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EXEOT the first yeare of K. Richard the Third, collected by

Sir Robert Cotton. Commences, “Memorand. quod
** die Veneris, 23° die Januarii, anno Regis Ricardi
“s tertii post conquestum primo, vizt. primo die par.
" liamenti ipso Domino Rege in camera deposita.”
pp. 141-232. Journall of the parliamentarie proceed.
ings in the Lower House, ano xxxv Eliz., annoque
Domini 1592, verie laboriously collected. . . . . .
In which alsoe some unusual distast happened betweene
her Matie and ye House of Comons by reason of their
intermedling with her Maties successor to ye crowne
which she had then forbidden. This session begann
on Monday the xixth February 1592, and ended the
ixth of Aprill 1593. pp. 234-346. [It appears to
agree with D’Ewes.] A true relation of everie daies
passage in Parliament, together with the longe
speeches, from the 20th of Januarie (1628), when it
began, till the 10th of March 1628, when it brake upp.
pp. 82. [Differs slightly from Sir Thomas Crew's
debates in 1628, 12mo, Lond., 1707.]

Folio. Paper. 17th century. Proceedings in Parliament, 1627, 8. pp. 168, with a table prefixed. Commences with “ The King's speeche att the begining of " the Parliament. Theis tymes are for action, where. “ fore for example sake, I meane not to spend much tyme in words;" ends with “The second remon“ strance. Most gracious Soveraigne. Your Majs " most loyall and dutifull subjects, the Commons in

this present Parliament assembled, being in nothing “ more carefull then of the honor and prosperity of " your Maty and the kingdome,” &c.

Folio. Collection of the severall pleas and demurrers of certaine parliament men committed by our Soveraigne Lorde Kinge Charles to the Tower of London, at the ending of the Parliament houlden at Westm" in the 5th yeare of his Maje raigne, to an informacion of Sir Robt. Heath, Knt., ye Kinge's attorney generall, 1629.

Speeches and papers relating to the case against John Hampden for refusing to pay the assessment of

of ship-money, 11-14 Charles I., taken in short-hand by J. Ř., clerk of the House. Paper. Folio. 17th century.

The following is the table of contents of this volume :

1. My Lord Keeper's speeche in Starre chamber the first tyme his LOPP delivered anything in charge to the judges touching the writts for ship-money. 17th June, 11 Charles I.

2. His second speeche to the like effect, att such tyme when his Lopp published in course the judges opinion formerly in private delivered to his Matie 14th Feb., 12 Charles I.

3. The King's letter to the judges, the case sent therewith, and the judges opinion theruppon touching the legalitie of the writts for shipp-money. 2nd Feb., 12 Charles I.

4. The whole recordes in Mr. Hampden's case as it is on recorde in the Excheguer, conteyninge,i. The scire facias wch issued out of the Exchequer,

wch recites the writt, 4th August, 11 Charles I., agt Mr. Hampden, to showe cause why hee should not pay the 20s. assessed upon him. Easter, 13

Charles I. ii. The certiorare, with the returnes thereof, and the

scedules thereunto annexed, whereby Mr. Hampden is certified into the Chancery to bee assessed 208., and had not paide it. 9th March, 13

Charles I. üi. The mittimus, with the new clause of “Salus

regni periclitabatur," whereby the writt 4° Augusti, the tenour of the certiorare, and the other proceedings are sent into the Exchequer to bee proceeded uppon there by the barons, secun

dum legem et consuetudinem Angliæ. iv. Mr. Hampden's demurrer unto the saide writts,

scedules, and returnes thereof, Quod materia in eisdem content: minus sufficient : in lege exist :

ad onerandum ipsum. v. Mr. Attorney, his joyneing in demurrer wtb Mr.

Hampden, quod materia in eisdem content: sufficien : in lege exist : ad Joh'em Hampden de pred :

20s. onerand., &c. 5. Mr. St. John's two days' argument for Mr. Hampden.

6. Mr. Solicitor his three days' argument for the King.

7. Mr. Holborne's reply, or four days' argument for Mr. Hampden.

8. The arguments of the twelve judges of the land, and Judge Crooks, as it was presented to the King.

9. The effect of Mr. Attorney's motion in the Court of Exchequer in praying of judgement for the King,

according to the major voices, and my Lo: Ch: Baron's DUKE OP

NORTHUM answeare thereunto.

10. The coppy of that order as it is entered uppon that motion in the Exchequer.

11. The coppy of the judgment as it is entered on the roll in this greate case of Mr. Hampden.

12. My Lo: Keeper's speeche in the Starre chamber after the said arguments were ended, wherein hee gave charge to the judges to have an eye to the equalitie of assessments.

13. The indictement in English ag Mr. Harrison for accuseinge Judge Hutton of highe treason, by reason of some passages hee lett fall in his argument about the shipp money, together with his examination, &c.

Taken in short hand p J. R. Hosp: Cl:. 4to. Commentaries of Sir Henry Slingsby, from the year 1638 to 1648, containing many remarkable occurrences during the civil wars. 18th century copy. pp. 30. [As edited by Sir Walter Scott. 8vo. Edinburgh, 1806.]

4to. Capt. John Hodgson's narrative of the civil wars and his own afflictions. 1642 to Aug. 1665. pp. 41.

4to. Entry book of letters of John Fitz-James (most of them dated from Leweston, co. Dorset), 20th Oct. 1645 to 23rd June 1647. [Grace, daughter of Sir John Fitz-James (who died in 1670), married Sir George Strode; her daughter, Grace, married Henry Thynne; her daughter Frances married the Earl of Hertford, father of the 1st Duchess of Northumberland.]

