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School textbooks (continued)-

State graded schools (continued)—
school officers may not sell, penalty, 501.

tuition fees, 4963-1.
-sectarian, use of, to be prohibited by state uniform textbooks of county not used by,
superintendent of public instruction, 166.

selection by county board of education, 553m

State superintendent of public instruction-
state superintendent and board of health to accidents, publication of book instructing,

approve books on physiology and hygiene, 447g.

appeals to, in school matters, 166.
uniform books, which schools to use, nonsec appeals to, procedure, 497.
tarian, 553m 12.

appointment of assistants and employes,
uniform county books not used in state 170 m.
graded schools, 553m–15.

apportionment of school fund income, 554.
uniform in counties, 553m-1.

apportionment of special state aid to rural
uniform in county, bids, samples, 553m–20.

schools, 560L.

apportionment of teachers' county institute
State aid to free high schools-

fund, 461p.
joint maintenance of manual training,

approval of county schools of agriculture,

etc., 553L.
limit of, 172–57.

approval of curriculum, industrial education,
manual trai ng, etc., maintained, 496c.

requirements for, 496.

approval of joint maintenance of manual

training in free high schools, 4960—1.
State aid to schools
apportionment of school fund income, 554.

assistant, oath of office, duties of, 165.
certificate and notice of state superintendent,

assistants for industrial education, 553p2.

assistants, to revise course of study, conduct
consolidated rural schools, 496–6, 496—9,

conventions, investigations, 165c.

attendance at educational meetings, 166.
free high school maintaining teachers' train-

blanks for school reports furnished by, 466.
ing course, 496e.

board of examiners of teachers appointed by,
high schools, commercial course, 4960—3.

state certificates, issued by, 454.
industrial education, local, 5532—3.

certificate and notice, apportionment of
industrial education, requirements, amount, school fund income, 555.

certification of salaries and expenses, secre-
loss of apportionment of school fund income, tary of state, 165c.

certificate of teachers' institute conductor
mining trade school, 392y.

signed by, 461n.
physiology and hygiene taught in schools re certificate of tuition and transportation of
ceiving, 447a.

pupils, consolidated school districts, 419g.
school buildings unsanitary, forfeit of, 517. certification of amounts due for transporta-
schools for the blind, 5790.

tion of pupils, 430—5.
schools for the deaf and dumb, nonresident clerks and statisticians, 165c.
pupils, 578.

colleges, academies and seminaries report
short course in agriculture or domestic sci finances, etc., to, 411.
ence, high schools, 496c-4.

consolidated rural schoolhouses, plans ap-
special aid, amount, requirements, 496e.

proved by, 496—7.
special aid refused, curriculum, reports, 496g. consolidation of school districts, appeal to,
special aid, restrictions, 496h.

special aid to graded schools, 496d.

correction of apportionment of school fund
special aid to rural schools, 560h, 560j, 560L. income, 556.
transportation of pupils, 430—4.

county schools of agriculture, etc., supervi-
transportation of

pupils, reimbursement, sion, inspection, report, 553k.

county superintendent, vacancy in office
transportation of pupils, requirements, Alled by, 967.
amount, 4969.

county training schools, certificate of satis-
winter term in high schools, 494a.

factory maintenance, 411-5.

curriculum for commercial schools and col-
State graded schools

leges to be fixed by, 167b.
curriculum for, reports, 496g.

curriculum for free high schools, 496a.
inspection, 496f.

curriculum for graded schools, 496g.
inspection of buildings, repair, condemnation, duties of, general supervision of common

schools of the state, etc., 166.
nonresident attendance and tuition fees, 4350. duties relative to county training schools,
nonresident pupils, charge for attending ninth 411-4.
and tenth grades, 496–1.

duties relative to free high schools having
special aid for, 4960—496h.

manual training, etc., 496c.
special aid for maintaining instruction in duties relative to school libraries, 486a.

agriculture and industrial subjects, 496e. duties, special aid to graded schools, 496e.
transportation, aid for, 496e.

duties, transportation of pupils, 496q.

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State superintendent of public instruction State superintendent of public instruction

employes, appointment and duties, 165a.

state teachers' certificates revoked by, 457.
foreign state certificates, force, 458a.

teachers' certificates for graduates of foreign
keological and natural history survey, mem state normal schools and universities, 458c.
ber of commissioners of, 392—3.

teachers' certificates for special branches,
high school short course in agriculture or 458k.

domestic science supervised by, 496c-4. teachers' certificates issued to normal gradu-
industrial education in free high schools su ates, 405.
pervised by, 496b.

teachers' certificates, manual training and
inspection of school buildings under direc domestic science, 458n.
tion of, 517.

teachers' institutes held under direction of,
joint county training schools, loan from state 407.
approved by, 411-7.

