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A Monthly Journal of Current Literature.


September, 1875.


Referring to the announcement in the Publishers' Weekly, April 3, 1875, and in accordance with the wishes of a majority of the subscribers, the Monthly Book Circular will hereafter be called The Literary News, the style of heading as above.

We desire to draw the attention of Booksellers, News Agents, and Dealers generally to this handy, cheap, and profitable advertising medium for the latest books in the market.

The Literary News, like the Book Circular, will be published with not less than eight pages, and will be issued at the beginning of every month, embracing Editorial Notes, Literary Intelligence, a full list, compiled expressly for its columns from the records of the Publishers' Weekly, containing the titles and prices of the


and announcements of Forthcoming Works for the Current Month, so classified as to show at a glance all the new publications in the various departments of literature, and one page of general advertisements, which will not conflict with the interest of the trade. It will be printed on tinted paper like previous editions, but of superior quality, and altogether more attractive in appearance. The paper being of light texture, it can be sent with any book, magazine, paper, letter circular, with a small increase of postage.

It is certain that dealers who will adopt this cheap and effective mode for advertising their establishments, will find themselves amply repaid in a short time, and we have the testimony of many dealers who have not only increased the sales from their counters, but have found the orders for books not in stock highly remunerative.

Terms for Editions with Imprint, invariably payable in advance.

IN Copies for three months, sent post-paid, $0 50 I 500 Copies for three months, sent post-paid, f 10 00 250 r> " ■' 'F 12 00 I 1000" " "" 86 00

Special terms for large quantities.

Extra front headings, (instead of the adopted style of imprint,) with special name of paper and display, for which there is space above the rules inclosing date, are charged $1 extra per edition.

ty At the top of this page will be found the space allotted for dealers imprint.

Any quantity from 100 to 1000 copies will be sent post-paid, but for larger quantities, at the reduced rates, postage or expressage will be charged.

Subscribers desiring an extra number of copies for particular months will be charged pro rata.

Dealers who desire an edition for trial before subscribing, can be supplied at the following rates.

100 Copies for any month (2 50 I 600 Copies for any month, - - - $8 00

250" " " .... 5 00 I 1000" " <• - -. 15 00

Orders must be received by the 25th of the month previous to which the subscription begins.

No orders filled without payment in advance, as the numerous small amounts will neither bear the trouble nor the expense of sending bills or of repeated statements, and collecting. Remittances should be made either by Post-Office Order, Draft on New-York, or Registered Letter.

All Orders should be addressed,


Office of PUBLISHERS' WEEKLY: or Box 4298, New-York.



Childhood. The Text-book Of The Age. By Rev. W. F. CRAFTS, author of " Through the Eye to the Heart," "Trophies of Song," etc. I vol., i2mo, cloth, illustrated, $1.50.

This unique work will at once commend itself to parents, pastors, teachers, and all lovers of childhood. Among its varied contents are a "Childhood's Dictionary," containing nearly one hundred striking definitions from the lips of little children; a "Cabinet of Specimens" of children's characteristic sayings and doings, arranged in scientific order, in "shelves imd "cases,' including a choice collection of 350 "specimens," the whole comprising fully 600 incidents of childlife. Mrs. Crafts adds a chapter on the Kindergarten.

In the Kitchen* The Cook-book Of The Season. By Mrs. Elizabeth S. Miller. 4to, cloth, 568 pp., $2.50.

This volume is really "entertaining." It excels all similar works in its fullness, variety, and clearness. Materials are drawn from all sources, both home and foreign, and the receipts have been carefully tested, not thrown together "according to judgment." Blank leaves are inserted for additions, and whilst in a binding suitable for the parlor, its broad pages and liberal back margin allow it to He open and be freely consulted whilst engaged " In the Kitchen."

The Sovereigns of Industry. An account of this popular movement. By Edwin M. ChamberLIN. 1 vol., i6mo, cloth, beveled edges, $1.25.


Young Folks' History of the United States.