4to. Entry book of letters of John Fitz-James [most of them dated from Leweston]. 30th Aug. 1647 to 10th Nov. 1649.

4to. Entry book of letters of John Fitz-James (most

4to. Entry of them dated from Leweston]. 17th Nov. 1649 to 17th March 1651.

4to. Entry book of letters of John Fitz-James most of them dated from Leweston]. May 1653 to 27th Sept. 16 1668.

Folio. Entry book of letters of John Fitz-James [most of them dated from Leweston). 9th Sept. 1654 to 2nd Sept. 1656.

Folio. Entry book of letters of John Fitz-James (most of them dated from Leweston]. 26th Jan. 1657 to 2nd Sept. 1662..

4to. Entry book of letters of John Fitz-James [most of them dated from Leweston). 5th Dec. 1668 to 15th June 1670.

Alphabetical common-place book belonging to John Fitz-James. Paper. Small 4to. 17th century. It con. tains chiefly Latin phrases and interpretations.

Folio. Common-place book. “Liber Johannis FitzJames, anno Dñi 1640. Thoughe readinge doe furnish " and direct a man's judgment, yett it doth not wholly governe it. Therefore lett thy readinge bee mixed “ with ye conversation of discreet, able, and under“ standinge men, without which yu canst make little “ use of thy readinge either for thyselfe or ye comonw. " where thou livest, the one beinge ye chiefest and " principall guide of our actions; the other butt supple" mentall, F." pp. 672.

4to. Common-place book. “Liber Johannis Fitz" James, Det Christus studiis vela secunda meis, begun " 1640.” pp. 1-159, and 2 leaves not numbered. At p. 23 begins “Of the Parliament and of ye manner oo and forme of holding of it in ye time of Edw. son to “ King Elthred .......... written out of a copye “ of my father, Leweston FitzJames, &c.” At p. 45, Notes of proceedings in Parliament, beginning 5th Aug. 1641. Atp. 139, An account of the reception of Prince Charles in Spain.

12mo. A common-place book. On fly-leaves “Liber “ Jo. FitzJames," "Sarah FitzJames, 1641.” Begins “ Of ye invention of ye nine muses.”

4to. Receipts. Katherine Beale, Katherine Stephens, Aug. the 3, anno 1641. One end commences “ To cure “ the goute ;" the other end, “To candy rock candy • that you may make sugar candy.”

4to. A booke of receipts, written by me Eleonor FitzJames; begun 1667. pp. 33. Misc. entries, pp. 34-43.

4to. A booke of medecines, pp. 1-150, and index: a booke of receiptes of cookerye, contents 7 leaves, pp. 156; the manner of medecines gathered into x tables ; Fitzjames his cordiall electuary; index. “This is " Eadithe Beales boke, vii of Aprill 1576.“Grace “ Strode her book, Aprill ye 29th 1693; this book was " my grandmother FitzJames grandmother Beales, who " was att Paris in the massicar of St. Bartholumus day " in the rain of Charles ye ninth of France.”


PUKE OF Folio. Paper 17th century. Metrical version of
BERLAND. some of the Psalms of David. Commences Psalm 1.

Whoe can conceive, what tongue expresse
The happye state, and blessedness
Of that pure soule, whoe doth contemne

The counsell of ungodlye men.
Ends with Psalm 128. At the end, A commentary to
the Lord's prayer; imperfect.

Folio. Sermons (preceded by a prayer); the 1st, 30th Sept. 1649, Corinthians 2, 10 c., 5th verse, ye later part of ye verse : last, 1 Corinthians, 1 chap., 30th verse, 11th February 1654. [? By Archbishop Ussher; if so, not printed.]

Folio. Entry book of letters (some in cipher), signed H. C. (Henry Coventry, (nephew to Mr. Thynne], ple. nipotentiary with Lord Hollis), (Rapin, vol. 2, p. 644], dated Breda, 20th May to 11th Sept. 1667, addressed to the Lord Chancellor and Secretaries of State relating to a designed treaty with Holland and France. [Mem. Other volumes of correspondence, &c., by Henry Coventry were presented to the British Museum by Algernon, 4th Duke of Northumberland.]

4to. Notes of interviews (with Biorn.?], political news, &c., by an English minister (Thomas Thynne created Viscount Weymouth, 1682?; see Sir Wm. Temple's letter to Mr. Thynne, Temple's works, vol. 2, folio, 1720, p. 27, also Calendars of State Papers, Domestic Series, Charles II., A.D. 1666–7, pp. 173, 268,) to Sweden, 23rd Sept. 1667 to 5th Jan. 1668-9. Preceded by “Reasons why all letters of publique “ ministers ought to bee written to ye King and " answered by him ;" “Reasons why there ought to bee but one secretary for foreigne businesse;" “A “ une dame qui manque a respondre ;" “ Catalogue of “ books bought in France ;" * Proverbs," &c. &c. On the fly-leaf,“ Written to M. H. Oct. ye 16th, of Mons. “ Passeburguys journey into England, with request " that I may take Copenhagen in my way home, and yt I may not returne hither againe, ye country in “ noe way agreeing with my health, and yt I may “ have punctual information of what passeth in ye " Parliament. The last requested also of Williamson,”

Secretary of State, 1674]. At other end, Notes con. cerning the Duchess of Somersett's will and her last days, 14th May 1673 to 28th April 1674, in the same handwriting.

