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- Scottish Hymnal, with Appendix Incorporated. Published for Use in Churches by Authority of the General Assembly. 1. Large type, cloth, red edges, 28. 6d. ; French morocco, 48. 2. Bourgeois type, limp cloth, IS.; French morocco, 28. 3. Non pareil type, cloth, red edges, 6d. French morocco, Is. 4d. 4. Paper covers, 30. 5. Sunday - Schoo. Edition, paper covers, id. No. I, bound with the Psalms and Paraphrases, French morocco, 8s. No. 2, bound with the Psalms and Paraphrases, cloth, 28. ;

French morocco, 38. GERARD. Reata : What's in a Name. By E. D. GERARD.

Cheap Edition. Crown 8vo, 35. 60.

Beggar my Neighbour. Cheap Edition. Crown 8vo, 3s. 6d.

The Waters of Hercules. Cheap Edition. Crown 8vo, 38. 6d. GERARD. The Land beyond the Forest Facts, Figures, and

Fancies from Transylvania. By E. GERARD. In Two Volumes. With Maps
and Hlustrations. 258.
- Bis : Some Tales Retold. Crown 8vo, 6s.

A Secret Mission. 2 vols, crown 8vo, 178.
GERARD. Lady Baby. By DOROTHEA GERARD. Cr. 8vo, 35. 6d.

--- Recha. Second Edition. Crown 8vo, 6s. GERARD. Stonyhurst Latin Grammar. By Rev. John GERARD.

Second Edition, fcap. 8vo, 35. GILL. Free Trade : an Inquiry into the Nature of its Operation.

By RICHARD GILL. Crown 8vo, 78. 6d. -- Free Trade under Protection. Crown 8vo, 78. 6d. GOETHE’S FAUST. Translated into English Verse by Sir THEO

DORE Martin, K.C.B. Part I. Second Edition, post 8vo, 6s. Ninth Edi.

tion, fcap., 35. 6d. Part II. Second Edition, revised. Fcap. 8vo, 6s. GOETHE, Poems and Ballads of Goethe. Translated by Professor

AYTOun and Sir THEODORE MARTIN, K.C.B. Third Edition, fcap. 8vo, 6s. GOODALL. Juxta Crucem. Studies of the Love that is over us.

By the late Rev. CHARLES GOODALL, B.D., Minister of Barr. With a Memoir

by Rev. Dr Strong, Glasgow, and Portrait. Crown 8vo, 6s. GORDON CUMMING. Two Happy Years in Ceylon. By C.F.

GORDON CUMMING. With 19 full-page Illustrations and a Map. Fourth Edi.
tion. 2 vols. 8vo, 308.
– At Home in Fiji. Fourth Edition, post 8vo. With Illus-

trations and Mar. 78. 6d.
- A Lady's Cruise in a French Man-of-War. New and
Cheaper Edition. 8vo. With Illustrations and Map. 128. 60.
- Fire-Fountains. The Kingdom of Hawaii: Its Volcanoes,
and the History ofits Missions. With Map and Illustrations. 2 vols. 8vo, 258.
- Wanderings in China. New and Cheaper Edition. Svo,

with Illustrations, ios.
- Granite Crags: The Yö-semité Region of California. Il.

lustrated with 8 Engravings. New and Cheaper Edition. 8vo, 88. 6d GRAHAM. The Life and Work of Syed Ahmed Khan, C.S.I.

By Lieut.-Colonel G. F. I. GRAHAM, B.S.C. 8vo, 148. GRAHAM. Manual of the Elections (Scot.) (Corrupt and Illegal

Practices) Act, 1890. With Analysis, Relative Act of Sederunt, Appendix containing the Corrupt Practices Acts of 1883 and 1885, and Copious Index.

By J. EDWARD GRAHAM, Advocate. 8vo, 48. 6d. GRANŤ. Bush-Life in Queensland. By A. C. GRANT. New

Edition. Crown 8vo, 68. GUTHRIE-SMITH. Crispus: A Drama. By H. GUTHRIE-SMITH.

In one volume. Fcap. 4to, 5s. HAINES. Unless! A Romance. By RANDOLPH HAINES. Crown

8vo, 6s. HALDANE. Subtropical Cultivations and Climates. A Handy

Book for Planters, Colonists, and Settlers. By R. C. HALDANE. Post 8vo, gs. HALLETT. A Thousand Miles on an Elephant in the Shan States.

