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Vol. 26. Contains copies of two Reports by the Board of Trade of 10th March 1767. aud 15th July 1767, on the complaints of the British merchants in Portugal, and other papers, chiefly statistical, on the same subject. There is also a copy of the treaty of peace and commerce, concluded at London, 29th January 1642, between John IV. of Portugal, and Charles I. of England.

Vol. 27. Contains the copies of the memorial from the British merchants in Portugal, with their remarks on the answer to them addressed to the King. The manuscript portion of this volume is followed by a number of “ pieces “ justificatives.” They are :

(1.) Royal proclamation on the trade and commerce, 1749; with four other short proclamations on the same subject.

(2.) Institutçaõ da companhia geral do Graõpara, e Maranhao, 1755.

(3.) Instituicao da companhia geral da agricultura das vinhas do Alto Douro, 1756.

(4.) Estatutos da Junta do Commercio ordenados por el Rey nosso senhor no seu real decreto, de 30 de Setembro de 1755.

(5.) Instituiçaõ da companhia geral de Pernambuco et Paraiba.

The above are all printed in Portuguese.

(6.) Memorial of the Portuguese merchants. MS. in Portuguese.

(8.) Missing.
(9.) Commercial statistics.

(10.) Sentence of the council of the palace, reversing the order of the city chamber of Lisbon for sbutting up the retail corn shops. (In Portuguese, with a translation annexed.)

Vol. 28. Contains abstracts of letters addressed to the Earl of Shelburne by Ambassadors and Consuls abroad. Only the more important are mentioned below.

Dunkirk, 10th Nov. 1766.-Messrs. Desmaretz and Frazer, on the survey of the harbour of Dunkirk.

Escurial, 27th Oct. 1766.-Mr. Devisme, on the Manilla ransom. Mr. Devisme on the disposition of Spain towards Portugal.

Florence, 8th Nov. 1766.—Sir H. