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new out of God's treasure-house,-things old also, please God. “My son, give Me thy heart," He saith, and accepteth blessing it. “Give Me thy son,” He saith also; and accepts and hides our darling; but one day gives him back to us.

“O the depth of the riches both of the wisdom and knowledge of God! how unsearchable are His judgments, and His ways past finding out! For who hath known the mind of the Lord? or who hath been His counsellor ? Or who hath first given to Him, and it shall be recompensed unto him ? For of Him, and through Him, and to Him, are all things: to Whom be glory for ever. Amen."

A Prayer for Angelic Fellowship. GOD only Great, to Whom the thousand times ten thousand and thousands of thousands of Thine angels are neither many nor few, but make up the sum of Thy numbering; and being Thine unflawed work, Thine unfallen creation, abide before Thee in light unclouded

and rapture of perpetual adoration, ministering to Christ's flock not by constraint but willingly, and working Thy work while it is day, for there is no night there: Give us grace, though not as yet in dignity, beauty, perfection, yet already in love and service of our brethren to follow along the angelic track, while on wings of desire we also soar heavenwards, and sit in heavenly places in Christ Jesus: and because Thou pitiest Thine own children, knowing whereof we are made, give Thine angels charge concerning us to keep us in all our ways; so they, while they care for us along our happy homeward course, may glorify Thee for us; and we, while we receive their allotted succour (though now we discern them not), may glorify, Thee for them; until that day when as children of the Resurrection, being made equal unto the angels, we with them may render praise to Thee for every ministry of love and for all perfections: through Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen.

A Memorial for the Feast of St. Michael and

All Angels.

Psalms cxxxix-cxliii.

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The vexation and rescue Deliver me, O Lord, from of Lot

the evil man : and preserve Turning the

cities of me from the wicked man. Sodom and Gomorrha into

Who imagine mischief in ashes condemned them their hearts : and stir up with an overthrow, making strife all the day long. them an ensample unto those They have sharpened their that after should live un- tongues like a serpent : adgodly;

der's poison is under their And delivered just Lot, lips. vexed with the filthy con

Keep me, O Lord, from versation of the wicked. -- the hands of the ungodly : 2 St. Peter ii. 6, 7.

preserve me from the wicked men, who are purposed to overthrow my goings.

The proud have laid a snare for me, and spread a net abroad with cords : yea, and set traps in my way.

I said unto the Lord, Thou art my God : hear the voice of my prayers, O Lord.

O Lord God, Thou strength of my health : Thou hast covered my head in the day of battle.

Let not the ungodly have his desire, O Lord : let not his mischievous imagination prosper, lest they be too proud.

Let the mischief of their own lips fall upon the head of them:that compass me about.

Let hot burning coals fall upon them : let them be cast into the fire, and into the. pit, that they never rise up

again. Jacob's vision of the

O Lord, Thou hast searched Ladder.

me out, and known me : Jacob awaked out of his Thou knowest my downsleep, and he said, Surely sitting, and mine uprising ; the Lord is in this place; Thou understandest

niy and I knew it not.

thoughts long before. And he was afraid, and Thou art about my path, said, How dreadful is this and about my bed : and place! this is none other spiest out all my ways. but the house of God, and For lo, there is not a word this is the gate of heaven. in my tongue : but Thou, O -Gen xxviii. 16, 17. Lord, knowest it altogether.

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Thou hast fashioned me behind and before : and laid Thine hand upon me.

Such knowledge is too wonderful and excellent for me : I cannot attain unto it.

Whither shall I go then from Thy Spirit : or whither shall I go then from Thy presence?

If I climb up into heaven, Thou art there : if I go down to hell, Thou art there

also.The perversity of Ba- A man full of words shall laam.

not prosper upon the earth : The way

of Balaam the son evil shall hunt the wicked of Bosor, who loved the person to overthrow him.wages of unrighteousness;

But was rebuked for his iniquity.--2 St. Peter ii. 15, 16.

Bochim: the Angel's re- Let their judges be overbuke,

thrown in stony places : that That which hath wings they may hear my words, for shall tell the matter they are sweet. Ecclesiastes x. 20. and people's lament.- Hear my prayer, O Lord, It came to pass, when the and consider my desire : angel of the Lord spake hearken unto me for Thy these words unto all the truth and righteousness'sake. children of Israel, that the And enter not into judgpeople lifted up their voice, ment with Thy servant : for

in Thy sight shall no man And they called the name living be justified.

and wept.

of that place Bochim: and For the


perthey sacrificed there unto secuted my soul; he hath the Lord.— Judges ii. 4, 5. smitten my life down to the

ground : he hath laid me in the darkness, as the men that have been long dead.

Therefore is my spirit vexed within me : and my heart within me is desolate.

Yet do I remember the time past; I muse upon all Thy works : yea, I exercise myself in the works of Thy hands.

I stretch forth my hands unto Thee : my soul gaspeth unto Thee as a thirsty land.

Hear me, O Lord, and that

my spirit waxeth faint : hide not Thy face from me, lest I be like unto them that go down into the pit.

O let me hear Thy lovingkindness betimes in the morning, for in Thee is my trust : shew Thou me the way that I should walk in, for I lift up my soul unto Thee.

Deliver me, O Lord, from mine enemies : for I flee

unto Thee to hide me.The birth of Sampson.- For my reins are Thine : I have been a Nazarite unto Thou hast covered me in my

mother's womb.

soon, for

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