By Thomas Went Worth Higginson. Designed for home reading and the use of schools. Square i6mo, 380 pp., with over ioo illustrations, $1.50.

American Anthors. By Francis H. UnderWood, A.M. Crown 8vo, cloth, 640 pp., $3.50; half morocco, $4.50; half calf, $4.50; full morocco, $6; full calf, $6.

Noble Deeds of American Women. By J.

Clement. With an Introduction by Mrs. Sigourney. i2mo, 480 pp., illustrated, $1.50.


Eminent Statesmen. The Y. A. Library. 6 vols., i2mo, handsomely illustrated, in neat box. New Edition. Per vol., $1.25.

Lives of Benjamin Franklin, Daniel Webster, William Penn, and Henry Clay. Daring Deeds of the Revolution, and Noble Deeds of our Forefathers.

Famous Generals. Uniform with "Eminent Statesmen," in the same style and at the same prices. Lives of Generals Washington, Taylor, Jackson, Lafayette, Marion, and Napoleon Bonaparte.

Other Books Issued. Jan. 1 to July 1.

The Island of Fire: or, A Thousand Years of the Old Northmen's Home. 874-1874. By Rev. P. C. Headley. i2mo, cloth, illustrated, $1.50.

Nature and Culture. A Series of Essays. By Harvey Rice. lamo, cloth, $1.50.

Fret-Sawing and Wood-Carving for Amateurs. By Geo. A. Sawyer. Illustrated from numerous drawings by the author. Square i6mo, cloth, $1.50.

tost Forever. By Rev. L. T. Townsend, D.D., Professor in the Boston University, author of "Credo," "God-Man," etc., etc. i2mo, cloth,


The Reading Club and Handy Speaker.

No. 2. Edited by Geo. M. Baker. i6mo, cloth, 50 cents.

Songs of Joy. By I. H. Tenney. 128 pp., halt bound, 30 cents; cloth, flexible, 35 cents.

Caleb Krinkle. A Story of American Life. By C. C. Coffin, " Carleton." 121110. cloth, $2.

Spain and the Spaniards. By N. L. Thieblin.

121110. cloth, $1.75.

Warrington's Manual of Parliamentary Practice. By William S. Robinson, "Warrington." i6mo, cloth, 75 cents.

Perfect Love Casteth out Fear. A Novel. By Mrs. Katharine S. Washburn, author ol "The Italian Girl." i2mo, cloth, $1.50.

Essays JBsthetical. By Geo. H. Calvert, author of " Life and Works of Goethe," etc. I2mo, cloth, $1.50.

London Guide and Directory for American Travelers, for 1875. By Charles E. PasCOE. Third: Edition, revised. 121110, cloth, flexible, $1.50.

Schem's Statistics of the World. By Prop. Alex J. Schem. Third Edition, revised to September, 1874. In oblong book form, 50 cents.

The morals of Abou Ben Adhem. Eastern Fruit on Western Dishes. By PETROLEUM V. Nasby. i2mo, cloth, $1.50.

Ocean-Born; or, The Cruise of the Yachts. By Oliver Optic. Completion of the " Yacht Club Series." i6mo, cloth, illustrated, $1.50.

Wolf Run; or, The Boys of the Wilderness. By Elijah Kellogg, author of " The Pleasant Cove Stories." i6mo, cloth, illustrated, $1.25.

Socialistic, Communistic, Mutualistic, and Financial Fragments. By William B.

Greene. i6mo, cloth, $1.25.

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677 Broadway, and 214 & 216 Mercer Street,



Miscellaneous And Religious Books.

Retail Price $0 50

Almost a Christian. ByEev.M.Mead,
Annotated Paragraph Bible, The.

According to the Authorized Version, ar-
ranged in Paragraphs and Parallelisms,
with Explanatory Notes, and Prefaces to
the several Books. An issue of the London
Religious Tract Society, republished, and
containing numerous maps.

