.-H. F. Leavitt, Addison County ; Solon Albee, Bennington County; H. P. Cushing, Caledonia County; J. S. Cilley, Chittenden County ; Wm. Sewall, Essex County; J. S. D. Taylor, Franklin County ; 0. G. Wheeler, Grand Isle County; Malcolm Mc Kellop, Lamoille County ; F. G. King, Orange County ; Thos. Bayne, Orleans County ; Stephen Knowlton, Rutland County ; J. S. Spaulding, Washington County; A. E. Leavenworth, Windham County; W. R. Shipman, Windsor County : who were elected.

A practical and very appropriate address was then delivered by Prof. II. M. Buckham, on * The English Language in School.” The following resolutions were adopted.

1st. That greater attention ought to be given, in our common


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