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Seventeen years ago the first edition of this work was edited and published. Since that time there has been a great expansion in what is generally recognized throughout the country as a legitimate field of work for a public school system. The larger social outlook possessed by the people and the new community interests now centering in the schools have placed larger demands upon the public school system and upon the officers and teachers, in the various parts of the State, who administer and operate such system.

To meet these new demands there have been modifications of existing statutes and the enactment of new statutes. In the 13th edition of this work the author has endeavored to express in plain terms the meaning of the statutes which regulate the operation and administration of the public school system. The years of service which the author has given to public education in this State gives him an earnest desire to make this volume of the greatest possible service to the teachers and school officers of the State.

T. E. F. November 1, 1919.

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