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Página xiv - ... start more than one horse of which he is the owner, either wholly or in part, and either in his own name or that of any other person, for any race for which heats are run.
Página xxvi - ... any difficulty in ascertaining the horse or horses tried, the owner of the horse or horses so tried shall be bound, on the request of the Stewards, to declare to them which of his horses ran in such trial, and in case he shall decline so to do, the Stewards shall have...
Página xxviii - If for any plate or sweepstakes, not to be run in heats, the first two or more horses shall come in so near together that the Judge shall not be able to decide which won, those horses shall run for such prize over again, after the last race on the same day; the other horses which started are deemed losers, and are entitled to their respective places, as if the race had been finally determined the first time.
Página xx - Stewards shall appoint) on any day in the present seven established Meetings, between the hours of eleven and one o'clock in the morning. Each candidate must be proposed by a member of the Jockey Club, and his Christian and Surname and usual place of...
Página xxi - Calendar by a name and his pedigree, it will be sufficient afterwards to mention him by his name only, even though he has never started. If the dam was covered by more than one stallion, the names of all of them must be mentioned.
Página xxix - ... person appointed to start the horses shall mark in his list the time when the horses in each race actually started; and if there have been any false starts, the first of them shall be considered as the time of starting for that race. And he shall make a report thereof to the Keeper of the Match-book, in the afternoon of the day the races are run. And if any delay beyond the allowed time shall have taken place, he shall state by whom, or by what cause, the delay was occasioned.
Página xxviii - The whip may be challenged for on the Monday or Tuesday in the second spring or second October meeting in each year, and the acceptances must be signified, or the whip resigned, before the end of the same meeting. If challenged for and accepted in the spring, to be run for on the Tuesday in the second October meeting following ; and if in the October, on the Thursday in the second spring meeting following, BC weight lOst.
Página xxiii - ... a notice of such forfeit being due, with the name of the subscriber to the stake, and the name or description of the horse, with the name, or sufficient description of the stake, and the amount of the forfeit, shall be advertised in...
Página xx - In the event of such person attending any other meeting in the course of the same year, he is to be considered as a member of the New Rooms, and liable to all the usual charges.
Página xxiv - ... sufficient evidence, and if he has been claimed as the winner of a race of which it was a condition that the winner was to be sold with his engagements, this also is sufficient. 38. When a person has a horse engaged in...

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