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Him Op "navigable or portable river." No wood growing Lou*. w;thin 8 miles of a navigable river, where navigable, to be converted into fuel for the making of iron, steel, or glass; saving Act of 23 Eliz. respecting iron mills, no new iron, steel, or glass works to be erected within 8 miles of a navigable river. Endorsed, "For preser"vation of woods. Martis, 3° Aprilis 93. The first "reading." C. J. wanting. Not mentioned in L. J.

1593, April 3.—Draft of a Bill endorsed "92. Re"gister of marriages, christenings, and burials. Martis, "3° Aprilis 93. The first reading." Act of 30 Hen. 8, for the registration of christenings, marriages, and deaths is neglected, and many papists have their children christened by massing and seminary priests; a register book to be kept at every parish church by the minister, curate, or churchwardens, and a yearly return of all entries to be made to the Bishop. Not mentioned in L. J. C. J. wanting.

1593, April 6— Draft of '* An Act for the bringing "in clapboard from the parts beyond the seas, and the "restraining of transporting of wine cask, for the "sparing and preserving of timber within the realm." 35 Eliz. c. 11. Brought from H. C. L. J., II. 188.


1. Draft of amendments.

2. Draft Bill endorsed, "24° Martij. Twice read "and committed. Vacat qr. alia." Not mentioned in L. J. C. J. wanting.

3. Another draft endorsed " 92. For preservation "of timber."

1593, April 6.—Draft of " An Act for the rating of "the wages of spinners and weavers, and to reform the "falsities of regrators of woollen yarn." The Act of 5th Eliz. touching divers orders for artificers, labourers, servants of husbandry, and apprentices, to apply to wages of spinners and weavers. No person to buy woollen yarn unless for the purpose of working the same except in the county and city of York. Brought from H. 0. L. J., 11.188. Read 1*, April 7th. No further proceeding.


1. Draft of " An Act as well to avoid deceipts done "by spinners of woollen yarn and weavers of "woollen cloths and to increase their wages, as "also to reform the great abuses and oppressions "done to Her Majesty's good subjects by regra"tors of woollen yarn commonly called yarn "choppers or jobbers of yarn.' Spinners to return the same weight in yarn as they receive in wool, to be paid a fixed rate per pound spun'; weavers to use all the yarn they receive or to return surplus; to bo paid at a fixed rate; cloth to be of stated breadth; judges, justices, &c. to have authority in offences under the Act; none but persons requiring yarn for the purposes of trade or business to be allowed to buy, that regrating or buying to sell again at a profit may be checked. March 9. Endorsed with dates of first and second reading and commitment in H. C, and "Vacat qr. nova." C. J. wanting. 1593, April 6.—Draft of "An Act for the reforma"tion of sundry abuses in cloths called Devonshire "kerseys or dozens, according to a proclamation of the "34th "year of the reign of aur sovereign lady the "Queen's Majesty that now is." 35 Eliz. c. 10. Brought fromH.C. L. J., II. 188.

1593, April 6.—Draft of "An Act for tho necessary "relief of soldiers and mariners." 35 Eliz. c. 4. Brought from H. C. L. J., II. 188. Annexed,

1. Draft of amendments made in H. C.

2. Do. do. H.L"

1593, April 6.—Copy of an order of the House of Commons committing to the Tower Wesselen Weblen, beer brewer, and John Lightbone, serjeant-at-mace, for breach of privilege in arresting Francis Neale, Esquire, a member. 0. J. wanting.

1593, April 9.—Draft of "An Act for the natural"izing of Justine Dormer and George Sheppie, being "bom beyond tho seas of English parents, and to put "them in the nature of mere English." Lawrence Humphry and Jane his wife fled to Geneva for conscience sake in Queen Mary's reign, where a daughter, now the said Justine Dormer, was born to them; George Sheppie, while in the service of Sir Richard Windebank at Antwerp, there married, and had a son, the said George Sheppie. Bill brought from H. C. and read I* and 2*, but no further proceeding. L. J., II. 189.

1593, April 9. — Draft of "An Act concerning "brewers and the brewing of beer and ale." The Act of 23 Hen. 8, regulating the price of beer, is evaded, because it contains no provisions as to the quality of

beer to be brewed; only two kinds of beer and ale to be House Oi brewed in future, viz., strong and small; and the strong Louds. and small not at the samo brewing; county and town officers to have power to enter brewhouses for the purpose of enforcing the Act. Bill brought from H. C. and read 1". L. J., II. 189., but no further proceeding.


1. Draft of amendments.

1593.—Draft of a Bill " For suppressing of pedlers "and petty chapmen." By colour of licenses under the Act of 14° Eliz. pedlars and petty chapmen wander all over the country carrying letters from one traitorous subject to another, and display their goods in church porches and church yards on the Sabbath day; the Bill enacts that they shall forfeit all their wares unless lawfully licensed in the open sessions within the county wherein they shall utter and sell the said wares. Not mentioned in L. J. C. J. wanting.

1593.—Draft of a Bill " Against the carrying of tin "unwrought out of this realm." The pewterers'trade has decreased in England, and the export of tin increased, especially to Flanders, to be there wrought and sold as English pewter; no merchant to export unwrought tin unless he export in the same ship an equal weight of pewter vessels; no beer to be sold by retail except in standard pewter pots. Not mentioned in L. J. C. J. wanting.

