Domestic instruction on useful and interesting subjects, Volume 2


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Página 38 - The sum is this. If man's convenience, health, Or safety interfere, his rights and claims Are paramount, and must extinguish theirs. Else they are all — the meanest things that are, As free to live, and to enjoy that life, As God was free to form them at the first, Who in his sovereign wisdom made them all.
Página 157 - I am going to yield thee up ? To Europeans, who will tie thee close, — who will beat thee, — who will render thee miserable. Return with me, my beauty, my jewel, and rejoice the hearts of my children.
Página 126 - In' a state of nature, he generally builds his nest on the highest tree that he can find, especially on the palmyra, or on the Indian figtree, and he prefers that which happens to overhang a well or a rivulet ; he makes it of...
Página 127 - He may be taught with ease to fetch a piece of paper or any small thing that his master points out to him. It is an attested fact that, if a ring be dropped into a deep well, and a signal given to him, he will fly down with amazing celerity, catch the ring before it touches the water, and bring it up to his master with apparent exultation ; and it is confidently asserted, that, if a house or any other place be shown to him once or twice, he will carry a note thither immediately on a proper signal...
Página 177 - Our clothes, and call them rich and new ! When the poor sheep and silkworm wore That very clothing long before.
Página 130 - Indians once brought me," says she, " before I knew that they shone by night, a number of these Lantern Flies, which I shut up in a large wooden box. In the night they made such a noise, that I awoke in a fright, and ordered a light to be brought, not knowing from whence the noise proceeded.
Página 92 - sagacious little bird fastens a bit of clay to the " top of the nest, and then picks up a fire-fly, and " sticks it on the clay to illuminate the dwelling, " which consists of two rooms. Sometimes there " are three or four fire-flies, and their blaze of light " in the little cell dazzles the eyes of the bats, which " often kill the young of these birds...
Página 127 - Benares and in other places, wear very thin plates of gold, called ticas, slightly fixed by way of ornament between their eyebrows ; * and when they pass through the streets, it is not uncommon for the youthful libertines, who amuse themselves with training...
Página 126 - Hindustan : he is astonishingly sensible, faithful, and docile, never voluntarily deserting the place where his young were hatched, nowise averse, like most other birds, to the society of mankind, and easily taught to perch on the hand of his master. In...
Página 130 - ... wooden box. In the night they made such a noise that I awoke in a fright, and ordered a light to be brought, not being able to guess from whence the noise proceeded : as soon as I found that it came from the box, I opened it, but was still...

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