4to. Remarks on the history of King Charles I., Oliver Cromwell, and King Charles II. in a different and uncomon view; dedicated to the Earl of Hertford by Jho. Twining. pp. 48.

12mo. Notes of journeys in 1679-80. Begins “I ** began my voyage the 8 of Octo. 1679.”

Folio. The Oxford address, with the reasons for not subscribing. The address sent down by the Bishop of Oxford to that University to require their subscription (after 1679, bill of exclusion, and Monmouth).

Folio. The Lord Viscount Dumblan's joynture on the Lady Viscountess Dumblan, dated 16" Junii 1683. " Vera copia, exa’iat' 13° die Junii 1720, per me “ Johannem Webb.” pp. 29. 18th century copy.

Folio. Humanum est errare, or False steps on both sides, by (John Sheffield) the Earl of M- Mulgrave), now Marquis of N- by (Normanby], 1688, [created Duko of Buckingham, 1703]; with the author's observations upon the late abdication. pp. 51.

Folio. Rules, orders, and instructions for the future government of the office of ordnance, 1683; additions to the same, 1686. Orders by Queen Anne for the officers of our works, 12th October 1705. Instructions for the more regular passing the accompts of the general letter office and post office and penny post office, 12th April 1703.

4to. Khunrath, Hen. Lips. theosophia amator et Med. Doct. ampitheatrum sapientiæ æternæ. The title ends, “ Hallelujah: Hallelujah : Hallelujah : phy “ diabolo. Soli Deo gloria e millibus vix uni non * intelliget nisi cui spiritus sapientiæ adsistit."

Folio. Sapientia veterum. A Latin treatise, with a translation and 67 coloured figures. A note at the beginning, “ Valued by Cooper, the bookseller, at the “ Pellican, Little Britain, 1678, at 151. Bought of “ Heard in Piccadilly, with two more; cost 58. I believe these MSS. to have been Eirenæus Phile“ lethes (Thos. Vaughan's ?) own writings."

Many of these books on alchemy probably belonged to General Charles Rainsford, who was Lieut. Governor of Gibraltar in 1792, and died 24th May 1809, aged 82. See Gentleman's Mag., vol. 79, pt. 1, p. 583.

12mo. Axiomes de medicenne. pp. 114.

Folio. Libro per brevem: apprende le discipline mattemate ...... con diversi giudizi Astrolog: se

detto in luce per me Luigi Maria Cagnacci. Firensen 1689. pp. 217. Followed by “ Breve compendio p. la NORTHEY " chiromanzia,” with illustrations. On cover. « Si BERLAN) “ contiene in questo L. astrologia judicianae in “ succinto la chiromanzia.” Lettered M.S.C. Astro. mathe.

8vo. Joannis Garlandii Angli philosophi doct. de præparatione elixiris libellus; de universalibus liber: expositio tabulæ Smaragdina ; synonimorum in arté alchimistica expositio.

8vo. Differents traites sur l'auyre hermetique ou la piere des philosophes diverses secrets concernant les pieres precieuses; aphorismes hermetiques, &c., &c. Ends with “ du sel Gemme.”

4to. 409 numbered leaves written in a very minute but clear hand, and containing :-

1. A Latin treatise on. logic. The title is wanting. The proæmium begins, Mos est in Scolis Logicam radi quodam facilique Logicarum rerum compendio Tyronibus expedire .... The work deals with three Quaestiones, viz., de terminis, de enunciatione, de argumentatione. Each Quæstio is again treated of under several Articuli.

2. In universam Aristotelis Logicam Quæstiones XXX. This title is written in capitals within a beautifully executed border; at the top of which are the initials J. H. S., and at the foot is a shield of arms surmounted by a helmet having the vizor closed; the arms are, per fess, in chief an eagle displayed with a crown above its head, in base, a sword in bend between two stars. The limner's name occurs thus, Viscardus F. The pro@mium begins, Tota Logicæ ars ut initio Summularum monuimus ... The work ends on the recto of fo. 409.

A small 4to volume of between 400 and 500 pp. written about the years 1725-8. The contents are in Italian and the title page states to be “ Compendious “ Diary or Chronicle beginning from 1668, the year of “ my entering the Society of Jesuits."

The following leaf contains a fuller title, viz. " Memoirs from the year 1668 noted by Father Dominic " Mancini*, i.e., from his entry into the Society of Jesus “ down to this holy year 1725 and subsequent years. " The said Memoirs begin on p. 313, are taken up again " at p. 131, and follow on from the 1st page of this " volume. A. M. D. G. (ad majorem Dei gloriam). For the library of the house of the professed at Naples of the Society of Jesus.

The notes of the first 30 years, 1668–1698, are comprised in 33 leaves. Afterwards the entries are more numerous. He mentions the names of the provincial 'who admitted him to the order, and the officers of the house : his various steps, &c. In September and October 1683 all Naples was in a state of rejoicing by reason of Vienna being relieved from the attack of the Turks. He details his various missions. He seems to have a new saint or protector every year; he had special interventions; many notices of the liquefactions and nonliquefactions of the blood of St. Januarius; visits of the Viceroy ; eruptions of Vesuvius; stay of threatened eruptions by the display of the head of St. Januarius; tempests and their stay by processions; a severe eruption of Vesuvius in 1698; deaths and successions of popes; disturbances in Naples; accounts of civic and military proceedings there; deaths of notable persons ; funeral and other processions; miracles; religious plays; poisonings with acqua tofana. In 1718, Aug. lst, he notices the appearance of the English squadron under Admiral Binck (Byng) which was to leave on the following Thursday to oppose the squadron of the Duke of Anjou in Sicily. On Wednesday the 23rd of August news came of the total rout of the Spanish squadron by the English squadron under Binck on the slth of August. On Saturday 21st of July 1725 the painter, Francesco Solemino, put the last touch to his picture of the Scourg. ing of Heliodorus over the door of the church: he received 2,500 ducats, but it may be said to have cost 3,500, including the cost of colours, food for himself and his pupils, &c. On Monday 26th of July 1728 died the celebrated painter Paolo de Mattei, who painted the Great Cupola, &c., the writer lauds him much; he painted in Rome, France, and other countries. All the painting in the church of St. Francis Xavier is by Mattei.

