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Thursday, October 21, 1875.


The "Book Fair" in July, inaugurated by the American Book Trade Association, having been held at a season of the year when a comparatively small amount of stock is needed by the Trade, and more particularly Books adapted for the Fall and Holiday Sales, such as new books, etc., etc.,' the Committee appointed by the American Book Trade Association have deemed it advisable to announce a


for one week, commencing on Thursday, October 21st, at the Booksellers' Exchange and Clearing-House, as before. In order to thoroughly test the system of "Book Fairs," with reference to making them a semi-annual permanency, the Committee consider it important, and hope that all Publishers will be fully represented at this meeting, and have directed the Managers to make the announcement as above.

The Committee would also represent to buyers the importance and necessity of settling in full for their purchases,, immediately on receipt of such statement from the Manager. This is absolutely necessary, and must be done. Otherwise it would be impossible for the Managers to fulfill their obligations to Publishers by paying cash for all sales in thirty days from the close of the sale. There is no reason why buyers should not be willing to attend to this important matter, and at once, as all differences can be adjusted and settled at a subsequent date, without loss to any one. Another reason for promptness in this particular will be that all purchases not settled for within fifteen days after the Sale will become net cash, without discount, and the purchasers will then lose the credit to which they would otherwise be entitled.

Committee on Book Fair appointed by the American Book Trade Association.

Wm. H. Appleton, New-York, Chairman. William Lee, Boston.

Isaac E. Sheldon, New-York, Secretary. J. B. Lippincott, Philadelphia.

A. S. Barnes, New-York. Martin Taylor, Buffalo.

A. C. Mcclurg, Chicago.

In accordance with the directions of the Committee/a Supplementary Book Fair will be held for one week, at the Booksellers' Exchange and ClearingHouse, commencing Thursday, October 21st, with special reference to supplying the wants of the Trade in



The Exchange will be open for business daily, during its session, from 9 A.m. to 6 P.m.

Each Publishing House will have specimens of such books as are necessary, and will have a desk at the Sale Rooms, where some member of the firm, with his clerk, may be found during the period assigned for the holding of the meeting of the Exchange.

Each firm to be allowed to make such special prices as they may think best in each individual case.

Any Bookseller desirous to purchase may obtain a credit from Leavitt & Co., on four and six months' time for such amounts as he wishes, as per terms of sale.

Purchasers at the Exchange must be personally present, or be represented by a clerk fully authorized to make purchases.

Books will be packed by the respective contributors; and where the lots are small, arrangements can be made to have purchases from several invoices packed, and no charge will be made except for boxes and cartage.

All purchases shall be made in good faith for the sole use of the respective purchaser.

No goods shall be bought or sold at the Exchange except under ihe letter of credit from Messrs. Leavitt & Co.

No business shall be transacted at the Exchange except by members; and all transactions shall be made under the rules of the Exchange.

All questions in dispute to be decided by the Committee on Booksellers' Exchange and Clearing-House.

The Committee express the hope that all members of the Exchange will unite in carrying out the rules of the Exchange, and discountenance, any thing not in accordance with its spirit and intent.

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GEO. A. LEAVITT & CO., Managers,

Clinton, Hall, Astor (Place, JJew- York.


Thursday, October 21st.

During the holding of the Exchange the Managers will offer to the Trade

The Lists of all the Houses there represented, on a credit of

four and six months.

These favorable terms, together with such special inducements as Publishers may offer in reduction of prices, etc., etc., are made only for the time specified. The Publishers do not, and will not, extend their usual terms of credit, and it is only for this occasion that these unusual advantages of prices and credit are offered to the Trade, and it must be distinctly understood that immediately after the close of the Exchange the usual terms of credit and prices will be maintained. It is hoped, therefore, that the Purchasing Trade of the country will not only avail themselves of these peculiar advantages offered by the Publishers, through the Exchange (and which advantages can not be obtained in any other way), but at the same time substantially aid the work of reform.

The Managers are permitted to state that


earnestly desire that the Trade throughout the country will give its hearty arid active support in establishing and maintaining the Exchange. This plan of sale is an essential feature of the great movement for reform. It has all the advantages of the Trade Sale, without any of the evils attendant upon that system.

