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persons, and at Chekameka 80. / towns of Schoenbrunn, Gnaden. For some years the Millionaries hutten, and Salem. Here many had two fourishing congregations of the Western Indians joined in these places. But the Missiona them, and by baptism, became ries were ill treated, by evil-mind. | members of the church. In this ed people, and traduced as secret place, on outward accounts, their Papists, and imprisoned, as they prosperity was wonderful. Love, say, to the very great grief and of peace and plenty, in all their sweet fence of the Indian converts. Find- and cheering influences, blessed ing themselves as sheep without a their society and settlements. But shepherd, on the expulsion of their their peaceful dispositions, on the ministers, they all repaired in small commencement of the American numbers to Bethlehem and Penn war occasioned them great evil. fylvania. The remains of the The British found, that all the tribes on this went off to Stock Indian parties which they fent abridge and other places. These gainst the states, and their designs baptized Mahikans and Wampa were defeated by the Christian Innos were afterwards happily in- dians, at Muskingum. Through strumental of the conversion of their art and persuasion, it appear. numbers of the Delawares anded that the parties which they fept Munsies. These Christian Indians out, returned from their excursions lived for some time near Bethle without striking a blow, or doing hem, and then removed to Gna- any essential damages to the states. denhutten, behind the blue moun- | This so irritated thae commanding tains, on the lands of the United officer, at Detroit, that he dilbrethren. In 1755, their settle | patched a party of several hundred ment, at Gnadenhutten, was de- Indians, with a number of British stroyed by the Alleghany Indians, officers, to remove them. They and the converts retired again to robbed the Misionaries, who were the brethren, at Bethlehem. A. with the Indians, of every thing bout nine years after, some Irish they possessed, and making them people raised a mob against them, close prisoners, carried them, with so that it was found necessary, for their whole congregations, captive their safety, to send them under | to Sandusky. Here their sufferthe guard of a sheriff to Philadel- ings were very great. In addition phia ; where the government pro- to other calamities, they were re. tected them in the barracks. Af duced almost to the point of fam. ter this, the brethren took care for ishing for want of subsistence. In their settlement, at Wieturing, on these circumstances, the Wiondot the Susquehannah. In this place chief gave them permission to rethey were joined by considerable turn to their towns, to fetch the pumbers of other Indians. From corn which had been left in the thence a mission, in 1768, com fields the last year. While they menced with good success, at Al were peacefully attending to this Joghany river. In 1772, about necessary service, the people, at two hundred of these Indians, in and near Monongahela discovering one bady, moved and settled on that a number of Indians were at lands purchased by the United the Moravian towns, on the MufBrethren, at Mukkingum, and with kingum, collected to the number the believing Indians who resorted of 160, and crossed the Ohio, to them, built the three flourishing with a view to their destruction,

They made their descent upon returned in 1786, from Canada, Gnadenhutten, and finding the In- and planted one year on Cajahaga, dians peaceable and generally in and then settled at Vetquoting; the fields, they at first pretended but in 1791, they were driven off to be their friends, until they had again, and filed into Upper Canagathered them together and dis. | da. For their fakes, and with a armed them, and then they con- view to the christianizing of the demned them to death. The In Indians in that quarter, the brethdians kept strictly to the Moravian ren formed a permanent settlement principles and made no refistance, and million on Letrench river, unbut, with Christian patience and der the protection of the British fortitude submitted to their hard government. Four brethren and destiny. As their murderers knew two sisters attended this mission. them to be Christians, they gave Such measures have been adopthen one night to prepare for death. ted by Congrefs for confirming and This they fpent in prayer, and in locating the lands, at Muskingum, finging hymns to their Saviour, ex- and for the general peace and safe. horting one another joyfully to ty of the Indians, as have encourmeet him in the morning. Nei- aged the principal part of the prayther the piety nor the inoffensive. | ing Indians to return and resettle ness of this people could foften themselves, about two years since, the rancorous hearts of the white upon those lands. But the breth. men. When the morning of ren have judged it expedient, that March 8th, 1782, commenced, a part of the congregation should they were led, two and two, with remain, at New-Fairfield, in up. ropes about their necks, to two per Canada, for the support of that Naughter-houses, one for the men, settlement, and with a view to the and the other for the women and promulgation of the gofpel among children, and in this shameful and the wild Chippeways, inhabiting barbarous manner, 90 of these those parts. Thus amidst all these harmless people were massacred. persecutions, difappointments, murThe Naughter would have been ders, and disastrous events, the much greater, had not two boys, United Brethren have kept up a one who had been scalped and left million among the Indians in this for dead, and another who for a country, for nearly fixty years. time secreted himself, made their The Misfionaries have followed escape, and run, about ten miles them wherever they have been disto Schoenbrunn, and given the a- perfed, or settled. They have inlarm to the rest of the praying Interested themselves in their welfare, dians, who were gathering their shared in their misfortunes and dan. corn in that place. Upon this | gers, encouraged and defended massacre, and the ordering of their them as far as in their power, colMisfionaries to Detroit, the relected them when scattered, and mainder of them fled, some as far settled them on their own lands. as Wabash and Missisippi. But Thus they have gained their confiabout two hundred of them were dence and communicated to them afterwards collected on Hurơn tiv- the inestimable blessings of the gorer above Detroit. There, hear-pel. During this period they have ing that Congresshadreserved their baptized between twelve and thirthree towns on Muskingum with a teen hundred Indians of different good tract of land for them, they tribes. They have now a settlement in Canada, and three settle to introduce the gospel among any ments at Muskingum ; and the Heathen tribe or nation, they send fairest prospects of soon having four one or more missionaries, who apflourishingcongregations of Indians. pear to be real friends to Christ, and

