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The phantom of the moment, hath possest him;
It will away as soon.

Adr. Pray, Heaven, it may;

For till he shake it off, no mate have I,
But jealous doubt, or dark despondency.



The Mart.


Ant. of Syr. There's not a man I meet but doth

salute me,

As if I were his well acquainted friend;

And every one doth call me by my name.
Some tender money to me, some invite me,
Some offer me commodities to buy,

While others give me thanks for kindnesses.
Ev'n now a tailor call'd me in his shop,

And show'd me silks that he had bought for me,
And therewithal took measure of my body.
Sure these are but imaginary wiles;

And Lapland sorcerers inhabit here.


Dro. of Syr. Master, here's the gold you sent me for.-What, have you got rid of the fiend?

Ant. of Syr. What gold is this?-What fiend dost thou mean?

Dro. of Syr. He that came behind you, sir, like an evil angel, and bid you forsake your liberty. Ant. of Syr. Mean'st thou an officer?

Dro. of Syr. Ay, sir, the sergeant of the band-he

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that brings any man to answer it, that breaks his bond. One that thinks a man always going to bed, and says, Heaven send you good rest!

Ant. of Syr. Well, sir, there rest your foolery!-Is there any ship puts forth to-night? May we begone?

Dro. of Syr. Why, sir, I brought you word, an hour since, that the Bark, Expedition, puts forth to night; and then were you hindered by the sergeant, to tarry for the hoy, Delay. Here are the angels, that you sent for, to deliver you.

Ant. of Syr. The fellow is distract, and so am I ; And here we wander in illusion

Some blessed power deliver us from hence !—


Lesbia. Well met, well met, Master Antipholis!
I see, sir, you have found the goldsmith now,
Is this the bracelet you promis'd me to-day?
Ant. of Syr. What, more temptations?
Mistress, you do impeach your modesty,
Here in the street, thus to commit yourself
Into the hands of one who knows you not.

Lesbia. Not know me ?-how?-Am I not Lesbia
And are not you Antipholis?-Nay, jest not;
Return with me, and we will mend our cheer.
Ant. of Syr. Have you no bashfulness; no sense of


No touch of modesty? Why will you tear
Ungentle words from my reluctant tongue ?
Lesbia. I would not do so, good Antipholis ;
I do but ask for what you promis'd me.

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Ant. of Syr. I promis'd thee?

Lesbia. Ay, as we sat at dinner.

Ant. of Syr. I ne'er beheld thy face until this in


Lesbia. And told'st me that thy wife

Ant. of Syr. My wife?—thou sorceress !

Dro. of Syr. Master, you certainly have been mar


And have forgot it.

Lesbia. Say, did you not, Antipholis ?
Ant. of Syr. I tell thee, no.

Lesbia. Nor take my ring?

Ant. of Syr. No, no-nor comprehend
What thy false tongue hath utter'd.-Dromio,
Follow me to our inn-I will not stay,
Nor longer listen to thy sorceries.

[Exit.-LESBIA, offering to follow. Dro. of Syr. No, you don't. [Draws.] Here's my charm against witches.-Mistress, it is written that evil spirits appear to men like angels of light. Light is an effect of fire, and fire will burn.-Ergo-light wenches will burn-therefore we will not trust ourselves near you.

[Exit. Lesbia. Now out of doubt, Antipholis is mad, Else would he never so demean himself.

A ring he hath of mine worth forty ducats,
And for the same, he promis'd me a bracelet;

Both one and other he denies me now.

What then remains! what measures shall I take?
My way is now to hie home to his house,
And tell his wife, that, being lunatic,

He rush'd into my house, and took, perforce,

My ring away-This course I fittest chuse,

To right myself against this madman's wrong. [Exit.


The Mart.


Ant. of Eph. Fear me not, man! I will not break


I'll give thee, ere I leave thee, so much money
To warrant thee, as I'm 'rested for.
My wife is in a wayward mood to-day,
And will not lightly trust the messenger.
That I should be attached in Ephesus,
I tell you will sound harshly in her ears.
Here comes my man; I think he brings the money.

Enter DROMIO OF EPHESUS, with a Rope.

Ant. of Eph. How now, sir, have you that I sent you for?

Dro. of Eph. Here's that, I'll warrant you, will pay

them all.

Ant. of Eph. But where's the money?

Dro. of Eph. Why, sir, I gave the money for the


Ant. of Eph. Five hundred ducats, villain, for a rope?

Dro. of Eph. I'll serve you, sir, five thousand at that


Ant. of Eph. To what end did I bid thee hie thee


Dro. of Eph. To a rope's end, sir, and to that end am I return'd.

Ant. of Eph. And to that end, sir, will I welcome [Beats him.


Offi. Good sir, be patient.

Dro. of Eph. Nay, 'tis for me to be patient, I am in adversity.

Offi. Good now, hold thy tongue.

Dro. of Eph. Nay, rather persuade him to hold his hands.

Ant. of Eph. Thou whoreson, senseless villain!

Dro. of Eph. I would I were senseless, sir, that I might not feel your blows.

Ant. of Eph. Thou art sensible in nothing but blows, and so is an ass.

Dro. of Eph. I am an ass, indeed, you may prove

it by my endurance. hour of my nativity to this instant, and have had nothing at his hands for my service but blows-When I am cold, he heats me with beating; when I am warm, he cools me with beating. I am waked with it when I sleep, raised with it when I sit, driven out of doors with it when I go abroad, welcomed home with it when I return; nay, I bear it on my shoulders, as a beggar does her brat-and, I think, when he hath lamed me, I shall beg with it from door to door.

I have served him from the

Ant. of Eph. Well, we'll along; my wife is coming yonder.


Dro. of Eph. Mistress, respice finem, respect your end-or rather the prophecy, like the parrot, beware of the rope's end.

Ant. of Eph. Wilt thou still prate? art thou not quieted?

Then take thou that, and that.

Offi. Good sir, be patient.

[Beats him.

Lesbia. How say you now? Is not your husband mad?

Adr. His incivility confirms no less;
Good Dr. Pinch, you are a skilful man,
Establish him in his true sense again,
And I will pay you what you shall demand.

Luc. Alas! how fiery and how fierce he looks!
Lesbia. Mark how he trembles in his ecstacy!
Pinch. Give me your hand, and let me feel your

Ant. of Eph. There is my hand, and let it feel your [Strikes.


Pinch. I charge thee, Satan, hous'd within this


To yield possession to my holy prayers;

And to thy state of darkness hie thee straight.

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