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that he may thereby promote a good | Coitsville, New Conneäicut, infinitely greater.

1 March 28, 1801. The words of Christ in Luke! " I find people in general dis. xiy. 26. may alist in understand. posed to hear preaching, and in ing these words of the Apostle. some instances there are hopeful There Christ declares that if a appearances. . The last week and man hate not his father and moth Sabbath afforded, under divine iner, &c. he cannot be his disciple. Auences, the most pleasing prospects It is an express, divine command of a revival among the young peothat every one should become the ple in this town. A revival is disciple of Christ, and, conse- greatly longed for by the pious quently hate in a certain sense his people, and in some instances it apfather and others. But yet no one pears as tho' God had begun to is required to exercise ill will or work. In a fociety called Little malice towards his parents and Beaver, about 20 miles from connections. He is itill to exer. Young's town, there is mach at. cise benevolence towards them ; tention to religion, under the minbut he is to exercise vastly more istry of Mr. Thomas Hughes. love to Christ. He is, compar. He has with him a young man of atively, to hate them, because God the Shawanese tribe of Indians, a isinfinitely more worthy of his love. very sensible man, who is attend.

The moral law is the only stand- ing to the larguages and is now a ard of holy love, both to God subject of serious concern. If and creatures. This law requires God should give him a pious heart, us to relinquish a less good for the he would be of great service as a fake of a greater : And God remiffionary among the Indians of gards his own holy law, by doing several tribes. We have heard the same. The law clearly shews lately from the country below Kenwhat is the temper or disposition tucky, that there is a remarkable of God's heart ; and it plainly revival there. teaches what we ought to be in the temper of our hearts.. . Extract of a letter from the Rev.

God loved Jacob, in distinction John ETTWEIN, Bifoop of the from Elau, by designing him as a Moravian Church at Bethlehem, vessel of mercy. In his great love to one of the Editors, dated May and grace, he purposed to renew 161b, 1801. and fanctify Jacob, and bring him “ I have particularly to thank to heaven, that he might be to the the Editors of the Connecticut E. praise of the glory of his grace. vangelical Magazine for inserting a

There was no criminal partiality short and true history of the Breth. in the divine conduct in this in-ren's church and her Missions a. ftance; for God in the whole had mong the Heathen. At the end a fincere and supreme regard to his of last year 61 person's were emown glory, and the highest blessed- ployed in the blessed missionary nes3 of his kingdom.

work in different parts. Since that time 5 men and 3 women were

added to that number from the Religious Intelligence.

brethren in North Carolina and

| Pennsylvania. A new million Extrait of a letter from one of the was begun among the Cherokee

Conne&ticut Millonaries, dated nation, and one on Wabash river,

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near White creek, the chief set. God's bleffing and gracious affift. tlement of the Delaware nation. ance in it.” Upon an invitation from them to Estrax of a letter from the Rev. the Christian Indians on Muskin.

FESSE TOWNSEND of New Dur. gum, a brother with his wife and 1

T ham; 'dated May 9th, 1801.

; a single man from here, are gone

“ God is displaying the sovewith 3 or 4 families from Goshen

reignty of his grace among my on Muskingum to begin a million settlement in that western country.

people. About 20 have lately " An account received lately of

been hopefully made the subje&ts of

renewing grace ; and about 30 the Mission among the Hottentots,

more appear under concern. The from July 15th, 1799, to January

work progresses with great calm8th, 18oo, is very pleasing. In

ness, without the least appearance that time 57 adults and 27 chil

of enthusiasm. The hand of God dren were baptized into the death

is most evidently displayed in it. of Jesus ; 25 admitted to the holy

| God is found of those who fought communion ; 68 persons were ad

not after him.” ded to the candidates for bap. tism ; 6 pair of the converts were MISSIONARIES. married, and 7 louis departed this | ABOUT the first of May laita life. The congregation (baptized)

|| Mr. Amasa Jerome returned from

, was 301 souls : 1234 fouls lived about them to hear the word of

| a mission of eleven months to the

western counties of New-York God daily. On the 8th of Jank

The Rev. Seth Williston reary 1800, a new church was dedi.

turned from New York state the cated, in which about 1500 Hot

| beginning of May, having been ten tots can meet under cover. Many of the Low Dutch settlers

on his mission nearly 18 months.

About the same time Mr. Robare become the Brethren's friends,

ert Porter returned from a misfion and frequent their public meetings,

of 10 weeks to the settlements on with a seeming concern for their

Black River. soul's salvation.

The million in the island of 1.. ORDINATION. Tobago - was also blessed. • The On Wednesday May zoth, the Missionary was encouraged by gov- Rev. Archibald Basset, was orernment, and many proprietors of dained to the work of the gospel estates have invited him to preach ministry in the society in Winches. in their houses. 9 men and I wooter. The Rev. Samuel 7. Mills, men were baptized in the year 1799. of Torringford, made the intro:

" We take great part and reductory prayer : the Rev. Amos joice in the endeavors of the dif- Basett; of Hebron, a near relaferent Christian denominations to tive of the pastor elect, preached propagate the gospel and the king. from Mat. vi. 22, 23 ; the Rev. dom of Christ. If the fruit be Foel Boardwell, of Kent, made the but brought to him, to whom it be consecrating prayer ; the Rev. Jongs, no matter of what denom- Ammi R. Robbins, of Norfolk, ination the reapers are.

