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perhaps, than the place and manner of their close; though a tradition terminates his acceptable career, after persecution endured with the utmost composure, by death upon the cross, brought about in Persia by the evil influence of idolatrous priests. Some think that he and St. Jude suffered martyrdom together.

Even beyond St. Simon, St. Jude is familiar to us under a complication of names. Thaddæus has been explained as apparently a diminutive form of Judas, conveying of course the like signification of “praise :" Lebbæus, derivable from “heart” and also from “lion,” would in the first case mean “courageous” or “ intelligent;" the second meaning suggests itself. It is conjectured that Thaddæus may for a time have superseded Jude as the appellation of our Saint, through abhorrence of the apostate Judas: whence internal evidence is adduced as to the probable comparative dates of certain books of the Sacred Canon: for it is argued that the strongest recoil from the traitor's name would influence the earliest writers; and thus a comparison of St. Matthew's and St. Mark's catalogue of Apostles with the parallel list by St. Luke, favours the priority of the two former; while St. John, accounted the last writer not only among the four Evangelists but even of the whole New Testament, with St. Jude himself, whose brief letter of exhortation ranks as one of the later Epistles, naturally resume the superseded name.

Tradition affords us a choice of details towards completing our sketch of St. Jude: for while one account makes him and St. Simon alike fishermen, a second assigns to him a less precarious calling. As David from tending his father's sheep, to feed the Lord's flock; as Elisha from following the plough, to break up the fallow ground of Israel; as Amos from among his herds and sycamores, to intercede, denounce and promise ; as St. Peter from his nets, and St. Matthew from the exchange of custom;

-s0 St. Jude is said to have been summoned from pursuits of husbandry to labour in Christ's Vineyard. Additional particulars are recounted as follows. Many nations heard from his lips the message of salvation, when shod with the preparation of the Gospel of Peace he went forth from the Holy Land and preached in Mesopotamia, Idumea, Syria, Arabia. After the martyrdom of St. James the Less he returned from foreign parts to Jerusalem, and concurred in the election of their brother St. Simeon (not, we are told, the Apostle St. Simon) as Bishop of that See: this event has been assigned to the year 62. Yet not from the earthly Jerusalem went he up to Jerusalem which is above.

Resuming his missionary labours he at length in Persia, or Armenia, put on his martyr's crown; being shot to death with arrows, and, as some add, while bound to a A Prayer of Trembling. GOD the One Fountain of glory, Whose glory invests Apostles, missionaries, martyrs, and Whose Holy Spirit within them is a Spirit of glory and grace, we praise Thee for Thy blessed Saints Simon and Jude, now hidden in the glory of Thy Presence, and awaiting the glory that


shall be revealed when the Son of Man cometh in His glory: Wherefore we ourselves being feeble persons crippled by shortcomings, blotted by sins, beset by infirmities, misusing prolonged life, overhung by death, and fearful of that which loometh beyond death, do most earnestly implore Thee to make our cause Thy cause and our quarrel Thy quarrel: sparing us and reviving our strength before we go hence and be no more seen, washing us whiter than snow, renewing us unto righteousness, holding up our goings in Thy paths that our footsteps slip not, granting us a good courage; giving us no more fear than is needful and holy, no more than may serve to guard love and than shall be cast out by perfect love.

Amen, O God, for the brightness of Thy glory's sake, our Saviour Jesus Christ the King of Glory. Amen.

A Memorial of St. Simon and St. Jude.

Psalms cxxxii-cxxxviii. The Apostles, St. Simon When I called upon Thee, Zelotes,

Thou heardest me : and Surely, shall one say, In the enduedst my soul with much Lord have I righteousness strength.and strength. - Isaiah xlv. 24.


and St. Jude, brother of Behold, how good and

St. James the Less,- joyful a thing it is : brethren, Let brotherly love continue. to dwell together in unity! -Hebrews xiii. I.

It is like the precious ointment upon the head, that ran down unto the beard :

unto Aaron's beard, and went down to the skirts of his clothing.

Like as the dew of Hermon : which fell upon the hill of Sion.

For there the Lord promised His blessing : and

life for evermore. witness the Ascension:- Arise, O Lord, into Thy While they beheld, He was resting-place : Thou, and taken up; and a cloud re- the ark of Thy strength. ceived Him out of their Let Thy priests be clothed sight.-Acts i. 9.

with righteousness : and let Thy saints sing with joyful


and abiding in prayer,- For Thy servant David's I know the thoughts that I sake : turn not away the think toward you, saith the presence of Thine Anointed.

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Lord, thoughts of peace, The Lord hath made a and not of evil, to give you faithful oath unto David : and an expected end.

He shall not shrink from it; Then shall ye call upon Of the fruit of thy body : Me, and ye shall go and shall I set upon thy seat. pray unto Me, and I will

If thy children will keep hearken unto you.

My covenant and My testiAnd ye shall seek Me, monies that I shall learn and find Me, when ye shall them : their children also search for Me with all your shall sit upon thy seat for heart.— Jeremiah xxix. II-evermore. 13.

For the Lord hath chosen Sion to be an habitation for Himself : He hath longed for her.

This shall be My rest for ever : here will I dwell, for I have a delight therein.

I will bless her victuals with increase : and will satisfy her poor with bread.

I will deck her priests with health : and her saints shall rejoice and sing.

There shall I make the horn of David to flourish : I have ordained a lantern for Mine Anointed.

As for His enemies, I shall clothe them with shame; but upon Himself shall His

crown flourish.— receive the fulness of the

Praise the Lord, ye house Holy Ghost,

of Israel : praise the Lord, I will pour out My Spirit ye house of Aaron. upon all flesh. - Joel ii. 28. Praise the Lord, ye house

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