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Where the sun goeth down in the West,
Where the spirits of earth find rest-
In the occident-land of the blest,
There dwell the Hesperides,

They arc daughters of ErebusSight,
In vestments of shadow bedight,
And they know not the day with its light-
Those Sisters Hesperides.

They are guarding Jim apples of gold-
Earth's gift to fond Hera of old,
And their vigils forever they hold
O'er the fruit-laden trees.

And the spirits of earth and air
Knmv not that the Sisters are there,
Or the trees with their fruitage so rare
In that oeeident-land of peace,

Eor darkness is over them thrown:
Sight claimeth the fruit for his own;
Well he gtlardeth the Great Unknown,
With his shades, the Hesperides.

O glorious land of the. West.'— 0 latul I hold dearest and best, Elysium is not then possessed

Of fruits so enchanting as these.

Thy groves that are ever in sight
Bear apples of gold not less bright,
And their guardians are angels of lights
Obeying the Day's decrees.

Blest mortals who there do abide!
Of the fruit that no shadows hide
They may eat and be satisfied,
Nor fear the Hesperides.


These pages set forth my observations of the Citrus Fruit Industry during a residence of eleven years in Southern California, and my experience as a practica' horticulturist for four years. The principles ot propagation and planting I have worked out with my own hands, and know them to be more than abstract theories. In matters pertaining to the gathering, packing and shipping of fruit, I have discussed established methods, advocating the most advanced. I hope this treatise may prove a pleasant reminiscence to those of its readers who are experienced orange growers, and that it may aid the novice who lays hold of ttie orange tree to avoid the thorns.

W. A. S,
Riverside, Ca'.

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Antiquity of the Citrus Family 3

Acapulco Oranges 22

Arrangement of Nursery 32

After Care of Nursery 34

Age of Stock for Budding 30

Arranging an Orchard 45

Alternately Opposite 47

Advantages of Septuple System 49

Applying Manure 04

Artificial Fertilizers 04

Application of Tree Washes 07-97

Advisable Crops OS

Analyses of Oranges and Lemons 47

Budded Varieties 21

Baldwin's Favorite Orange: 22

Bergamot Orange .... 22

Boxes for Planting Seeds 27

Budding........ , 35

Buds—Choosing' 30

Buds—Preparing.,., 30

Buds—Cutting 37

Budded Stock—Care of 39

Boundary Lines 44

Balling Trees ,,,,,,, , 51

Broken Balls., , 52

Balling, When not Desirable r>2

Backsets...,,..,,,, 55

Basin Method of Irrigation .r>S

Barrel Irrigation 59

Black Scale 00-93

Budded Trees—When They Yield 68

Budded Fruit—Less Capacity 70

Boxes for Packing 72

Budding Old Trees 74

Bonnie Brae Lemon 80-87

Country—Orange Growing 9

Characteristics of the Orange 18

Covering the Seed 29

Cold—Protection from .">]

Cold Weather—Lemons 81

Condition of Stock for Budding 30

Cutting Stocks and Inserting Buds 37

Cutting Stocks after Budding 38

Cutting Stubs 38


Care of Budded Slock' 39

Caution 39

Clearing and Preparing Land 41

Cactus Land 42

Check Rows—Square 4")

Check Rows—Quincunx 47

Cultivation—Object 55

Cultivation versus Irrigation 55

Cultivating Orchard 50

Cultivating after Irrigation 59

Cultivation—Too Soon 50

Compost Heap 03

Cottony Cushion Scale 00-90

Crops Not Advisable 09

Crops Advisable 09

Citrus and Deciduous Mixed 09

Curing Fruit 71

Cleaning Frujt 72

Cost of Picking and Packing 72

Contract Picking 73

Citrons 89

Chinese Lemons 89

Citrus Leaf and Fruit Scale 95

Du Roi Orange 22

Drained—Nursery .".2

Distances Apart for Trees 45

Distances for Check Rows—Quincunx.. 49 Distances for Check Rows—Septuple... 50

Dormant Stage 51

Damp Straw for Packing Roots 52

Depth of Planting 54

Die Back 00

Diversified Planting 08

Dry—Fruit (fathered When 71

Expense of Propagating House 30

Kxposure—Orange Orchard 40

Easiest Method of Clearing Land 11

Economize in Buying Trees 43

Earth—Settling in Planting 54

Enemies to Young Orange Plants 31

Enemies of the Orange Tree 04-03

Economy Wins C8

Eureka Lemon 68


Topography of Nursery 32

Time to Begin Clearing..: 42

"for Planting Seeds 27

""Budding 38

"l^ost in rianting 54

"of Pruning 01

Twine for Budding 30

Tying Stocks 37

Tiding Over the Long Wait 68

Tendency to Overbear 0!»

Thinning Fruit 09

""—Shortcut 70

Trees—Solecting 42

"—Good Way to Judge 43

Trimming Trees Before Transplanting. 57

Transplanting—Three Methods 57

Thumb Pruning 01

Traps for Gophers 65

Triangular Arrangement 50


Unnecessary Stakes, Pull up 48

Varieties of Oranges 23

"—Designating 51

Wiiso'1^ Best Orange 22

Wolfskill's"" 22

Weeding Propagating Boxes 31

Widney Transplanter 33

Weeds—Nursery Free From 34

Word to the Wise 3'J

Water for Orange Orchard 40

Winds 40

Washing Trees 54-06-1)7

Wrapping Stocks 54

Water Sprouts 54

White Scale 66

Working, Watching and Waiting 67

When Budded Trees Yield 68

'* Seedling"" 68

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