I gave the charge ; the Rev. Chaun. “ My brethren who have read cey Lee, of Colebrook, gave the your magazine, were pleased with right hand of fellowship ; and the your important undertaking, pray- Rev. Peter Starr, of Warren, ing with me, that you may receive made the concluding prayer.

96 61

A Statement of the Funds of the Miffonary Society of Conneaicut, from

the institution of the Society to the close of the year 1800, publifsed by request of the Trustees of the Society.

No. 1.
Account of Monies received by the Treasurer of the Society.
Sept. 7. From the Committee of Missions, under former

· regulations, . . . . . . 638 83 Odober. From sundry persons, subscribed to promote the

object of a Misfionary Society eltablifhed by
Hartford North Affociation, and by direction
of faid Association paid to the Treasurer of

the Missionary Society of Connecticut, . 1999 From sundry subscriptions and donations, (viz.) April. Subfcribed in Woodbury, - - 27 88

From a Stranger, • • • 5 1800 May. do. a friend, money found, . May. do. Ladies' Society in Norwich, 13 34

do. a Stranger, - - .. 13 Sept. 08. do. 2 do. i dollar each, . 2 :

61 22 1799 Contributed in New-Settlements, (viz.) May. From Rev. Amos Bassett, paid to him, 117 Sept. do. Rev. Seth Williston, do.

53 41 1800 Jan. do. Rev. Jedidiah Bushnell, do.

do. Salmon King, do. 12 3 February. do. Rev. Seth Williston,

21 78
March. do. Sylvester Dana,
September. do. Rev. William Storrs, d
Sent from Canandarqua, ..

- 96 49 Contributions in the several Societies in the State, on the first Sabbath of May !799,

2033 63 do. do. May 1800,

2224 22 Dec. 29. Interest on money loaned to the present time, 218 8

From Norwalk, Capaan Society, for Indian

Miffion, . . . . . .

Subscriptions for establishing a permanent Fund, viz. 1799 May. From Rev. George Colton,

do. Rev. Noah Benedict,
do, Rev. James Noyes, - ģ
do. Rev. Ifaac Lewis, D. D. - 3 25

Rev. John Willard, Stafford, i 3809 do. Rev. Nathan Williams, D.D. 20 January do. Rev. Nicholas Street, . I

do. Editors of Hartford Hymns, 80
do. Rev. Benjamin Trumbull, pro-

fits of his sermons on divine rev-
elation, •

• 90 May... do.


143 do. a Stranger, - - - 200


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No. 2. .
Disburfements by order of the Trustees of the Society.
Muy 7. To Mess’rs Hudson and Goodwin for Printing
and Stationary, • ' .

. : 8.46
To Rev. Amos Bassett, for a Misfion to Vermont, 120
To Rev. Walter King, do. New York state, 45
To Rev. P. V. Booge, do. Vermont, . 15
To Rev. Alexander Gillet; do. do. .. . 15

To paid for a map of Vermont, . . .
Fune. "To Rev. Andrew Judson, for a Mission to New
York State, .

. 88 Auguft. To Rev. A. Flint, for stationary and postage, Sept. To Rev. Seth Williston, for a Million to New.

York Itate, . . . . . 1800 To Mess’rs Hudson and Goodwin, for Printing and Stationary, - - -

971 For Books sent to the new settlements,

To Mr. Jedediah Bushnell, for a Million to New-
York State, -

To Mr. Salmon King,

163 97 To Rev. Aaron Kinne,

do. do. 107 90 March. To Mr. Sylvester Dana,

and Vermont, -
To Mess’rs Hucson & Goodwin, for printing

narratives, &c. ..
April. To Rev. Seth Williston, for a Milion to New.

York State, . . . . .
To Mr. Marshfield Steele, do. Vermont,
To Rev. J. Bushnell, do. New-York State,

To Rev. A. Flint, for stationary and postage, June. To John I. Wells for a chest to contain Miffionary books and papers,

.. . Auguft. To Mr. David Bacon, Misfionary to the Indians,

To Mr. J. B. Andrews, in advance to him as a

Missionary, - - - - ..
Sept. To Mess’rs Hudson and Goodwin for Stationary,

To Rev. A. Flint, for postage, . .
OR. To Rey. Wm. Storrs, for a Mission to Vermont,

To Rev. David Huntington, do do.

To Mr. Amafa Jerome, do. to New York State,
T. Rev. Joseph Badger, do. to New.Connecticut, 70
To Mr. Robert Porter, do. to Vermont,






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Amount of Receipts,' . .' . : 6060. 33
Amount of Disbursements..i 1990.7
Stolen from the Treasury, May
25th 1800, - -

. - 239 88

2229 95

3830 38

Balance in the Treasury, Dec. 30th 1800,
Permanent Fund, . 690 75
For support of Miffionaries,

3139 63

3830 38
A. KINGSBURY, Treasurer,

to the Missionary Society. Hartford, May 28th, 1801.

NOTE. Of the above balance nearly 1400 Dollars, have been paid out fince the first of January.last ;- a particular account of which will be given in the next number of the Magazine.

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