It is a remarkable volume, chronicling as it does under exact dates the events and experiences of a religious

* He completed his 16th year on the 6th October 1668. From an entry at the end of the volume it appears that he was a son of Sabbato Ricardo, a Neapolitan, by Gratia Cuzzolino, and that his father died of the plague in 1665, and his mother in 1658. After the father's death his mother being in feeble health and in poor circumstances he and his brother were taken charge of by a Neapolitan named Carlo Mancini. whose name the writer took in gratitude. A.J. H.

3. Of LAND.


life of nearly 60 years, intermixed with a few notices of astrology, from the most approved authors. Written at DUKE OF
civil and military affairs.

Gibraltar, 1795. pp. 70.
4to. Caball misterieuse des 150 pseaumes du Roy 4to. Continuation of philosophic MSS. from various
David. pp. 123.

authors. 1797. pp. 336. Lettered “ Particular manu-
4to. Livre des esprits inferieures concernant les “ script.”
esprits et leur pouvoirs.

4to. An hermetical and philosophic manuduction; or
4to. Flambeau des vrais Rosecroix ou des Sages, cet certain guide to the great medicine of the philosophers,
ouvrage a été mis en ordre avec les figures, par Le Cte. wherein the sense of Paracelsus' writings are clearly
Urroy de St. Bedan. Londre, 1798. pp. 149.

explained, by J. C. von V.; to which is added the
Folio. Regne vegetal : regne animal : regne mineral. treatise of Sol sine veste, translated from the German
A French treatise on chymistry, distilling, &c., divided by Sir Ralf 0. Chardens and the Chev. de Sarindorff,
as above. pp. 303. Preceded by an index. Lettered 1783. pp. 912. Preceded by a note, signed C. R., Jan.
• Rovel sylla chim.”

1789, and an index. On fly-leaf opposite title “C. R.”
4to. Explicantur ea que ad theoricam lapidis phylo. stamped, and under it “Rainsford.” Lettered “ Par-
sophici conducunt. pp. 168. Preceded by two intro “ ticular MSS.” At end, “this MS. was ended in
ductions and annotazioni, and followed by an index. " 1797.
Lettered “tras alce mso.”

4to. An enquiry into the origin of the game of
4to. Clavicula Salomonis Regis ex idiomate Hebræo Thavot. From the French of M. Court de Ğebelin ;
versa, per Dom. M. Coturnium (sequuntur sacra pen continued by Eteilla. 4 vols. 4to. Vol. 1, pp. 278.
tacula propriis figuris expressa), libri duo. pp. 114. Vol. 2, pp. 174 and 182. At p. 174, the rough translation
At end of book 1, are many figures.

finished (by Rainsford ?) at Lymington, 2nd Sept. 1793;
4to. Cephar Raziel. pp. 43. Compendium totius copied at Gibraltar, and finished 28th Feb. 1794. Vol. 3,
scient. Cabala. pp. 8. Regole di M. Girolamo Wetter, pp. 346. Vol. 4, pp. 110 (finished at Gib. 25th July
&c. Ends with the “Vero modo d' acquistare la 1795,) and 141.
“ Kabola Angelica.” On fly-leaf, “ This book was 8vo. Translation of a letter in French from a B"
““ bought at Naples from the Jesuits' Colledge, &c.” (mason and cabalist ?) at Bruxelles to one of the same

Folio. Extracts (in Latin), chemical and astrological. order, supposed in England. 29th Dec. 1768. Preceded
pp. 275. Begins on p. 25. “Light: Ex miscell. curios by mathematical recreations; at the other end a catalogue
* sive ephemerid : Medico-physicar . . . . . 1687." of ores and minerals. Begun 1st Oct. 1768.
Preceded by an index.

4to. 18th century. Chymical processes of the Duke
Folio. Extracts, in Latin, relating to alchemy, of Buckingham, wrote with his own hand, 1676, &c. &c.;
metallurgy, &c. pp. 1-68. With illustrations, and pre- ending with, Processes brought from Rome from Sign.
ceded by an index. (On last leaf of index, “s'his Lande, 1772. pp. 262.
“ was among the MSS. in the Jesuits' Colledge at 4to. Formula of the religion of the Druzi in the
“ Naples, when the Government seized upon the form of a catechism. Translated from the Arabic into
“ Convent and sold their Library.”] Verdadera y Italian, from Italian into English (by Rainsford ?), with
segura metodo racional Spagerica dispuesto por el Dr. a vocabulary of Arabic words. pp. 1-65.
Dn. Manuel Garrat de los Rios. 1716. pp. 1-72. (A Catechism of the Scotch master. pp. 69-79.
Spanish treatise on anatomy, imperfect.)