By Holt S. HALLETT, M. Inst. C.E., F.R.G.S., M.R.A.S., Hon. Member Manchester and Tyneside Geographical Societies. 8vo, with Maps and numerous

Illustrations, 215. HAMERTON. Wenderholme: A Story of Lancashire and York

shire Life. By Philip GILBERT HAMERTON, Author of 'A Painter's Camp.' A

New Edition. Crown 8vo, 6s.
HAMILTON. Lectures on Metaphysics. By Sir WILLIAM HAMIL-

TON, Bart., Professor of Logic and Metaphysics in the University of Edinburgh.
Edited by the Rev. H. L. MANSEL, B.D., LL.D., Dean of St Paul's ; and JOHN
VEITCH, M.A., LL.D., Professor of Logic and Rhetoric, Glasgow. Seventh
Edition. 2 vols. 8vo, 248.
- Lectures on Logic. Edited by the SAME. Third Edition.
2 vols., 248.
- Discussions on Philosophy and Literature, Education and
University Reform. Third Edition, 8vo, 215.

Memoir of Sir William Hamilton, Bart., Professor of Logic and Metaphysics in the University of Edinburgh. By Professor VEITCH, of the "University of Glasgow. 8vo, with Portrait, 18s.

Sir William Hamilton : The Man and his Philosophy. Two Lectures delivered before the Edinburgh Philosophical Institution,

January and February 1883. By the Same. Crown 8vo, 28. HAMLEY. The Operations of War Explained and Illustrated. By

General Sir EDWARD BRUCE HAMLEY, K.C.B., K.C.M.G., M.P. Fifth Edition,
revised throughout. 4to, with numerous Illustrations, 308.

National Defence ; Articles and Speeches. Post 8vo, 6s.
Shakespeare's Funeral, and other Papers. Post 8vo, 78. 6d.
Thomas Carlyle : An Essay. Second Ed. Cr. 8vo, 2s. 6d.
On Outposts. Second Edition. 8vo, 2s.

Wellington's Career ; A Military and Political Summary.
Crown 8vo, 2s.

Lady Lee's Widowhood. Crown 8vo, 28. 60.

Our Poor Relations. A Philozoic Essay. With Illus

trations, chiefly by Ernest Griset Crown 8vo, cloth gilt, 38. 6d. HAMLEY. Guilty, or Not Guilty ? A Tale. By Major-General

W. G. HAMLEY, late of the Royal Engineers. New Edition. Crown 8vo, 38. 6d. HARRISON. The Scot in Ulster. The Story of the Scottish

Settlement in Ulster. By John HARRISON, Author of Oure Tounis Col.

ledge.' Crown 8vo, 28. 6d. HASELL. Bible Partings. By E. J. HASELL. Crown 8vo, 6s.

-- Short Family Prayers. Cloth, is. HAY. The Works of the Right Rev. Dr George Hay, Bishop of

Edinburgh. Edited under the Supervision of the Right Rev. Bishop STRAIN. the Memoir and Portrait of the

d Portrait of the Author. 5 vols. crown 8vo, bound in extra cloth, £1, IS. The following Volumes may be had separately-viz.: The Devout Christian Instructed in the Law of Christ from the Written Word. 2 vols., 8s.The Pious Christian Instructed in the Nature and Practice of the Principal Exercises of Piety. vol., 3s. HEATLEY. The Horse-Owner's Safeguard. A Handy Medical

Guide for every Man who owns a Horse. By G. S. HEATLEY, M.R.C.V.S.
Crown 8vo, 58.
- The Stock-Owner's Guide. A Handy Medical Treatise for

every Man who owns an Ox or a Cow. Crown 8vo, 45. 6d. HEDDERWICK. Lays of Middle Age ; and other Poems. By

- Backward Glances; or, Some Personal Recollections.

With a Portrait. Post 8vo, 7s. 60.
HEMANS. The Poetical Works of Mrs Hemans. Copyright Edi-

tions.- Royal 8vo, 55.-With Engravings, gilt edges, 7s. 60.-Six Vols. in

Three, fcap., 128. 6d.
SELECT POEMs. Fcap., cl., gilt edges, 38.

HERKLESS. Cardinal Beaton : Priest and Politician. By JOHN

HERKLESS, Minister of Tannadice. With a Portrait. Post 8vo, 78. od. HOME PRAYERS. By Ministers of the Church of Scotland and

Members of the Church Service Society. Second Edition. Fcap. 8vo, 38. HOMER. The Odyssey. Translated into English Verse in the

Spenserian Stanza. By PHILIP STANHOPE WORSLEY. Third Edition, 2 vols.
fcap., 12s.
- The Iliad. Translated by P. S. WORSLEY and Professor

CONINGTON. 2 vols. crown 8vo, 215.
HUTCHINSON. Hints on the Game of Golf. By HORACE G.

