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Vol. V.

The History of Ezra and of the Hagiocracy in Israel




The Present Volume of the History of Israel, though the
Fifth of the English series, is only the Fourth of its German
original. The translation has been made from the third
edition, published at Gottingen in 1864.

The Translator has endeavoured to adhere to the rules

adopted in the previous volumes. The spelling 'Jahveh'

has been retained for the sake of uniformity, in the place

of Yahveh or Yahweh; in other cases the ordinary ortho-

graphy has been followed, except where special reasons are

given for preferring a different form. In order to complete

the Analytical Table of Contents, short descriptive titles of

the subdivisions of the Various sections have been added, so

as to exhibit more fully the method in which each branch

of the subject is developed. In the hope, also, of rendering

more accessible the vast quantity of historical information

which the volume contains upon many topics not in the

scope of a Dictionary of the Bible, an Index has been


To the friend who so materially lightened his labours in
the earlier part of the volume by contributing a consider-
able portion of translation for his use, the sincerest thanks
of the Translator are gladly rendered. Nor can he omit
to acknowledge with gratitude his great obligations to
Prof. Eussell Martineau, M.A., by whose rich stores of
knowledge and unfailing kindness he has so largely pro-

It only remains to apologise for the tardy appearance of
this volume. Unexpected circumstances seriously inter-
rupted its execution; and the volume of 'Antiquities,'
which was to have been issued simultaneously with it, is
now in other hands.

L.KBD8: January, 1874.

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