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The Prices in this List art /or cloth Uttered, unless otherwise indicated. Imported books are marked with an asterisk: Authors' and Subscription Books, or Bo >ks published at net prices, with two asterisks.

Allibone.-—Prose Quotations from Socrates to Macaulay. With Indexes. Authors, 544; Subjects, 571 ; Quotations, 8810. By S. Austin Allibone, author of "A Critical Diet, of Eng. Lit. and British and American Authors," etc. 8°, pp. 761. $5; gilt, $6; hlf. elf., $8; Tky. ant., $10 Lippincvtt.

Bancroft.—The Native Races of the Pacific States of North-America. By Hubert Howe Bancroft. Vol. 4. Containing Antiquities. Profusely illustrated by maps and engravings. 8°. $5.50; shp., §6.50; hlf. calf and hlf. Russia, $8 ; full Russia, $13 Appieton.

Burr.—Toward the Strait Gate • or. Parish Christianity for the Unconverted. By Rev. E. F. Burr, D.D., author of " Ecce Ccelum," "Pater Mundi," "Ad Fidem," etc. 160, pp. 535. $2.50 Lockivood, B. & Co.

Cary, Henry. See Plato.

ChelllS.—Ail for Money. By Mary Dwinell Chelhs. author of "The Temperance Doctor," etc. 120, pp. 36a. $1.95 Nat. Temp. Soc.

Daudet.—The New Don Quixote ; or, The Wonderful Adventures of Tartarin of 1 arascon. By Alphonse Daudet. Transl. from the French by C. Roland. 160, pp. 128. $1. (Corr. title) Gill.

Dawson.—Origin and History of Life on our Planet. An Address by Vice-President J. W. Dawson before the American Association for the Advancement of Science, at Detroit, Mich., August, 1875. 8°, pp. 26. Pap., 20 c.


Dickens. —The Works of Charles Dickens. lllustr. Gads A til ed. In 15 vols. Vol. 3. Nicholas Nickleby. Cr. 8°. $2 Osgood.

Edwards.—Leah, a Woman of Fashion. By Mrs. Annie Edwards, author of " Archie Lovell," "Philip Earnscliffe," etc. 8°. $1.75 ; pap., $1 Sheldon.

Goldsmith.—Select Poems of Oliver Goldsmith. Edited. with Notes, by William J. Rolfe, A.M., formerly Head Master of High School, Cambridge, Mass. With engrs. Sq. 160, pp. 145. 90 C Harper.

Goodell, Rev. Wm. See Prime, E. D. G.

Hawthorne. — The Works of Nathaniel Hawthorne. New Popular ed. In 21 vols. Vol. 1. The Scarlet Letter. 24°. $1.25 Osgood.

Healey. A Romance. (Harper's Library of Select Novels, No. 450.) 8°, pp. 132. Pap., 50 c Harper.

Hubbell's Legal Directory for Lawyers and Business Men. Containing the Names of one or more of the leading and most reliable Attorneys in nearly Three Thousand Cities and Towns in the United States and Canada; a Synopsis of the Collection Laws of each State and Canada, with Instructions for taking Depositions, the Execution and Acknowledgment of Deeds, Wilts, etc., and a concise Synopsis of the Bankrupt Law, with Registers in Bankruptcy. Also Times for Holding Courts throughout the United States and Territories, for the Year commencing July 1, 1875. To which is added a List of prominent Banks and Bankers throughout the U. S. J. H. Hubbell, Editor and Compiler. 1875-6. Sixth Year. 8°, pp 720. Shp., $5 Hubbell.

Katsoh.—Under the Stork's Nest. A Romance. From the German of A. E. Katsch. By Emily R. Steinestel. 160, pp. 233. $1.25 Lippincott.

Latouche.—Travels in Portugal. By John Latouche. With lllustr. by the Right Hon. T. Sotheron Estcourt. 8°. PP- 554- 83-SO Putnam.

Lawrence.—Life of Amos Lawrence. By W. R. Lawrence. New ed. lllustr. Large 16°. $1.50.. .Lothrop.

Lewis.—" The Light by which we see Light;" or, Nature and the Scriptures. A Course of Lectures delivered before the Theological Seminary and Rutgers College. By Tayler Lewis, LL.D. (The Vedder Lectures, 1875.) ia°, pp. 246. 81.50 Bd. of Pub. Re/. Ch.

