The Asiatic Journal and Monthly Register for British and Foreign India, China, and Australia

Parbury, Allen, and Company, 1831

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Página 56 - Again I say unto you, That if two of you shall agree on earth as touching any thing that they shall ask, it shall be done for them of my Father which is in heaven.
Página 179 - ... twere better if you were dead. I desire you to forgive me this uncharitableness. For I am now satisfied that what you have done is just, and I beg your pardon for my having hard thoughts of you for it, and for representing that you struck at the root of morality, in a principle you laid down in your book of ideas, and designed to pursue in another book, and that I took you for a Hobbist. I beg your pardon also for saying or thinking that there was a design to sell me an office, or to embroil...
Página 73 - Indeed, purging, or ordinary diarrhoea, has been frequently known to continue for one, two, or more days, unaccompanied by any other remarkable symptom, until the patient is suddenly struck blue, and nearly lifeless. Often the symptoms just mentioned are arrested by timely judicious treatment, and the disease completely averted.
Página 156 - To say, therefore, that the Brahman is of one particular race is idle and false. Your doctrine, that the Brahman was produced from the mouth, the Kshatriya from the arms, the Vaisya from the thighs, and the Sudra from the feet, cannot be supported. Brahmans are not of one particular race. Many persons have lived who belonged to the...
Página 179 - Being of opinion that you endeavoured to embroil me with women, and by other means, I was so much affected with it, as that when one told me you were sickly and would not live, I answered, 'twere better if you were dead.
Página 153 - Chandalni, and VASISHTHA MUNI from a strumpet. Not one of them had a Brahman mother, and yet all were notoriously called Brahmans; whence I infer, that the title is a distinction of popular origin, and cannot be traced to parentage from written authorities.
Página 157 - Oh! YUDHISTHIRA, formerly in this world of ours there was but one caste. The division into four castes originated with diversity of rites and of avocations. All men were born of woman in like manner. All are subject to the same physical necessities, and have the same organs and senses. But he whose conduct is uniformly good is a Brahman; and if it be otherwise he is a Sudra; aye, lower than a Sudra. The Sudra who, on the other hand, possesses these virtues is a Brahman.
Página 154 - Tis impossible. Say you that body (SonV) is the Brahman? this too is false; for, if body be the Brahman, then fire, when the Brahman's corpse is consumed by it, will be the murderer of a Brahman ; and such also will be every one of the Brahman's relatives who consigned his body to the flames. Nor less will this other...
Página 74 - There is occasionally a low suffering whine. The secretion of urine is always totally suspended, nor have we observed tears shed under these circumstances. Vomiting and purging, which are far from being the most important or dangerous symptoms, and which in a very great number of cases of the present epidemic have not been profuse, generally cease, or are arrested by medicine early in the attack. Frictions remove the blue colour for a time from the part rubbed, but in other parts, particularly the...
Página 180 - WRITERS, on a plan calculated to render reading and translation peculiarly serviceable in acquiring the French Language; accompanied by Explanatory Notes, a Selection of Idioms, etc.

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