teachers in summer school of university des-
license to teach to university graduates, ignated by, 392a.

teachers' training course in free high schools
location of county schools of agriculture, approved by, 496b, 496c.
etc., 553c.

town board or officers' refusal to perform
manual training and domestic science teach order, penalty, 504. ·

ers' licenses and certificates to normal withholding of portion of school fund, 554a.
graduates, 458b-1.

winter term in high schools regulated by,
member, board of industrial education, 494a.

member of board of regents of university, Supervising teachers-

appointed by committee on common schools,
member, committee to select book firm to 698, subdiv. 10.
supply school libraries, 486e.

duration of appointment, 698, subdiv. 11.
member free library commission, 373a.

duties of, 698, subdiv. 13.
member mining trade school board, 392n.

qualifications, 698, subdiv. 12.
member state committee on the rebinding of

qualifications, salaries and expenses of su-
school library books, duty, 486k.

pervising teachers to be reported to the
member trustees of teachers' retirement

state superintendent by county superin-
fund, 460-1.

tendent, 698, subdiv. 15.
normal school regents, member of, 393.

salaries and expenses how paid by county,
oath of office, filing of, time of taking. 164.

698, subdiv. 11.
of office, place of, 167.

salaries, expenses, etc., paid by state, 698,
qualifications, 164.

subdiv. 16.
qualifications of teachers, manual training,
etc.. free high schools, 496c.

record books for school libraries, 486b.

accidents, instruction by, 447g.
record of teachers' examinations and certifi-

additional teacher, district school, when
cates. 456.

required, 430f.
reëxamination of teachers, 452.

annuities exempt from seizure and inalien-
report of trustees of teachers' retirement

able, 460-17.
fund, 460—6.

annuities under retirement fund, amount,
report to governor, 166.

review of decision of, certiorari, time, 497a.

certificate to be held by, to receive salary,
revocation of state teachers' licenses, 458e.

rural schools, inspection by, 167a.

charges against, county superintendent to
salary of, and of employes of, 170, sub. 5.

hear, 453.
sale of school books, supplies and equipment

communicable diseases in school district,
by, prohibited, penalty, 501.

school for the blind, duties, 5790.
school for the deaf and dumb reported to,

communicable diseases, misconduct, dismis-

sal, 1408d.
school fund apportioned by, 1072b.

condition of retirement on annuity, 460–13.
school inspection, 4968.

conferences with, by state superintendent,

school libraries, duty, 165b.
special employes, may appoint, 165c.

county training schools, qualifications, 411–
special licenses to teachers, 458j.
standards for rural schools fixed by, 5601.

definition, 460-19.
state aid, industrial schools, certificate,

election to participate in teachers' retire-

ment fund, 460—8.
state aid to high schools, duties relative to, free high schools, qualifications, 494.

humane treatment of animals taught by,
state certificates, issue to teachers of col. 553a-1.
leges, 458i.

instructors in teachers' institutes, no salary
state certificates to normal school graduates, to, restrictions, 461f.
kindergarten work, 458b.

leave of absence under teachers' retirement
state teachers' certificates, issue of, 455.

fund, 460—15.


[References are to Sections.]
Teachers (continued)-

Teachers certificate (continued)-
license to graduates of foreign state normal issuance of renewal, substitute for examina-
schools, 458c.

tion, 450—6.
license university and normal school grad issue for district other than that of examina-
uates, 458b_2.

tion, 450c.
minimum salary, agriculture, domestic sci kindergarten teachers, grades of, subjects of
ence, etc., 553-1.

examination, qualifications, 458s.
morality taught by, 5532-1.

limited special certificate for one subject,
normal training department for oral teach one locality, 458L.
ers of the deaf, establishment, 579p.

manual training and domestic science,
professional schools for, definition, 450—1.

graduates of special schools, requirements,
qualifications, free high schools, manual

training, domestic science, etc., 496c.

manual training and domestic science, nor-
qualifications of kindergarten, 458t.

mal school graduates, 458b-1.
records and reports of attendance kept by,

necessity of, for contract, 438.
penalty, truant officers may inspect rec-

normal school graduates, kindergarten
ords, 439cb.

course, 458b.
responsibility for Webster's dictionary, 510.

normal school graduates to receive, condi-
resumption of work after retirement, 460–

tions, 405.

psychology and pedagogy required of col-
school board to visit and advise, 441.

lege and university graduates, 458ha.
school districts, qualification, contract, 438.

qualifications, 450d.
sectarian instruction by, in public schools,

reëxamination and issue by state superin-
to be prohibited by state superintendent,

dent, 452.

requirements concerning, validity of, 448.
special licenses, issue of, by state superin-

revocation of state licenses and certifi-
tendent, 458j.

