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Thoughts on the future glory of the spoiled them, and rob those that Jewish Nution.

robbed them, saith the Lord God. (Continued from p. 127. And it fhall come to pass in that TN the xxxvïi and xxxixth, day, that I will give unto Gog a

1 chapters of Ezekiel, is fore- | place there of graves in Israel, told a formidable invasion of the the valley of the passengers on the Jews by the army of Gog, and the east of the sea ; and it fhall stop overthrow of that army. This the noses of the passengers : and great host is " in the latter days," there they shall bury Gog, and all to " come into the land that is his multitude; and they shall call brought back from the fword, and it, The valley of Hamon-gog. is gathered out of many people, And seven months shall the house against the mountains of Israel of Israel be burying of them, that which have been always waste.” | they may cleanse the land.” The The arrival of this host is com- destruction of Gog, or of the enpared to a cloud which covers the emies of Israel, here described, is land.* The destruction of the a great destruction. It follows a army of Gog, is particularly de- | formidable assault made upon the scribed in chapt. xxxix. 12. | Jews, at some period which suc. « And they that dwell in the cities | ceeds their return to their own of Israel shall go forth, and shall land. The opposition which they set on fire and burn the weapons,

endured from the Samaritans, and both the shields are the bucklers, the few that were leagued with the bows and the arrows, and the them, in the time of rebuilding hand-staves, and the spears, and their city under the Persian monthey shall burn them with fire feven archs, falls very far below the inyears ; so that they shall take no vasion here predicted. Some have wood out of the field, neither cut supposed that this prophecy was down any out of the forests : for fulfilled, in the persecution and they shall burn the weapons with | Naughter of the Jews by Antiochfire; and they shall spoil those that us Epiphanes, king of Syria, which

began about 170 years before * Chap. xxxviii. 8, 9, 16.

Christ, and in the defeat of the Vol. 1. No. 5.


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Syrians by the Maccabees a few gathering, it follows, from the years after. The sufferings of the date of the invasion, that they are Jews were indeed very great at again to return to their own land. that time, and their deliverance It also appears that the invasion highly proclaimed the power and | of the Jews by the army of Gog, grace of Jehovah. But though | is the last invasion which they are this prophecy may include the in to endare, and that after the overvalion under Antiochus, and the throw of this enemy, they are to defeat of the Syrians ; it is to re-l remain in a state of uninterrupted ceive a full accomplishment. The prosperity_chap. xxxix. ver. 21, Syrian army was not so numerous 22. “ And I will set my glory de as the army of Gog ; nor was the mong the Heathen, and all the overthrow of the former so com | Heathen fhall see my judgment pleat as to answer to the descrip- that I have executed, and my hand tion of the overthrow of the lat- that I have laid upon them. So ter, Besides, the army of Gog the house of Israel shall know that is represented as coming againit I am the Lord their God, from the mountains of Israel, which that day and forward.” By the have been always wafle. These destruction of the army of Gog, words imply an invasion of the the house of Israel are to know Jews in their own land, subsequent that Jehovah is their God. They to a period in which it had long are to know this from that day been defolate. The period be and forward; implying that the tween the destruction of Jerusalem Jews are no more to be given up and the Temple, in the reign of into the hands of their enemies, Zedekiah, and the return of the After the promise of their full inJews under Cyrus, was but about gathering, mentioned in verse 28, hfty years. Since the Roman con- / already cited, the chapter closes quest, more than 1700 years have with the gracious words, “ Neiclapsed. It is much more natural ther will I hide my face any more to apply the words always waste to from them : for I have poured out the desolation which has followed my fpirit upon the house of Israel, this, than to the one which follow- faith the Lord God.” The time ed the destruction of the Jewish in which the Lord will not hide city and temple by the Babylonians. his face from the house of Israel

It is further to be observed, that any more, is not yet come. They Gog is to come up against the land now feel the tokens of his wrath. of Israel in the latter days.* The ! The army of Gog seems to be phrase the latter days, or the last a part of the army, which is to be days, in the scriptures, is, in als gathered to the battle of the great most every instance, as has been day of God Almighty,* which before observed, to be applied to precedes 'the pouring out of the the time of the New Testament seventh vial ; when the anti-chris. dispensation in general, or to fome tian powers are to be destroyed, period of it.t Since Gog is to and the latter day glory of the come up against the Jews at a time church is to commence.t A. which is subsequent to their in-mong the events of the highest im

