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object of this little series is to give the public in a handy form a number of sketches and stories, chiefly verging on the laughable or amusing, or even on the satirical, which are scattered through the works of well-known authors. In many cases, these stories have been probably forgotten for years, in others passed over in a hurried reading, and scarcely enjoyed. In this little volume the reader will find a real "treasure-trove," many of the sketches seeming like new friends as presented. The volume opens with a preface in Mr. Stoddard's most attractive style, introducing the specimens of wit and humor which follow, such as " The Noble Savage," by Dickens ; "The Insanity of Cain," by Mary Mapes Dodge; "The Parish Revolution," by Hood ; "A Day in the Academy," by " Happy Thought" Burnand, etc., etc. The volume is a little larger than " Little Classics," handsomely printed on tinted paper, red edged, and bound in cloth, with an appropriate stamp on the front cover—W. F. Gill & Co., digging, pick in hand, for "satire, travesty, and burlesque," golden chunks of which are revealed as just brought to the surface. 24010, $1.

Little Classics, edited by Rossiter Johnson. Vol. 14. Lyrical Poems. (James R. Osgood & Co.) A number of well-known and favorite poems make up this volume. A cursory glance betrays the names of Tennyson, Longfellow, Poe, Gray, Jean Ingelow, Milton, Buchanan Read, Browning, Wordsworth, Thackeray, and many others. So attractive a collection can scarcely be found contained in one volume. "Locksley Hall," "Drifting," "Fontenoy," "How they Brought the good News from Ghent to Aix," " II Penseroso," etc., etc., are a few of the numerous gems we would like to mention. 24mo, cloth, $1.

Lockwood's Directory Of The Paper MaNi'KACTURERs, 1875-76. (Howard Lockwood.) This, the second edition of a very valuable work, presents in its get-up and inside arrangement the same general appearance as the first edition, published in 1873. It contains, however, more matter than the former edition, and is improved vastly by the addition of a very comprehensive index to the entire work. It claims also to be much more correct than the edition of 1873, many obstacles then in the way of obtaining reliable information having been overcome. The various changes which have taken place in the past two years in the paper business and in the mills in the United States and Canada, are noted down, even to the smallest particulars ; these details, added to the lists of mills, etc., which the work already contained, make it one of the utmost value and importance to every one at all connected with the trade. The paper, letter-press, etc., of the volume are all very handsome, the volume presenting a very fine appearance. 8vo, cloth, $5.

A Nine Days' Wonder, by Hamilton Aide. (James R. Osgood & Co.) This novelette was dramatized by the author before its publication, and produced as a play at a London theatre, where it achieved this past season a very great and marked success. The whole action ol the story is comprised in nine days' time, and takes place in a villa near London, the principal actors in it being a rich East-Indian and his daughter, a "Mrs. Fitzroy," a widow and an adventuress, and her son, whom she has not seen since his birth scarcely. There are two

love affairs between these parties, out of which arise the conflicting elements which go to make up the story. 8vo, paper, 50 cents.

The Oration' Of Demosthenes On The Crown, by Martin L. D'Ooge, Ph.D. (S. C. Griggs & Co.) One of the chief aims of the present edition of De Corona is to present in the most concise form possible the latest results of study and criticism upon this masterpiece of Athenian oratory, especially as found in the best approved editions of the German scholars. A second aim is to lead the student to study the oration as a finished rhetorical and literary production. As no encouragement is given to such as would make it a vehicle for teaching grammar, few grammatical notes will be found in it. The notes which are given relate principally to the style and structure of the oration. The book is very handsomely printed on fine tinted paper, and presents a very attractive appearance. i2mo, cloth, $1.75.

Memories: A Story of German Love, translated from the German, by George P. Upton. (Jansen, McClurg & Co.) A new edition, uniform with the " Saunterer's Series," of that pretty little German story, " a poem in prose," that made its way into favor upon its first appearance, and was noticed in this paper some months ago. i6mo, cloth, red edges, $1.

