American Medical Biography: Or Memoirs of Eminent Physicians who Have Flourished in America : to which is Prefixed a Succinct History of Medical Science in the United States from the First Settlement of the Country

Richardson & Lord and Cottons & Barnard, 1828 - 716 páginas

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Página 270 - Society for alleviating the miseries of public prisons ; and the Pennsylvania Society for promoting the abolition of slavery, the relief of free negroes unlawfully held in bondage, and the improvement of the condition of the African race.
Página 39 - So went Satan forth from the presence of the LORD, and smote Job with sore boils from the sole of his foot unto his crown.
Página 322 - ... his grateful sense of the many blessings he had received from that Supreme Being, who had raised him from small and low beginnings to such high rank and consideration among...
Página 322 - In this frame of body and mind he continued till five days before his death, when his pain and difficulty of breathing entirely left him, and his family were flattering themselves with the hopes of his recovery...
Página 228 - He also wrote a history of the prevalent diseases of the climate, and if he was not the first to recommend the cooling regimen in the cure of fevers, he was certainly one of its earliest and warniust advocates, and opposed with great earnestness, the then prevalent mode of treatment in the small-pox.
Página 383 - Archer, he attended the regular medical lectures in the University of Pennsylvania, and received the degree of Doctor of Medicine from that institution.
Página 322 - ... his present afflictions were kindly intended to wean him from a world, in which he was no longer fit to act the part assigned him.
Página 36 - July, 1819, shall be entitled to the benefit of law, for the recovery of any debt or fee accruing from his professional services, unless he shall, previously to rendering those services, have been licensed by one of the foregoing Boards of Censors, or shall have been graduated a Doctor of Medicine in Harvard University.

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