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however, that an adjournment or adjournments of the election may be made to a time not exceeding seven days from the first meeting.

6. In the city of Providence, the polls for senator and representatives shall be kept open during the whole time of voting for the day, and the votes in the several wards shall be sealed up at the close of the meeting by the wardens and ward clerks in open ward meeting, and afterwards delivered to the city clerk. The Mayor and Aldermen shall proceed to count said votes within two days from the day of election, and if no election of senator and representatives, or if an election of only a portion of the representatives shall have taken place, the Mayor and Aldermen shall order a new election, to be held not more than ten days from the day of the first election, and so on until the election shall be completed. Certificates of election shall be furnished by the city clerk to the persons chosen.

7. If no person shall have a majority of votes for Governor, it shall be the duty of the grand committee to elect one by ballot from the two persons having the highest number of votes for the office, except when such a result is produced by rejecting the entire vote of any town, or city, or ward, for informality or illegality, in which case a new election by the electors throughout the State shall be ordered : and in case no person shall have a majority of votes for Lieutenant-Governor, it shall be the duty of the grand committee to elect one by ballot from the two persons having the highest number of votes for the office.

8. In case an election of the Secretary of State, Attorney-General, or General Treasurer, should fail to be made by the electors at the annual election, the vacancy or vacancies shall be filled by the General Assembly in grand committee, from the two candidates for such office having the greatest number of the votes of the electors. Or in case of a vacancy in either of said offices from other causes, between the sessions of the General Assembly, the Governor shall appoint some person to fill the same until a successor elected by the General Assembly is qualified to act; and in such case, and also, in all other cases of vacancies, not otherwise provided for, the General Assembly may fill the same in any manner they may deem proper.

9. Vacancies from any cause in the Senate or House of Representatives may be filled up by a new election.

10. In all elections held by the people, under this Constitution, a majority of all the electors voting shall be necessary to the election of the persons voted for.

ARTICLE IX.-Of Qualifications for Office. Sec. 1. No person shall be eligible to any civil office, (except the office of school committee,) unless he be a qualified elector for such


ARTICLE XI.-Of Impeachments. SEC. 1. The House of Representatives shall have the sole power of impeachments. A vote of two-thirds of all the members elected shall be required for an impeachment of the Governor. Any officer impeached, shall thereby be suspended from office until judgment in the case shall have been pronounced.

2. All the impeachments shall be tried by the Senate; and when sitting for that purpose, they shall be under oath or affirmation. No person shall be convicted except by vote of two-thirds of the members elected. When the Governor is impeached, the chief or presiding justice of the Supreme Court for the time being, shall preside, with a casting vote in all preliminary questions.

3. The Governor and all other executive and judicial officers, shall be liable to impeachment; but judgment in such cases shall not extend further than to removal from office. The person convicted, shall, nevertheless, be liable to indictment, trial, and punishment, according to law.

ARTICLE XII.-Of Education. SEC. 1. The diffusion of knowledge, as well as of virtue, among the people, being essential to the preservation of their rights and liber


ARTICE XIII.- On Amendments. The General Assembly may propose amendments to this Constitution by the votes of a majority of all the members elected to each house. Such propositions for amendment shall be published in the newspapers, and printed copies of them shall be sent by the Secretary of State, with the names of all the members who shall have voted thereon, with the yeas and nays, to all the town and city clerks in the State. The said propositions shall be, by said clerks, inserted in the warrants or notices by them issued, for warning the next annual town and ward meetings in April, and the clerks shall read said propositions to the electors when thus assembled, with the names of all the representatives and senators who shall have voted thereon, with the yeas and nays, before the election of senators and representatives shall be had. If a majority of all the members elected to each house, at said annual meeting, shall approve any proposition thus made, the same shall be published and submitted to the electors in the mode provided in the act of approval ; and if then approved by three-fifths of the electors of the State present, and voting thereon in town and ward meetings, it shall become a part of the Constitution of the State.

ARTICLE XIV.Of the Adoption of this Constitution. SEC. 1. This Constitution, if adopted, shall go into operation on the first Tuesday of May, in the year one thousand eight hundred and forty-three. The first election of Governor, Lieutenant-Governor, Secretary of State, Attorney-General, and General Treasurer, and of senators and representatives under said Constitution, shall be had on the first Wednesday of April next preceding, by the electors qualified under said Constitution. And the town and ward meet

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