Loring—Our Bertie, and other Stories. By Laurie Loring ;—A Queer Carriage, and other Stories. By Laurie Loring •—Somebody's Darling, and other Stories. By Laurie Loring. Ea., illustr. Sq. t6°. Ea., 75 c.Lothrop.

Macbeth.—The Might and Mirth of Literature. A Treatise on Figurative Language, in which upwards of 600 Writers are referred to, and 220 Figures illustrated. Embracing a complete Survey, on an entirely new Plan, of English and American Literature, interspersed with Historical Notices of the Progress of the Language. With Anecdotes of many of the Authors, and with Discussions of the Fundamental Principles of Criticism and ni" the Weapons of Oratory. By John Walker VHant Macbeth. 12°, pp. 542. $2.50 Harper.

Macduff. — The Mind and Words of Jesus; Faithful Promiser ; and Morning and Night Watches. By the Rev. J. R. Macduff, D.D. Red Line ed. 240, pp. 680. $1.5* Carter.

Marshall.—Three Little Brothers. By Emma Marshall, lllustr. 160. 75 c .. Lothrop.

Payne.—The Odd One. By A. M. Mitchell Payne, author of "The Cash Boy's Trust," '" Rhoda's Corner.** etc. 160, pp. 350. $1.25 Carter.

PlatO-—Select Dialogues of Plato. A new and literal Version, chiefly from the Text of Stallbaum. By Henry Cary, M.A., Worcester Coll., Oxford. 120. pp. 551. fi.50.


Porter.—Caring for No Man. A Novel. By Linn Boyd Porter. (Gill's Select Novels.) 8°, pp. 173. Pap., 75 c


Prime.—Forty Years in the Turkish Empire ; or. Memoirs of Rev. William Goodell. D.D.. late Missionary of the A. B. C. F. M., at Constantinople. By his Son-in-Law, E. D. G. Prime. Sm. 8°, pp. xii, 489. $2.50 Carter.

Reade—Charles Reade's Novels. lllustr. Library ed. In 6 vols. Vol. 3. Never too Late to Mend ; A Terrible Temptation. i2a. $1.50 Osgood.

Reemelin.—Treatise on Politics as a Science. By Charles Reemelin. 8", pp. vii, 186, $1.50 CUirke.

Rolfe, Wm. J. See Goldsmith.

Scott.—The Waverley Novels. By Sir Walter Scott. //lustr. Melrose ed. In 13 vols. Vol. 3. Ivanhoe ; The Talisman. Cr. 8°. $2 Osgood.

Smee.—Accidents and Emergencies. A Guide containing Directions for Treatment in Bleeding. Cuts, Bruises, Sprains, Ruptures. Broken Bones, Dislocations, Railway and Steamboat Accidents, Burns and Scalds, Explosions, Bites of Mad Dogs, Inflammation, Cholera. Diarrhoea, Injured Eyes, Choking, Poisons, Fits, Sunstroke, Lightning, Drowning, etc., etc. By Alfred Smee, F.R.S. With Alterations, Corrections, and Appendix. By Dr. R. T. Trail. lllustr. withengT. New and rn: ed. w", PP- 35- Pap., 25 c Wells.

Spurgeon.—Lectures to my Students. By Rev. C. H. Spurgeon, D.D. 120. $1.25. Sheldon.

Stedman.—Victorian Poets. By E. C. Stedman. Sq. 120. $2.50 Osgood.

Stevens.—Scripture Speculations. With an Introduction on the Creation, Stars, Earth, Primitive Man, Judaism, etc. By Halsey R. Stevens. 120, pp. 419. $2.

[H. R. Stevens, Newburgh.]

Tennyson. — Poems. By Alfred Tennyson. lllustr. Globe ed. 120. $1.75 Osgood.

Thompson.—Handbook of Scripture Geoeraphy. Consisting of Sixteen Maps and Plans, with Historical and Geographical Questions and Answers on each Map. By Charles Thompson, Dunfermline. i6°,pp. 128. 75 c.


Trail.—The Human Voice: Its Anatomy, Physiology, Pathology, Therapeutics, and Training. With Rules of Order for Lyceums. By R. T. Trail, M.D. lllustr. 120, pp. rti. 75 c. ; pap., 50 c Wells.

Verne.—Twenty Thousand Leagues under the Seas,. By Jules Verne. New and cheap ed. Illustr. 12*. $1.25.


Vest-Pocket Series :—Vol. 1. Snow-Bound. By John G. Whittier. Illustr. 24°. 50 c Osgood.