Anecdotes of Pythagoras and other antient philo-
8vo. Ars artium (the secret of secrets). On fly-leaf, sophers of note. pp. 80–172.
" I (C. Rainsford !) copied this book from an old The doctrine of hermetic philosophy proved. Trans-
“ manuscript written upon parchment . . . . the lated from the Italian MS. written in Monto Leone.
“ name of Dr. Dee was upon one of the leaves." pp. 173-240.
pp. 206. On p. 206, “This is written 10th March 1787.Medicine laid open, by Joseph Mente, M.D., in Rome.

4to. Liber Piccatrici, Tractatus artis magiel Piccatrix. Translated from the Italian, 1803. pp. 1-35.
pp. 439 and table. On fly-leaf, “Picatrix ; cette ouvrage 4to. An essay upon the history of Sabeism and the
* est tres rare dit M. de Bure."

doctrines of the religion of the Drusi, by M. de Boch. ·
Svo. Heptameron des Ludowici Zypriani de Mongold, Published at Metz and Paris in 1778. Translated into
Arcanum secretum die gehätze zu heben, gedrücket zu English (by Rainsford ?) in 1796. An historical account
Sion den 4ten Maj in Jahr Christi 1304.

of the gypsies. Translated from the German of Grellman
4to. Scienza cabalistica : Cabala Caldaica perfettissima; by the Baron de Boch, and from the French by C. R.
Kabala chiromantica.

(Rainsford ?). pp. 336.
4to. La filosophia naturale di molti celebri filosofie 4to. A philosophical treatise of a sonambule upon
libro d'oro, &c. 1721. 2 vols. Vol. 1, pp. 408; vol. 2, God, man, and nature. Published in French, 1788, and
pp. 352 and index.

transposed by an admirer and student in animal mag-
**4to. Aurea catena Homeri ; das ist Ein Beschreibung netism (Rainsford ?), 1794. Gibraltar. 2 vols. pp. 267
von dem Ursprung der Natur und naturlichsen Dingen. and 214.
Jena, 1757.2 vols. 4to. 479 folios ; followed by a 4to. 18th century. Curious experiments in natural

magick and cabalistic from Albertus Parvus. pp. 1-78.
Folio. Extracts (in German) from books, by P. J. The real practice of the Enots, as done by the Jesuits.
Faber, and others, on chemistry, &c. pp. 315. Preceded (In Italian). pp. 79–131.
by an index, commencing, “ Secreta Chym. L. 1. Ex A translation (by Rainsford ?) from the Themis aurea
* Fabri comp Seor: Chym: vel Chym. geheimnüse." of Michael Meyer. pp. 132–208.
Lettered, “Fabri Ph. Brie Brand.”

4to. Particular processes from various experiments
4to. Collection of extracts relative to the fraternity in MSS. and other printed authors (collected by Rains
of the R. C. (Rosie Cross); a translation (by Rainsford ) ford ?). pp. 197, and index.
from Themis aurea, by Michael Mayer (Frankfort, 1618). 4to. Common-place book. Cabalistic extracts, c.
pp. 276. Preceded by an index and preface. Lettered (by Charles Rainsford ?). pp. 184.
** Particular MSS., III.”

4to. Secrets relative to arts and trades. From the
Folio. “The following work is a book of great name French. Printed at Paris, 1724. (Translated by Rains-
" among the magi and cabalists, as the title of Sepherford ?). pp. 75. Preceded by an index.
" Rasiel, or the book of the Angel of the secret, 8vo. Arte de filosofi. The following MSS. fell into
“ imparts . . . It came into my bands from the colledge my hands (C. Rainsford ?) by accident, in Italian, without
* of Jesuits at Naples; and as the contents were either name or title. I have translated it into English.
" written in several languages, I (C. Rainsford ?) have If it is of any value let those who come after me make
“ translated them into English.” pp. 109.

use of it. 1783. pp. 129, and index. Lettered “MS.
Folio. Mytho-hermetic Dictionary. Pt. I. pp. 344. " receipts, various, vol. I.”
Preceded by an introduction, which concludes with, Oblong. Chemical and other notes. Beginning,
“ finished this translation, Oct. 1798.”

An account of the making sal ammoniac in Egypt.”
Folio. The third part of the Mythohermetic Dictionary. pp. 124.
Translated from the French, 1799. pp. 289.

8vo. An original work of Nicholas Flammel, written
Folio. Collection of various tracts from original with his own hand, A.D. 1414, in the reign of Charles VI.,
MSS. Begins with, " A letter to a young lady, Oct. 12, now translated from the French. pp. 14. The following
* 1770;" followed by “ The description of Paradise,” work (in French) is of M. Flammel; ... it is written
from the French MS. Finished 4th Nov. 1796. Obser- originally backwards in French, which is here properly
vations upon the 4th verse of the 1st chapter of Ezekiel. transposed. (Not paged.) Translation of the above (by
Treatise of the Cabbala, &c. pp. 127.

C. Rainsford ?). pp. 20.
Folio. Theosophic and cabalistic tracts. Translated 4to. Extracts from the mago-cabalistic works of
from the Latin edition by Fludd, and others. pp. 449. George Welling, from a manuscript translated by
Preceded by an index.