From the Presbyterian Board of Publication we have received two little publications for the reading of the young people: "Mr. Warner's Household," by Marion Howard, i8mo, cloth, 55 cents. "Alice Dunbar," a story of the- times of John Knox, by Lucy Spottswood, i8mo, cloth, 60 cents.

A Domestic Problem, bv Mrs. A. M. Diaz. (James R. Osgood & Co.) The text of this little pamphlet is, " How may woman enjoy the delights of culture, and at the same time fulfill her duties to family and household." The book is suggestive, and written with intelligence and grace, but scarcely solves the problem. i6mo, paper, 50 cents.

Zeiciinen - Schui.e (Drawing School), by Hugo Sebald. (Hugo Sebald, Phila.) Starting with the rudiments of the art, Mr. Sebald carries the scholar from the simplest forms of lines and curves, through their more complex combinations in outline drawing, to the study of the human figure, and thence to the principles of perspective, with some final remarks on the use of water and oil colors. In all these various stages, the student receives the most minute directions touching the topics presented, all of which are largely illustrated with drawings, both for imitation and illustration, and which are progressively graded so as to best help the learner. The book can be thoroughly commended as a needed help in art study. The text is in German. 4to, cloth, $5; paper, $4.

The Household Of Bouverie, by Mrs. C. A. Warfield. (T. B. Peterson & Bro.) As the Petersons have become the sole publishers of Mrs. Warfield's works, they issue a new edition of the above story, uniform with "A Double Wedding." It was so widely circulated on its first appearance some years ago, that scarcely any recommendation is needed for it now. It is known as one of the good readable novels. l2mo, cloth, $1.75.


Publishers and manufacturers of novelties in either stationery or fancy goods should send us samples, in order to make sure of having them noticed. We would also be glad to receive, at all times, for publication an) items of general information to the trade.

The Stationer's Handbook for 1875-6 will be issued early in September. As the time is short, we would ask all who intend to contribute their catalogue or lists to forward them at the earliest possible moment. The first edition will be two thousand copies. The advertising space in the Handbook is being rapidly taken up. The circulars giving terms, directions, etc., for advertising have been issued to the trade, and those who have not received them can have them upon application. Subscription price, $1.

The sale of Messrs. B. & P. Lawrence of foreign and domestic stationery, by Messrs. George A. Leavitt & Co., auctioneers, began last Tuesday at Clinton Hall. The attendance throughout the sale was not so large as was anticipated, owing to the fact that most of the buyers who were in the city during the late Book Fair had departed for their homes. Among the firms represented, however, were Messrs. John G. Hodge & Co., of San Francisco ; Ward & Gay, of Boston; Lippincott & Co., Philadelphia;' Gray, Baker & Co., St. Louis; R. D. Pattison & Co., St. Louis, and others. The goods brought, upon an average, about fifty per cent of their value, after calculating the duties and the cost of importation.

Mr. E. Irish, of Messrs. Henry Lews & Co., will start upon his annual trip to the West next week. Besides the stock of fine goods he ordinarily travels with, he will take with him a line of new samples of pocket-books, wallets, etc., etc. His sample-box will be worth examination.

Mr. Charles D. Pratt, No. 451 Broadway, now offers the trade a fine assortment of writing-desks of American manufacture. They are made of stained maple, rosewood, and ebony, inlaid with foreign woods and brass ornaments. In order to do the ornamentation, foreign workmen have been imported. The desks are thought equal to any thing now imported. They cost from $4 to $10.50 each.

Messrs. A. & E.wallach, 451 Broadway, have introduced upon the market a new slate called the Patent German Parchment Slate. The slate itself is a prepared parchment surface, neatly framed in leather. Attached to it there is an extension pencil, and an eraser, with which the pencil-marks can be cleaned off with dampening the surface. The slate comes in various sizes.

Frere's Alphabetical Index has been introduced by Mr. Willy Wallach, Park Row. This index is intended for the use of insurance companies, banks, merchants, and all others requiring a convenient index or register for names. The index is the result of the experience of Mr. Thomas Frere, book-keeper of the Equitable Life Insurance Society of New-York, and the system has been in use for many years among the larger houses of the city. It is now for the first lime offered for sale.

