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dings of falvation to that much inju- much time with the convids, pray. red and long neglected quarter of the ing with them, inftruding them in rcglobe. The country of the Foulahs ligion, and endeavouring to impress was deemed the most proper spot for a on their minds a sense of the importfirt essay in that part of the globe. ance of attending to the saivation oí Its vicinity to the colony of Sierra the soul. Their labors were attendLcone; the offer of the King of that ed with a blessing ; and many of the country to encourage European fet| convicts seriously impressed and some tlers, with a view to cultivation ; the hopefully converted. "The ship, leavgentle disposition of the natives, their ing the Missionaries at the Cape, proknowledge of several arts, and their | ceeded to port Jackson, where she ar. general attention to reading ; the fu- rived, it is probable, a little nuore perior temperature and healthiness of than a year after the arrival of the the climate, compared with that en Missionaries who went from Otaheite. the sea coast ; the populousness of These Missionaries, it is hoped, may their towns, and other circumstances be the means, under the blessing of afforded a favorable prospect for en God, of continuing the impressions tering on Missionary operations. These | made on the ...inds of the convicts, circumstances induced the Directors to during their passage to the Cape. fend two Missionaries to Africa, in Should this be the case a light rill be conjunction with others who went thrown upon that dark dispensation of from the Miffionary Societies of Ed Divine Providence, their removal from inburgh and Glasgow. Upon their | Oraheite. arriviat Sierra Leone, in March 1798,] Very favorable accounts have been finding that a war had broken out a- | received from the South African Mirmong the Foulahs, it was thought fionaries. They were fast proceeding molt adviseable to employ these Mira | to the countries of the Caffres and the fionaries in the countries adjacent to

| Boshemen, and there was a great probSierra Leone. “ Th: situation in

| ability of their being favorably rewhich they were placed will afford the | ceived among those

ceived among those nations, and of Millionaries the opportunity of ac- | their being made bleffings to themby quiring the knowledge of several dif

communicating to them the knowledge ferent languages, each of which pre- / of salvation. . vails over an extensive territory, and The Society and the Board of Dia numerous population, and thus opens | rectors are not discouraged by the a larger scope for future exertions. The dark dealings of the Lord respecting inhabitants of these countries are Hea- | them. They believe him to be still thens, whereas the Foulah people are i propitious to them and to the general principally Mahometans, whose pre- object in which they are engaged. They indices against the admiflion of Chris- | are making every possible exertion to tian teachers would probably have diffuse the gospel, and if driven from been more difficult to surmount. It one place are hoping that God will may therefore be hoped that he who | open a door fur their admission into leads the blind by a way which they others. know not, has overruled the deftina! In consequence of the inftitntion of tion of these Missionaries for one of this Society and their zealous and exa more extenfive usefulness."

| tensive efforts to propagate the gospel The next place to which the direc- | among Heathen nations, an increasing tors turned their attention was the spirit of piety has pervaded the minds country of the Caffres or Hottentots l of the friends of Zion not only in in Africa. Doutor Vanderkemp, a Great-Britain but in many other naDurch divine, offering his services to tions in Europe, and Christians in Athe Diredors to go out as a missionary, | merica have also felt their zeal awakhe with three others left England at ) ened and are animated with a desire the close of the year 1798, and arrived of carrying the glad tidings of falvaat the Cape of Good Hope in March tion to the poor Pagans on their bor-1799. On board the ship which car- | ders. Many smaller Missionary SocieTied them to Africa were three hund- ties have been formed in various plaTed convies to be transported to Bota ces in England and Scotland, some of ay Bay. During the voyage Doctor which may be considered as branches Vanderkemp and his associates spent of the London Society, and others

confine their efforts more particularly, things, and fix them on himself to keeping alive a knowledge of the alone. In this he has dealt with gospel among the poor people within | | the kingdom. For this purpose many

his people in his usual method. preachers are employed to itinerate | The method is wise, and well adapand preach the doctrines of grace, in ted to prepare his people to receive places where the people have not been his blessings, and to give all the accustomed to hear the ti uth as it is loinroth the Lord _Thuc he dealt

| giory to the Lord.---Thus he dealt , in Jefus. A remarkable degree of harmony

with Abraham, to whom he had prevails among Christians of different | made great promises. While cir. denominations and the cause of the cumstances were favorable, and the Redeemer is prospering in many parts patriarch's hopes were great, and of the nation.

his expectations from them high, he received an order from heaven,

to take the heir of the promises, Misfortunes of the Otaheitean Mif even Ifaac, his beloved son, and

fion, a trial of the faith and pa offer him up a burnt offering to tience of God's people. | God. This was altogether unex. To The EditoRS OF THE CON

pected. The command was posNECTICUT EVANGELICAL Mag

itive, and though it wounded eve

ry parental feeling, and seemed inAZINE.

consistent with the promises, he did THE events, which have at. not hesitate to obey. The promises