General Rainsford from the German edition of 1735, and
Folio. The principles and practise of judicial transcribed by Ebenezer Sibly, 1793. pp. 235.


p. 98.1

Folio. The naturalist's manual, dedicated to M. de 4to. Rules and plans. for marching and forming a DUKE 01
Buffon by D. M. Published 1771. Translated from the company.


original hy C. R(ainsford ?), 1800-4. 3 vols., folio. 8vo. Tactique ou véritable manæuvre des Prussiens.
Each vol. is preceded by an index. Vol. 1, pp. 436; On the cover, in the handwriting of Earl Percy (2nd
vol. 2, pp. 622; vol. 3, pp. 339. Additional articles of Duke of Northumberland), “Per Mons' le Conte de
the second edition of the naturalist's manual, from the " Gissors."
French edition printed in the 3rd year of the French Folio. Plan of defence in case of invasion on
Republick. pp. 168.

the coasts of Kent or Sussex; the line of operations
Pedigree of Seymour. Paper. Folio. 18th century. towards London, by General Roy. pp. 16.
A copy of the Seymour pedigree, taken from Vincent's 4to. On the defence of Ireland, pp. 83.
MS. in the Heralds' College. [Great Baronage, No. 20, Folio. A list of preferments, ecclesiastical and civil,

disposed of by William Duke of Devonshire, Lord
. 4to. Paper. The most necessary and useful rules of Lieutenant of Ireland (1737-44). pp. 16.
arithmetick, dedicated to the Dutchess of Somerset, by 8vo. Civil list establishment of Ireland as it stood,
Edward Cocker, 1701. pp. 85.

22nd Sept. 1763.
4to. Four occasional songs in honour of the house of Folio. The military establishment of Ireland as it
Northumberland, and to promote that excellent charity stood the 6th day of May 1763.
the Middlesex hospital. pp. 13.

Folio. A list of employments in the gift of the Chief
8vo. Rural elegance, an irregular ode, inscribed to Governor of Ireland for the time being (1763). 2 vols.
the Dutchess of Somerset at Percy lodge: followed by Oblong. Etat militaire de France, 1787, E. B.
the Vista, a fragment.

4to. Tableau des finances de la France a l'epoque de
4to. Poems. pp. 39. An index on the fly-leaf. At la tenue des Etats Generaux, ensemble le résume de
p. 15, On Lady Betty Seymour's birthday. At p. 24, l'etendue de la population et des contributions de chaque
Verses by the Countess of H. (Hartford :).

généralité du Royaume.
4to. Virgilii ludorum cum illis Homericanis com- 4to. Apperçu de la balance du commerce de la France
paratio; collectiones, &c. On last page, “ Bowles ;” anneé 1789, ensemble le relevé de la population des
on cover, Sept. 23, 1732.

finances et forces militaires des principales puissances
4to. A collection of poems, extracts, &c. Com- de l'Europe.
mencing, The Rise of fashion, an epistolary tale. St. Folio. Copys of papers relating to Portugal, to which
John's Coll., Camb., 1746, 7.

court James, Lord Tyrawly was appointed Envoy Ex-
4to. An elegy in a riding house, in imitation of traordinary, 10th Jan. O.S., 1727/8, being the first year
Virgil's first pastoral, written in the year 1776. pp. 11. of the reign of K. George the Second ; and also memo.

4to. Paper. 18th century. The Knight Ardant, a randums of the several transactions during that envoy-
poem in 8 cantos. 2 vols., 4to. On cover of vol. 1, ship; to which is added some of the treaties and
** George Ogle, member for Wicklow Co., 1774."

stipulations between England and Portugal, and letters
Folio. The King against Broadfoot, Bristoll gaol from the ministers in England to some of the envoys,
delivery in Aug. 1743, for the murder of one Cornelius his predecessors, Jan. 1727/8 to June 1741. 2 vols., folio.
Calaham, a sailor belonging to his Majesty's ship the At the end of vol. 2 is a note by Lord Tyrawly relative
Mortar sloop (relating to the right of impressing to the delivery of his recredential letters to the Duke
mariners for the publick service).

of Newcastle by command of the King, and the termina-
Folio. An historical account of the trial between tion of his "envoyship of 14 year's duration, I hope to
John Wilkes and the Earl of Halifax, C.P., 10th Nov. “ the advantage of my country and my own honour."
1769. Dedicated to the Duke of Northumberland by 12mo. Rentall and surveys of lands in Yorkshire,
the compiler, 1st Jan. 1770.

Breckenbrough and Kirbywiske, &c., &c., 1682-1729.
Folio. The King versus Edgecombe and others. Folio. Notes of proceedings, &c., in the House of
Copy from Mr. Gurney's short-hand notes of the argu. Lords, 19th Jan. 1748 to 14th April 1749.
ment in the Court of King's Bench, 26th April 1796. 4to. Entry book of letters signed W. B. during a
[Election of burgesses of Launceston.]

visit to Bristol and its neighbourhood, July to Sept.
Folio. Copys and extracts of establishments, regula- 1750, and one from London dated 16th Feb. 1750/1; a
tions, and orders since ye hoisting the English flag in letter to the printer by F. G., dated Darlington,' 14th
Minorca in ye year 1712. 1712-38. pp. 165. “Hen. July 1762 ; followed by verses, &c. pp. 119.
“ Crofton” on fly-leaf.

Folio. A table of plants and grasses, with a prefatory
Folio. Journall of transactions during the campaigns letter to the Duke of Northumberland, by William
in the Netherlands and Germany, 1694-1727, written by Lorraine. (1758.)
John Wilson, now in the 2nd troop of life guards, and 4to. Rules for the government of the Marquis of
during the great part of the said time was serjeant i Kildare's (Duke of Leinster's) household, 1764-1773.
that regiment, now commanded by Brig" Henry Harri- pp. 109. [Presented to the Duke of Northumberland
son, anno 1736. Dedicated to the Marquess of Hertford, by the Archbishop of Cashel, 24th Jan. 1795.]
Capt. of the 2nd troop. pp. 282.

