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FIVE VOLUMES have now been completed of the CHRISTIAN'S PENNY MAGAZINE; which, though without the honour of a dignified human patron-or the blazoned names of distinguished literary contributorsthrough its own merits, has been extensively read by all denominations of Christians.

Patronage to such an extent, and of so long continuance, for this humble work, while very many periodicals, and some professing Christian principles, "have appeared for a little time and then vanished away," the conductors cannot but regard as indicating the special blessing of our gracious God. His faith and fear prompted its origin; and, in dependance on his Spirit and blessing, it has been continued to the present time, humbly seeking to advance his glory, by promoting the diffusion of the grand doctrines and precepts of Christianity. However imperfect or inferior, therefore, any of the articles which the work contains may be-though not a few of them are from the pens of writers who are edifying the superior classes of the community-it is believed that not one will be found in the least degree inconsistent with the candid profession of principles given in its first number, nor any of them unworthy of its sacred character. Its first and chief object has been to inculcate and diffuse useful knowledge-pure morality-and sound Protestant, scriptural Christianity.

Terminating the present series of the CHRISTIAN'S PENNY MAGAZINE, were the work to cease, would be attended with reflections in no ordinary degree painful to the editor; because numerous and satisfactory are the evidences of its having been the means of advancing Biblical knowledge among many, especially those Christians of the humbler classes, and with but limited opportunities of research, and of promoting their spiritual edification. But Divine Providence seems to require the continuance of the work-it is devoutly hoped, to aid, instrumentally in furthering the accomplishment of his merciful purposes, even beyond the natural boundaries of Great Britain.

Contemplating the new series of this Periodical, fidelity to the public may seem to require that we appeal to the friends of truth and religion for their increasing support-stating, that some have not countenanced the work because it is not sectarian, or the organ of a party-and others, because it is really religious in its character-for this latter reason few of the common book hawkers will keep it—and, therefore, those who are seeking the best interests of their country as patriots, the welfare of society as philanthropists, and the honour of their profession as Christians, may perhaps be specially requested for their influence in sustaining the CHRISTIAN'S PENNY Magazine.

Christian Instruction Societies-City Mission Societies-District Visiting Societies-Pastoral Aid Societies will find this periodical adapted to further their benevolent and noble operations-and the countenance of their committees and agents is therefore desired.

With most grateful acknowledgements to the many respected literary friends for their valuable assistance, so kindly rendered, and intreating a renewal of their favours, the future character of this periodical— unaltered in its holy principles-is submitted to the public by the following paragraph from No. 236, of December 10th.

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Some little alteration will be made in the appearance of the work, to distinguish it from the former series, and it is proposed to make its various contents furnish sound instruction as well as amusement to the reading Christian. Without overlooking the wants of its young friends; the conductors of the CHRISTIAN'S PEnny Magazine hope to make it contribute still more to the edification of the more matured in the Christian life, and worthy of the attention of those advanced in general knowledge. Several series of papers, which have hitherto been much approved, will be continued, and others, from able pens, will be given from time to time."

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