HUTCHINSON. Seventh Edition, Enlarged. Fcap. 8vo, cloth, is. IDDESLEIGH. Lectures and Essays. By the late EARL OF

IDDESLEIGH, G.C.B., D.C.L., &c. 8vo, 16s.

Life, Letters, and Diaries of Sir Stafford Northcote, First Earl of Iddesleigh. By ANDREW LANG. With Three Portraits and a View of

Pynes. Third Edition. 2 vols. Post 8vo, 319. 60.

POPULAR EDITION. In one volume. With two Plates. Post 8vo, 75. 6d. INDEX GEOGRAPHICUS: Being a List, alphabetically arranged,

of the Principal Places on the Globe, with the Countries and Subdivisions of the Countries in which they are situated, and their Latitudes and Longitudes.

Imperial 8vo, pp. 676, 218. JEAN JAMBON. Our Trip to Blunderland ; or, Grand Excursion

to Blundertown and Back. By JEAN JAMBON. With Sixty Illustrations designed by CHARLES DOYLE, engraved by DALZIEL. Fourth Thousand.

Cloth, gilt eiges, 6s. 6d. Cheap Edition, cloth, 38. 6d. Boards, 25. 60. JENNINGS. Mr Gladstone: A Study. By Louis J. JENNINGS,

M.P., Author of 'Republican Government in the United States,' 'The Croker

Memoirs,' &c. Popular Edition. Crown 8vo, is. JERNINGHAM. Reminiscences of an Attaché. By HUBERT

E. H. JERNINGHAM. Second Edition. Crown 8vo, 58.

- Diane de Breteuille. A Love Story. Crown 8vo, 28. 6d. JOHNSTON. The Chemistry of Common Life. By Professor

J. F. W. JOHNSTON. New Edition, Revised, and brought down to date. By
ARTHUR HERBERT CHURCH, M.A. Oxon.; Author of Food: its Sources.
Constituents, and Uses,' &c. With Maps and 102 Engravings. Cr. 8vo, 7s.6d.

Elements of Agricultural Chemistry and Geology. An entirely new Edition from the Edition by Sir c. A. CAMERON. M.D., F.R.C. S. I.. &c. Revised and brought down to date by C. M. AIKMAN, M.A., B.Sc, F.R.S.E., Lecturer on Agricultural Chemistry, West of Scotland Technical College. Fcap. 8vo..

[In preparation. - Catechism of Agricultural Chemistry and Geology. An entirely new Edition from the Edition by Sir C. A. CAMERON. Revised and Enlarged by C. M. AIKMAN, M. A.

[In preparation. JOHNSTON. Patrick Hamilton : a Tragedy of the Reformation

in Scotland, 1528. By T. P.Johnston. Crown 8vo, with Two Etchings. 58. KEBBEL. The Old and the New : English Country Life. By

T. E KEBBEL, MA, Author of 'Agricultural Labourers,' 'Essays in History

and Politics,' 'Life of Lord Beaconstield.' Crown 8vo, 5s. KING. The Metamorphoses of Ovid. Translated in English Blank

Verse. By HENRY KING, M.A., Fellow of Wadham College, Oxford, and of

the Inner Temple, Barrister-at-Law. Crown 8vo, ios. 6d. KINGLAKE. History of the Invasion of the Crimea. By A. W.

KINGLAKE. Cabinet Edition, revised. With an Index to the Complete Work.
Illustrated with Maps and Plans. Complete in 9 Vols., crown 8vo, at 6s. each.

History of the Invasion of the Crimea. Demy 8vo. Vol. VI. Winter Troubles. With a Map, 16s. Vols. VII. and VIII. From the Morrow of Inkerman to the Death of Lord Raglan. With an Index to the Whole Work. With Maps and Plans, 28s.

Eothen. A New Edition, uniform with the Cabinet Edition of the ‘History of the Invasion of the Crimea,' price 6s.

