Migrant Mother: The Untold Story - a Family Memoir

Tate Publishing & Enterprises, LLC, 2013 - 412 pages
"She has all the suffering of mankind in her, but all of the perseverance too. A restraint and a strange courage. You can see anything you want to in her. She is immortal."
--Roy Stryker, head of the RA/FSA photography section
The "Migrant Mother" image remains one of the most requested items in the Library of Congress. In light of this country's current state of affairs--the explosive national debt, historically high foreclosures, food-stamp relief, and uncertain national security--this iconic image speaks to the heart of the American people.
Sprague and Ham have compiled years of research, including first hand accounts from Florence, her children, and Dorothea Lange's children; conversations; and historical data that until now remained unknown to the world.
(by Joy Tessman from National Geographic)
This is a family saga that you won't want to miss!

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