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ment. They frequently find that, and modesty, at all times and is they have spent the prime of life all companies. How many young in a useless manner; and wish, but persons, 'render themselves the in vain, to recal those golden sea. proper objects of disgust, by their fons, which they once enjoyed. over forwardness and self-import

The readiest method to prevent ance ! this, is for youth to adopt that Another thing of singular imline of conduct, which others have portance, is that they betake themfound by their own experience, and felves diligently and faithfully, to which the word of God in partic- fome lawful calling, in early life. ular points out, to be the only Thousands are ruined by idleness profitable and happy course. and dissipation. The idle lay

Generally speaking, mankind themselves open to innumerable forn their character, for life, if hurtful temptations. The high not for eternity, before they have taste, of many, induces them to reached the meridian of their days. avoid any laborious business; hence Youth must certainly be allowed it happens that the morals of so to be the best season, for storing many young persons, of large forthe mind with useful knowledge, tunes, are ruined. Every person, and to lay a foundation for after whether he be old or young, rich usefulness and comfort. The im. or poor, should pursue with diliagination is then much more lively; gence, some lawful calling. The the memory tenacious; and per- mind of the indolent, may be fons are far less cumbered with compared to a rich uncultivated those cares and with that business, | foil, which will soon produce a which crowd upon them when large growth of noxious weeds. they have arrived to riper years. All such as are employed, in

Several things are to be attended any business whatever, ought to to by young persons, if they would improve their leisure hours in the be prepared to do good, and to be acquisition of useful knowledge. happy in the succeeding part of All have, or might have, some their life.

spare moments. If the young One thing necessary, is that de would improve theirs, in reading cent and becoming behavior, which useful books, as well as the facred will render them agrecable to all scriptures, they would treasure up civil people. This consists in treat- an important fund of knowledge. ing all according to their characters By spending one or two hours, and relations in life : Manifesting each day, in studying some valua. towards every person a kind bencv-| ble history or their bibles, they olent spirit; and despising that low, would gain a store of very imporcontracted disposition, which dif. tant ideas. . covers itself in too many of our | Through the medium of God's youth : Avoiding also a baughty | word, we learn things molt imair and a scornful temper : Never portant and glorious. In this the looking with disdain upon such, as character of God is clearly exhibthey accoune their inferiors ; using ited, and the character of man no fly, intruding methods to raise 1. bro't into view. We here find themselves in the esteem of oth- what man was in his original crea. ers : Always adhering to the / tion, what he is since the fall, and rules of truth and honelly : De- what he must be in order to be meaning themselyes with diffidence happy. In this sacred book, we


have a compendious history of the blessed Saviour. This, acted God's providential dealings to out in the life and conversation, will mards men, for several thousand add a peculiar lustre to their deyears. In this volume, we have portment. How amiable is a soalso a revelation of the leading ber, religious youth, let him be events which will be brot to pass, poor or rich, learned or unlearned! while the world shall continue. Wisdom, is well stiled by Solo. In this, eternity is laid open ; and mon, the principal thing. And future rewards and punishments | how excellent his advice to young are made known. We can read | people, “ In all thy gettings get no part of this divine book, but wisdom and understanding." what is profitable either for doc- ! The religion of Jesus Christ, trine, or instruction, or reproof, when embraced and practised, will or correction. Here, we find prepare you, my young friends, our duty to God and man, plainly to grace the stage of life, when pointed out.-And what completes your fathers are sleeping in the its worth, is, it brings into view dust. This will qualify you to the marvellous work of redemption train up families for God; it will by Tefus Christ. - Life and im- prepare you for a peaceful and mortality are bro't to light in the comfortable life, and for the folgospel." The offices, character emn hour of death. It will fit and work of the Saviour, and the you to dwell with Christ,, with way of recovery from the ruins of Angels, and the redeemed, in the the apostacy, are published to a world of glory forever. fallen world. This sacred volume

JETHRO. is, therefore, well worthy of the diligent attention of old and young. No one can read or Study it too much. How important, for Religious Intelligence. young persons, to spend those hours in searching the scriptures, which MISSIONARIES. they are wont to devote to trifling

o triumg Extra&l of a Letter from Mr. Da. pursuits. Another thing, to which peo

vid Bacon, Missionary to the Irople ought to accustom themselves

dians, dated Buffaloe Creek, Sepin early life, is to think as well as

tember 4, 1800. read. They should fix their “T HAVE not been unwell tho'ts on some leading maxims, by 1 fince I left Hartford, but which they may compare what two or three days; and even then they read or hear. Scattered or I was able to walk several miles in vndigested ideas have but a small a day. I was much fatigued at preference to ignorance ; they firit, but can now travel 25 miles may serve to puff up, but cannot in a day with ease. I found opedify or enrich the mind.