For the furtherance of the gof- will sacrifice all other considerapel among the Heathen, three so- tions to his service. No other percieties have been formed among the fons, they say, are fit to be emUnited Brethren; one in London ployed in the work. They labor, as early as the year 1741. After with great prayerfulness and pasome interruption it was renewed tience, to form an intimate acin 1766. This fociety has the quaintance and friendship with one whole care of the mission on the or more of that nation, and espe. coast of Labrador, and ailists the cially with some men of influence other missions as far as it is able, among them, and by a faithful, especially those within the British friendly conduct to gain their COAdominions. A similar one was fidence; that they may make them formed at Amsterdam, in 1746. vifits, and receive visits from them; It has been since renewed, at Ze. so that there may be opportunities ist, near Utrecht. This fociety of conversing with them on relitook upon itself the particular | gion, of telling them of the love charge of the mission at the Cape of Christ to mankind, of our need of Good Hope. This fociety has of his great salvation, and of combeen of late greatly injured by municating the gospel to them. the present troubles in Holland, fo Great pains are taken, at the fame that it is unable to lend any consid. time, to obtain the language of the erable allistance to the missions. people to whom they are fent, and The mission to the Hoitentots is as soon as possible to address them however supported, and is consid. in their proper mother tongue. Un. ered as one of the most flourishing. til this can be effected they em

In the United States, a third ploy the best interpreters, whom was formed in 1787, and has been they can obtain. They take every incorporated by the state of Penn- opportunity of preaching Christ in sylvania. This has been peculiar- a plain and simple manner to them, ly active in spreading the gospel a. and recommend it by example. mong the Indians in the American They do not judge it expedient in states, and in Canada. These general to send men of a liberal three societies employ nearly one education as Missionaries, but hundred and forty Missionaries.choose men of found doctrine, of They have also the expense of sup-prudence, known fortitude and porting about 80 old resting or fu- good abilities from among the peranuated Missionaries, and wid- brethren. Men who are capable ows and children of Misfionaries. of enduring the necessary fatigues The average expense of the Breth- and hardships of living among a rei's missions, annually is about wild and savage people. Where 2600 pounds.

they meet a favorable reception and With respect to their manner of there is a prospect of success, fev. introduction among the Heathen, eral of the brethren and sisters are of their instruction and preaching, sent to accompany the mission, so as far as it can be learned, from that they may be able daily to pertheir publications and manuscripts, form social worship, and give the it is as follows. When they wish I Heathen examples of continually

worshipping God and the Redeem-, As they are strict in their discier. When a sufficient number, in pline when churches are formed, any place, embrace the gospel, so they are also cautious with res. schools are eftablished, catechising pect to the manner of admission is introduced, and books in the to baptism, and the communion. language of those whom they in When any are awakened to a sense struct, are provided. Spelling of their guilt and danger, and need books and a catechism, or fumma of a Saviour, and come to the Milry of Christian.doctrine, haye been fionaries for instruction, and give printed in the Greenland, Er- in their names to them, they are quimaux, Delaware, Arawack, called new people, and special ate and Creole languages. The breth-tention is paid to them. If they ren have also printed the harmony continue in their earnest desires to of the four gospels in the Green- be saved from sin and to be initiated land language. Besides they have into the Christian church, they are transmitted and written copies of called candidates for baptism. Afseveral parts of the scriptures in ter previous instruction, and a con. different Heathen languages. They venient time of probation, they have likewise hymn books in the are baptized. If they then, by Creole and Greenland dialect. their conversation and walk, prove