Library sheep, in 1 vol. 8vo 8 00

Library sheep, in 3 vols 10 00

Cape morocco, antique 12 00

New Testament, The. 8vo,

plain cloth 2

Library sheep 3

Autobiography of Gen. Winfield Scott.

2 vols. 12mo, with steel-plate likeness... 4 1 '' large paper edition 8

Balfern, Rev. W. P. Lessons from

Jesus 1 00

BAPTIST HYMN BOOKS. The Service of Song. For Baptist

Churches. A Collection of Hymns with Music, adapted to Congregational Singing; also, Selections of Scripture and Chants for Chanting. By S. L. Caldwell and A. J. Gordon.

Square 8vo, cloth, marbled edges 2 00

""morocco, gilt edges... 3 00

""turkey morocco, gilt

edges 5 00

""turkey morocco, full

gilt 5 00

"turkey morocco, an-
tique 5 00

The Service of Song. A choice new

Collection of Hymns for Baptist Churches. By S. L. Caldwell and A. J. Gordon.

18mo, sheep, marbled edges 1 25

"roan, marbled edges 1 75

"morocco, gilt edges 2 25

'• turkey morocco 4 00

"(cheap edition) cloth arabesque... 75

The Psalmist. A Collection of
Hymns for the Use of Baptist Churches.
By Baron Stow, D.D., and S. F. Smith,
D.D. With a Supplement, containing
a variety of Chants and Selections of
Scripture for Chanting.
Pnlnit edition. 12mo (lanre tvve). sheen 2 25


Pulpit edition, 12mo (large type), plain


""12mo (large type), roan,

gilt back

""12mo (large type), turkey

morocco, gilt edges...

Pew edition, 18mo, sheep

'• "18mo, roan

""18mo, roan, gilt back

""18mo, morocco, gilt edges..

""18mo, turkey morocco, gilt


""18mo, turkey morocco, and


Pocket edition, 32mo, sheep

""32mo, roan plain

""32mo, roan, gilt back...

""32mo, roan, gilt back and


""32mo, turkey morocco,

gilt edges

""32mo, turkey morocco, and clasp

The Psalmist, with Music: A Manual for the Service of Sacred Song in Baptist Congregations and Choirs; the Tunes being adapted to the Collection of Hymns compiled by Baron Stow and S. F. Smith. Collated by B. F. Edmands, Conductor of Music at Baldwin Place Church, Boston. Royal 12mo, cloth,



Turkey morocco, gilt

Baptist Psalmody, The: A Selection of Hymns for the Worship of God. By Basil Manly, D.D., and B. Manly, Jr. 32mo, sheep


"arabesque, gilt edges

"turkey, super extra, full gilt

'• " " " "clasp


"" "clasp

18mo, sheep


"arabesque, gilt edges

"turkey, super extra, full gilt

"turkey, super extra, full gilt, clasp

"turkey antique

"" "clasp

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Baptist Ministers of Virginia. By

James B. Taylor. 2 vols. 12mo 2 50 Retail Price.

Baptist Church Directory. By E. T.

Hiscox $0 90

Bethune, G. W. Expository Lectures on the Heidelberg Catechism. 2

vols, crown 8vo, cloth 4 50

Half calf, extra 8 50

Bible Illustrations. ByEev.E.Newton. With an Introduction by Richard Newton, D.D. 1 vol. 12mo 1 50

Bernhard, Thomas Dehany. Progress of Doctrine in the New Testament; Hampton Lectures, Exeter College. 12mo, cloth 1 50

Bible Baptism. A beautiful steel

engraving, nine by twelve inches in size, representing in the centre a church, a baptismal scene, etc., and in the margin are arranged all the texts of Scripture found in the New Testament alluding to the subject of Baptism 40

Brown, Rev. A. Morton. A Wreath

Around the Cross. lGmo 1 00

Brown, Rev. John. Concordance of

the Holy Scriptures < i

Bunyan, Rev. J. Pilgrim's Progress.

