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J. Richardson, Father and Son.

With the LIFE of the Author, and a
Discourse on the Poem. By j. R. Sen.


Printed for James, John, and Paul K-napton,
at the Crovin in Ludgate-street. near the West-End of



. if I can give a more Exact, and a more just Idea of Milton, and of Paradise Lost than thePublick has yet had of Either, I am Assur'd it will be Acceptable to all Honest and Ingenuous Minds of What Party Soever. This is All I Intend; not a Panegyrick, not to give my Own Sense of What a Man should be, but what This Man Really was. Not to Plead for the Poet, or the Poem, but for Truth, by giving Light into What hath Hitherto lain in Obscurity, and by Dispelling Mistakes which have Injur'd the Memory of a Deserving Man, Debas'd a Work Worthy of the Highest Estimation, and Robb'd the World of the Pleasure and Advantage it Might have Receiv'd, and I presume to Hope Will Hereafter Receive. This is My Aim in the Present Undertaking. Whoever Reads without beiftg the Better for My Labour in Some Degree, 'tis Their Own Fault; though that they are not More Benesitted may be Mine; not from any Defect in my Will, but Capacity. Concerning Milton, I will First of All, as well as I am Able, Show you his Person j A a Then Then his Mind; Afterwards You (hall be Acquainted with the Principal Occurrences of his Life; his Provision for Maintenance; and. Lastly, I will Consider the General Character of his Life, as to Happiness, by Comparing in very few Words his Sufferings and Enjoyments.

He was rather a Middle Siz'd than a Little Man, and Well Proportions; Latterly he

was No; Not Short and Thick, but he

would have been So, had he been Somthing Shorter and Thicker than he Was. His Deportment was Manly and Resolute, but with a Gentlemanly Afsability. in his Habit Plain, Clean, and Neat. his Voice was Musically Agreeable. When Young he was Estecm'd Handsom, Chiefly I believe because he had a Fine Skin, and a Fresh Complexion. his Hair was a Light Brown, which he wore Parted atop, and Somwhat Flat, Long, and Waving, a little Curl'd. the Print Prefix'd ihows the Face of him who Wrote Paradise Loft, the Face We Chiefly desire to be Acquainted with, 'tis done from a Picture which I have reason to believe he Sate for not long before his Death, I have therefore given a little more Vigour to the Print, and but a Little. the Complexion must be Imagin'd aa of One who had bun Fair and Ereih Colour'd. Toland says he was Ruddy to the Last, My Picture and other Information does not tell us That, but


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