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you with pity and with grace, and that He will call you up more brightly from your calamity. The times, incéed, seem bad, but suffering will leave its blessing. Plenty will come again ; and humility, and gratitude, anc mercy, and penitent and softened hearts will come along with it. Peace will be established; confidence will come with peace ; capital will follow confidence; employment will increase with capital ; education will be desired; knowledge will be diffused ; and virtue will grow with knowledge. Yet, even if these things should not soon be ; if all that is now anticipated, should long be hope deferred, and many a heart should sicken in waiting for relief; yet, I will not despond, I will not despond for Ireland ; I will not despond for humanity; I will entertain no doubt in the agency which guides the world, and no mistrust in the destiny whereunto the world moves.



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