1596-7, Jan 27.—Copy of a Decree of the Court of Exchequer in a cause between John Welby and Gamaliel Cruys. About July 1595 John Welby was lawfully presented by Her Majesty to tho vicarage of Fotheringhey in the county of Northampton, and duly inducted by the Bp., but Gamaliel Cruys of Fotheringhey, under pretence that there was no vicarage, as proprietor of the parsonage, claimed and took all the tithes and ecclesiastical dues arising within the parish, and when called upon to answer in the Court of Exchequer, alleged that there had been in ancient time a college at Fotheringhey of 1 master, 12 chaplains, 8 clerks, and 13 choristers, having perpetual succession to celebrate divine service for ever, who were seised in fee of the rectory of Fotheringhey, and that there was no vicarage, but they held the whole rectory impropriate, and reoeived the profits, one of the said chaplains being annually chosen as curate, until the college was dissolved, and the rectory and all the profits passed into the possession of King Hen. VIII. or Edw. VI.; that Her Majesty granted the said rectory and church with all their rights to Richard Okeham and Richard Bittinson, and the heirs and assigns of the said Okeham for ever, free of all charges except 8/. for a curate; that Okeham and Bittinson convoyed tho premises to Jeffery Cruys and James Cruys the father of the defendant: that after the death of the said Jeffery, the said James Cruys conveyed the premises to the defendant; and that a sufficient curate had always been provided to the satisfaction of tho Bp. of the diocese; but on the other hand it was proved that a vicarago of Fotheringhey existed before the foundation of the Baid college. It was therefore adjudged that the said John Welbye should enjoy the profits of the vicarage and have possession of the vicarage house, and 15 acres of land therewith, and that a commission should be issued to tho Bp. of Peterborough and others to allot the said house with convenient yard, garden, &c, and the said 15 acres of land.


1. Fair copy of part of above Decree.

2. Copy of further Decree in the cause. Endorsed, "An Order in the Exchequer, 18° Aprilis,

"an0 1597, for the establishing of such house-room,
"yards and grounds as shd be laid to the vicarage of
"Fotheringhey." 1597, April 18.

3. Copy of award made in the cause under commis-
sion from tho Court of Exchequer.

Endorsed, "The return of an inquisition between "Gamaliel Cruys and John Welbye for the grounds "allott to Welbye out of the demesnes of the College "of Fotheringhey, an" 39 Eliz."

4. Plan, &c. endorsed, " The plot for the Vicarage."

5. Account of Richard Hedde, Bailiff of " Fodryng-
hey," for one year from Michaelmas 1542 to
Mich. 1543.

1597, Nov. 19.—Draft of "An Act for the making "and continual keeping of Somersham Bank betwixt "Somersham and Chatteris." The bank, about three miles long, extends from Somersham in the county of Huntingdon to Chatteris in the Isle of Ely, and is intended to keep the fresh water out of certain fen lands; is much damaged from being used by drovers and otters as a road; tolls may be levied on horses and cattle using

Hor8E o» the bank, after it has been put in repair by the inhabiLoeds. tants of Somersham.

Endorsed, " 19 Nov' 1597. The first reading. Vacat "qr. nova." C. J. wanting. Not mentioned in L. J.


1. Reasons in favor of the Bill.

1597, Dec. 7.—Engrossment of "An Act of Parlia"ment for Arthur Hatch, Her Majesty's ward, for the "enjoying of tho rectory and parsonage of South "Molton, according to an agreement thereof had be"tween him and the Dean and Canons of the King's "Free Chapel of St. George within his castlo of Wind"sor." Endorsed, " $ rejected, and a new Bill in place "hereof proposed to the House." L. J., II. 203, 210.

1597, Dec. 8.—Draft of " An Act for the enabling of *' Edmund Molineux, Esquire, to sell lands for the pay"ment of debts and legacies." Read 1". L. J., II. 204. Counsel ordered to be heard, I9th Jan. 1597-8, but no further proceeding. L. J., II. 219.


1. Draft of amendments to the Bill.

1597, Dec. 9.—Draft of " An Act for the better main"tenance and well keeping of Staines Bridge and "Egham 'Causey,' being the highway from London "unto the west parts of England." Brought from H. C. L. J., II. 205. See 39 Eliz. c. 11. in list of Private Acts, 8vo edition.

1597, Dec. 13.—Draft of " An Act for the recovering "of three hundred thousand acres the more or less of "wastes ' marish ' and watery grounds in the Isle of "Ely and in the counties of Cambridge, Huntingdon, "Northampton, Lincoln, Norfolk, and Suffolk." Commissions to be issued for ascertaining rights of the Crown and neighbouring inhabitants, and all having rights of common in the fens to be rated proportionably towards the expenses of draining. Brought from H. C. L. J., II. 20S. Ordered to be engrossed, Feb. 4, 1597-8, but no further proceeding. L. J., II. 223.

1597, Dec. 14.—Draft of "An Act to restrain the "sowing of 'Oade' (oats) in meadows and cow pas"tuxes." Hay is scarce in some places in consequence of pasture lands being sown with " oade." No person to sow " oade" on land which within 20 years has been employed as pasture. Endorsed, with date of first reading in H. C. C. J. wanting. Not mentioned in L. J.