portunities to ride in the whole àBut above all other things, they bout 150 miles. Both the friends should shun all kinds of vice and and enemies of religion have conerror, remember their Creator, and duced towards me as tho they learn to fear the great God, in the were commissioned to help me. days of their youth. Let them When I arrived at Canandarqua, get well established, in the belief I visited Captain Chapin, fuperinand practice, of the religion of tendant of Indian affairs, and re

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quefted of him a speech of intro- | ing an interpreter, until I get to duction to the Seneca Chiefs in Detroit, if I should go all the way Buffaloe Creek in order that I might round by land. I am now waitget a speech from them to the Wes-ing for a passage to Detroit. They tern tribes. He treated me in'a tell me that the neareft way that very friendly manner, approved of I can go by land is not short of the proposal, furnished me with a 400 miles ; arid by water it is but string of wampum, a lengthy and 250. There are several fail of suitable letter to the chiefs, and vessels in this harbour on board of another to his brother a worthy one of which I expe&t to embark merchant in this place. I arrived as soon as the wind is favorable. here last Monday, found Captain “ I have had nothing to trouble Chapin's brother, the principal Sa me since I left home but a hard and chem, and Capt. Johnson the in. ungrateful heart, which has been terpreter. The business was soon like a, body of death to me. introduced; the old Sachem ap- But tho I have been so cold and proved of the proposal, appeared lifeless at times, that I have hard. very friendly, and said that he ly dared to hope I had any true would notify the chiefs to meet the religion ; yet I do not recollect next day at 10 o'clock. Six of that I have had the least defire to them met at the time appointed, turn back, but have felt as though and Capt. Johason with them. I was going home.” The business was soon explained to them. They heard with atten. Extra&t of a letter from one of the tion, made a few pertinent obser Connecticut Missionaries. vations, and told me they expect “ SINCE I wrote you last, the ed to grant my request, but that it face of things has appeared quite was customary with them to defer different to me. The four first the matter until the second day, / weeks of my mission, I met with that they might have an opportuni- many serious people and found, in ty to consult among themselves. several places, great attention to reThey then shook hands with me, ligion. Since that time, I have very affectionately wished me the been travelling through a part of the blessing of the great. Spirit, and | country where the name of God retired to their council house. The is scarcely ever mentioned except next day, when they were met as by way of profanity. The Sabthey had proposed, their great ora bath is almost wholly forgotten, or tor, in the midst of a large con- at least unobserved in any other course of Indians, delivered a way than in hunting, visiting and speech to me, and another for me horse-racing. Many children from to write down, to their western ten to twelve and fourteen years brethren. They also gave me a old have no knowledge of their very curious string of wampum to Creator. It is astonishing to bego with their speech.

hold such ignorance and profanity. " I am now 400 miles from It often calls to my mind the situaHartford, in light of Lake Erie,tion of just Lot, while in Sodom, juft at the outlet, and within 24 whose righteous foul was vexed miles of the falls of Niagara.. from day to day with their unlaw. Capt. Johnson, who is well ac- ful deeds. But I comfort myself quainted with the Indians, says with this, God is able to subdue there is no probability of my find the proud and stubborn heart ; therefore it becomes the servants, encouragement to continue their of the Most High to obey, the di. I prayers and their exertions for the vide command, Warn the people, prosperity of Zion. whether they will hear or forbear. The people generally assemble

ORDINATION. for public worship, at the time ap 1 On Wednesday Sept. 24, 1800, pointed, notwithstanding they re- the Rev. Jofeph Rowell was or. gard not the word. Curiosity, or dained over the Church of Christ the over-ruling hand of God cau. 1 in Cornish, New Hampshire. The ses them to meet to hear the preach | Rev. Ethan Smith made the introing of the gospel ; and many of ductory prayer ; the Rev. Walter them retire with their eyes bedew- Harris preached the fermon from ed with tears. It is in the power Titus ii. 7, 8. the Rev. Ifaiab of God to soften the heart, and it | Potter made the ordaining prayer ; appears as though he had, in feve. the Rev. Jacob Haven gave the ral instances, manifested his pow. | charge ; the Rev. Abijah Wynes, er, but what the consequence will gave the right hand of Fellowship; be, he only knows.

