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Former Editions of the Works of Mr. Webster, and Plan of this Edition.— Parentage and Birth. – First Settlements in the Interior of New Hampshire. — Establishment of his Father at Salisbury. — Scanty Opportunities of Early Education. — First Teachers, and recent Letter to Master Tappan.— Placed at Exeter Academy — Anecdotes while there. —Dartmouth College. — Study of the Law at Salisbury. — Residence at Fryeburg in Maine, and Occupations there. — Continuance of the Study of the Law at Boston, in the Office of Hon. Christopher Gore. — Admission to the Bar of Suffolk, Massachusetts.-Commencement of Practice at Boscawen, New Hampshire.—Removal to Portsmouth. — Contemporaries in the Profession.—Increasing Practice.

The first collection of Mr. Webster's speeches in the Congress of the United States and on various public occasions was published in Boston, in one volume octavo, in 1830. This volume was more than once reprinted, and in 1835 a second volume was published, containing the speeches made up to that time, and not included in the first collection. Several impressions of these two volumes were called for by the public. In 1843 a third volume was prepared, containing a selection from the speeches of Mr. Webster from the year 1835 till his entrance into the cabinet of General Harrison. In the year 1848 appeared a fourth volume of diplomatic papers, containing a portion of Mr. Webster's official correspondence as Secretary of State.

The great favor with which these volumes have been received throughout the country, and the importance of the subjects discussed in the Senate of the United States after Mr. Webster's return to that body in 1845, have led his friends to think that a valuable service would be rendered to the commu

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