1597, Dec. 16.—Draft of " An Act for confirmation of "Statutes Merchants acknowledged in the city of Lin"coin and the town corporate of Nottingham." Doubts havo been raised as to the validity of Statutes Merchant duly sealed, &c. within the said city and town, they are declared valid; saving judgments in actions at law decided or depending. Brought from H. C. L. J., II. 211. Committed, Feb. 4,1697-8. L. J., II. 223., but no further proceeding.


1. Abstract of preceding in law French.

1597, Dec. 19.—Petition of the farmers of the possessions of the Bishoprick of Norwich lately belonging to tho monastery of St. Bennett's, to Sir Wm. Periam, Knight, Lord Chief Baron. Are in danger of being disturbed in the possession of their farms by Theophilus Adams and others, who have fraudulently obtained the fee farm of these possessions for a yearly rent of 40s. when the lands are worth 2,0001. a year. Petitioners pray for the Lord Chief Baron's support to a Bill they have " put up to the present Parliament." See L. J., II. 213.


1. "A brief of the Act for the establishing of the "Bishoprick of Norwich." 39 Eliz. c. 22.

1597, Dec 19.—Draft of " An Act of Parliament for "the relieving of clothiers concerning the weight of "short broad and coloured cloths to be made within "the counties of Suffolk and Essex." These cloths are required by statute to be of a size and weight now found inconvenient; for the trade in them which used to be with Spain and Antwerp now goes to " the East "Countries and Barbaria," for which a coarser kind of cloth is required; proscribes future weight of these cloths. Brought from H. C. on date. L. J., II. 213. Dropped after Report, and a new Bill brought in, Jan. 24, 1597-8. L. J., II. 220.

[1597?].—Engrossment of "An Act for the stablish"ing an award made between Edmond Colton, gent., "and Thomas Harvey, yeoman, for the assurance of "certain lands in the county of Norfolk to one Thomas "Ponyett and his heirs for ever." Noted, " Soit bailie" "aux seigneurs." The Bill, therefore, passed through the House of Commons, and as it is not mentioned in tho journals, must belong to the period at which the

journals are wanting (1580 to 1603). The award is Hoctioi dated 1589, July 9. The Bill is evidently later than _K this, and was found amongst papers belonging to 1597.

1597-8, Jan. 19.—Draft of "An Act to take away "future uses creating perpetuities of lands in special "cases." Forbids limitation of future uses to arise on the happening of some accidental circumstance. Endorsed with date of first Reading in H. C. C. J. wanting. Not mentioned in L. J.

1597-S, Jan. 21.—Draft of " An Act prohibiting the "shipping of corn in some ports and places, and giving "authority to justices of peace to appoint ports and "places for shipping and embarking of corn and grain." Corn is shipped " upon the open sea shore and other "creeks and places," to the evasion of the customs: justices of the peace in maritime counties to appoint not more than six places in each county for the shipping of corn. Endorsed with dates of proceedings in H. C. C. J. wanting. Not mentioned in L. J.


1. Another draft.

2. Abstract or Brief of the Bill.

3. List of Committee on the Bill in H. C. "to meet
"in the Middle Temple Hall." 1597-8, Feb. 3.

1597-8, Jan. 21,—Draft of "An Act for restraint of "carrying of corn or grain out of this realm for certain "times." Corn is scarce in consequence of exportation and bad harvests; no wheat, rye, barley, beans, peas, or oats of the growth of this realm to be put on board ship for exportation to any foreign country or to Scotland within one whole year after the reaping. Endorsed with dates of proceedings in H. C. C. J. wanting. Not mentioned in L. J.

1597-8, Jan. 24.—Draft of "An Act for the settling "and disposing of certain lands within the county of "York, being the inheritance of Thomas .Knyvett, "Esquire, one of Her Majesty's Privy Chamber.' Endorsed with dates of proceedings, in H. C. C. J. wanting. Not mentioned in L. J.

1599, Nov. 26.—Exemplification or certified copy of the Act 35 Hen. 8, concerning the King's award for certain controversies between the Lord Dacre and the heirs general of Sir James Strangwisshe.

1601, July 23.—Petition of George Bishop of Hereford. The Bps. of Hereford have been acquitted under the great seal from payment of all tenths and dismes in consideration of divers lands and manors conveyed to the Crown. Prays that it may be declared whether the Bp., " by this Act of Pole money," is to pay more than 60Z., at which he is taxed in the Bill, "and not a double "tenth, seeing he is discharged from paying any tenths "at all."

1601, Nov. 14.—Draft of "An Act for reformation of "brokers and pawntakers." They are the chief receivers of stolen goods, and thereby encourage thieves and rogues. Number of brokers to be limited to two hundred in London, Westminster, and Southwark, to be men assessed at 5Z. in land or 10Z. in goods; 160 brokers to be appointed for the city of London by the mayor and aldermen, 20 for Westminster to be appointed by the Dean or Steward of Westminster, and 20 for Southwark to be appointed by two justices: registrars to be also appointed and registers kept of goods pawned. Read 1", L. J., II. 232. Read 2', and committed, April 16, but no further proceeding. L. J., II. 233.

[1601, Dec. 3].—Writ of error in the case of "Vaughan against Anderson and Glover. Not traceable in Journal.