Mr. Robert Snf.ider, John street, is rapidly becoming the leader of fashion in the matter of wedding stationery. He is now preparing a number of new styles of goods for the fall trade which, he assures us, shall surpass all his previous efforts. He promises that the designs shall be entirely new.

Messrs. John Gladding & Son, of Philadelphia, sold at auction, by Messrs. George A. Leavitt & Co., auctioneers, during the past week a large invoice of diaries of their own manufacture. Fair prices were obtained.

The Manhattan Book Company, 139 Eighth street, New-York, offer the trade their perforated manuscript, sermon, and legal paper at extraordinary discounts until the first of September.

A Manufactory has recently been established in this city, by Messrs. L. Wolf & Co., ot No. 54 Maiden lane, for the production of American pocket-book and leather novelties. The goods are perfect copies of the imported styles, and can not be detected as domestic. Messrs. Wolf & Co. also keep on hand a fine assortment of imported Vienna goods.


Mr. Henry T. Coates, of the Philadelphia house, has made a book of selections from the "Best Authors in Prose and Poetry" in England, which his house has in press for speedy publication. The same firm also announces "The Handy Volume Poets," uniform in style with their Handy Volume Shakespeare, to be in ten volumes, and a number of juveniles tor the coming season. Prof. Thompson's work on "Social Science" is reported to be meeting with much success, and is to be used as a textbook in some of our colleges and schools.

The Appletons are well along with " Picturesque Europe,"of which the first numbers will be issued early in the fall. This magnificent work will be completed in about sixty-five fiftycent parts, making three volumes. Of these latter, the first will be devoted to Great Britain. Mr. Harry Fenn has been abroad more than two years sketching for this work, and several European artists have assisted him. All the sketches are new, and direct from nature. There will be one steel plate and many woodcuts to each part. We are requested to call attention to the fact that " Europe and Its Picturesque Views," now being canvassed, is quite another work of other publishers.

The last additions made to " Harper's Library of Select Novels" are " Ward or Wife?" an exceedingly charming romance by an anonymous writer (25 cents); "Eglantine," by Eliza Tabor, written in the quiet, subdued style of "St. Olave's," and "The Blue Ribbon" (50 cents); and " Playing the Mischief," by J. W. De Forest, a ston- of an adventuress, who goes to Washington to push a claim for a mythical "barn" burnt in 1812. Her various intrigues with corrupt Congressmen form the chief topic of the story. 75 cents.

The Nation turns up a very " odd trump" in referring to a novel lately issued by E. J. Hall & Son as " The Old Tramp." The 'limes credits a recent work of Mr. Ruskin to an eminent historian who would scarcely lay claim to it, by speaking of Froude's Agrestes.

A Scene at the Book Fair: Attentive clerk showing the " points " of a new geography to an unknown gentleman who has "buyer" in his face. He calls special attention to " A great feature, sir,—our new relief maps." The buyer asks, " Are these original in this geography?" "Oh ! yes," answers the young man promptly; and then, with just a perceptible trace of hesitation, " Y-e-s, or rather one other geography only has them." "What is that?" "Well, I believe there is a book, by a man named Blank, that has something like them." "Oh!" says the inquirer, evidently somewhat enlightened. He continues seated, examining the book quietly, and is presently accosted by a gentleman passing that way, "Why, how do you do, Mr. Blank?" That clerk wilts.

An appreciative subscriber sends us $3.20 for "the staff of life another year." That was so handsome a compliment that we came near sending the money back, and putting him on the free list. But we didn't.

Estes & Lauriat have just issued in their novel series several very good novels: "Open! Sesame !" by Florence Marryatt ; "A Woman's Ransom," by Frederick William Robinson; and " Miss Rovel," by Victor Cherbuliez. They are all in uniform paper bindings, octavo, the first two selling for 75 cents each, and the last one for 50 cents.

