Sporting Magazine: Or, Monthly Calendar of the Transactions of the Turf, the Chase and Every Other Diversion Interesting to the Man of Pleasure, Enterprize, and Spirit, Volume 17

Rogerson & Tuxford, 1826

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Página 325 - See! from the brake the whirring pheasant springs, And mounts exulting on triumphant wings: Short is his joy; he feels the fiery wound, Flutters in blood, and panting beats the ground. Ah! what avail his glossy, varying dyes, His purple crest, and scarlet-circled eyes, The vivid green his shining plumes unfold, His painted wings, and breast that flames with gold?
Página 79 - Ever charming, ever new, When will the landscape tire the view! The fountain's fall, the river's flow, The woody valleys warm and low; The windy summit, wild and high, Roughly rushing on the sky; The pleasant seat, the ruined tower, The naked rock, the shady bower; The town and village, dome and farm, Each give each a double charm, As pearls upon an Ethiop's arm.
Página 273 - The golden atoms of the day ; For in pure love heaven did prepare Those powders to enrich your hair. Ask me no more whither doth haste The nightingale, when May is past ; For in your sweet dividing throat She winters, and keeps warm her note.
Página 323 - You may break, you may ruin the vase, if you will, But the scent of the roses will hang round it still.
Página 27 - ... every such person so offending, being thereof lawfully convicted, shall be adjudged guilty of a misdemeanor, and shall be sentenced to transportation for...
Página 48 - The stewards of the Jockey Club gave it as their opinion, that she was not obliged to carry 7lbs. extra ; and they stated that they were aware, that conflicting opinions had been given on this question ; but on mature consideration, they thought the better rule was, that a horse being duly qualified at the expiration of the time of naming or entering for a stake or plate, should not be affected, as to that stake or plate, by any subsequent event.
Página 5 - Gentlemen, when hounds are at fault, are too apt themselves to prolong it. They should always stop their horses some distance behind the hounds ; and if it be possible to remain silent, this is the time.
Página 331 - From that period — about twelve o'clock at noon till nine o'clock the next night — Sir Bellingham never knew what had happened to him ; and as he lay under the haystack — whither his friends removed him at the time of the accident — every moment was expected to be his last. The pith of the story, however, is yet to come. He was bled three times the first day, and confined to his bed five. On the seventh, to the utter surprise, and indeed annoyance, of his friends, he was seen in his carriage...
Página 28 - ... shall, upon conviction thereof before two justices of the peace, be committed for the first offence to the common gaol or house of correction, for any period not exceeding three calendar months, there to be kept to hard labour, and at the expiration of such period shall find sureties by recognizance...
Página 377 - I was with Hercules and Cadmus once, When in a wood of Crete they bay'd the bear With hounds of Sparta : never did I hear Such gallant chiding ; for, besides the groves, The skies, the fountains, every region near Seem'd all one mutual cry : I never heard So musical a discord, such sweet thunder.

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