1. Answer of Anderson and Glover.

1601, Dec. 12.—Draft of " An Act for redress of cer"tain abuses and deceipts used in painting." Tho Company of Painters have been time out of mind an ancient company within the city of London, and have lately been incorporated by letters patent, under which none but those duly apprenticed may practise the art or mystery of painting or painter-staining; but of late the plasterers have begun to infringe this law, to the injury of duly apprenticed and skilled painters, and the increase of bad work. No plasterer in future shall exercise the art of painter-staining unless he have duly served an apprenticeship to a painter; plasterers, however, may use certain colours mixed with size but not with oil. The Bill was brought from H. C, Dec. 14, (L. J., II. 248) and counsel was ordered to be heard both for the painters and plasterers. The Bill was read 2*, Dec. 16 (254), and tho matters in dispute were referred to tho Lord Mayor and judgCB to decide, Dec. 18 (257). No further proceeding is mentioned.

1603-4, Jan. 26.—Writ of summons to Parliament to Bishop of St. Asaph.

Horn 01 1603-4, Jan. 30.—Writ of summons to Parliament to "^f- Oliver, Lord St. John of Bletsoo.

1603-4, Jan. 31.—Writs of summons to Parliament to
Philip, Lord Wharton.
William, Lord Russell, of Thornhaugh.
[Gilbert, Earl of Shrewsbury.]
Charles, Earl of Nottingham.
Henry, Earl of Southampton.
1603-4, March 2.—Writ of summons to Parliament to
Robert, Lord Bartie, of Willoughby.

1603- 4, March 16.—Writ of summons to Parliament to John, Bishop of Oxford.

[1603-4.]—Writ of summons to Parliament to [Edward, Lord Nevill, of Bergavenny].

[1604, May 1.]—Copy of "An Act concerning black"smiths using the trade of making of nails, locks, "spurs, bridle bits, buckles, stirrups, and arrow heads, "and to restrain the slitting, stringing, and ingrossing "of iron." Carriers who carry iron from one part of the country to another, buy up the unwrought iron, and thereby compel the artificers to sell their iron wares not for money but for unwrought iron, and even for other goods, such as corn, &c, to the great loss of the artificers; these practices are forbidden. Bead 1*. C. J., 1.194. No further proceeding.

1604, June 16.—Engrossment of " An Act for the sale "of certain lands of Edward Downes, Esquire, for pay"ment of his debts." Brought from H. 0. L. J., II. 327. Rejected on third reading, July 3rd. L. Jv II. 338.

1604, July 7.—" A note of all such Bills as have passed "both the Houses of Parliament at this present session, "begun in the first year of His Majesty s reign." Endorsed with the words of the King s assent, which was in the usual form except to the Act of Recognition which was as follows: "Le Roy remercie ses Loyaux subjects "prend leur recognossonces en bonne part et auisi le "veult." At the end of the list is the following note: "All these Bills had the royal assent, and so were "enacted, excepting only three that are noted with the "words ' Le Roy s'avisera.'"

1604- 5, Feb. 7.—Commission for prorogation of Parliament. Signed by the King, and sealed. In extenso, L. J., II. 349.

1605- 6, Jan. 21.—Copy of "An Act to preserve and "restore to the Crown the true and ancient regalities "appertaining to the same :" to secure due payment of fines, forfeitures, &c. to the Crown. Endorsed, "Drawn "by Judge Popham, 1605." Read 1". L. J., II. 361. Committee ordered to meet 25th March, but no further proceeding. L. J., II., 400.

1. Draft of preceding.

1605- 6, March 4.—Draft of " An Act for the natu"ralizing of the children of Sir Edward Conwaie, "Knight, Lieutenant-Governor of the King's Majesty's "cautionary town of the Briell." Read 1*. L. J., II. 387. 3 Jac. I. c. 23. in list of Private Acts, 8vo edition.

1606, March 26.—Engrossment of "An Act against "non-residence and pluralities of benefices:" the Act of 21 Hen. 8, against plurality of benefices, contained so many provisoes that it has been evaded; in future every one holding a plurality of benefices to provide a preaching minister in each at a stipend of not less than 202. per annum; and no one hereafter holding a benefice with cure of souls to be admitted to hold any other benefice therewith. Brought from H. C. on date. Read 1", March 27, but no further proceeding is recorded.

1606, March 30.—Commission appointing Sir John Popham, Chief Justice of England, Speaker of the House of Lords during the absence of Lord-Chancellor EUesmere. Sealed, not signed. In extenso, L. J., II. 404.

1606, May 17.—Copy of Order of the House respecting the bringing in of new bills in the place of bills rejected. L. J., II. 435. In extenso.

1606, Dec. 6, to Sept. 24, 1618.—Eleven letters of Robert Gray to his wife Anne Gray, and one to his servant. Gray apparently kept a shop in London and travelled with wares for sale at fairs. Eight of the letters are dated from Exeter, two from Bristol, and one from Beverley. The last letter is from London to his servant at West Chester. There is nothing to show how these letters, which arc of no public interest, reached the House of Lords.