A Biography of General Thomas, and a history of the Army of the Cumberland, are in preparation by Chaplain Van Home, of the regular army.

The Royal Society of London will soon issue its promised Catalogue of Memoirs and Papers which have appeared during the ten years from 1864 to 1873 in the various publications of Learned Societies and Scientific Magazines. The Royal Society has granted the necessary funds for the work, and it is expected that the Government will furnish the means for printing it, the same as they did for the volumes

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(61 covering the period from 1800 to 1863 inclusive.

The whole of the first edition of the first volume of M. Van Latin's new translation of Moliere has been rapidly sold off. The Secretary of the Theatre Francais—the maison tie Moliere—has written to M. Van Laun to congratulate him upon the success of his efforts to spread a taste for the works of the great French dramatist among the countrymen of Shakespeare.


A FIRST-CLASS Book, Stationery, and Fancy Goodsstock of Goods complete—in a flourishing city of 10,000 inhabitants. No competition in the town. Terms, reasons for selling, references, etc., etc., made known to any parties that mean business. Address, H., care Publishers' Weekly.


A YOUNG I.ady, respectably connected, with some knowledge of books, is desirous of obtaining employment in a Publisher's or Bookseller's Store. The best references. Address, A. B. C, 80 St. Mark's Place, New-York City.

I^HE advertiser, who has been long connected with the Book Trade, seeks evening employment in the compilation of catalogues, or other work of like character. Address, J. T., care of Publishers' Weekly.


Porter & Coates, 822 Chestnut St., Philadelphia.
Bishop's History of American Manufactures. 3 vols. 8vo.

J. P. N., 139 South 7th St., Philadelphia.
Names and prices of any Books relating to the late Rebellion.


A LARGE quantity of second-hand Preparatory School
and College Text-Books for sale at one half price. Send
list of books wanted and get prices.

James Campbell,
Publisher, Bookseller, and Stationer,

18 Tremont Street, Boston, Mass.

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THE MANHATTAN BOOK COMPANY Offer Extraordinary Discounts on all Trade Orders for

Perforated Manuscript, Sermon, and Legal Paper

Received before September ist. Send for Price-List.
A. B. BULLOCK, Agent, 139 Eighth Street, New-York.

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With all the latest improvements and discoveries.
8vo, cloth, $15.

The Complete Work, with both Supplements, making in all

7 volumes, $75.


750 Broadway, New-York.


Celebrated Steel Pens.

Sold by all Dealers throughout the World. MANUFACTURERS' WAREHOUSE, No. 91 JOHN STREET,

New- York.



Portrait, Historical, and Landscape





HP Special attention given to Engraving
for Illustration.


Book And Job Printer,

Electrotyper, Stereotyper, and Binder, 14, 16 & 18 JACOB STREET

JVe-Tv- YorTz.

Printer of Publishers' Wkeklv.

'The Best and Cheapest Sunday-School Library."

The Semi-Centennial

Grand Cheap Library

For the School and Home.

SO Choice Illustrated Volumes, lBmo, bound in Muslin, and not in any otlier Select Library.

Only Twenty-six Dollars.

This Library contains over 12,000 printed pages, illustrated by 212 large full-page, fine engravings, and many of the smaller size.

All the volumes in this Library are valuable and instructive. They have been carefully read, examined and approved by the Committee for Sunday-schools and family reading.

The books are printed on good, clear paper, and strongly bound in muslin, with gilt stamps. The price of the Library



Books of the size of these in this Library are usually sold a t from $i.oo to $1.25 each. Nothing like this Library has b een offered for such a small sum.

Catalogues with full descriptions of the books furnished on application.


Americ?n Sunday-School Union,

No. 1122 Chestnut St., Philadelphia.—Alex. Kirkpatrick

Nos, 7, 8, and 10 Bible House, New-York.—G. S. Scofield.

No 40 Winter Street, Boston.—E. Shute.

No. 98 Dearborn Street, Chicago.—W. R. Port.

No. 207 N. Sixth St., St. Louis.—S. Paxson





'*By their songs we are conquered"


Great Book for Sunday-Schools and Praise Meetings.