Supplementary "Boole Fair," Thursday, Oct. 21st.

The following, among other New-York houses, will be represented at the Fair.

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On all purchases amounting in the aggregate to $1000 and upward, four and six months' credit ; on purchases less than $1000 and more than $300, four months' credit; for approved indorsed notes, PAYABLE IN THE CITY OF NEW-YORK, to be dated on the last day of sale, and satisfactory to the Managers; purchases less than $300, cash without discount.

A letter of credit to purchase may be obtained from Messrs. LEAVITT & Co.. for such an amount as desired. This should be attended to in advance of the meeting of the Exchange; if not, parties should come prepared with the name of their endorser, and references as to the responsibility of the endorser from reliable parties, say from a Cashier of a National Bank in the neighborhood, that no unnecessary delay may arise in commencing business. A good endorser from the residence of the buyer will be satisfactory.

A Statement will be rendered each purchaser, immediately after the close of the Sale, of the net amounts bought as reported from each contributor, and such gross amount of all the purchases shall be settled for immediately, by two notes of equal amounts, at four and six months' time (if more than $1000, or, if preferred, three notes at four, five, and six months).

GEO. A. LEAVITT $ CO., Managers.


To be published October 6th.

Send in your orders early.



By the author of "Archie Lovell," "Philip Earnscliffe," "Ought We to Visit Her?" "Ordeal for Wives," "Steven Lawrence, Yeoman," "Estelle," etc., etc. One vol., 8vo, printed on laid tinted paper, $i ; bound in cloth, black stamps, $1.75.



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Cl^c publishers' Meekly

OCTOBER a, .875.


One page $20 00

Half page is 00

guarter page 7 00 ighth page 4 00

Sixteenth page 3 50

Short advertisements, per line...-. 35

Front, back, second and third pages and pages facing, editorial matter, $35. Applications'for these pages should be made at least ten days before publication day.

Liberal rates for twelve, six, and three months' contracts.

Situations Wanted. Free insertion of five lines ; 35 cents for every additional line.

Books for Sale or Exchange, or% Wanted to Purchase^ 30 cents per line. (Subscribers have the privilege to advertise rare or second-hand books at 10 cents per line.)

%3^ Short advertisements must invariably be paid in advance.

Terms of Subscription (payable in advance).—$3-*o per annum, postage prepaid. Single Numbers, 7 cents, or 8 cents post-paid.

Advertisements should reach the office of the Publishers' Weekly not later than Wednesday morning, but are desired as much

earlier as possible. Address P. O. Box, 4205.

Subscriptions and Advertisements from England received by B. F. Stevens, 17 Henrietta street, Coven/ Garden, London. Subscriptions from the European Continent filled by E. Steiger, 33 and 34 Frankfort street', New York, andall German booksellers.


Remittances should be made by draft on NewYork, Post-office money order, or registered letter, as we can not be responsible for any losses. Address P. O. Box 4295.

Subscribers will please remember that 20 cents extra should be remitted for each annual subscription for which postage has not yet been paid.


Our next issue, it should be remembered, will be the Book Fair number, in which publishers may make known to the trade their special offerings at the Fair.

The regular fall meeting of the Central Booksellers' Association occurs on Thursday, Oct. 12th, and that of the Publishers' Board of Trade on Wednesday, Oct. 13th, week after next.

The official announcement of the Supplementary Book Fair having been issued, the managers have received assurances from Messrs. Harper, Appleton, Scribner, and nearly all the houses of this city, that they will be fully represented. As yet, the other cities have not been heard from, but a good representation is expected. Travelers report the Western trade eager to come on. The Fair will be open from Thursday, October 21st, through Wednesday, October 28th, and will occupy the main salesroom and that above. The stationers will not be represented, except possibly at a special stationery fair, which may follow. The rules and terms are mainly as before, the most important modification being as follows:

All bills not settled within twenty days from the last day of the sale shall lose the credit to •which the purchaser ■would be otherwise entitled, and such bills will be payable in cash, without discount: this rule will be strictly enforced. ^

Such a furore as there is nowadays over rifle practice should make a large sale for the fifth edition of Colonel Wingate's " Manual for Rifle Practice," just ready, by W. C. and F. P. Church. Colonel Wingate is the authority on the subject, and his comprehensive book is quite rewritten.