1606- 7, March 9.—Engrossment of "An Act to con"vert the manor and prebend of Cutton, in the couuty. "of Devon (being a prebend sine curd) to the main"tenance of a preaching minister, which shall also "teach a free grammar school:" three ecclesiastical prebends were in ancient times founded by the Earls of

Devon; via., the prebend of Hayes to maintain a prebendary to say divine service, the prebend of Cutton to maintain one to read the gospel, and the prebend of Kersewell to maintain one to read the epistle, in the chapel of St. Mary within the Castle of Exeter, long since turned into a house for the assembling of the grand jury. The patronage of the said prebends became vested in the Crown by attainder of the Earls of Devon, and the prebend of Hayes was granted by Edward VI. to a layman, while the other two prebends being sine cura, little or no good has been done by them since the dissolution of the said chapel. The village of Cullam John is almost three miles from the parish church of Broadclist. Sir John Ackland has re-edified a decayed chapel there, and is seised of the advowson of the prebend of Cutton, and holds the manor and whole prebend of Cutton for a term of 36 years, if the now prebendary shall so long live. Sir John is desirous, with consent of the bishop of the diocese, that the said manor and prebend (worth about 34Z. a year, after the expiration of all the estates now in being), should be converted to the maintenance of a preaching minister, who shall be also a schoolmaster, to instruct the children of the parish of Broadclist and the neighbouring parishes. The Bill proceeds to enact that the prebend of Cutton shall be vested in Sir John Ackland and his heirs for support of a preaching minister, being also a schoolmaster, who shall teach in a school in Broadclist, to be erected by Sir John, and perform divine service on Sundays in the chapel of Cullam John. Brought from H. C. on date. L. J., II. 485. Recommitted, March 26. L. J., II. 494, but no further proceeding. Annexed,

1. Amendments to the Bill.

2. List of Committee on the Bill in H. L. Endorsed, " Sir John Ackland's Bill."

1607, May 12.—Draft of "An Act for reformation of "abuses committed in the Court of the Marshalsca and "for limitation of the same." The laws limiting the jurisdiction of the Court to be duly enforced; officers of the Court to take no more than their legal fees under pain of imprisonment. Bill brought from H. C. L. J., EL 508. Committed, June 1st, 516, but no further proceeding.


1. Draft order made on appointment of Committee on the Bill concerning the Marshalsoa, that no absent lord be named of a Committee unless particularly interested, or holding some office connected with the subject matter of the Committee. [? 1607, June 1.] See L. J., II. 323, 669, &c.

2. Pair copy of same. Endorsed, " Order 1 Junij." 1607, June 11.—Engrossment of "An Act to reform

"the abuses of mariners and sailors." Any mariner, sailor, or gunner who, after having engaged himself for a voyage, shall fail to keep his contract, shall be imprisoned for six months without bail, and forfeit doublo his earnest money and 5Z. to the person with whom ho had contracted to sail. Brought from H. C. on date. L. J., II. 522. Reported, 536, July 2, but no further proceeding is mentioned.

[1607 ?] James I. to [Cecil]. Holograph.

My littill beagle nou that god be praised this session of the comissioners hath hadde so happie a successe, to tho ende that the comissioneris of englande & by thaimo the quhole people of englande maye discerne the treu difference betuene a craftie tyrante & a iuste king, J will nou after the conclusion of this point of the naturalization oppen my myndo freelier thairin then euer J uoldo haue done before it hadde bene agreed upon, quhairas a tyrante uolde but haue geuin faire uordis till he hadde gottin his turne done & then but haue kept his promeise as he hadde thocht conuenient, first thairfore J protesto in goddis presence nouer Skottisheman did athcr directlie or iudirectlie make sute to me for any suche preeferrement as is resorued in youre acte, & quhither thay euer haddo or not god is my iuge J uas euer rootid in that firmo resolution neuer to haue placed Skotisheman in any suche roome till first tymo hadde begunne to ueare auaye that opinion of different nations, & secondlie that this iealouse aprehension of of (sic) the union hadde bene uorno auaye, & thridlie that Skottishemen had bene brocht up heir at tho feete of gamaliell, & quhen all this uaire done, J uoldo euer all my lyfe priuferro an englisho man to a Scotti.she man for any sucho place casteris paribus & uolde euer uishe my successouris after mo to doe tho lyke, as my booko to my soune bearis uitnesse, nay thoch J k[u]ew a Skottisho man for a miracle that uaire more capable for any sucho place, then any ouglisheman in englande, yctt shall J neuer be that greedie of Skottishe mennis prseforrement as to praaf'erre any by quhom

House Ov Lords.

Horsn o» occasion micht be gevin of the least discontentement Lords. ^0 tne people heir. J ame not ignorant nor noyde of meanis anew to show my thankefulnes to my subiectis of Skotland uithout any such prseferrementis, & thairfore after that in my name ye have geuin my most h[ea]rtie thankis to all youre fellou comissioners for thaire tender & reuerende regarde for the proeseruation of my praarogatiue & for the louing affection thay haue showin to that nation quh[o]m amongst J uas borne, quhairof by thaire proceidings nou thay haue geuin a most cleare demonstration, lett thaime hearby be informed that J was moued upon tuo regairdes to wishe the acte to be as generallie & fauorablie conceaned as J must confesse nou it is; first, that in my owin nature J euer loue to bo as littill bounde by any conditions as can be, & loues euer to promeiseskaircelie & parfonne fullie,

6 next that Skotlande may seo that J euer reserue to myself that fulnes of powaire to bestow suche degrees of fauoure upon thaim as thay shall be able from tyme to tyme to deserue, & thus hauing freelio dischairged my mynde of the burthen of my thochtis in this pointe, J ame hairtelie eontentid that not only ye reide this lettir in the publiquo audience of all the comissioneris, but that also it be reseruid in the register of youre actions, for a perpetuall momorie as uell of my honest sinceritie, as of my thankefulnes touardis you, as uell for the expressing of youre dewtiefull regairdes touardis mo, as of youro louing affections touardis my Skottisho subiects nou youre countreymen, and thus J bidde you hairtelie fairuell.