T'tended the Christian Mif- were absolute, and he did not doubt sions to Otaheite, have probably their accomplishment. That the calt a gloom over the minds of command and promises might not some well-wishers to the cause. Sus interfere, he saw no way, but by perficial observers of the dealings the resurrection of his son from the of God with his people, and men dead, though no such event had of little faith, will be discouraged : ever taken place in the world. He and the faith and obedience of all I believed in the power of God,

e put to proof. It appears to be and rested with confidence upon the design of providence, to place him. He proceeded to the aphis people in a fituation, in which pointed place, laid Ifaac upon the they may give a striking evidence altar, and stretched forth his hand, of their confidence in God, and and took the knife, to execute the faithfulness in his service ; and by command. He was now prepared which he may lead them, to a for rich blessings ; was ordered to more perfect sense of their de. forbear, and came forth like gold pendence on him, and a more at- tried in the fire ; and he received tentive view of his agency in such an abundant reward. missions. When the fhip, which The apostles of Christ were conveyed the Missionaries, return. dealt with, in a similar way. Christ. ed with the account of their friend. had made them precious promises, ly reception, our hopes of success while he was with them in the were perhaps founded too much fein. They expected to see his on favorable circumstances, and kingdom Aourish. While their we thought too little of the special Lord was with them, and admiragency of God, to dispose the | ing crowds flocked round them, Heathen, to give them an atten- and listened to his instructions, and tive hearing. God has now seen cried Hosannah to the son of Da. fit to recal our hopes from those vid, they expected success from

the promising appearances. But where then is our faith and obedibefore it came, their obedience and ence? Let us acknowledge God, faith were put to the severest trial, and rest upon him. by the sufferings of Christ, and It is however, by no means cer= the almost universal clamor against tain, but that more than the exhim. This was but a few weeks pectations of the moderate, will before the memorable day of Pen- be accomplished. God seems to tecost, and prepared them to ac- be preparing his people for great knowledge, and adore the hand things. Those now at Otaheite, of God, in the wonderful success, like the army of Gideon when which at that time attended their reduced, are enough. Those at ministry. Other similar instances New-Holland may be employed. are on record. God prepares his! The Lord reigns. His prompeople for the blessings he designs | ises are sure ; and he will not fail them in the fittest manner. He to confound his enemies, who now takes measures, to bring his own triumph in the disappointments of work into view, as being his own. his people. Tho' they deride the And he delights to honor his peo- confidence and obedience of the ple, by such arrangements, as ex. faithful, as they mocked our dying hibit their obedience and faith. I Lord, he will appear for their sup

Relpecling the Missions, the port.--The Lord grant, that his commands are express. Go ye servants may seize this happy op into all the world, and preach the portunity, to evince their faith and Gospel to every creature-Freely obedience. And if they are conye have received, freely give. The founded in the end, then let it be promises are sure. I will be with faid, that they who wait on the you always, even unto the end of Lord mar be put to Jhame. the world. The earth shall be fil

G. led with the knowledge of the glo. ry of the Lord. Duty is plain. | MISSIONARY SOCIETY OF The reasons for the command are CONNECTICUT. not diminished, since the days of The people of the State are so gen. the Apostles ; and the promise erally acquainted with the crigin may not be doubted. The situa- | and design of the Mishonary Son tion of the British Misions, to the ciety of Conne&ticut, that the EdPacific Ocean, will try the faith itors deem it unnecessary to give a and obedience of God's people. particular history of this inflituIf they abide the trial, God will tion. For the information howaccept the sacrifice. If not, we ever of people in the neighboring have reason to expect, that little fiates, the following bort account will be done in our day. Like the of the Society is published. Ifraelites from Egypt, we shall die T HE General Association of before the promise takes effect. I the State, at their session

Should the whole Mision prove June 1798, impressed with the ob. unsuccessful, as it may, mall we ligation on all the friends of Chrishesitate to obey the will of God, tianity to promote a knowledge of and exert ourselves to extend the its gracious and holy doctrines, knowledge of his salvation ? Shall formed themselves into a Missionawe doubt the promises ; or give up ry Society. the cause as hopeless, while we “ The object of the Society is know that God is on the throne ? to christianize the Heathen in



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North America, and to support | urer, and John Porter, Esq. Au. and promote Christian knowledge ditor of accounts to the Society. in the new settlements within the | The Honorable JohnTREADWELL United States."

is Chairman, and the Reverend The Society annually elect a Abel Flint, Secretary to the Board of Truftees, consisting of | Board of Trustees. fix Civilians and fix Clergymen, | The Society, at their annual to whom the management of the meeting, last month, re-elected the concerns and the disposal of the fame Trustees, Treasurer and Aufunds of the Society is intrusted. ditor of accounts. They also elect a Treasurer and The Missionaries now in service an Auditor of accounts. | are the Rev. Messrs. Seth Williston,

Since the Society was instituted, , and Jedediah Bushnell, and Mr. a number of Missionaries have been Amasa Jerome, all in the new setsent to the new settlements in Ver tlements in the states of New York mont, New York, and Pennsylva- and Pennsylvania, and the Rev. nia. In thefe settlements there William Storrs, in Vermont. are now four Missionaries ; tivo or three more are expected to go out Proceedings of the Trustees of the in the course of the summer, and Missionary Society of Conneclione to the Connecticut Western cut, relative to a Mission among Reserve. The Missionaries have the Indians. been favorably received, and their T HE Trustees of the Misfionlabors abundantly blessed.

