Chatty Readings in Elementary Science: Nature knowledge, Livro 3

Longmans, Green, and Company, 1901

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Página 126 - Hiawatha!" With his knife the tree he girdled; Just beneath its lowest branches, Just above the roots, he cut it, Till the sap came oozing outward; Down the trunk, from top to bottom, Sheer he cleft the bark asunder, With a wooden wedge he raised it, Stripped it from the trunk unbroken.
Página 10 - Hark, how the chairs and tables crack, Old Betty's joints are on the rack; Loud quack the ducks, the peacocks cry, The distant hills are looking nigh. How restless are the snorting swine...
Página 11 - The glowworms, numerous and bright, Illumed the dewy dell last night ; At dusk the squalid toad was seen Hopping and crawling o'er the green ; The whirling...
Página 127 - And the larch, with all its fibres, Shivered in the air of morning, Touched his forehead with its tassels, Said with one long sigh of sorrow, 'Take them all, O Hiawatha!
Página 126 - Of your balsam and your resin, So to close the seams together That the water may not enter, That the river may not wet me...
Página 11 - And seem precipitate to fall, As if they felt the piercing ball. " 'Twill surely rain, I see with sorrow Our jaunt must be put off to-morrow.
Página 10 - The hollow winds begin to blow, The clouds look black, the glass is low ; The soot falls down, the spaniels sleep, And spiders from their cobwebs peep. Last night the sun went pale to bed, The moon in halos hid her head ; The boding shepherd heaves a sigh, For, see, a rainbow spans the sky ; Tiie walls are damp, the ditches smell, Closed is the pink-eyed pimpernel.
Página 69 - COME, take up your hats, and away let us haste To the Butterfly's ball and the Grasshopper's feast ; The trumpeter Gadfly has summoned the crew, And the revels are now only waiting for you.
Página 11 - The whirling wind the dust obeys, And in the rapid eddy plays. The frog has changed his yellow vest, And in a russet coat is drest.
Página 71 - Harlequin fell. Yet he touched not the ground, but with talons outspread, Hung suspended in air, at the end of a thread. Then the Grasshopper came, with a jerk and a spring, Very long was his leg, though but short was his Wing...

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