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Blackwood's Standard Novels.
Uniform in size and legibly printed. Each Novel complete in one Volunie.

Florin Series, Illustrated Boards.
Tom Cringle's Log. By Michael Scott.
Cruise of the Midge. By the Author of ‘Tom Cringle's Log.'
Cyril Thornton. By Captain Hamilton.
Annals of the Parish. By John Galt.
The Provost, and other Tales. By John Galt
Sir Andrew Wylie. By John Galt.
The Entail. By John Galt.
Reginald Dalton. By J. G. Lockhart.
Pen Owen. By Dean Hook.
Adam Blair. By J. G. Lockhart.
Lady Lee's Widowhood. By Col. Hamley.
Salem Chapel. By Mrs Oliphant.
The Perpetual Curate. By Mrs Oliphant.
Miss Marjoribanks. By Mrs Oliphant.

Or in Cloth Boards, 25. 6d.

Shilling Series, Illustrated Cover.
The Rector and the Doctor's Family. By Mrs Oliphant.
The Life of Mansie Waugh. By D. M. Moir.
Peninsular Scenes and Sketches. By F. Hardman.
Sir Frizzle Pumpkin, Nights at Mess, &c.
The Subaltern.
Life in the Far West. By G. F. Ruxton.
Valerius : A Roman Story. By J. G. Lockhart.

Or in Cloth Boards, Is. 6d.

Blackwood's Maps of the Counties of Scotland.

In Cloth Case for the Pocket, is. each.
The same strongly bound in leather, in one vol. post 8vo, ios. 6d.

The Maid of Sker.

By R. D. Blackmore, Author of 'Lorna Doone,' &c. Originally published

in Blackwood's Magazine,' New Edition. Crown 8vo, 6s. “His descriptions are wonderfully vivid and natural, although he loves to paint nature in her most extravagant freaks. His pages are brightened everywhere with quiet humour; the quaint dry turns of thought remind you occasionally of Fielding.”Times.

"A work which reads in some parts like the famous autobiographies of Defoe, and in others contains descriptions of natural beauty worthy of Kingsley, and nautical adventures not inferior to the best things in Marryat."-Atheneum.

“But let fact or fiction begin or end where they will, the book is exceeding able, and strikingly original.”-Saturday Review.

“Mr Blackmore's book is in our opinion a genuine success, one of the few good novels that have been written for many years, and one which will live." Spectator.

Lilias Lee, and other Poems.

By James Ballantine, Author of The Gaberlunzie's Wallet,' &c. Fcap. 800; 55.

Battle of Dorking. Reminiscences of a Volunteer :

From 'Blackwood's Magazine. Second Hundredth Thousand, 6d.

Belief-What is it?

Or, The Nature of Faith as Determined by the Facts of Human Nature and Sacred History. 8vo, 75.

Tables for Travellers.

Adapted to the Pocket or Sextant-Case. Com, led by Admiral Bethune,
C.B., F.R.A.S., and F.R.G.S. Cloth, 3s. 6d.

The Boscobel Tracts.

RELATING TO THE ESCAPE OF CHARLES THE SECOND AFTER THE BATTLE OF WORCESTER, AND HIS SUBSEQUENT ADVENTURES. Edited by J. Hughes, Esq., A.M. A NEW EDITION, with additional Notes and Illustrations, including Communications from the Rev. R. H. Barham, Author of the ‘Ingoldsby Legends.' In Octavo, with Engravings, 16s. ""The Boscobel Tracts' is a very curious book, and about as good an example of single subject historical collections as may be found. Originally undertaken, or at least completed, at the suggestion of the late Bishop Copplestone, in 1827, it was carried out with a degree of judgment and taste not always found in works of a similar character."-Spectator.

Memoirs of the Life and Times of Henry Lord

Brougham. Written by Himself. 3 vols. octavo, £2, 8s. The Volumes are sold separately, 16s. each.