Wherever they are able to col. that they have not received the lect a congregation, they meet dai grace of God in vain, and desire ly, morning or evening, for social to enjoy the communion, they are worfhip. On the Lord's day the admitted once to be present as fpecMisfionaries are employed from the tators, and then are considered as dawning of the morning until candidates for communion, and night, in preaching, and in meeting after some further time of trial bethe different divisions of the con- come communicants. gregation, in attending to their The money with which they own people, and to such Heathen, support their missions is all freely as visit them, under concern for given by the brethren, and by such their salvation.

charitable friends among other deThe Miffionaries have asistants nominations, as are disposed to asfilt chosen from the most pious and re them in their benevolent work of {pe&table brethren and sisters, to propagating the gospel among the visit the people from house to house, Heathen. Every thing respecting to attend the sick and infirm, and it is matter of free gift. In their report the state of individuals and articles of agreement they say, “As of the whole congregation, among : we are constrained to it by the their converts from the Heathen, love of Christ, all the directors, in the same manner as in their own allistants and officers of the focongregations. The males watch - ciety, renounce forever all de. over and minister to the brethren, ‘mands and claims for salaries or and sisters perform the same du- rewards for services, and promise ties with respect to listers. These to do all which they do for the meet the Missionaries, at least once benefit of the society gratis.a month and make their report. The society will ever be ready of the state of the congregation and willing to provide, in a fathThey also occasionally address the erly manner, the necessaries of congregation in their meetings on · life, for the Millionaries and their the week days.

dal o afiftants, as also for their widows VOL. I. No. 3.


• and children. Therefore the | ting the gospel among the poor • Missionaries and their assistants Heathen, to reprove all other de. • fhall, in conformity to the rules nominations of Christians ? How • of the brethren, set aside all tem ought it to shame and humble

poral views and interests, and them, that while they have lived their fole and only care and en | in affluence and pleasure, are nudeavours shall be to preach the merous and powerful, and in all • gospel to the Heathen, to instruct refpects under far better circum.

them faithfully in the doctrine of | stances, they have done, compar• Jesus and his apostles, and fo by atively, nothing in this truly apof6 word and example to encourage tolic business! How ought it to them to virtue and industry.” awaken all their zeal and exertions,

As they have congregations and for the future, to spread the king, agents in Great Britain, Holland, | dom of Jesus among the unhappy Germany, Switzerland, Denmark, | nations, who are perifhing for lack Sweden and the Russian dominions, of vision? How vastly different and Missionaries in the various | would the state of the world now Heathen countries which have been have been, had all other denomimentioned, a fraternal correfpond-nations of Christians employed the ence is constantly kept up between same self-denial, exertions, and pathe three principal focieties, and tience, which they have done in all the congregations of the breth- this glorious work? How many ren, in the various parts of the thousands who have perished with world. The design of it is for in- out the knowledge of God and the formation with respect to the state Saviour, might have been saved? of their churches, for the strength. How many nations who now fit ening of the bonds of brotherly in the region of the shadow of love and union, and for mutual en death might have enjoyed the light couragement and asistance in the of the gospel, and been now worwork of the Lord.

fhipping the exalted Redeemer, Speaking of the success of their and triumphing in his great falvamillions, they say, “What the most tion.

just and excellent moral precepts I Should not the example of these cannot effect, what all the power brethren in offering themselves

of philosophy cannot produce, | cheerfully to be Misionaries, and ' what all the arguments and elo travelling to the most distant counquence of men cannot accomplish, | tries and amongst the most ftupid

that is done by the word of re | people, and fpending their lives in o conciliation through the blood of labors to convert them, awaken in • Christ. Yet who is fufficient for our pious and hardy youth and • these things ! Not man indeed, middle aged people a like zeal, and

no, not the wifest, best and most engagednefs in carrying the gospel o zealous of men. Our fufficiency to their perishing fellow-men? .

is of God, to whom be all the 1 Does not the success of this • glory for ever and ever." | people, among the most ftupid and

How ought the preceding histo barbarous nations, demonstrate, ry of the exertions and success of that the civilization of a people is a poor people, few in number, who not absolutely necessary, to their have been driven from their own, christianization? And that it is not and are strangers in foreign king. ) in vain to make the overtures of doms and countrics, in propaga. falvation even to such as are most

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