4to. History of the characters and political principles
Folio. List of the reduced officers upon half-pay in of the members chosen for the new Parliament, 1780.
· Great Britain, 1731. pp. 17.

Arranged alphabetically, from Abingdon to Dorsetshire
4to. On side, Gen. Wolfe's orders. Begins with only.
general orders to be observed by a regiment on their 12mo. The various productions of various climates,
arrival in Scotland, 22nd Dec. 1748. Ends with a plan given me by Dr. Cooper, 1782. Notes on temperature,
of the battle of Quebec, Sept. 1759. pp. 209.

plants, &c. &c.
4to. Manoeuvres practiced by the 5th reg' of foot, 4to. A scheme for the better supplying this metropolis
1755-68, for which time Capt. Bennett Cuthbertsen was with sweet and wholesome water from the river Colne.
Adj., who presents them to Earl Percy. pp. 72. Coloured (After 1721.)

4to. On the culture of silk.
4to. Mémoire de la campagne en Portugal en 1762, 4to. The description of Phallus, a kinde of mushrom
sous le Maréchal General Comte de Lippe. pp. 47. growing commonly in Hollande among the sea sandes,

Folio. Topographical remarks upon the provinces of with the picture of it lyvelie expressed, by Hadrianus
the Lower Beira and Alentejo, with the woods, positions, Jurius, physicion. A new thing, and unknowen to
and encampments, &c., reconnoitred by order of Marshal former ages.
Count of Shaumbourg Lippe in the campaign of 1762, 4to. Regle pour gouverner une familliee (d'un
by Colonel Rainsford; with a plan of defense in case Seigneur Anglois).
Portugal should be attacked by the Spaniards. pp. 67. 4to. Brief account of the ancient and present state

12mo. King's review, 1767. Capt. Gordon's compts. of Whitby Abbey, addressed to the Duke of Northum.
:“ to Lord Percy, with a plan of the exercise. N.B. berland, by Francis Gibson.
“ There are some alterations yet unfixed.”

4to. Major's account of the battle of Otterborn.
4to. Rebel orderly book (1-13th Sept. 1776) taken at 12mo. A treatise of miniature, translated out of
the island of New York, 1776. This title is in the hand. French, with alterations and additions. pp. 163.
writing of Earl Percy.

4to. “Some antiquities in Wilts differently repre-
8vo. Diary of operations of the (Lord Howe's) fleet " sented from what we find 'em in the late edition of
and army in America (Conecticut, Dutch island, North “ the Britannia (1772 ?], the Itinerarium curiosum, &c.
Goat island, &c.), 29th July to 31st Aug. 1778.

“ [Stukeley, 1776?]; with an account of the images
Folio. Manoeuvres as executed at Warley camp, “ found at the Devizes.” pp. 29.

Folio. Problemes de geometrie, &c. pp. 17 and 16.
4to. Manœuvres, Sept. 1778. Exercise and maneuvres Drawings of antiquities (camps, inscriptions, &c.) at
for Lord Townshend's light infantry 3-pounders, by Chichester ard other places in England.
Will. Congreve, Captain of artillery.

4to. A new notion of Avebury stones, &c., by Thomas


[blocks in formation]

Twinning, with a digression on Richard St. Martin and (vol. 2), pp. 167. (Purchased 8th Dec. 1833, see letter
the Countess of Lancaster. pp. 24. Mem., this refers from author inserted in vol. 1.)
to plans of Remains at end of Probl. de geometrie.

Folio. White Watson's common-place book and index
Oblong. A list of dances, with the names of the of Memorabilia, begun Nov. 1807. 2 vols., folio (a fow
tunes, notes of bets, notes of payments, &c. On cover, drawings inserted).
" 10 of Jan. 1759, eleaven chicks hatched, &c.”

4to. Notes on Sir W. Gell's topography of Rome.
4to. Cause of the variation of the magnetic needle
assigned, &c. &c., submitted to the consideration of
the Board of Longitude by W. Graham of Newcastle,
with a projected sphere.

4to. Receipts. * Begins with “ The bitter tincture

" made by Mr. Mitchell."
4to. Physical receipts. pp. 11.

This collection was made by William, Earl of Shel-
4to. Cuisinical receipts. pp. 16.

burne, afterwards Marquis of Lansdowne. His political 4to. A Latin treatise on grammar; commences with career began in 1761, and only ended with his death, in ** De octo partibus orationis ;” ends with “De ultimis 1804. The chief offices he held were those of President * syllabis."

of the Board of Trade under Mr. Grenville, of Secretary 4to. Catalogo di una serie di marmi usati nelle of State in the Chatham-Grafton administration, of antiche e nelle moderne fabbriche e statue di Roma. Secretary of State for Foreign Affairs in Lord Rockingpp. 72.

ham's second administration, and of First Lord of the * 4to. List of gems; beginning with “ Jupiter;" Treasury in 1783. Although he never held office after ending with “ dogs."

the fall of his government, he continued to take an ac4to. Catalogue in Italian) of gems, coins, &c. tive interest in current events, both at home and abroad, (medaglioni, medaglie, camei, gemme, anelli, ori antichi, and had an extensive correspondence. According to metalli, busti, tavolini, egabelloni). pp. 113. On the Bentham and other contemporaries, he contemplated cover, “M. Symmer."

returning to office if the opportunity offered, a state4to. Catalogue of Germanı, Prussian, Polish, Danish, ment which is confirmed by some of the letters in Swedish, Russian, Dutch, and Flemish coins and the two recently-published volumes of the Malmesbury medals.