The Forester :

A Practical Treatise on the Planting, Rearing, and General Management of Forest-trees. By James Brown, Wood-Surveyor and Nurseryman,

Stirling. Fourth Edition. Royal 8vo, with Engravings, £1, IIs. 6d. In preparing the present Edition, the Author has carefully re-written the book, and added nearly one hundred new sections upon important subjects, which were necessary to bring it up to the advanced state of the times, and to make it in all respects worthy of continuing in public favour, as a complete directory in all matters connected with the improved state of Aboriculture at the present day.

“What we have often stated in these columns we now repeat, that the book before us is the most useful guide to good arboriculture in the English language."-Review of Third Edition in Gardeners' Chronicle by Dr Lindley.

"Beyond all doubt this is the best work on the subject of forestry extant ". Journal of Horticulture.

The Book of Ballads.

Edited by Bon Gaultier. Eleventh Edition, with numerous Illustrations by DOYLE, LZECH, and CROWQCILL. Gilt edges, post octavo, s. 6d.

Family Records of the Bruces and the Cumyns.

With an Historical Introduction and Appendix from authentic Public and Private Documents. By I. E. Cumming Bruce. Quarto, cloth, £2, sos. LARGE-PAPER EDITION, medium quarto, cloth, £3, Ios.

Jessie Cameron: A Highland Story.

By the Lady Rachel Butler. Second Edition. Small octavo, with a

Frontispiece, 2s. 60.
Handy Book of Meteorology.

By Alexander Buchan, M.A., P.R.S.E., Secretary of the Scottish Meteorological Society, &c. A New Edition, being the Third. (In the press, In this EDITION the Charts of the Distribution of Atmospheric Pressure and of Terrestrial Temperature will be revised; the Relations of Temperature to Atmospheric Pressure and Winds will, with the aid of Illustrative Charts, be more fully discussed, and the principle will be applied in explanation of unusually Hot and Cold Seasons, as well as Seasons of excessive Drought or excessive Rainfall; Charts will be given showing the Distribution of Rain over the Continents of the Globe, and its connection with the distribution of atmospheric pressure and temperature, and with prevailing winds, will be pointed out; the Prevailing Winds over the Globe will be represented on Charts; and otherwise the book will be revised throughout.

Introductory Text-Book of Meteorology.

By Alexander Buchan, M.A., F.R.S.E., Author of 'Handy Book of Meteorology,' &c. Crown 8vo, with 8 Coloured Charts and other En

gravings, pp. 218. 45. 6d. "A handy compendium of Meteorology by one of the most competent authorities on this branch of science."-Petermann's Geographische Mittheilungen.

*We can recommend it as a handy, clear, and scientific introduction to the theory of Meteorology, written by a man who has evidently mastered his subject."--Lancet.

"An exceedingly useful volume."-Atheneum.

Memoir of the Political Life of the Right Hon

ourable Edmund Burke, with Extracts from his Writings. By the Rev. George Croly, D.D. 2 vols. post 8vo, 18.

Handbook of the Mechanical Arts

Concerned in the Construction and Arrangement of Dwelling-Houses and other Buildings; with Practical Hints on Road-making and the Enclosing of Land. By Robert Scott Burn, Engineer. Second edition, crown 8vo, 16. 6d.

Practical Ventilation,

As applied to Public, Domestic, and Agricultural Structures; with Remarks on Heating, Construction of Fire-Places, Cure of Smoky Chimneys, and an Appendix on the Ventilation of Ships, Steamboats, and Railway Carriages. By Robert Scott Burn, Engineer. Crown 8vo, 6s.

The History of Scotland:

From Agricola's Invasion to the Extinction of the last Jacobite Insurrection.
By John Hill Burton, Historiographer-Royal for Scotland. New and
Enlarged Edition, in 8 vols. crown 8vo. To be published monthly.

The Book-Hunter.

By John Hill Burton. In crown 8vo. Second Edition, 7s. 6d. "A book pleasant to look at and pleasant to read-pleasant from its rich store of anecdote, its geniality, and its humour, even to persons who care little for the subjects of which it treats, but beyond measure delightful to those who are in any degree members of the above-mentioned fraternity."-Saturday Review.