KNEIPP. My Water-Cure. As Tested through more than Thirty

Years, and Described for the Healing of Diseases and the Preservation of Healtń. By SEBASTIAN KNEIPP, Parish Priest of Wörishofen (Bavaria). With a Portrait and other Illustrations. Authorised English Translation from the Thirtieth

German Edition, by A, de F. Crown 8vo, 5s.
KNOLLYS. The Elements of Field-Artillery. Designed for the

Use of Infantry and Cavalry Officers. By HENRY KNOLLYS, Captain Royal
Artillery ; Author of 'From Sedan to Saarbrück,' Editor of 'Incidents in the

Sepoy War,' &c. With Engravings. Crown 8vo, 75. 6d.
LAMINGTON. In the Days of the Dandies. By the late Lord

LAMINGTON. Crown 8vo. Illustrated cover, iS.; cloth, is. 6d. LAWLESS. Hurrish : a Study. By the Hon. EMILY LAWLESS,

Author of 'A Chelsea Householder,' &c. Fourth Edition, crown 8vo, 38. 6d. LAWSON. Spain of To-day: A Descriptive, Industrial, and Finan.

cial Survey of the Peninsula, with a full account of the Rio Tinto Mines. By

W. R. Lawson. Crown 8vo, 38 6d. LEES. A Handbook of the Sheriff and Justice of Peace Small

Debt Courts. 8vo, 78. 6d. LIGHTFOOT. Studies in Philosophy. By the Rev. J. LIGHTFOOT,

M.A., D.Sc., Vicar of Cross Stone, Todmorden. Crown 8vo, 45. 60. LINDSAY. The Progressiveness of Modern Christian Thought.

By JAMES LINDSAY, M. A., B.D., B.Sc., F.R.S.E., F.G.S. Crown 8vo, 6s. LLOYD. Ireland under the Land League. A Narrative of Personal

Experiences. By CLIFFORD LLOYD, Special Resident Magistrate. Post 8vo, 68. LOCKHART. Novels by LAURENCE W. M. LOCKHART. See

Blackwoods' New Series of Three-and-Sixpenny Novels on page 5. LORIMER. The Institutes of Law: A Treatise of the Principles

of Jurisprudence as determined by Nature. By the late JAMES LORIMER,
Professor of Public Law and of the Law of Nature and Nations in the Uni-
versity of Edinburgh. New Edition, revised and much enlarged. 8vo, 18s.
- The Institutes of the Law of Nations. A Treatise of the
Jural Relation of Separate Political Communities. In 2 vols. 8vo. Volume

I., price 16s. Volume II., price 208.
LOVE. Scottish Church Music. Its Composers and Sources. With

Musical Illustrations. By JAMES LOVE. Post 8vo, 75. 6d. M'COMBIE. Cattle and Cattle-Breeders. By WILLIAM MỐCOMBIE,

Tillyfour. New Edition, enlarged, with Memoir of the Author. By JAMES

MACDONALD, of the 'Farming World. Crown 8vo, 3s. 6d. MACRAE. A Handbook of Deer - Stalking. By ALEXANDER

MACRAE, late Forester to Lord Henry Bentinck. With Introduction by

HURAT10 Ross, Esq. Fcap. 8vo, with two Photographs from Life. 38. 6d.
M'CRIE. Works of the Rev. Thomas M'Crie, D.D. Uniform Edi-

tion. Four vols. crown 8vo, 248.
- Life of John Knox. Containing Illustrations of the His-
tory of the Reformation in Scotland. Crown 8vo, 6s. Another Edition, 38. 6d.

Life of Andrew Melville. Containing Illustrations of the
Ecclesiastical and Literary History of Scotland in the Sixteenth and Seven-
teenth Centuries. Crown 8vo, 6s.
- History of the Progress and Suppression of the Reforma-
tion in Italy in the Sixteenth century. Crown 8vo, 48.
- History of the Progress and Suppression of the Reforma-
tion in Spain in the Sixteenth Century. Crown 8vo, 38. 6d.

Lectures on the Book of Esther. Fcap. 8vo, 58. MACDONALD. A Manual of the Criminal Law (Scotland) Pro

cedure Act, 1887. By Norman DORAN MACDONALD. Revised by the LORD

JUSTICE-CLERK. 8vo, cloth, 1os. 6d. MACGREGOR. Life and Opinions of Major-General Sir Charles

MacGregor, K.C.B., C.S.I., C.I.E , Quartermaster-General of India. From his Letters and Diaries. Edited by LADY MACGREGOR. With Portraits and Maps to illustrate Campaigns in which he was engaged. 2 vols. 8vo, 355.