Viollet-lc-Duc —Discourses on Architecture. Transl. from the French of Viollet-le-Duc, with Notes, by Henry Van Brunt. Illustr. 8°. $8.. Osgood.

*Wa>ddell.—Ossian and the Clyde, Fingal in Ireland, Oscar in Iceland ; or, Ossian Historical and Authentic. By P. Hately Waddell, LL.D. With illustr. 4*, pp. 418. $6 Macmillan.

W"arfleld. — Hester Howard's Temptation. A Soul's Story. By Mrs. C. A. Warfield, author of "The Household of Bouverie." 120, pp. 569. $1.75. Peterson.

"Wayland.—Salvation by Christ. A Series of Discourses on some of the most important Doctrines of the Gospel. By Francis Wayland, D.D. 120. $t-5o Lothrop.

Waittier, John G. See Vest-Pocket Series.

Wingate.—Manual for Rifle Practice. • Including Suggestions for Practice at Long Range, with Special Directions for the Formation and Management of Rifle Associations and for Team Shooting. By Col. George W. Wiogate. General Inspector of Rifle Practice, N. G. S. N. Y. Fifth ed., entirely rewritten and printed from new stereotype plates. Illustr. with 35 wood-cuts. 160, pp. 290. $1.50 W.C.& F.P. Church.

Wood.—A Light and a Dark Christmas. By Mrs. Henry Wood, author of ** East Lyrtne," etc. New ed. 8*, pp. 19 to 78. Pap., 25 c ... .Peterson.

Worcester. — Correspondences of the Bible. Subject, The Animals. By Rev. John Worcester. 120. $1.50. Lo.kifood,B. &*Co.

Yates.—The Wages of Sin. A New Society Novel. By Edmbnd Yates. (Gill's Select Novels.) 8°. Pap., 50 c


ORDER D. Appleton & Co., New-York. Bancroft, Native Races, v. 5, $5.50; $6.50;

$8 & $12.00 Robt. Carter & Bros., New-York. Macduff, Mind and Words of Jesus, etc..

Red line ed. 1.50

Payne, The Odd One 1.25

Prime, Forty Years in the Turkish Empire 2.50

W. C. & F. P. Church, New-York.

Wingate, Rifle Practice, 5M ed 1.50

Robert Clarke & Co., Cincinnati, O.

Reemelin, Politics as a Science 1.50

W. Drysdale & Co., Montreal, Can. Dawson, Origin and Hist, of Life on our Planet Pap. 20

Wm. F. Gill & Co., Boston.

Daudet, New Don Quixote (corr. title) 1.00

Porter, Caring for No Man. Pap. 75

Yates, Wages of Sin Pap. 50

Harper & Bros., New-York. Goldsmith, Select Poems, ed. by Rolfe... 90

Healey Pap. 50

Macbeth, Might and Mirth of Lit 2.50

Plato, Select Dialogues, transl. by Cary... 1.50

J.H. Hubbkll& Co., 24 Park Place, New-York.

Hubbell's Legal Dir., 1875-76 Shp. 5.00

J. B. Lippincott & Co., Phila. Allibone, Prose Quotations, $5 ; $6 ; $8 & 10.00 Katsch, Under the Stork's Nest 1.25

Lockwood, Brooks & Co., Boston.

Burr, Toward the Strait Gate 2.50

Worcester, Correspondence of the Bible: —Animals 1.50

D. Lothrop & Co., Boston. Lawrence. Life of Amos Lawrence, new ed. 1.50 Loring, Our Bertie;—A Queer Carriage; —Somebody's Darling Ea. 75


Marshall, Three Little Brothers 75

Wayland, Salvation by Christ $1.50

Macmillan & Co., New-York.

Waddell, Ossian and the Clyde, etc 6.00

Nat. Temp. Soc, New-York.

Chellis, All for Money 1.25

Jas. R. Osgood & Co., Boston.

Dickens, Works, ///. Gadshill ed., v. 3 2 00

Hawthorne, Works,New Pop. ed., v. 1 1.25

Reade, Novels, ///. Lib. ed..v. 3 1.50

Scott, Waverley Novels, ///. Melrose ed., v. 3. 2.00

Stedman, Victorian Poets 2.50

Tennyson, Poems, ///. Globe ed. 1.75

Verne, Twenty Thousand Leagues under

the Seas, Cheap ed 1.25

Vest Pocket Series :—V. 1. Whittier's Snow

Bound 50

Viollet-le-Duc, Discourses on Architecture 8.00

T. B. Peterson & Bros., Pljjla. Warfield, Hester Howard's Temptation... 1.75 Wood, A Light and a Dark Christmas, new ed Pap. 25

G. P. Putnam's Sons, New-York.

Latouche, Travels in Portugal 3.50

Thompson, Handb. of Scripture Geog.... 75

Reformed Church Board Of Publication,

New-York. Lewis, Light by Which We See Light 1.50

Sheldon & Co., New-York.

