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FOR THE CONNECTICUT |of the public. They are sensi-..

EVANGELICAL MAGA. ble they have taken upon them- ; ZINE.

selves an arduous task; they be,,, (THE following piece was, a few

speak the candor of the friends, days fince, communicated for

of religion, and ask their kind

assistance. ] , publication. The Editors heli

Messrs. EDITORS, . tated for some time concerning

F all kinds of intelligence, the propriety of publishing it, on

instruction, and knowledge, account of the flattering manner

| religious, are the most important. in which the writer speaks of the Magazine.

These have the most favorable as-, But when they re- I

s pect on all the interests of society, flected that whatever merit there may be in the work is, to be af.

the greatest influence on the press

* ent and final happiness of individ.. cribed to the writers of the fev. |

:|uals, and a peculiar tendency to ad-... eral pieces and not to the Edi |

vance the divine glory. The entors, they concluded to admit

tertainment which they will afford, the piece. They were further in duced to publish it from the con

and the happy effects which they

may reasonably be expe&ed to produk sideration that it describes what').

duce, will be in some proportion is to be the plan of the Maga-1 zine.

to the variety which there shall be The Editors are happy in the manner of their communi. to find that the work meets with

cation. such general approbation , and

What therefore can be more en-, , they are detesmined to make every exertion in their power to

tertaining and useful than a work

well, executed upon the plan of procure and publish such things

the Connecticut Evangelical Magas they shall judge best calcula

azine ? Especially, what can more ted to carry the original plan into execution.

warm and gladden the hearts of : Should they fail

the pious? What can more enlarge they cannot reasonably require,

their acquaintance with good men. nor will they have the presump

and the church universal, increase tion to expect the approbation

| and extend their paternal affection, Vol. I. No. 4.

and excite their abundant thanks- | the gospel, and enable them te givings to the benificent author of commence a pleasing and useful all our blessings?

communion with fellow saints, on As real piety unites their hearts this side heaven, of whom other. in supreme love to one common wise, probably, they would have. father, it interests them in all his had no knowledge, in the present interests, in the welfare of his state. How will this increase their great family, and causes them to zeal and liberality, awaken and prefer Jerusalem to their chief joy. unite their exertions, in the cause They rejoice in the divine glories, of their Redeemer? How will it in the enlargement and prosperity present new objects and occasions of the church, in all her revivals of prayer, and open new sources and happy days, and in the salva- of joy, thanksgiving and praise? tion of their fellow men in every Essays on Christian doctrines place, of every country, colour and duties, on experimental and and nation. Their piety, at the moral subjects, on the distinguishsame time, forms a common fel. ing marks of true and false religion, low-ship, communion and endear-muk convey the most necessary and ment among themselves. So far important instruction, and be uni.. as they are known to one another, versally interesting and beneficial. they unite in brotherly love, fym Historical sketches of various pathizeand rejoice with each other. denominations of Christians, will Their eminence and advancement enlarge the fund of ecclesiastical in knowledge, grace and usefulness knowledge, bring good people inafford them a divine pleasure. to a nearer acquaintance with each When their fellow faints triumph other, exhibit such things as are in death, when the power and ex. amiable and worthy of imitation cellency of religion are manifefted, in their respective characters, exand God is glorified it strengthens cite candor and charity, awaken their faith, increases their joy, and each other to search the scriptures, exciteś their praise. The more and to be sure that they believe, fully they are made known to each worship and practice according to other, the more clearly their piety, the gospel, and happily tend to a zeal and usefulness are exhibited, more general union and reformathe more these happy effects are tion. produced ; the more they admire Judicious narratives of the rethe riches of divine grace, and vival of God's work in various are provoked to love and good parts, of ihe effects of them on works.

