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This edition of the School Code comprises all the school laws now in force. The sections are arranged in numerical order. The “Comments" upon the different sections will be found on pages 364 and beyond. Suggestive forms for school officers will be found on pages 400 and beyond. Reference made in the Comments” refer to sections of the statutes. The form in which the school laws are now printed promises to be much less expensive than the form which has been common for so many years. This plan also conforms to the plan followed in printing the statutes of Wisconsin. It is hoped that familiarity with the present arrangement may meet general approval.

Any school officer having a code in his possession should make it a spec a point to carry it with him to the school meeting. No statements of an officer or person present at a school meeting, even though such person may be engaged in a general law practice, can be safely accepted as authority on the law without reference to the particular statute involved.

This code is the property of the school district and not of the school officer in whose care it is placed. This code and all records, books, etc., belonging to a school office must be handed over when a successor is elected or appointed.


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Numbers refer to Sections

Academies, 411–4110

Alteration of school district boundaries, 412 to 424

Annual school district meetings, 425 to 430n

Appeals, 497 and 497a

Borrowing money, 474 to 476a

Certificates and examinations, 448 to 458t

City superintendent, 926—115 to 926—117m

Colleges, 411

Comments, pages 364 to 399

Compulsory attendance law, 439 to 439i

Condemnation of school buildings, 517

Consolidation of school districts, 413; 419b to 419h; 496–1 to 496–12

County Agricultural representatives, 5530—1 to 5539—8

County board of education, 553m-1 to 553m-25

County schools of agriculture and domestic science, 553c to 553e_1

County superintendents, 461 to 461s

County training schools for teachers, 411–1 to 411–11

County uniformity of textbooks, 553m–1 to 553m—25

Day schools for the deaf and blind, 578 to 579t

District meetings, 425 to 430n

Distribution of the school fund, 554 to 560m

District officers, 431 to 447a

Duties of town, village and city officers, 467 to 473

Electors, powers, 430 to 430n

Formation of school districts, 412 to 415

Forms for use of officers, pages 400—411

Free high schools, 490 to 495a

General charter for cities, 925—113 to 925—119 and 925—142 to 925—1193

Heating and ventilation (See comments under Sec. 436.)

Industrial, continuation and evening schools, 553p-1 to 553p-15

Inspection of school buildings, 517

Judgments given school districts, 487 to 489

Libraries, 485 to 486j

Penalties, 498 to 507

Reports, 462 to 465

Rural schools, 5608 to 560m

School buildings—Condemnation of–517

School district meeting, 425 to 430n

Schoolhouse sites, 477 to 484

Sehool textbooks, 553m—101 to 553m-108

Seven-tenths mill tax, 1072a

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