The Scot Abroad,


2 vols. crown 8vo, in Roxburghe binding, 155. “No amount of selections, detached at random, can give an adequate idea of the varied and copious results of reading which are stored up in the compact and pithy pages of "The Scot Abroad.'"-Saturday Review.

“A charming book."-Spectator.

The Cairngorm Mountains.

By John Hill Burton. In Crown 8vo, 3s. 6d. "One of the most complete as well as most lively and intelligent bits of reading that the lover of works of travel has seen for many a day."-Saturday Review.


By John Caird, D.D., Professor of Divinity in the University of Glasgow.

Thirteenth Thousand. Fcap. 8vo, 5s. “They are noble sermons; and we are not sure but that, with the cultivated reader, they will gain rather than lose by being read, not heard. There is a thoughtfulness and depth about them which can hardly be appreciated, unless when they are studied at leisure; and there are so many sentences so felicit. ously expressed that we should grudge being hurried away from them by a rapid speaker, without being allowed to enjoy them a second time."—Fraser's Magazine.

Religion in Common Life:

A Sermon preached in Crathie Church, October 14, 1855, before Her Majesty the Queen and Prince Albert. By John Caird, D.D. Published · by Her Majesty's Command. Bound in cloth, 8d. Cheap Edition, 3d.

Autobiography of the Rev. Dr Alexander Carlyle,

Minister of Inveresk. Containing Memorials of the Men an 1 Events of his Time. Edited by John Hill Burton. In 8vo. Third Edition, with

Portrait, 145. "This book contains by far the most vivid picture of Scottish life and man. ners that has been given to the public since the days of Sir Walter Scott. In

stowing upon it this high praise, we make no exception, not even in favour of Lord Cockburn's Memorials—the book which resembles it most, and which ranks next to it in interest.”Edinburgh Review.

"A more delightful and graphic picture of the everyday life of our ancestors it has never been our good fortune to meet with.”—National Review.

A Treasury of the English and German Languages.

Compiled from the best Authors and Lexicographers in both Languages. Adapted to the Use of Schools, Students, Travellers, and Men of Business; and forming a Companion to all German-English Dictionaries. By Joseph Cauvin, LL.D. & Ph.D., of the University of Göttingen, &c. Crown 8vo,

75. 6d., bound in cloth. "An excellent English-German Dictionary, which supplies a real want."-Saturday Review.

"The difficulty of translating English into German may be greatly alleviated by the use of this copious and excellent English-German Dictionary, which specifies the different senses of each English word, and gives suitable German equivalents. It also supplies an abundance of idiomatic phraseology, with many passages from Shakespeare and other authors aptly rendered in German. Compared with other dictionaries, it has decidedly the advantage." ---Atheneum.

Captain Clutterbuck's Champagne.

A WEST INDIAN REMINISCENCE. Post 8vo, 125. "We can conscientiously commend 'Captain Clutterbuck's Chainpagne' to all who like a really original story with no nonsense in it.”—Press.

The Punjab and Delhi in 1857 :

BEING A NARRATIVE OF THE MEASURES BY WHICH THE PUNJAB WAS SAVED AND DELHI RECOVERED DURING THE INDIAN MUTINY. By the Rev. J. Cave-Brown, Chaplain of the Punjab Movable Column. With Plans of the Chief Stations and of the different Engagements, and Portraits of Sir J. Lawrence, Bart., Sir H. Edwardes, Sir R. Montgomery, and

Brig.-Gen. J. Nicholson. 2 vols. post 8vo, 215. " This is a'work which will well repay the trouble of perusal. Written by one who was himself present at many of the scenes he narrates, and who has had free access to the papers of Sir J. Lawrence, Sir R. Montgomery, and Sir H. Edwardes, it comes with all the weight of official authority, and all the vividness of personal narrative.”—Press.

Coquet-Dale Fishing Songs.

Now first collected by a North-Country Angler, with the Music of the
Airs. 8vo, 5s.

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