* Chapt. xxxviii.'16.

to Isaiah ii. 2. Micah iv. I. Acts ii. 17. 1 Tim. iv. I. 2. Tim, iii. 1. Heb. i. 2; 2 Pet, iii, 3

* Rev. xvi. 14.

f Compare Ezekiel xxxix. 17, 18, with Rev. xix. 17, 18.

portance which are to usher in this no more to be removed from, are the return of the Jews | It is likewise obvious from the preto their own land, and the de. | diction of Zechariah, that in a peItruction of the army which shall riod yet future, when Jehovah come up against them. In effect shall be acknowledged as King by ing these, the Lord “ will mag- all the inhabitants of the earth, Jenify himself, and fanctify himself; rusalem is to be inhabited by the and will be known in the eyes of Jews without being any more demany nations."

| stroyed, and that they are to dwell That the Jews are again to in. I in it in safety. habit the land of Palestine, may The reader is now requested to be argued from several other passa- / attend to the words of Jesus Christ, ges in the Old Testament. I will in Luke xxi. 24. " And they mention but two more. The first shall fall by the edge of the sword, of these is recorded in Amos ix. and shall be led away captive into 14, 15. “And I will bring again all nations : and Jerusalem shall the captivity of my people Ifrael, be trodden down of the Gentiles, and they shall build the waste cities, until the times of the Gentiles be and inhabit them; and they shall | fulfilled.” In this text there are blant vineyards, and drink the four things predicted concerning wine thereof; they shall also make the Jews ; 1. That they shall fall gardens, and eat the fruit of them by the edge of the sword.-2. That And I will plant them upon their they shall be led away captive into land, and they shall no more be all nations. --3. That Jerusalem pulled up out of their land which shall be trodden down of the GenI have given them saith the Lord tiles.-4. That the Jews and the thy God.” The other passage is land shall continue in this state, un. found in Zechariah xiv. 9, 10, 11, til the times of the Gentiles be " And the Lord shall be King o- | fulfilled. The three first of these ver all the earth : in that day there prophecies have been fulfilled, in shall be one Lord, and his name the slaughter and captivity of the one. All the land shall be turned Jews by the Romans, and in the as a plain from Geba to Rimmon low and depressed state of the land south of Jerusalem : and it shall lof Palestine ; which, after passing be lifted up, and inhabited in her | from one conqueror to another, is place, from Benjamin's gate unto | now under the dominion of the the place of the first gate, unto Turks. These three prophecies the corner-gate, and from the tow have been fulfilled literally. It is er of Hananeel unto the king's therefore natural to expect that the wine-presses. And men shall dwell fourth, or last prophecy, will have in it, and there shall be no more a literal accomplishment. The utter destruction ; but Jerusalem enquiry now is, how we are to inshall be safely inhabited.” It is terpret the last clause of the text fupposed that it will be unnecessary under consideration, until the times to go into particular observations of the Gentiles be fulfilled. On on the texts last quoted, after what this we may remark, J. That has been remarked on those taken when the times of the Gentiles shall from the prophecy of Ezekiel. It be fulfilled, the state of the Jews is plain from the words of Amos, will be rever fed, or be opposite to that there is to be a return of the what it was whilst the times of the Jews to their land, when they are 'Gentiles, continued. Hence it fallows, 2. That by the times of the The return of the Jews to the Gentiles being fulfilled, must be ancient Canaan does not imply the meant, the closing of the period in restoration of the Mosaic economy. which the Gentiles have dominion | If it implied this, it would follow, over the land which contains the either that the Meffiah hath not apJiteral Jerusalem ; and that then peared, or that a wrong interprethe Jews will be delivered from tation has been given to the prophffaughter, will be ingathered from ecies which hold up the future refamong the nations, will return to toration of Ifrael. The Jews may the land of Palestine, and will con expect the renewal, and continu, tinue to inhabit and possefs it as ance, of their ancient Temple wortheir inheritance, from the day of ship in all its parts, when returning their return to the end of time. to their land, but after the violent This sense agrees with the literal | affault from the army of Gog is interpretation which providence over, they with the fulness of the hath given to the three foregoing Gentiles, will be brought into the prophecies; and is the only one fame fold, and be united-in Jesus which carries in it a complete re of Nazareth as their common Shepversal of the present state of the herd. Then the believing Jews Jews and their land. If this re and the believing Gentiles will versal be not admitted, I do not clearly fee the harmony of the see any way in which this prophe Jewish and Christian dispensations ; cy can be interpreted, in a literal and that the church into which all senfe.