The Bric-a Brae book promised for to-day, "Lamb, Hazlitt, and others," will contain among its illustrations a facsimile of an autograph letter addressed to William Hare, editor of the Table Book, written by Charles Lamb on the fly-leaf of a copy of " Specimens of English Dramatic Poets." The book was in possession of Mr. R. H. Stoddard, editor of the series. A cheaper edition of Mr. Stockton's clever "Roundabout Rambles" accompanies this book from the Scribners.

Mrs. Annie Edwards' new story of" Leah," the romance of a woman of fashion, which has pleased the readers of the Galaxy, will be issued by Sheldon & Co. next week. This is said to be one of her most charming stories, drawn to the very life, and a large sale is expected. Spurgeon's new book, "Lectures to my Students," which has attracted general attention from the religious press, will be issued at the same time. Of this great preacher's works over 400,000 volumes have been sold by this house in this country.

Hurd & Houghton, N. Y., the Riverside Press, Cambridge, are about to bring out a new edition of a book which has a special interest at this time, and is likely, from its intrinsic excellence, to take rank among the standard books. The letters of Mrs. John Adams to her husband, written during the war of the Revolution, is a book which has been several times called back into circulation since it was first issued, and always with increasing interest. This time it is to be made still more worthy of notice. Mr. Charles Francis Adams has prepared "Familiar Letters of John Adams and his wife, Abigail Adams, during the Revolution, with a Memoir of Mrs. Adams," and in this has brought out the whole correspondence, introducing many valuable letters not before published, and enriching the volume with notes.

"the Might and Mirth of Literature" will be issued on the Harpers' next publication day. This book, by Mr. Macbeth, recently appointed, on the strength of its proof-sheets, professor in the University of West-Virginia, is a manual of literature on a new plan, based chiefly upon the use of figures in writing and speaking. The chapters treat respectively of these figures, and in connection with them give extracts from and notes about more than six hundred writers.

A. D. F. Randolph & Co.'s list opens in October with "The Years that are Told," by that happy writer, " Rose Porter," who gives an old lady's musings over the past ; " Theodora," a home story of the war, by Miss Phcebe F. McKeen, vice-principal of the Abbott Female Academy at Andover; and Miss West's interesting volume on "The Romance of Missions," with introduction by Mrs. Charles— all pleasant books, with good in them.

The Comte de Paris' history of our Civil War is transferred to the new house of James H. Coates & Co., who have the 6rst volume nearly ready.


7 he Prices in this List are /or cloth lettered^ unless otherwise indicated. Imported books are marked with an tterisk .* Authors' and Subscription Books, or Bo>ks published at net prices, with tivn asterisks.

Abbott.—Christopher Columbus. By J. S. C. Abbott. (American Pioneers and Patriots, vol. x.) Illustr. 120. ii.50 ■' Doddb* M.

Adams.—An Address delivered at Amherst before the Members of the Social Union, 7th July, 1875. By Charles Francis Adams. 8°, pp. 30. Pap., 25 c Hurd &* H.

Armstrong.—The King in his Beauty, and other Hymns. By Florence C. Armstrong. With 3 filustrs. by H. O. H. and a frontispiece by H. I. A. Miles. 240, pp. 29. 75 c.


Aubigne.—History of the Reformation in Europe in the Time of Calvin. By J. H. Merle D'Aubigne, D.D, TransL by William L. B. Cates, joint author of Woodward & Cates* ** Encyclopaedia of Chronology," etc. Vol. 6. Scotland, Switzerland, Geneva. 120, pp. xx, 526. $2.


Bric-a-Brac Series. Edited by R. H. Stoddard. Personal Recollections of Lamb, Hazlitt, and others. With Portraits of Lamb, Hazlitt, Lady Blcssington and Campbell. (With a fac-simile of an interesting and characteristic Letter by Lamb.) 120. $1.50 Scribncr.