atheists, infidels, universalists, the As your Magazine is designed | most vicious and hardened ; humto give information with respect to bling and reforming (inners of all all these objects, events and things, characters ; bringing them cheerhow will it subserve these noble" | fully to renounce their errors and purposes? It will greatly extend | sinful courses, and with purpose of the knowledge, views and acquaint- heart to cleave unto the Lord, give ance of good people, bring to their strong evidence of the truth, powknowledge numerous characters er and excellency of the Chrisdistinguished for piety and useful- | tian religion, display the sovereignness, both in Europe and Ameri- 'ty, power and grace of the great ca, with their zeal, liberality and Redeemer, and demonstrate that exertions for the furtherance of he has not forsaken, but yet walk

eth in the midst of the golden can- | tonishing is it for peasons to appear dlesticks. They strengthen the on the verge of eternity, at the faith and hope of believers. They moment when fummoned to the increase the assurance and joy of judgment seat of Christ, with the those who have experienced the enmity and opposition of devils, fame things which are generally proclaiming their hatred of the pathe effects of fuch precious seasons rents who have destroyed them, . of grace and salvation. They en- , and their wishes never to meet courage ministers and good people, such unfaithful and cruel fathers in in those thirfty and dead places the world of spirits? How dreadwhere the heavenly dews and show- ful is it to awake out of fatal deers have not so remarkably fallen, ception in the last moments, and to trust in and pray to God for the to go unrelieved and without hope fame gracious visitations. They to an eternal doom ! have also a natural and powerful ! Explanations of difficult paffatendency, to convince hypocrites ges of scripture, narrations of re. and formalists in religion of the markable providences, and espe. sandy foundation on which they are cially dissertations on fuch prophe. building, and of the fearful end to cies, as relate to this eventful periwhich they are hastening. They od, and exhibit the signs of the are exceedingly calculated to arrest present time, will be received as the attention of all diffolute people, new, seasonable, and of incalculaand of those who are at ease in Zi- ble importance. They will be on, and destitute of all Christian read with the avidity and pleasure, experience, and to warn them to with which the miser grasps his fce from the wrath to come... gold, or the husbandman gathers

The pious lives, the death-bed the delicious and enriching fruits joys and triumphs of eminent Chris of the field. tians, will have the same good ef. As variety is one of the princifects. They are calculated to pal beauties of nature, one of the make the most deep and lasting im- most pleasing features in the face pressions on the mind. Who can of creation, so that variety of mata read the sketch of the life and death ter, representation and instruction of Clariffa, and not wish to live which the magazine is defigned to and die like that happy youth? comprise, is a peculiar excelleoce, Who can read the pious and inim. and will add not a little to its worth itably tender lines of Sthenia, in and entertainment. Indeed as the the parting hour, and not be melo | united tendency of the whole is to ted into tenderness ? Not be in promote the most useful knowledge, structed, warmed and made better? to advance piety, righteousness, the Nay who can read them, and her kingdom and glory of the Redeemown reflections on the mournful oc-er, so nothing can be more highly casion, and not remember them ? and univerfally important and use• The lives, the death,bed fears, ful. The plan is judiciously adaptremblings, and horrors of the ted to the era and state of the Rewicked, painted in their true co- | deemer's kingdom, and to the relours, are exceedingly impreffive ligious feelings, views and desires and useful. What can be more of his subjects, and if the work is awful and alarming than the lives well executed it cannot fail of a and deaths of Diphormia and Ru- / welcome and general reception, abricus: How tremendous and af- 1 mong all pious and ingenious people.

The Magazine will most proba. , fucceeding generations, and fur. bly have an extensive circulationwith authentic, rare and valuable and inftru&t and benefit many of history, which will instruct, enter. our citizens. It has been already stain and edify them, and preach read and will continue to be read in to the people who, shall hereafter religious meetings and conferences. | be born. . Those who read it will converse of In these yiews, the writer rejoiit to others; one pious friend will ces in such a publication ; and he - hand it to another, and thus its use returns you, Reverend gentlemen, fulness will become more and more his' warmest thanks for your underextensive. The intelligence it con- taking and labors. You tains will not be confined to Con-perid on his exertions, influence necticut, to the U. States, nor to and prayers for its success. From America ; but will be transported his own views and feelings he judg. to Europe and there probably be es of what are those of others, and Tepublished. This intelligence will persuades himself, that it is an ac. instruct, comfort and animate our ceptable work, and that you have christian brethren in the various the thanks, and will be supported and distant countries of Christen- | by the prayers of the numerous dom, acquaint them with our re- good people of the country. i ligion, the state of our churches, The publication of the magawith the gracious visitations and zine will indeed be laborious, de revivals which they have experi- manding great care and attention; "enced, interest them in our fpiritu. but its favorable reception, the conal welfare, and cause them to give sideration of its important tendenus a remembrance in their prayers. dency; that you are preaching, and : It will not only extensively an- will continue to preach to thouswer the noble purposes which sands; that your labors are a de have been mentioned, but its influ. ries of charitable exertions, inence and utility will be Jasting.creasing funds designed for truly It will furnish volumes of various, benevolent and apostolical purpointeresting inftruction and enter. fes; the prayers and thanks of your tainment in future times, exhibit pious brethren' ; and especially, the ing the religion, taste, and zeal of testimony of your consciences and the churches and Christians of the the prospects of the divine approprefent age, and their exertions in bation will amply support you.