Edwards, Leah $ 1.75; pap. 1.00

Spurgeon, Lectures to My Students 1.25

Halsev R. Stevens, Newburgh, N. Y. Stevens, Scripture Speculations 2.00

S. R. Wells & Co., New-York. Smee, Accidents and Emergencies, new

ed Pap. 25

Trail, Human Voice 75c.; pap. 50


RE SOL VED, That this Convention recognize rA» Publishers' Weekly as the established organ of the entire hade, and recommend it to publishers as the medium through which they should make their "first announcement" of books they propose to publish, and the full title of all books immediately on publication.American Book Trade Association.

J. W, BOUTON, New-York,

Monumental Christianity; or, The Art and Symbolism of the Primitive Church as Witnesses and Teachers of the One Catholic Faith and Practice. By John P. Lundy, Presbyter. With over 200 illustrations throughout the text, and several large folding plates. 1 vol. Demy 48, pp. 500. $7-50: hlf. mor., $10: full mor. or tree calf, $15. (Nov. 1.)

EMMA HARDINGE BRITTEN, 206 West 38th street, New-York.

** Art Magic; or, Mundane, Super-Mundane, and SubMundane Spiritism. $5. (500 copies.)

J, H, GOATES & 00,, Philadelphia.

The First Volume of the English translation of "L'Histoire de la Guerre Civile en Amerique." By M. le Comte de Paris. 8°. With maps and battle-plans.


The Art and Etiquette of Making Love. Large 16°, pp. 176. Bds., 50 c.; pap., 30 c. (Oct.)

Amateur Trapper and Trap-Maker's Guide. By Stanley Hatding. Large i6°. Bds., 75 c. ; pap., 50 c. {Oct.)


The American Centenary. By Benson J. Lossing. With nearly one hundred engravings on steel.

Losing Game. By Mrs. Bloomfield H. Moore. (International Series of Novels.)

A. D, F. RANDOLPH & 00., New-York. Lessons at the Cross. The Puritans and Queen Elizabeth; or, The

Church, Court, and Parliament of England, from the Reign of Edward the Sixth to the Death of the Queen. By Samuel Hopkins. With an introductory Note by Mark Hopkins, D.D.

A, WILLIAMS & CO., Boston.

An Account of the Celebration Commemorative of the Centennial Anniversary of the Battle of Bunker Hill, June 17, 1875. With an Appendix containing a Survey of the Literature of Bunker Hill, with its Antecedents and Results. Illustr. 8°, pp. 185. $2. (Oct.) (200 copies.) recorded under the word Areceding the figure.


The figures in () refer to the (whole) number of the “Publishers' Weekly” in which the full title has been

The more Arontinent works appear in this list, both under awfkar

and title or subject, with reference from the latter to the former.

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Don Quixote. See Daudet, A.
-York (190), General Statutes for 1875, $2.50.

so a & Co. Ara (193) and Vicinity, new ed., 5o c.; pap., 25 c.

Nelson & Sons. for Christmas Cracking. See Hall, T. O. 193) Dean Series, 4 v., $4............ Melson & Sons. 193) Series. 3 v., $5.25... ............ Melson & Sons. Hundred Choice Sel., No. 11. See Garrett, P. illy, R. (192), Cicely's Choice, $1...........Dutton. Wasted Resources. See Hargreaves, W. archs of One Hundred Years. See Wakeley, J. B. 3 (192) and Claws, $2.25 .................. Dutton. (193) Show, for 1875, $2 ; bos., $1.50. Melson & Sons. lsylvania (190) Railway Scenery, pap., 25 c.


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Trimmer, Mrs. (193), Hist, of the Robins, $3.

Nelson cV Sons.

Tropical (193) Nature, $6 Nelson cV Sons.

Tuckerman. E. (103) and C. C. Frost, Plants growing

without Cultivation, near Amherst, pap., y>c.E. Nelson. TWO Thousand Years After. See Darley, J. Uncle (193) Barnaby's Budget, 10 v., $$.y>.Nelson &*Sons Vail. S. M. (192), Lessons in Hebrew, pap., 50 c.

