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Fifteenth Session, begun and held at the City of Lincoln, January 7, A.D. 1879.

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L 542 AUG 14 1929 PREFACE.

The marginal notes of this volume of laws will show the volume of statutes where any prior law upon the same subject may be found. The volume of statutes published in 1866 is referred to as “Rev. Stat.," and that published in 1873 as “Gen. Stat.” The legislature adjourned Feb. 25, 1879. Where there is no emergency clause in any of these acts, by force of Sec. 24, Art. III of the Constitution they could not take effect at all until May 25, 1879, three calendar months after the adjournment of the legisla ture. But, under an act approved Feb. 25, 1873, "concerning the enacting and regulating of statutes,” “Gen. Stat.,” 1056, all acts silent on the subject, take effect June 1, 1879. See opinion of the supreme court in Roesink v. Barnett, 8 Nebraska Reports, 146.


Secretary of State.

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I, SAMUEL J. ALEXANDER, Secretary of State of the State of Ne. braska, do hereby certify that I have carefully examined and compared the following copies of laws, joint resolutions, and memorials, passed by the Legislature of said State, at its fifteenth session, with the original rolls on file in this department, and that the .same are true and correct copies of said laws.

In testimony whereof, I have hereunto set my [GREAT SEAL.] hand and affixed the Great Seal of the State

of Nebraska. Done at Lincoln, this 15th day of April, in

the year of our Lord, one thousand eight hundred and seventy-nine, of the Independence of the United States the one hundred and third, and of this State, the thirteenth.

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His EXCELLENCY ALBINUS NANCE, Governor, Osceola, Polk County.
Hon. EDMUND C. CARNS, Lieutenant Governor, Seward, Seward County.
Hon. SAMUEL J. ALEXANDER, Secretary of State, Alexandria, Thayer

Hon. FREDERICK W. LIEDTKE, Auditor of Public Accounts, York, York

County. Hon. GEORGE M. BARTLETT, Treasurer of State, Lincoln, Lancaster County. Hox. FRANCIS M. DAVIS, Commissioner of Public Lands and Buildings,

Harvard, Clay County. Hon. S. R. THOMPSON, Superintendent of Public Instruction, Peru, Nemaha

County. Hon. CALEB J. DILWORTH, Attorney General, Williamsburgh, Phelps



Chief Justice-Hon. SAMUEL MAXWELL, Fremont.
Associate Justices—Hon. GEORGE B. LAKE, Omaha.

Hon. AMASA COBB, Lincoln.
Clerk and Reporter-Hon. GUY A. BROWN, Lincoln.


Hon. A. J. WEAVER, First District, Falls City.
Hon. S. B. POUND, Second District, Lincoln.
Hon. J. W. SAVAGE, Third District, Omaha.
Hon. G. W. POST, Fourth District, York.
Hon. WM. GASLIN, Jr., Fifth District, Kearney.
Hon. J. B. BARNES, Sixth District, Ponca.


Hon. J. P. MAULE, First District, Fairmont.
Hon. J. C. WATSON, Second District, Nebraska City.
Hon. A. N. FERGUSON, Third District, Omaha.
Hon. M. B. REESE, Fourth District, Wahoo.
Hox. C. C. McNISH, Fifth District, Wisner.
Hon. T. D. SCOFIELD, Sixth District, Hastings.

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