James R.

Endorsed. His M7 to me.

See Act I. Jac. I., c. 2.

„ HI 3.

„ IV. „ „ 1.

1608- 9, Feb. 9.—Commission for prorogation of Parliament. L. J., II. 544. In extenso.

1609- 10, Jan. 29— Lord Lisle to Mr. Bowyer, Clerk of the Parliaments. Begs him to signify to the Sheriffs of London and Middlesex that Thomas Gerlyn is a servant to his lordship, and therefore to be free from arrest, &c. during the continuance of the Parliament.


1. Copy of preceding, and of letter from Bowyer to the Sheriffs, informing them of the protection of Gerlyn, and requesting tbcm to make it known to their officers. 1609-10, March 2.—Engrossment of " An Act for the "better transferring and assuring of the rectory and "parsonage of the decayed parish of Fromo-White"field adjoining unto the borough of Dorchester in the "county of Dorset, towards the maintenance of a "preacher, a free school, and nine poor people of the "almshouse in the said town of Dorchester." Brought from H. C. L. J., II. 559. Noted, "To sleep." See March 15, 567. [A new bill was brought in and passed,

7 Jac. I. c. 26. in list of Private Acts.]

1609-10, March 5.—John Gooche to Mr. Bowyer, Clerk of the Parliaments. His master (Mr. Attorney) has perused and returns the Act for the restitution in blood of the children of George Brooke. Prays Mr. Bowyer to speak with his master about the title of the Bill at the Committee-room in the Parliament House.

1609-10, March 6.—Lord Say and Sole to Mr. Bowyer. Desires a copy of the Bill against pluralities, and that he would write word when he shall have it; scribble out as fast as he can, he will not pay the less for it, so it bo examined to be true. "From my house over "against leeddon hawle."

1609-10, March 13.—Draft of " An Act for restitution "to be granted in certain cases upon entries with force "or holding with force." Brought from H. C. L. J., II. 566. Endorsed, "Kejected." 23rd March. See L. J., II. 571.

1609-10, March 15.—Lord Evre to Mr. Bo[w]yer for a copy of the Bill for the quietting of possessions (upon indictments) by the justices of the peace. Endorsed, "The Lo. Evre for a copy of a Bill intituled 'An Act "'for restitution to be granted in certain cases upon "'entries, Ac'" See L. J., II. 567.

1609-10, March 22.—Robert Bowyer to Sir George Rcnnell. Kt. The "Bill for tho school and other good uses in The'ford is ready, and the meeting of the Committee fixed. The business concerns Sir Edward Clere, who is understood to be a prisoner in tho King's Bench, desires information respecting the cause of his imprisonment that an order may bo made for the appearance of himself or his counsel before the Committee. See L. J., II. 567, &c.

1610, April 25 to May 23.—Proceedings of the Com- Horse Of mittee of the House of Commons for grievances in tho -1"18, matter of impositions. See C. J., I. 421, &c.

1610, April 26.—Draft of " An Act for discovery of "thieves, and punishment of retailing brokers and "other receivers of stolen goods within the city of "London, and within the compass of three miles of "the said city." An Act of Common Council made January 26th, 1608, which requires brokers, &c. to bo registered, and also to register and describe with tho registrars appointed for that purpose, all goods, <fec. bought by them, and which extends only to the City of London, to apply in future to all places within three miles of the same. Read la, L. J., II. 582. Reported as unfit to proceed, 605, June 1st.

1610, May 1.—Draft of "An Act of confirmation of a "grant made unto the most high and mighty Princess "Anne, Queen of England, Scotland, France, and Ire"land." By letters patent dated 27th April 1610, tho King granted to the Queen an annuity of 13,000L, payable quarterly out of the Exchequer, and if not paid within ten days after any of the days appointed, then the same to be paid out of the customs and subsidies of London. The said patent and everything therein contained is hereby confirmed. Read 1*, May 1st. L. J., II. 585. The Bill was read 3*, but does not seem to have been proceeded with any further.

1610, May 1. Gravesend.—Thomas Honiman to Mr. Bo[w]yer, Clerk of the Parliaments. Has been obliged to leave town, and finds that he will be detained longer than he expected. Has given instructions respecting his business to bearer. Hereby promises payment of fees due to Bowyer and other officers of the House.

1610, May 14.—List of Committee on a Bill intituled "An Act for the taking, landing, and carrying of sea "sand for the bettering of grounds, and for the increase "of corn and tillage in the counties of Devon and "Cornwall." L. J., II. 593. The Bill passed through all its stages, but did not receive the royal assent.


