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THE selections comprised in this Volume embrace as wide a range as was possible within the limits of the book. It will be found that the major portion of the pieces are from English authors, but many extracts have been made from Continental and American writers. Among the Continental authors the name of Rückert will be found, whose poetry is of a high order, but who is little known in this country. The translation the Compiler has used is an American work. Quotations from the illustrious Schiller, and Goethe the patriarch of German literature, have also been made. Wherever it appeared necessary the exact place in the author's works is indicated, so that the reader

can with facility turn to the original to see the context. The aim of the Compiler has been to make the selections for the most part short, but at the same time characteristic of the author; and he presumes to hope that the Volume thus offered to the public will be found not only interesting, but useful to those numerous readers who want for handy reference some of the prominent features of an author's works in the briefest space.

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