Christophers.—The Epworth Singers and Other Poets of Methodism. By Rev. S. W. Christophers, author of 11 Hymn Writers and their Hymns." i2mo, pp. 520. $3.


Cornell.—The Handy Home Book of Five Hundred valuable Medical Recipes for all Diseases, with practical Household Receipts. By W. M. Cornell, M.D. Sq. 160, 75c Gill.

Cunning Workmen. By Pansy. Illustr. 160. $1.25.


D'Aubigne. See Aubigne.

Dickens.—The Works of Charles Dickens. Illustr. Gadshill ed. In 15 vols. V0I.2. David Copperfield. Cr. 8°. $2 Osgood,

Doe.— Buffets. By Charles H. Doe. [Originally published in the Boston Courier.] . (Osgood's Library of Novels, vol. 51,) 8°, pp. 143. $1.25; pap., 75 c Osgood,

Duncan's Rituale der Freimaurerei. Transl. and adopted from the English ed. for the Use of the German Fraternity. By Malcolm Duncan, 160. Leather tucks. $2.

Dick &> F.

Gtibeme.—Coulyng Castle; or, A Knight of the Olden Days. By Agnes Giberne, author of " The Curate's Home," etc. 160, pp. 448. |i*5o Carter.

Greenwood, W. H. See Putnam's Adv. Sc. Series.

Havergal.—The Sowers. By Francis Ridley Havergal, from " Under the Surface." 320, pp. 20. Pap., 5 c.


Huntington.—Mrs. Deane's Way. By Faye Huntington. Illustr. 160. $1.25 Lothrop.

Kingston.—Charlie Laurel. By W. H. G. Kingston. Illustr. Large 160. $1.25 Lothrop.

Kurtz.—Text-Book of Church History. By Dr. John Henry Kurtz. 2 vols, in 1. Revised, with Corrections and Additions from the Seventh German ed. 120, pp. 1004. $3 Smithy E. &* Co.

Library Atlas (The), consisting of 100 Maps of Modern, Historical, and Classical Geography, including eight Railway Maps and four Astronomical Charts, with descriptive Letterpress of Modern Geography, by James Boyce, LL.D.; of Historical Geograpny, by William F. Collier, LL.D. ; and of Classical Geography, by Leonard Schmitz, LL.D., with copious Index. Sm. 40. Hlf. mor., $14 Putnam.

Mabel's Faith. Illustr. 160. 75 c Lothrop.

Miller.—The Testimony of the Rocks; or, Geology in its Bearings on the Two Theologies, Natural and Revealed. By Hugh Miller. Thirty-second Thousand. 120, pp. 502. $1.50 Carter.

Miller.—The Riverside Farmhouse. By Mrs. M. E. Miller. Illustr. 180, pp. 48. 45 c 4m, Tract Soc.

Pansy. See Cunning Workmen.

Putnam's Advanced Science Series: No. —. A Manual of Metallurgy. Part Second. By Prof. W. H. Greenwood. Illustr. 120. $1.50 Putnam.

Reemelin.—Treatise on Politics as a Science. By Charles Reemelin. 8°, pp. vii, 186 Clarke.

Reade.—Charles Reade's Novels. Illustr. Library ed. In 6 vols Vol. 2. Love Me Little, Love Me Long ; Hard Cash. 120. $1.50 Osgood.

Rupp.—A Collection of upwards of Thirty Thousand Names of German, Swiss, Dutch, French, and other Iramigrants in Pennsylvania from 1727-1776, with a Statement of the names of Ships, whence they Sailed, and the date of their Arrival at Philadelphia; Chronologically arranged, together with the necessary Historical and other Notes. Also, an Appendix containing Lists of more than one thousand German and French Names in New-York prior to 1712. By Prof. I. Daniel Rupp, author of several Historical Works. 2d rev. and enl. *rf.,with German Translation. ia°, pp. 495. #2.50 and $3 Kohler.

Sangster.—Splendid Times. By Margaret E. Sangster. Illustr. i2°,pp. 88. $1 Am. Tract Soc.