1. Certificate of certain gentlemen in favour of
preceding Bill. Dated from Devon, and ad-
dressed to Lord Chancellor Ellesmerc. April
19, 1610.

1610, May 20.—Lord Say and Sele to "his cousin," Robt. Bowyer, Clerk of the Parliaments: giving the names of the executors of Sir James Dean and others, whose attendance will be required before the Committee on the Bill for disuniting the parsonages of Ashe and Dean, and praying Mr. Bowyer to write to them. On Monday or Tuesday at utmost will bring him his fees, and bestow a piece of venison on him. See L. J., 11. 598.


1. List of persons whose attendance is required.

1610, May 24.—Engrossment of "An Act to explain "one branch contained in the Statute anno primo Eliz., "intituled An Act restoring to the Crown the ancient "jurisdiction over the State, ecclesiastical and spiritual, "and abolishing all foreign jurisdiction repugnant to "the same." By this Act the Crown was authorised to issue commissions to inquire into errors, heresies, schisms, and abuses ecclesiastical. This power had been strained to extend to matters in no way coming under ecclesiatical jurisdiction. The Act shall not authorise anything contrary to the laws ecclesiastical. Brought from H. C. L. J., II. 598. Read 1", 605, but no further proceeding.

1610, May 26.—A list of the Lords not having taken tho oath of allegiance in Parliament, anno 7° Rg. Jacobi. Apparently used at the time of the Petition of both Houses to the King, touching his safety (May 1610), as it is noted with some of the proceedings thereon. See L. J., II. 604. &c.

1610, May 30.—Engrossment of "An Act for expla"nation of the Statute made in tho third and fourth "years of King Edward the Sixth, concerning the "traders of butter and cheese." Act of Edward VI., wheh forbids purchasers of butter and cheese to sell the same again except by retail, not to apply to the City of London, where it is found to interfere with the supply of the city and neighbourhood, and the victualling of ships resorting to the port. Brought from H. C. L. J., II. 604. Committed, but no further proceeding.


1. List of Committee on the Bill in H. L. L. J., II. 629, June 28. [1610, June 2.]—Memoranda temp. Hen. VIII. and Edw. IV., respecting precedency of Lord Clinton. See L. J., II. 606.

1610, June 7.—Copy of entry in journal of the Chan

«<* eellor's Bpeech respecting the King's proclamation for J*" all persons to take the oath of allegiance L. J., II. 608. In extenso.

1610, June 8.—List of Peers. The names of those taking the oath of allegiance this day being noted. L. J., H. 609.

1610, June 9.—List of Peers, and of Peers taking the oath on the 9th, 12th, 16th, and 21st of June, and 12th July. See L. J., II. 610, Ac.

1610, June 14, Serjeants Inn.—Mr. Justice WalmesIcy to Mr. Robt. Bowyer. The Bill of which ho spoke to him is a general Bill "against Barwicke, followed by "Robert Goodier and his wife," who both come from the same part of the country as the writer. If Mr. Bowyer will show them what lawful favor he can to further the said Bill, that which he told him should be paid shall be paid without fail if the Bill take effect.

1610, June 16.—The Attorney General to Mr. Bowyer. Desires to know, for the information of the King, how the Bill for naturalizing Mrs. Margaret Clarke stands.

1610, June 17.—James Whitelock to Mr. Bowyer. No reason for Sir Robert Johnson to be so very quick; but the House is very anxious that this business should be ripened. Prays him not to let the work slack. Sends a note of cases.


1. Notes of certain rolls of Parliament. Headed, "Record of the Tower not yet copied out."

2. Sir Robert Johnson to Mr. Robson. Is commanded by the great Committee of the Commons to command him to send him the copies of the eight records by 6 o'clock to-morrow morning, or to bring them to the House by 7 o'clock, particularly a record concerning Lord Latimer, temp. Edw. DX Friday [June 22d, 1610].

1610, June 18.—Notes of amendments to Lord Abergavenny's Bill. Endorsed, " L. Le Despencer. Delivered "in the House by the L. Privy Seal, die Martis, 18" "Junij 1640." See L. J., II. 625.

1610, June 21.—Engrossment of "An Act against "common and ordinary swearing by the name of God "in vain." Persons above 14 years of age convicted of swearing to pay the following fines, viz.: a baron twenty shillings, a gentleman five, any other person two. If children under 14 years of age bo convicted, the parents to be informed, and to correct them by "whipping or scourging with a rod." Parents failing to punish their children, to pay five shillings on conviction. All fines to go to the uso of the poor. Brought from H. C. L. J., II. 620. Dropped after commitment.


1. List of Committee on the Bill in H. L. L. J., II. 629, June 28.

1610, Juno 26.—Petition of William Palmer and Jeames Boyle to the Lord Chancellor, praying that in the case of a Bill for the naturalization of two children of Palmer, and one 'of Boyle, fees as if for two children only may be charged.

1610, Juno 29.—Amendments upon a Bill intituled "An Act that all such as are to be naturalized or "restored in blood shall first receive the sacrament of "the Lord's Supper and the oath of allegiance and "the oath of supremacy." L. J., II. 630. The Bill passed through all its stages in both Houses, but did not receive the royal assent.