cates, 458e.
state graded schools, special state aid re-

second grade, requirements for examination
ceived, 496d.

for, transfer of grades, rights conferred by
transfer to district other than that for which

renewal of, 450—2.
certificate issued, 450c.

special branches, 458k.
truancy, duty, 439ce.

special licenses, issue of, by state superinten-
truant officers assisted by, 439 cc.

dent, 458j.

special third grade, when issued, 450—4.
Teachers' certificates

standards of attainment for, fixed by county
advancement of grade, extension of period

superintendent, 451.
of certificates, provisions governing, 450a.

standings obtained in state normal schools
annulment by county superintendent of may be accepted for, 452b.
schools, 453.

state certificates, examinations for, 454.
city superintendent issues special, 458p.

state certificates, record of, 456.
city superintendent of schools, license, 4580.

state certificates, requirements for and force
completion of county training school

of, 455.
course, limitations, standings in lieu of

state certificates, revocation by state super-
examination, 411–6.

intendent, causes, 457.
conditions of issue, 450—5.

teachers in colleges may receive, 458i.
county superintendent's certificate, force,

teachers' institute conductor, 461n.

third grade, subjects of examination, re-
county superintendent's duty to issue, an-

quirements for, rights conferred, renewal,
nulment, 461.

county superintendent of schools, eligibility,

Teachers' conventions-
deaf, teachers of, diploma of normal school,

attendance at, wages not deducted, 459.

city superintendent of school, 926–117m.
examinations for, preservation of papers by

school board meetings called by county
county superintendent, 450b.

superintendent, 461.
first grade, requirements, examinations for,
transfer of, rights conferred by, renewal,

Teachers' examination

certificates, qualifications for, 450d.
foreign state certificates, force, 458a.

conduct of, in counties, 461.
free high schools, 496a.

county superintendent, for certificate, 461L.
free high school diploma as, 452a.

county superintendent of schools, eligibility,
grades of, who may not receive, 449.

graduates of foreign universities and nor first grade certificate, 450—3.
mal schools, 458c.

free high schools, 496a.
graduates of kindergarten training schools kindergarten teacher's unlimited state
receive, 4589.

tificate, 458r.
graduates of university and state normal kindergarten, three grades, subjects, 4583.
schools, 458b-2.

private examinations, 461.
industrial education in free high schools, cer reëxamination by state superintendent, 452,
tificates for, 496b.


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[References are to Sections.]
Teachers' examination (continued)-

Textbooks, 440, 440a, 553m—1, 553m–101.
reëxamination for certificates, 451.

see School teatbooks.
special third grade certificate, 450-4.
state certificates, examinations for, 454.

Town free high schools-
state certificates, record of examination, 456. board authorized to erect building, 496p-1.
subjects, second grade certificate, 450—2. board of, composition, duties, report, 493.
subjects for state certificates, 455.

board of district, powers and duties, 492a.
subjects for third grade certificate, 450--1. establishment of joint district, 491.

establishment, requirements, 490.
Teachers' institutes-

nonresidents, admission, tuition, 496k.
accounting, 461q.

nonresidents admitted, requirements, 4963.
attendance at, wages not deducted, 459.

publication of report and recommendations
conductor's certificate, 461n.

before annual meeting, 4960—2.
county institute appropriation, holding of state aid, requirements, limit of, 496.
institutes, 461m.

taxation for site and buildings authorized,
county superintendent to organize, 461.

distribution of appropriation, 4610.

union free high schools governed by law of,
establishment of, rules and regulations, 407. 495-19.
instructors in, no payment to for salary, validation of establishment, 490t.

restrictions upon, 461f.
report, 61p.

Trade schools-
state superintendent of public instruction to see also the following titles:
supervise, 166.

Industrial education.

actions by, 926–30.
Teachers' retirement fund-

cities may establish, 490m.
annuities, amount and time of

payment, cities second, third and fourth class, estab-

lishment, provisions for, 926–30.
annuities exempt from seizure and inalien cities under special charter, control of,
able, 460—17.

assessments on teachers' salaries for, elec-

cities under special charter, establishment
tion of teachers to participate in, 460-8.

of, 926—22, 926—24.
board of trustees, compensation, expenses, cities under special charter, fees of, 926—27.
secretary, 460–4.

cities under special charter, special assess-
board of trustees, control of fund, 460—5.

ment for, 926–28.
board of trustees, legal status, 460-7.

cities under special charter, use of regular
board of trustees, meetings, rules, 460—3.

funds for, 926—29.
board of trustees, members of, 460-1.

committee on, authority of, cities under
board of trustees, organization of, 460—2.

special charter, 926—26.
cities of first class exempt from, 460-20.

management of, cities under special charter,
condition of retirement on annuity, 460—13.

leave of absence under, 460–15.
office of board of trustees, 460—18.