Nelson b- P. Vaux, W. (191), Anc. Hist, from the Monuments, Persia,

$1 Scribner.

Viollet-le-Duc, E. (192), Annals of a Fortress, $5..Osgood. "Wackenhusen, H. (190), For a Woman's Sake, pap.,

75c GUI.

Wakeley, J. B. (192), Patriarchs of One Hundred Years,

$1.75 Nelson 6V P.

"Water Supply. See Spon, E.

■Warrington (193) Series, 4 v., J7 Nelson If Stmt.

Welch, E. J. C. (193), Designing Valve Gearing, |2-so.

Sfn. Wentworth, E. (192), Fellowship with the Sufferings of

Christ, pap., 20 c Nelson & P

W hitney, S. \V. (192), Engl. Grammar, 45 c.

Schernterkcrn. WinBlow, M. E. (191), Barford Mills, %l.Nat. Temp. Sx. Wonders (193) of the Physical World, $1.50.

Nelson & Sent.

Wood (193) Violet Series, 4v.,$3 .Nelson & Sens.

Wright, T. (too), The Celt, Roman, and Saxon, yitd..%s.

J.iffincntt. Youmans, E. L. (192), Class-Book of Chemistry, new ed..

*i-75 Afplelen.

Zoology- See Morse, E. S.; Tenney, S.

1 he Fairs.

The supplementary Book Fair promises to be successful beyond the anticipation of the trade generally. We must confess that we did not look with great favor upon a Fair following so closely upon the first, although it was construed to be supplementary to it, and we did not, nor do we now believe, that its successor failure would do much to further test the usefulness or popularity of the Fair system. It is never wise to introduce into a season unexpected elements which may derange the course of trade, and as at the time of the first Fair fall plans had been laid without contemplating a second, it was even unjust to a certain class of buyers that such a sale should be held. Next year, it is to be hoped, it will be decided by the committee, on its own motion, early in the year, how many Fairs are to be held, and when ; and then this programme should stand. Meanwhile, the trade have taken hold of this supplementary Fair finely, and with the exception of two or three leading houses, nearly all the publishers will offer their lists, while buyers promise to flock from the West to lay in holiday stock. Some houses are holding back goods for first offering at the Fair, and there are other manifestations of active belief in it. In other columns we present a brief summary of the features to which publishers desire to call the especial attention of the trade, and our advertising pages furnish lists of the new books. Let us advise all who are coming to the Fair as buyers to look carefully over their stock, particularly as regards standards, and decide before they come to the Fair, with the assistance of the data given in this number, how much stock and of what sort they need to buy. The better conditions of doing business consequent on the reform movement give them more security than they used to have for laying in standard as well as novel stock; yet in the present condition of business it is better on all sides that they should buy wisely rather than largely. The trade is still afflicted, though to less extent, with the feverish desire to make

large sales, sometimes at the expense of safety, but it is better for every interest concerned that bills should be paid rather than books bought. We trust to see at the Fair good but careful buying, and a disposition on the part of sellers to place goods wisely rather than to push buyers to make purchases beyond their judgment, or to scatter goods indiscriminately.

A Stationers' Fair is to be held simultaneously, as has been announced, under the management of Mr. Andrew Geyer. Although sales were not so large in this branch at the July fair, yet it was generally conceded that it gave a very valuable opportunity to show goods with a view to future sales, and paid even if no goods were directly sold. The book and stationery interests are so thoroughly identified, so far as retailers are concerned, that the two fairs should be held at the same place, for buyers will of course centre chiefly at the Book Fair. The two are, however, not far apart, and when there is a strong Stationers' Association to hold a fair by authority, these questions may be decided by it. The fairs of either trade should never become an individual speculation, else their whole aims will be perverted.

The many friends of Lee & Shepard will regret to learn that a settlement was not effected at the meeting of last week. The result of the statement and of the committee's report upon it, and of Mr. Houghton's unexpected proposition, has been to create a wide diversity of opinion through the trade as to all the questions at issue. The feeling seems to be general, however, that if the firm is not to be allowed to go on under reasonably favorable prospects, a regular settlement in bankruptcy would be more just and proper than any course which might seem like speculating on misfortune. It would be most unwise, in any event, to throw their stock peremptorily on the market; and we believe that, with prudence and economy, the stock would be best managed by the house itself.

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