and the Rev. Siloam Short, made “ The Lord, I trust is about to the concluding prayer. The exercause a change in the manners of cises were performed in a peculiarly many of the people in this country. ) impresive and folemn mariner. Tho’anindifference to religion prevails in some places, particularly where I now am ; it is not generally fo, thro' the country, that is, there

POETRY. are many places in which a refor. mation is already begun, and I hope it will soon spread and become uni- | versal ; when the knowledge of the Prayer for Repentance and cleansing by the Lord shall cover the whole earth

blood of Jesus. as the waters do the fea.''

Illmighty God, before thy throne, SINCE the publication of our | We humbly bow with penitential fighs ; last number, the Rev. David Hun- / Laden with guilt we deeply groan ; tington has entered on a mission O see our grief, and hear our mournful to the new settlements in the north

cries! ern parts of Vermont, and the west

We'll own thy love, & tell thy pow'r,

And all thy grace in songs adore. Gde of Lake Champlain.

2. Renew these guilty hearts of ours, THE Rev. William Storrs late- | And cleanse us in the fin-atoning flood! ly returned from a mission to Ver.

Pour down thy grace in plenteous

showers, mont. He spent thirteen weeks

Forgive us through the Saviour's flowon his misfion ; was generally re ing blood ! ceived with kindness, and the peo. We'll own thy love, & tell thy pow'r ple expressed a high fenfe of obli- ! And all thy grace in songs adore. gation to their brethren in Con- 1 3. Blest Jesus, see our mourning grief, ne&ticut for sending Missionaries' and keep us in a penitential frame; among them. In several towns, To all our sorrows give relief, Mr. Storrs found a more than com- | And form our tongues to shout thy

glorious name ! mon attention to religion, and in

We'llown thy love, & tell thy pow's Some a pretty general awakening. | And all thy grace in songs adore. The friends of religion have great!



Evening Devotion.

To Adam's guilty race, the call divine THE sun retires, the carth is wrapt Hath reach'd thine cars; its proffers 1. 1 in shade,

fill are thine. The weary world seek ficep's recruit

| 8. But 0 with thame the black review ing aid,

I trace, Piercing the shades, high to the throne

of injured favors and abused grace ; of grace,

What base returns what black ingratAscend my foul and seck thy maker's

itude, face.

To those endearing names, a Father, 2. Jesus invites and I with joy obey,

God. And try my feeble voice to praise and

9. Let holy grief feize and poffefs my pray,

soul, Whilst the blest spirit, purchas'd with

And waves of pious forrow through me his blood,

I roll, Aids my weak powers to seek the fa

Nor cease to flow until by grace divine, ther, God.

Each stain is cleans'd and every part 3. My soul begins, where heaven's cre refin'd. ating will,

10. Dear Saviour, bind me with the First form’d her powers, and shap'd

cords of love. with wondrous skill, This mortal body, view the curious

May I no more from heav'nly pastures

rove, frame! Through which the knows the Author,

Guide my unskilful feet, nur let me

tread, learns his name ;

Where fatal snares are by the tempter 4. Then gratefully reviews his guardi spread.

an cares Through helpless infancy

11. This faithless heart, to deep backand riper

slidinys prone, years, How he secur'd where midnight arrows

Implores thy presence, here erect thy

throne, flew And peftilential winds their poison

Here reign supreme, beat every rival blew ;


And from thy throne cach meaner *5. Guided my feet where dangers passion frown. strew'd the way,

12. Kindle the fire of sacred love And eager death was arm'd to seize

within, the prey, Held in the hollow of his gracious

| Whose filame fhail scorch the base ü

surper fin, hand

| Whilft by its heav'nly glow my soul is I'm still preserved, and still before him

warm'd, stand.

From earthly chills to heavenly heat 6. Thy providential grace, parent of transform’d.

good, · Hath every day profusely round me

| 13. Then shall she rise and found thy ; flow'd,

praises high, I from thy bounty richly have been fed,

And join th' exalted chorus of the sky,

Nor think the time too long this debu And this frail body from thy veftry

to pay, clad.

To love eternal, thro' eternal day. '%. Still richer blessings ! O my soul

FIDELIS. adore, That grace which opens heaven's eter

nal door

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