Schedler.—An Illustrated Manual for the Use of the Terrestrial and Celestial Globes. By Jos. Schedler. ia°, pp. 36. Pap., 25 c Steiger.

Schoepff.—The Climate and Diseases of America. By John David Schoepff, Surgeon of the Anspach-Bayreuth Troops in America. Transl. by James Read Chadwick, M.A., M.D. Sq. 120, pp. 31. Bds., 30 c.... If urd & JI.

Schweizer. — Alpine Lyrics. A Selection from the Poems of Meta Heusser-Schweizer. Transl. by H. L. L., one of the authors of*1 Hymns from the Land of Luther," etc. 240, pp. 101. 00 c Randolph.

Scott.—The Waverley Novels. By Sir Walter Scott. Illustr. Melrose ed. In 13 vols. Vol. a. Red Guantlet; The Antiquary. Cr. 8°. $2 Osgood.

Selected Poems:—Enoch Arden. By Alfred Tennyson. Sq. 160. Pap., 25 c Tompkins.

^Stevens. .Scripture Speculations. With an Introduction on the Creation, Stars, Earth, Primitive Man, Judaism, etc.. By Halsey R. Stevens. 120, pp. 419.

[H. R. Stevens, Newburgh.l

Stockton.—Roundabout Rambles in Lands of Fact and Fancy. By Frank R. Stockton. New ed. With aoo illustr. 40. $2 Scribncr.

Sunshine for Babyland. With over 100 full-page illustr. 4°* $1-75 ; bds., $1.25 Lothrop.

Swinton's Geographical Course. By William Swinton, author of "Word-Book Series," "Outlines of Hist or*-," etc. Book First. Elementary Course in Geography. Designed as a Class-Book for Primary and Intermediate Grades ; and as a Complete Shorter Course. 8°, pp. 128. $1.20. (Corr. price and title.> Ivt'son.

— Same. Book Second. Complete Course in Geography, Physical, Industrial, and a special Geography for each State in the Union. Designed as a class-book for Intermediate and Grammar Grades. 40, pp. 136. $2. (Corr. Price and title.) ..Ivison.

Thomson.—In the Holy Land. By the Rev. Andrew Thomson, D.D , F.R.S.E., etc. Illustr. 120, pp. 364. $2.


Townsend.—A Shorter Course in Civil Government. Consisting of Seventy Lessons arranged in Topics, wiih numerous Questions for convenience in Teaching. Pre

Eared for the Use of Common, Select, and Grammar chools. By Calvin Townsend, author of " Analysis of Civil Government," "Compendium of Commercial Law." "Analysis of Letter-Writing," etc. 160, pp. 225. |i.

h'ison. Treasure Trove Series. Edited by R. H. Stoddard. Compiled by W. S. Walsh. Travesty. Containing:— A Treble Temptation, by F. C. Burnand • Lessons in Biography, by James Beresford \ George de Barnwell, by 'Oiackeray ; A Future Epic, by Macaulay ; St. Twel'mo. by John Paul j Walton Redivivus, by Hood; Ho-Fi »*f "Yel '''

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Ward. — Angels' Messages. Through M
Ward, as a Medium. 12°, pp. 408. $1.50.

H. ShcJSeld, M.D.

"Wilson.—The Abode of Snow. Observations on a Tour from Chinese Tibet to the Indian Caucasus, through the Upper Valley of the Himalaya. By Andrew Wilson. [Reprinted from Blackwood's Magazine.] With Map. Sq. 8°, pp. 380. $2.25 Putnam.

Winthrop.—Faith and Patience; or, The Harrington Girls. A Story. By Sophy Winthrop. 24% pp. xoo. $i.


"Wynter.—The Borderlands of Insanity, and other Allie-d Papers. By Andrew Wynter, M.D. 8°, pp. 314. $2.


Am. Tract Soc, New-York.


I Robert Carter & Bros., New-York.

I Aubigne, Hist, of Reformation, vol."6 .$2.00

Miller, Riverside Farmhouse 45 I Giberne, Coulyng Castle 1.50

Sangster, Splendid Times $1.00 | Miller, Testimony of the Rocks, new ed... 1.50

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