Correspondence. The well-known caricatures of Gilray 4to. Catalogue of natural curiosities, fillagree, gold certainly show that such was the popular impression. medals, clock work, historical curiosities, gems, manu During the greater part of the above period he seems scripts, &c. &c.

to have occupied himself in collecting MSS., availing 4to. Catalogue of medals.

himself of his official position to have copies and ab4to. Catalogue of scientific books. Begins “ Achates stracts made for his own private use of the documents «« aus allen Eisen Stahl zu machen."

to which he had access. Accordingly no small part of Folio. Catalogue of natural history, after Cronstedt's the papers and letters alluded to in this report relates arrangement, 1771. pp. 186.

to foreign and colonial politics, or to trade and com4to. Thoughts of an Hanoverian upon the occurrences merce. In their present condition they are either that took place in that country during the months of bound up in volumes or placed in boxes and parcels. June and July 1803, with a faithfull relation of some Each volume, box, or parcel is labelled and numbered, of them ; translated from the German by an English and nearly all have tables of contents at the end. gentleman. pp. 112.

These tables are however very imperfect and incorrect. 4to and folio. The doctrine of eclipses, &c., being the The fact of most of the papers being thus already arworks of the late Mr. John Todd, collected and method. ranged bas made it difficult to obtain complete accuracy ised by Richard Todd. 1805. 2 vols. 4to and folio. in classifying them under separate heads, but the six

4to. Remarks upon the duties of medical military divisions given below are sufficient for practical purofficers, by Thomas Halls, late surgeon, Northumber poscs. land regiment, addressed to Lord Lovaino. pp. 62, and 2 folio leaves of regulations, folded.

Papers referring to the politics of the continent, 17544to. Regulations for the information of the young 1769. Vols. 1-42. Under Nos. 34, 35, and 40, how. officers and full assurance of the experienced soldier, ever, there are papers which would come more correctly issued with the sanction of General Clarke, K.B. pp. 88. under Division II., while in Nos. 133, 137, 143, 202, and On cover : “ Harry Percy, May 1806."

several others, there are papers which relate to foreign Folio. Memoir on the commercial intercourse be

tween the United States of America and the British
Islands and Colonies in the West Indies. Signed James

Colonial affairs and Peace of 1783, vols. 43–88. This
Leith, Captain General.

division contains inter alia all the papers and corre-
Entry book of letters, Admiral Pellew, 30th Sept.

spondence which preceded, accompanied, and followed
1805 to 27th May 1806. 4to. [Letters of Admiral Pellew
are also to be found in the volumes of letters and papers.

the peace of 1783, with the United States and France.
p. 108:]

4to. Journal de ce qui m'est arrivé de plus marquant
dans le voyage que j'ai fait au quartier general de S.

East Indian affairs, Vols. 89-100.
M. le Roi de Prusse le 2de Octobre 1806, et jours
suivans. pp. 238.

12mo. “Ancient coins and medals (Roman coins) Home and Parliamentary, Vols. 101-135. Customs
collected in 1809, &c. by Dr. N. Smith; figures and Revenue, Trade, Imports and Exports, Excise, Taxes,
descriptions. 3 vols., 12mo.

Stamps, Civil list, Crown lands, Royal Household,
An arrangement of the coins, provincial tokens, me- Forests, Mint and Coinage, Board of Trade, City of
dals, and medalets in Mr. Smith's collection. 1st Jan. London, Scotch affairs.
1809. 6 vols., 12mo.
4to and 12mo. Notes on New South Wales (endorsed

by second Duke of Northumberland “Memorial re- Vols. 136–155. Army, Navy, War Office, Pay Office,
specting New South Wales "), with a statement of Ordnance, Estimates, Militia, Home defence, Admi-
the area, stock, population, &c., August 1806; and ralty, victualling, seamen, and marines, navy debt, list
observations on horned cattle, sheep, and horses in of shipping, navies of England, Spain, France, and
New South Wales, 1810. 2 vols., 4to and 12mo.

Holland in 1783, Dockyards, Transport Service, Navy
Folio. Journal of a voyage of a thousand miles down Intelligence, Contracts, Muster lists, Naval instructions,
the Ohio (1809- ), and an account of the five nations, etc.
&c., from an early period to the conclusion of the late
war between Great Britain and America, by Major John Vols. 156-160, Ireland. Papers relating to the Parlia-
Norton (Teyoninhokarawen), 1816 ; dedicated to the ment, Army, Lord Lieutenant, and other Irish subjects.
Duke of Northumberland. 2 vols., pp. 967, followed by
a vocabulary.

4to. An account of his life, &c., addressed to the Vols. 161–168. Cabinet and Treasury Minutes. hints
Duke of Northumberland, by the Rev. Joseph Cook, and minutes of motions, and other Parliamentary
Newton Hall, 19th Oct. 1818.
4to. Civil list establishment of Ireland. 13th Feb.


v. ruary 1829.

4to. Memorabilia, collected by White Watson, of Correspondence.-A. General Correspondence.
Bakewell. 2 vols., 4to (vol. 1), pp. 363, and index;

B. Family Correspondence.


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