12mo, illustrated 1 50

Full gilt 2 5(1

Holy War. 12mo, cloth, illustrated, 150

Full gilt 2 50

Christmas Holly. By Marion Har

land. A new illustrated book for the holidays. Elegantly printed on tinted paper, and illustrated from designs by

Stephens. 1 vol. 4to 2 00

Turkey morocco 4 50

Compendium of the Faith of the Baptists m

Conant, Rev. T. J. Book of Proverbs. Part I., containing the Hebrew Text, King James' Version, and a Revised Version, with an Introduction and Critical and Philological Notes; Part II., containing the Revised Version, with an Introduction and Explanatory Notes. 1 vol. 4to .' 4 00

Book of Proverbs. Part II., containing the Revised Version, with an Introduction and Explanatory Notes, published separately for popular use. 1 vol. 4to '.' ;.'»

Croquet, as played by the Newport

Croquet Club. By one of its members.. 25

Crowell, Rev. Wm. Church-Mem-
ber's Hand-Book; a Plain Guide to the
Doctrines and Practice of Baptist
Churches. 18mo, cloth 50

Cushman, Robert. 75

Custer, Gen. G. A. My Life on the

Plains. 1 vol. 8vo cloth 2 00

Dagg, J. L. Manual of Theology.. 4 50 Dowlinq, Rev. J. Powerof Illustra

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Vol. I

Vol. II

Child's Catechism, The

Heaven in Song. Comprising the

Gems of Poetry of all Ages on the Better Land.

1 vol. 4to, cloth, full gilt,beveled boards,

"4to, full turkey morocco

"12mo, tinted paper

Ford, Sallie R. Grace Truman

Mary Bunyan, the Dreamer's Blind

Daughter. 1 vol. 12mo

Fuller, Richard. Sermons

Galaxy, The, is now admitted to be

the best literary magazine in America. It is edited with all the life and enterprise, of our best daily newspapers. Every number contains articles for the times—fresh and spicy. Every subject of public interest is treated in The Galaxy.

Per number

Subscription price per year

Hagenbach, K. R. History of Doctrines. Newly translated, and edited by Prof. H. B. Smith, of the Union Theological Seminary. 2 vols. 8vo, cloth— .

Hall, Rev. Newman. Sermons—

First Series; to which Dr. Hall has added a History of the Famous" Surrey Cbapel" and Dr. Rowland Hill, its first pastor, together with an account of his own labors there. 1 vol. 12mo, with a steel-plate likeness of Dr. Hall

A Parting Word. 1 vol. 16mo, cloth,

Harris's Great Commission; or, the

Christian Church constituted and charged to convey the Gospel to the World. A Prize Essay. With an IntroductoryEssay by W. R. Williams, D.D. Eighth thousand, l'.'ino, cloth


20 20 10

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Imitation of Christ, The. By Thomas

a Kempis. With an Introductory Essayby Thomas Chalmers, D.D. Edited by Howard Malcom, D.D. A new edition, with a Life of Thomas a Kempis, by Dr. C. Ullmann, author of " Reformers before

the Reformation." 12mo, cloth 125

Fine edition, tinted paper. Square 8vo, cloth, red edges 2 25 Retail Price.

James, John Angell. The ChurchMember's Guide, 18mo $0 GO

The Church in Earnest, 18mo 75

Christian Progress, 18mo 60

Jeter, Rev. J. B. The Christian

Mirror 6

Campbellism Examined 1 50

Kendrick, Rev. A. C. Life and Letters of Emily C. Judson 1 75

Our Poetical Favorites. A Selection from the Best Minor Poems of the English Language. By A. C. Kendrick, of Rochester University, 12mo.

Cloth :.. 2 00

"gilt 2 75

Morocco 5 00

Our Poetical Favorites. Second

Series. Longer English poems. (In press.)

