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To lyue at cas
Shall not prevent
Let of my judgement

To alter in dysease.
Such cast I haue
To conjure a knaue

Out of his skynne
Though justyce raue
To hange or saue

Fye on hym horson.
Here cometh Injury in agayne.

Mary fye on hym horeson

Iniuri. What art thou mad agayne. What myne olde friende Injury

Dirisyon. How were other hanged and thou let go by. By god because I tooke delaye

Iniury. For lacke of thee to be myne atturneye

What horson woldest thou haue mee Dirisyon. Be trussed up in stede of thee. Ye by god, but euen for a saye

Iniury. That I might lerne of you to know the playe.

To play horson, what menist thou by that. Dirisio. By god me thought even now ye were in a Iniuri,


Or els an huntyng to catch an hare
But harke I say, do togither and spell
Beware ever amonge of the frery clarkes bell.

It is doubtfull to mee all that thou spekest. Dirisyon. I pray thee spell it thy self & tell me what thou menest.

But woldest thou nedes so fayne know it Iniuri. I tell thee with Albion and Justyee I am knyt Therfore it were wysdome for thee To beware what thou sayest before mee.

What horeson then thou hast forsaken mee Dirisio

Nay I had lever ye were skymned all three Iniuri.
For I haue turned the wronge syde of my hode
And tolde them my name was manhode
And now by god in any wyse
For both our eases I must haue thyne advyse.
What hast thou now chaunged thyne olde Divisio.

To Justyce and Albyon to be a comen hoby,
Or art thou a ferde of thy olde name
That in every place is had in fame
And is supported in such suffrentie
From the lowest unto the hyest degree.
Nay by god I was not aferd

It was but for to claw theyr berde
Or rub it of all that they ment
That I myght know all theyr intent
Wherof the matter is to longe to tell
For the tyme that we dyd mell
But shortly to shew thee for a conclusyon.
Theyr mynde is to brynge us both to confusyon.
I pray thee by what meane

Albyon hath sent Justyce to Pryncipaltie Iniuri.
To have assystence, and mee to suffreyntie
Of the Lordes temporall to have theyr ayde
That Justyce in no wyse shuld be delayde.
And this thou knowest well inough perdye
Thus they meane to destroy thee and mee
And as for Justyce foorth is gone
Speede as he can, but I taryed alone
And yet I wolde no messenger bee
Tyll I had the advyce of thee
Therfore how sayest thou now in thys case
Wee shall not be idle to play at thys bace.

Tush as for this I care not a puddyng prycke Dirisio.
For wee two wyll go thorow thyn and thycke


May gresse theyr heades euery chone
Though they be as harde as rocke or stone.
I pray thee tell mee howe.

Fyrst I myselfe wyll enterpryse

That peace shall have no exersyse
Betweene the comons and Pryncipalitie
Nor betweene lords spiritual & lords of the temporalytie.

you go ani further tel me by what mene Iniury.
I have two spyes of great exercyse

The one is called double devyce
Hym wyll I sende I may tell thee
Unto the court to Pryncypalytye
And hym wyll I charge that wyth hys provisyon
Pryncypalytye and the comons to set at dyvysyon
The seconde spye is called olde debate
A syngular felow with a ballyd pate
Hym wyll I send to the lordes spirituall
To cause them to wrangle wt the lords temporall
What shall they use in their devise.

The one to principalytie shall surmyse

That the comons hartes do ayrse
Against him, when that he doth aske
In tyme of neede, our money for taske,
His harte to mooue with such unkyndnes.
Then the same spye shall use lyke doublenes
And go to the comons and to them tell
That Principalytie with equtie doth rebell
More to hys lucre in euerie deale
Applyeng his affection then to the comen weale
And how that he of neglygence
Doth not apply for theyr defence
Neither by Sea nor by londe
Neither by hye wayes, neither by stronde
But theues and raueners and murders eke
Dayly true men they pursue and seke

And that his lawes indifferently
Be not used, but maintenaunce and brybary
Is suffred alone without reformacion,
That the

poore comons is in altercation
Of this matter and wote not what to say
Bringing them in opinion yt they ought not to pay
To pryncypalitie theyr duety of very desarte
Except lyke duetie be mynistred on hys parte.

I make god a vowe this is a soverayne bayte Iniuri.
To brynge our purpose to a narow strayte
But what shall the other spye then do
A felowshyp tell me that also.

Mary he shall enfourme the lordes temporall Diuisio.
That the spyrytuall men wolde rule all

saye it were shame to them by the rood
That ben dyscended from the noble blood
To suffer any other of such powre to bee
To haue the governaunce about principaltyie
Sythen they inheritoures are borne to bee
Of the hye counsell by blood and dygntye
Which medycyne I trow will not lyghlie starte
Till it hath tyckled them all by the harte
Then shall the same spye tast the other parte
And turne to them the wronge side of the carte
And say that god of his hye great grace
To them hath geuen good fortune and space
By lerning sadnes and gravitie
And for theyr due reward in honour to bee
And bere to them boldly in hand
That they ought by reason to rule thys land
Because the power of temporaltie
Hath no knowledge in conning perdie
Neyther in youth will labour the passage
Of paine for vertue to rule in age

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So that if they rulers wold bee
They know not how for in suffycientie
Thus will I devide by thys proper trayne
That peace amongst them shall not rayne.

Mary thys is a cast of a new horse combe Iniuri.
To rub any on the navyll that hath a tickle wõbe
This gere will worke after my fantasye
To make of an olde grudge a new frenesie
And this openeth the gate euen for mee
That both the one and the other degree
Shall wrastle with them selfe in such afflictions
That euerychone shal disdayne at other jurisdictions.

What wilt thou do thē let me here thy cast. Divisio.

This gentle sede will I sowe at the last Injuri. When Peace by thee is in perplexitie And wote not in what parte quyete to bee Then Justice must euer be in doubt Which parte at nede shall bere hym out So that for my part he shall stand styll Whyle I ronne at large and haue all my wyll. But to what conclusion wylt thou bryng it Divisió.

then Why knowest not thou, then harke me man Iniuri. This Justice is a felow of a farr cast And dryueth such dryftes to rule at the last And Peace is hys brother of one degree Which hath a fayre daughter that is called plentie And Albion as long as rest him treates Hee loveth fayre flesh of all meates And it is a comen saieng that Justice Peace and hee Will conclude a maryage with fayre dame plentie And then wyll Albyon that olde soot With rest and

so on her doot That than shee by her and her freindes Shall sayle in stormes at all wyndes.

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