1 ary Society of Connecticut The funds of the Society arise at a late meeting, determined, that from contributions in the several | a discreet man, animated by the parishes in the State on the first love of God and souls, of a good Sabbath of May annually, in par common education, who can be suance of a Resolve of the Gene obtained for a moderate compenral Assembly passed at their session sation, be fought for to travel a. O&ober 1798. Several donations mong the Indian Tribes South and have also been made by individuals Welt of Lake Erie, to explore towards the establishment of a their situation and learn their feelpermanent fund.

ings with respect to Christianity, The Trustees of the Society for and so far as he has opportunity, the present year are the Honorable to teach them its doctrines and duJOHN TREADWELL, Lieutenant ties; and that said Misfionary, Governor of the State, the Hon with the advice of the Rer. Mr. orable Roger NEWBERRY and Sergeant of New-Stockbridge, ob. the Honorabie HEMAN Swift, tain from among his Indians a pi. Members of the upper house of ous guide and interpreter to acAssembly, the Honorable JONA- company him in his travels. It THAN Brace and the Honorable was also resolved by the Trustees, JOHN DAVENPORT, Members of that the Committee of Missions, Congress, Doctor Joshua Lo- with the addition of the HonoraTHROP, Merchant, the Reverend ble Heman Swift, take measures Meffrs. Nathan Williams D. D. to carry this resolution into effect. Benjamin Trumbull D. D. Levi The following system of instrucHart, Cyprian Strong, Nathan tions was prepared to be given to Strong, and Charles Backus. AN-the person who may be sent to visDR EW KINGSBURY Esq. is Treas. l it the Indians.


: which they have that they through Sik,

Jesus Christ might he saved from YOU being appointed, by the their lins, and become with them Trustees of the Miffionary Society the followers of Christ and heirs of of Connecticut, to go among the his kingdon. You are to offer lodian Tribes, with a view of ex: Christ and his salvation to them. ploring their situation and the pro- Tell them who Christ is and how priety of sending the gospel among he loved and died for mankind, them, the said Trustees give you and the happy consequences of lovthe following instructions: ing and obeying him. Carefully

Be a man of prayer; be sure to notice their appearances and ankeep your heart with all diligence | swers. As you have opportunity, and live near to God. At all teach them the doctrines and dutimes maintain a Christian circum-ties of our holy religion and the spection, gravity and dignity of motives to induce them to become character, and let nothing vain or Christians. Particularly teach them trifling be discovered in your con- the duty of morning and evening duct. Demean yourself with Chrif prayer, and as opportunity fall tian fortitude and humility. Cau- / present do it by example as well as tioully avoid all controversy with / in words. Whenever the ill conthe Indians, all trade and worldly duct of people calling themselves business, except such as fhall be Christians shall be objected, you vül absolutely necessary for your com acquaint them that many who call fortable subsistence. Employ your themselves Christians are not truly whole time and all your talents such ; and that all the knavery, in the business of your mission. falsehood and other vices which Particularly you are instructed to they have seen in those wicked explore the situation of the various white people, who have been tribes, through which you shall among them, are entirely contrary travel, and as far as possible learn to the gospel ; that foch men their feelings with respect to Chris- are worse than the Heathen and tianity, and their prejudices against will in the world to come have a it. Spare no pains to conciliate more aggravated punishment than the esteem and friendship of the they; that the true disciples of Christ Indian who shall go with you as a are rober, temperate, benevolent guide and interpreter; and as far and.just. They love and do good as may be with a good conscience, to all men, and hold all wickedconform yourself to the customs and dess in the highest abhorrence. manners of the natives ; like the Keep an accurate journal of your Apostle becoming all things to all travels, of all your transactions men, that you may gain some. with the Indians, and of every ocWhen you shall reach any tribe or currence worthy of notice. You tribes to which you are sent, you are to notice the face of the counfall by your interpreter, make try, the number of tribes which known the benevolent design of your l vou shall visit, and their numbers, coming, and assembling such num- fituation and distances from each bers of them as conveniently may other ; whether they are at peace be, acquaint them with the great or involved in war; if at war with love of the good people of Con. whom they are warring; whether necticut to their brothers in the they be permanent in their settiewilderness, and with the concern I ments, or transient and about to

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