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for the Propagation of the Gospel in fo-

reign Parts, at St. Mary le Bow, Feb. 17,



Psalm cxxii. 6.

Pray for the Peace of Jerufalem : they shall

prosper that love thee.


Preached before the House of Commons
at St. Margaret's, Westminster, June 7,
1716, being the Day of public Thankf-

giving to Almighty God for suppressing
· the unnatural Rebellion.

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Matt. xviii. 29, 30.
And bis Fellow Servant fell down at his

Feet, and befought him, saying, Have Pa

tience with me, and I will pay thee all. And he would not ; but went and cast bim into

Prison, till be should pay the Debt. 205 The Case of the Insolvent Debtors, and the

Charity due to them, considered.
Preached before the Lord Mayor, &c. at:

St. Bride's, on Monday in Easter Week,
April 22, 1728.


Mark iii. 24.
If a Kingdom be divided against itself, that
Kingdom cannot stand.

225 Preached before the House of Lords at

Westminster Abbey, Jan. 30, 1773.



Luke x. 36, 37.
Which now of these three thinkest thou was

Neighbour unto him that fell among the
Thieves ? And he said, He that shewed
Mercy on him. Then said Jesus unto him,
Go, and do thou likewise.

243 The Nature and Extent of Charity. Preached at St. Margaret's, Westminster, before the Trustees of the Infirmary in James-Street, April 26, 1735.


Deut. xxxii. 45, 46.
And Mofes made an End of speaking all these

Words to all Ifrael.
And he said unto them, Set your Hearts unto

all the Words, which I testify among you
this Day; which ye Mall command your
Children to observe, to do all the Words of
this Law.

. 265 Preached before the Society, corresponding with the Incorporated Society in Dublin,


for promoting English Protestant Schools in Ireland, at St. Mary le Bow, March 17, 1738.


2 Cor. ix. 12. For the Administration of this Service not only

supplieth the Want of the Saints, but is abundant also by many Thanksgivings unto God.

291 Preached at St. Sepulchre’s, May 21, 1719,

at the anniversary Meeting of the Children educated in the Charity School.


Judges ii. 7. And the People ferved the Lord all the Days

of Foshwa, and all the Days of the Elders that outlived Joshua, who had seen all the great Works of the Lord, that be did for Ifrael.

- 315 Preached, o&. 6, 1745, on Occasion of

the Rebellion in Scotland.

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