1610, June 29.—Lord Hunsden to Lord Chancellor [Ellesmere]. It is now six weeks since tho death of his two servants, and no further peril of Bickness appearing, he will, with their Lordships' permission, be ready in another week to attend the House; but without such permission he will not presume to come. L. J., H. 631.

1610, June 29.—Wm. Noyo to Mr. Bowyer, Clerk of the Parliaments. Was entreated by Sir Francis Fano to see Bowyer about the "transcripting" of certain orders of this Session according to a certiorari. Prays that all speed may be used that Lord Abergavenny's Bill may not be delayed.

1610, June 29.—The Earl of Bath to Mr. Boyer [Bowyer], Clerk of the Parliaments. Desires him to Bend by bearer a copy of the Bill [3° Jac. I.] for the carriage of wood and timber from High Bickington and Kesmere Bridge down the river Tow to the town of Barstable and other towns adjoining, and an account of the proceedings of the Lords on tho Bill.

1610, June 30.—Draft of "An Act concerning some "manner of assignments of debts to His Majesty." 7 4 8 Jac. I. c. 15. Read 1\ L. J., H. 631.

1610, July 2.—A list of persons who arrosted Thomas House Of Heynes, servant to the Lord Chamberlain, in breach of Luriw. privilege. L. J., II. 633.

1610, July 5. — Engrossment of "An Act for the "punishment of Sir Stephen Procter, Knight, for "divers misdemeanours and offences by him practised "and committed." Procter having obtained a commission from the King to givo ease to the subjects against informers, has been guilty of cruel exactions, and obtained large sums of money for dispensing with penal laws, not answering to His Majesty for a third of the sums levied; for these offences he shall lose his life, bo degraded from knighthood, &c. Bill brought from H. C. L. J., II. 635, bnt was dropped after commitment.

1610, July 6. Richard Glover to Mr. Robert Bowyer. Prays him to take his word for tho fees, and to let the Bill go on. Hopes to see Sir Richard Coninsby tonight, and will assure him as much, as also all the other officers. His master prays the Bill may be road tomorrow. Endorsed, " Mr. Glover for Mr. Attorney, "touching the Bill for the Norfolk Marshes."

1610, July 9.—Draft of grievances complained of by the House of Commons, with the King's answers. L. J., II. 639. Ia extenso.

1610, July 14.—Draft of "An Act for the better '" safety of His Majesty's royal person." Any person conspiring against the King's "life to suffer such "pains of death in such lingering manner and with "such exquisite torments," as the Court beforo which he is tried shall adjudge. Right of lineal descendants of culprit to any lands, &c. to be forfeited to the King. No lineal descendant to be capable of purchasing or holding lands, &c. For the purposes of the Act, the death of the King to cause no cessation in the powers of magistrates. Read 1*. L. J., II. 643. Dropped after report, 653, July 20.

1610, July 17.—Engrossment of "An Act for the "relief of Robert Pennington and John Holingshead, "prisoners in the Marshalsea, and Wm. Pountis, pri"soner in the Counter of the Poultry, London." John and Jacob Pountis trading to Tunis had bought certain goods there, which were afterwards condemned in the Admiralty Court as goods taken from Venetian subjects by pirates. The persons mentioned had become sureties for John and Jacob Pountis to the extent of 3,000i., and being unable to pay the whole value of the goods, had been imprisoned, though an appeal was pending. Brought from H. C. L. J., II. 646. Read 1\ 653, but no further proceeding.

1610, August 4.—Receipt from Thomas Wagstaff, "one of the clerks of the chapel," to R. Bowyer, Clerk of the Parliaments, for three writs of certiorari to be put on the file in the Chapel of the Rolls.

1610, Oct. 18.—Draft of "An Act for the erection of "common brewhouses in certain places needing the "same, whereby the subjects may be much eased in "the point of carriages at the times of His Majesty's "progress, and drunkenness the better suppressed." Innkeepers brew bad, strong, heady beer in their own houses, to the increase of drunkenness, and the inconvenience of the subjects who have to carry beer long distances for the King on his progresses. Brewhouses to be established in certain places. Read 1*. L. J., II. 667. Endorsed, " Rejected upon tho general opinion "of the Committee."


1. List of Committee on tho Bill in H. L., Oct. 23.
L. J., II. 670.

1610, Nov. 10.—Draft of "An Act for the enabling "and making good of leases and grants to bo made by "the Prince [Henry, eldest son of James I.], and for "the yielding of true accounts upon oath by His High"ness' officers from time to time." Refers to Principality of Wales, Duch}' of Cornwall, and Earldom of Chester; but Manors of Brom field and Yale in Denbigh are excepted. Read 1'. L. J., II. 676. Endorsed, "20 Nov. Brought into the Houso by the Committees, "and ordered to sleep," 680.


1. List of Committee on the Bill. Nov. 12. L. J.,
II. 677.

2. Draft of amendments to the Bill.

3. Draft of a new Bill. Nov. 20. L. J., II. 680.

4. Draft, endorsed, "A rough draft of t,he2d Bill."

5. Parchment copy of Bill. Noted, "Soit bailie
"aux Communs." Bill read 3*. L. J., II. 682,
Nov. 24. C. J. wanting.

1610, Dec. 10.—Commission for prorogation of Parliament. Signed by the King and sealed. In cxtoneo, L. J., II. 683.

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