the nations are to come, is “ built The Jewish nation, in general, | upon the foundation of the apostles have an ardent desire to return to | and prophets, Jesus Christ himfelf the land of Palestine, and will, being the chief corner-stone." therefore, be disposed readily to | What holy joy will fill the hearts embrace any favorable opportunity of God's people, whether Jews or to return, which may present. | Gentiles, when they unite in the As the Jews are a rich commercial covenant made with Abraham,” people, and as their property is al. and jointly “ partake of the root most wholly of the personal kind, and fatness of the olive-tree !" they are at all times prepared to go | We, Gentiles, who profefs to back to the land which was given receive the Messiah, have much to their fathers. It is not difficult guilt lying upon us, for our conto conceive, that among the ambi | duct towards God's ancient covetious schemes of the Gentile nations, rant people. We have thrown it may be for the felfish interest of many stumbling blocks in the way some one, or more, to deliver Pa- of their conversion to christianity. Jeftine into their hands ; and that I can never forget the conversation on their entrance, a numerous ar- | which I had with an intelligent iny may be assembled to pillage and Jew, some years since. After he Jubjugate them. Means may be had gone into a considerable detail used in the restoration of the Jews of the sufferings of his nation, in of which we have now no concep the course of the present captivity, tion. It is not the design of the au- he faid, “ If you who call yourthor of the prophecies, to give to felves Christians have the besevomen beforehand, a very clearknowl. | lence which your Messiah profeffedge of the means by which the ed, do not torture us with courts cvents predicted are to take place. I of Inquisition, nor woạnd us by

contemptuous behaviour. Treat be not our heart's desire and prayer us as fellow-men, and fellow-citi- to God, that they may be saved. zens. You Americans have open- The predictions and promises ed a door for such friendly inter- which respect the future glory of course between Jews and Gentiles, the Jewish nation, muft animate as had not been known since our the hearts of the followers of the captivity. We hope that your ex- Son of God. As they attend 10 ample may influence other nations the gracious designs of the Redeemto alter their conduct towards us. er towards that people, they must We ask you to hear our objections look forward with a pious ardor to against christianity with patience the day when the Lord will make and candor. You acknowledge, Jerusalem a praise in the earth. with us, the divine authority of Then the Lord will be her eyer. the lawand the prophets. You in- lasting light, and ihe days of her terpret many parts of both in a very | mourning shall be ended. Her different manner from our Rabbies. people also shall be all righteous ; You cannot think it strange that we and they shall inherit the land forare more disposed to listen to them ever. The Lord will hasten it in than to the teachers of Christianity. bis time.” We have met with many things

BENEVOLUS. tending to prejudice us against this religion. By kind treatment from

FOR THE CONNECTICUT Evar. its professors, we may be led to examine it more impartially than

GELICAL MAGAZINE. we have done. Who knows, but | Mess’rs EDITORS, that by free conference, the God I FIND many agreeable things of Abraham may open our eyes, in your Magazine ; tho'l must conif we are in an error, and incline fess I have not been able to read it us to embrace Jesus of Nazareth, with all the complacency I antici. as the Messiah ?"

pated. I expected to see in it, Let the disciples of Christ re stated and ably defended, the efmember, that 66 to the Israelites sential doctrines of scripture, such pertaineth the adoption, and the as the doctrine of the Trinity, the glory, and the covenants, and the divinity of Christ, original sin, the giving of the law, and the service depravity of human nature, the of God, and the promises ; whose necessity of regeneration, &c. are the fathers, and of whom, as which doctrines are objected a. concerning the flesh, Christ came, gainst and denied by too many at who is over all, God blessed for the present day. You will greatly ever.” Tho' the wrath is come inistake me, if you hence conclude, upon the Jews to the uttermolt, that what I now send you, confor killing the Lord Jesus, and cerning the divinity of Christ, be their own prophets, and for perfe- by me reckoned an able defence of cuting the Christians in the early that truth ; but it is the best I was ages, “they are, as touching the able to exhibit, and if you should election, beloved for the fathers' fee fit to insert it or any part of it fakes." We must be strangers to in the Magazine, I am content, the exercises of holy love, if we and if not I am content, if the do not look upon the Ifraelites public may be favored with a betwith tender compaslion, and if it ter one.

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