maximum levy for, cities using budget sys-

tem, 9259–163.
participation in, by teachers of schools not
included in act, 460—12.

state superintendent of public instruction to
report of trustees, 460—6.

foster interest in, 166.
resumption of work after retirement, 460-

Transportation of pupils—

statements of

moneys retained by school

parents, 419f; 430-4;
boards, reports, 460—9.


electors to vote upon, 496r.
Teachers' training schools-

officers to enter into contracts, 496–9.
see County training schools.

reports to state superintendent 419g and

4969, subdiv. 8.
Terms of schools-

state aid, 419e and 496q.
apportionment of school fund income de-

state graded school, aid for, 496e, subdiv. 7.
pends on length of, 558.

to consolidated schools, 496—10.
definition, attendance during, 439a.
determination of, by electors of district,


cities of first class, truancy officer, sheriff
loss of apportionment, school fund income,

and deputies as officers, 439b.
short term, 554a.

forfeitures in cases of, to whom paid, 439d.
month and six months defined, 560.

neglect, of officers, penalty, 439cf.
rural schools, first class, 560g.

officers may inspect records of teachers,
rural schools, second class, 5608.

school districts how determined, 430.

officers, salary, 439cd.
school month defined, 459.

powers of truant officers, 439ca.
state graded schools, special state aid re report to industrial commission, 439 ce.
ceived, 4960.

school attendance, provisions regarding,
winter term in high schools, 494a.



[References are to Sections.]
Truancy (continued)-

Union free high schools (continued)—
school officers and teachers assist officers levy and collection of taxes for, 495—18.
in cases, jurisdiction, 439cc.

nonresidents admitted, requirements, 4963,
superintendents of schools ascertain and 496k.

report, truant officers' procedure, notice officers of district, number, election, 495—8.
to parents, trial, 439cc.

petition for referendum, 495—2.

publication of report and recommendations
Tuition fees-

before annual meeting, 4960—2.
city maintaining graded school of twelve

referendum, establishment form of ballot,
grades, 4961–1.

collection in villages, free high schools, 496m. setting off another district from, 495—14.
county schools of agriculture and domestic special board meetings, restrictions, 495—12.
science, 553j.

state aid, requirements for, limit of, 496.
free high schools, nonresident pupils of

town free high school law applies to, 495–
towns and cities, payment, 4960.
free high schools outside state, attendance,

two or more towns, procedure for referen-

dum, 495—3.
industrial schools, materials used, charge,

village in district, procedure for referen-

dum, 495-4.
local industrial schools, nonresidents

University fund-
mining trade school, 392q.

disbursements from, how made, 379.
model schools of state normals, remission of

income of may be used to build or purchase
fees, 403.

apparatus, etc., 382.
nonresidents, county training schools, tax-

institution and maintenance of, 248.
ation for, 411–11.

investment of, list of securities for, 258.
nonresidents, free high schools, 496k.

moneys to be credited to, on receipt, 383a.
nonresidents, school districts, 4350.

treasurer to keep distinct, 379.
normal schools, 404.
payment by towns, nonresident pupils of

Wisconsin university-
free high schools, 496n.

accounting examination of, report, appropri-
school buildings unsanitary, tuition in other

ation, 383m.
school, 517.

both sexes admitted without distinction, 387.
short course in agriculture or domestic

colleges of the state may be received as
science in high school, 4960—4.

branches of, 382.
state school for the blind, 569.
state school for the deaf, 575.

construction of buildings, regulations, 382a.
trade schools, cities under special charter,

courses, books, determined by board of re-
fixing of, 926-27.

gents, 384.
Wisconsin university, 388.

diploma of university countersigned by state

superintendent as teaching certificate, 387.
Union free high schools-

establishment, 377.
accounts of district, auditing, report, 495 faculty, government, suspension of students,

annulment of existing high school on for-

graduates, teachers' certificates, 458b-2.
mation of, 495—7.

graduates with pedagogy, license to teach,
board, borrowing of money, authorization, 458b2.

janitor's salaries, 381m.
board meetings, who entitled to vote at, location and name, 377.

military instruction, 387.
board of, notice of annual meeting, 495—11. mill tax for support of, uses of, 390.
city or village organized from territory of object of, colleges and departments, 385.
district, effect, 495—17.

president, member of geological and natural
deficiency in money for, tax for, 495—16.

history survey, 392–3.
dissolution, 495-20.

president, member of free library commis-
district, annual meeting, election of officers sion, 373a.

president, powers, duties, 384.
election returns, referendum, 495—6.

receipts and disbursements, provisions gov-
electors of district authorize school board, erning, 383a.
erection of building, 496p_2.

school of library science to be a part of,
establishment, requirements for, 495—1.

aid of by university, 373am.

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