the cause of their common Lord. The pleasure and profit which it · It will equally attest his love and is presumed your readers will expen

faithfulness towards them, his gra- rience in perusing the Magazine, its cious visitations of them, and care usefulness in their families, and over them, at this demoralizing, I general tendency to ferve the belt tumultuous and wonderful period. purposes, will induce them as It may serve to give the holy 'ones, they do me, cheerfully to pay the in the millennium,communion with small sumi necessary for its fupport. their preceding brethren, and joy This particular circumstance, that in the various steps and labors, it is a kind of charity, designed, which, in the wisdom of provi: for the good of their neighbours, dence, prepared and led the way. whom it behoves them to love as to that glorious period. It will themselves, like a divine fragrance, transmit the pious labors and char: will perfunze the whole, and af: itable example of the writers to ford an additional fatisfa&tion to

the pious and liberal reader. How That the land of Canaan will will be rejoice in the prospect that be restored to the Jews has been what he gives may be the means of argued by some, from the promthe instruction, joy and falvation ise which the Lord made to Abraof his brethren in the new settle-ham, in Genesis xvii. 8. “ I will ments, and of the illumination and give unto thee, and to thy feed afeterpal life of his wild and perishater thee, the land wherein thou iog brothers of the forest! Elpe-| art a stranger, all the land of Cacially that it may honor Him, who baan, for an everlasting poffeffion.” by all creatures, and in all things, But not to dwell on this, the reais worthy to be glorified.

der is requested to attend to seve. A. Z. Tral passages recorded in the wri.

tings of the prophets. Ezekiel, Thougbts on the future glory of the who began to prophecy in the fifth Jewish Nation.

year of king Jehoiachin's captivi

ty, in the land of the Chaldeans, [Continued from p 94.]

| wrote much on the restoration of TTAVING briefly considered the Israelites. Whether the resto

the scriptural evidence of ration which is held up in any part the conversion of the Jews to the of his writings, includes the return faith of the gospel, I proceed to of that people to the land of Cainquire whether it appears from the naan, after their overthrow by prophecies that they will return to the Romans, is now to be enquirihe land of Canaan, or Palestine. ed. In the xxxiv. chapter of E.

Christian divines have been of zekiel it is declared, in verses 11, opposite opinions on this subject.-- 1-2, 13, 14. “For thus saith the It is proposed to bring into view Lord God, Behold I, even I, several passages from the inspired will both search my sheep, and writings, which it is conceived, seck them out. As a fhepherd furnith proof that the Jewish na- seeketh out bis flock in the day sion will, not only receive Jesus that he is among his sheep that are of Nazareth as the true Messiah, scattered ; so will I seek out but will again inhabit the land from my sheep, and will deliver them which they were driven, after their out of all places where they bave city and temple were destroyed by been scattered in the cloudy and the Romans.

dark day: And I will bring them Long have the Jews been "scat- out from the people, and gather tered among all people, from the them from the countries, and will one end of the earth even unto bring them to their own land, and the other.” Amidst their disper. feed them upon the mountains of fion they remain a diftin&t people Israel by the rivers, and in all the to this day. Their case is with inhabited places of the country. out a parallel in the history of I will feed them in a good pasture, mankind. It furnishes striking and upon the high mountains of Ilproof of the truth and inspiration rael shall their fold be; there hall of the Bible. Should they return they lie in a good fold, and in a to the land which was given to 1 fat pasture shall they feed upon the their fathers, and continue to pol. ( mountains of Israel.” Jewish and sefs it, the arm of Jehovah will be Christian writers agree that this made bare in a wonderful manner, prophecy points to some return of in the eyes of all the nations. the Ifraelites to the land of Ca

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