Life of Trust, The; being a Narrative of the Dealings of God with the Rev. George Muller. Edited and con densed, with an introduction by Francis Way land, D.D. A new and greatly improved edition, with the Narrative brought down to the present time, and fine pictures of the five Orphan Houses. Cloth 1 75

Life of Mai. -Gen. Philip Schuyler. By

Benson J. Lossing, LL D. 2 vols, crown

8vo 5 00

Life Thoughts. By Rev. H. W.

Beecher 1 75

Lincoln and Seward. Views as to

the Relative Position of Mr. Lincoln and Mr. Seward in the " Lincoln Administration." By Ex-Sec'y Welles.

1 vol. 12mo, tinted paper, cloth 1 50

""paper 1 00

Malcom, Howard, D.D. New Bible

Dictionary for Sunday-School Teachers. 1 25

Marsh, Geo. P. Dictionary of English Etymology. By Hensleigh Wedgewood, M.A. Annotated and enlarged by Hon. Geo. P. Marsh. One vol. imp. 8vo, laid paper, tinted. Brown cloth, uncut. 3 00

Marble-Worker's Manual, The l oo

McClellan, Geo. B. Report and


1 vol. 12mo, cloth 1 75

""boards 1 25

Mark Twain's Autobiography and

Paper 40

Cloth 75

Memoir of Sarah B. Judson. By

Fanny Forrester 75

Mell, J. P. Manual of Parliamentary Practice 75

Modern Leaders. Being a Series of

Biographical Sketches by Justin McCarthy 1 75

Napoleon Dynasty, The. Crown 8vo,

Retail Price.

Neander, Augustus. Planting and

Training of the Christian Church. A new edition, edited and translated by Prof. E. G. Robinson, of Rochester Theological Seminary. 1 vol. 8vo, cloth.... $4 00

Commentary on John, Philippians,

and James. Translated by Mrs. H. ('. Conant. 1 vol. 8vo, cloth 3 00

Nether Side of New York; or, The

Crime, Poverty, and Vice of the Great
Metropolis. By E. Crapsey. 1 vol. 8vo,

paper 1 00

Cloth 1 75

Our Little One: The Little Shoe,

Little Feet, Little Footsteps. Illustrated title. Ornamented Cover, lfmio, cloth.. 75 Fine edition, tinted paper. 12mo, cloth, beveled boards, gilt and red edges 1 50

Ijf A little volume of rare beauty, containing poetry relating to children, the sweetest and most touching in the language.

Our Little Ones in Heaven. A Collection of choice gems in verse and prose, on the death and future happiness of

children. 18mo, cloth 90

Cloth, gilt 1 26

Office and Work of the Christian

Ministry. By Jas. M. Hoppin, Professor

of Theology, Yale College. 1 vol. 8vo. . 3 50

Olshausen, Hermann. Biblical Commentary on the New Testament, by Dr. Hermann Olshausen. Continued after his death by Ebrad and Wiesinger. Carefully revised after the last German edition, by A. C. Kendrick, D.D., Professor of Greek in the University of Rochester.

0 vols. 8vo, cloth extra... *. 18 00

Half calf, or morocco 33 00

Paradise in the Pacific. ByWru.R.

Bliss. 1 vol. 12mo 125

Peabody, A. P., D.D. Christianity

the Religion of Nature. Royal 12mo, cloth • 1 50

Paley's Natural Theology. Illustrated by forty plates, with Selections from the Notes of Dr. Paxton, and Additional Notes, Original and Selected, with a Vocabulary of Scientific Terms. Edited by John Ware, M.D. Improved edition, with elegant illustrations. 12mo, cloth, embossed 1 75

Polyglot Bible. Roan, embossed,

royal 8vo 3 75

Roan, embossed, gilt, royi.l 8vo 4 50

Turkey morocco" '" 6 50

Prime, Rev. S. I. Switzerland l 26

Precious Stones of the Heavenly

Foundations. By Augusta B. Garrett... 1 50

Pure Christianity the World's Only
Hope. By R. W. Cushman: 35

Pulpit Themes and Preachers'Assist-
ant. Bv the author of "Helrjs to the

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