Gospel Songs,

A Song-Setting of Gospel Truths,

BY P. P. BLISS, For Revivals, Praise Meetings, and Sunday-Schools.

It is offered as being the Most Powerful set of Songs for Revivals and Praise Meetings ever published. As will be noticed, it contains Songs that have acquired a world-wide popularity and influence. Beside these will be found many New and Equally Good Songs and Hymns for the Sunday-School, by this most popular author.

An examination will convince any one interested that "Gospel Songs " is a work of more than ordinary merit.

Price 35 cents; 93.60 per dozen.

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The superiority and excellence of these justly celebrated Pens are appreciated, as is shown in their constantly increasing sate. They are comprised in 15 numbers, of which ONE NUMBER alone has an annual sale of more than 5,000,000.

The Spencerian Pens are manufactured of the very best material, by the most expert workmen in Europe, and are famous for their elasticity, durability, and evenness of point. The Spencerian Pens ate for sale by all Dealers.

We make Fifteen Numbers of Pens, differing in flexibility and fineness of point, adapted to every style of writing, Jas follows: No. 1. College Pen. Point Fine; Action Perfect. This

is a great favorite with our leading penmen, is largely used

in the Schools and Commercial Colleges throughout the

country, and gives better satisfaction than any pen before

the American public. Per gross, $1.40. No. 2. Counting-House Pen. Point Fine And Flexible,

well adapted to the use of Correspondents and Accountants.

Per gross, $1.25

No. 3. Commercial Pen. Point Medium. An Easy Writing Business Pen. Per gross, $1.25.

N©. 4. Ladies' Extra Pen. Point Bixtra Fine And FlexIble. For Delicate, Fine Handwriting this is a very superior Pen. Per gross. $1.40.

No. 5. School Pen. Point Fine, Medium In Flexibility. For a durable School Pen, it has never been equaled. Per gross, $1.40.

No. 6. Flourishing Pen. Point Long, Flexible, And MeDium In Fineness. For Off-hand Flourishing. Per gross,


No. 7. Quill Pen. Point Medium, Quill Action. A Smooth, Easy Writing Pen. Its name well represents its qualities. Per gross, $1.60.

No. 8. Congress Pen (New). Medium Flexible Point. A very superior Pen for all styles of writing. This Pen undergoes a process that renders it non-corrosive and three times more durable than any ordinary steel Pen. Per gross, $1.40.

No. 9. Bank Pen. Point Long And Flexible. A great favorite with Accountants, Tellers, etc. Per gross, $1.40.

No. 10. Custom-House Pen. Point Medium. Well adapted to all styles of Bold Free-hand Writing. Per grosi, $1.60.

No. 11. University Pen. Point Medium, Very Smooth And Flexible. The action of this celebrated Pen is very fine. Per gross. $1.60.

No. 12. Epistolaire Pen. Point Very Fine And Very Flexible. This is the Finest Pointed Pen made, and, for very Delicate Writing, Map, and Fine Pen Drawing, it has no equal. Per gross, $2.50.

No. 15. Engrossing Pen. Point Blunt And Smooth. Particularly adapted to Coarse-hand Writing and Engrossing. Per gross, $1.25.

No. 14. Artistic Pen. Flexible, With Extra Fine Point. This exquisite and truly celebrated Pen is the Best Pen extant for Fine Ornamental Writing. Per gross, $t.6o.

No. 15. The Queen. Point Extra Fine. Admirably adapted to all kinds of Fine Writing. Per gross, $1.50,

Special Rates To The Trade.

^"Sample Cards containing all the FIFTEEN Numbers, securely inclosed, will be sent by mail, on receipt of 25 cents.


Specimen copy for examination mailed, post-paid, on receipt of 30 cents.

f^y Complete stock of our Book Publications can be found in New-York City, at Lee, Shepard & Dillingham's.

JOHN CHURCH & CO.. Cincinnati, Ohio.

138 and 140 Grand Street, New-^ork.

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