M'INTOSH. The Book of the Garden. By CHARLES M'INTOSH,

formerly Curator of the Royal Gardens of his Majesty the King of the Belgians, and lately of those of his Grace the Duke of Buccleuch, K.G., at Dalkeith Pal. ace. 2 vols. royal 8vo, with 1350 Engravings. £4, 78, 6d. Vol. I. On the

Formation of Gardens and Construction of Garden Edifices. £2, IOS.

Vol. II. Practical Gardening. 61, 178. 6d. MACINTYRE. Hindu-Koh: Wanderings and Wild Sports on and

beyond the Himalayas. By Major-General DONALD MACINTYRE, V.C., late Prince of Wales' Own Goorkhas, F.R.G.S. Dedicated to H.R.H. The Prince of Wales. New and Cheaper Edition, revised, with numerous Illustrations,

post 8vo, 78. 6d. MACKAY. A Sketch of the History of Fife and Kinross. A

Study of Scottish History and Character. By Æ. J. G. MACKAY, Sheriff of

these Counties. Crown 8vo, 6s. MACKAY. A Manual of Modern Geography; Mathematical, Phys

ical, and Political. By the Rev. ALEXANDER MACKAY, LL.D., F.R.G.S. ith
Thousand, revised to the present time. Crown 8vo, pr. 688.' 78. 6d.
- Elements of Modern Geography. 55th Thousand, re-
vised to the present time. Crown 8vo, pp. 300, 38.

The Intermediate Geography. Intended as an Intermediate Book between the Author's Outlines of Geography' and ' Elements of Geo. graphy.' Seventeenth Edition, revised. Crown 8vo, pp. 238, 28.

Outlines of Modern Geography. 188th Thousand, revised to the present time. 18mo, pp. 118, is.

First Steps in Geography. 105th Thousand. 18mo, pp. 56. Sewed, 4d. ; cloth, 6d.

Elements of Physiography and Physical Geography.
With Express Reference to the Instructions issued by the Science and Art
Department. 30th Thousand, revised. Crown 8vo, is, 6d.
- Facts and Dates; or, the Leading Events in Sacred and
Profane History, and the Principal Facts in the various Physical Sciences.

For Schools and Private Reference. New Edition. Crown 8vo, 3s. 6d. MACKAY, An Old Scots Brigade. Being the History of Mackay's

Regiment, now incorporated with the Royal Scots. With an Appendix coutaining many Original Documents connected with the History of the Regi

inent. By John MACKAY (late) OF HERRIESDALE. Crown 8vo, 58. MACKENZIE. Studies in Roman Law. With Comparative Views

of the Laws of France, England, and Scotland. By LORD MACKENZIE, one of the Judges of the Court of Session in Scotland. Sixth Edition, Edited by John KIRKPATRICK, Esq., M.A., LL. B., Advocate, Professor of History in

the University of Edinburgh. 8vo, 128. M'KERLIE. Galloway: Ancient and Modern. An Account of the

Historic Celtic District. By P. H. M‘KERLIE, F.S.A. Scot., F.R.G.S., &c.

Author of Lands and their Owners in Galloway.' Crown 8vo, 78. 6d. M‘PHERSON. Golf and Golfers. Past and Present. By J. G.

MʻPHERSON, Ph.D., &c. With an Introduction by the Right Hon. A. J.

BALFOUR, and a Portrait of the Author. Fcap. 8vo, Is. 60. MAIN. Three Hundred English Sonnets. Chosen and Edited by

David M. MAIN. Fcap. 8vo, 6s. MAIR. A Digest of Laws and Decisions, Ecclesiastical and Civil,

relating to the Constitution, Practice, and Affairs of the Church of Scotland With Notes and Forms of Procedure. By the Rev. WILLIAM MAIR, D.D.,

Minister of the Parish of Earlston. Crown 8vo. With Supplements, 8s. MARMORNE. The Story is told by ADOLPHUS SEGRAVE, the

youngest of three Brothers. Third Edition. Crown 8vo, 6s. MARSHALL. French Home Life. By FREDERIC MARSHALL,

Author of Claire Brandon.' Second Edition. 5s.

- It Happened Yesterday. A Novel Crown 8vo, 6s. MARSHMAN. History of India. From the Earliest Period to the

Close of the India Company's Government; with an Epitome of Subsequent Events. By JOHN CLARK MARSHMAN, C.S.I. Abridged from the Author's larger work. Second Edition, revised. Crown 8vo, with Map, 6s. 60,

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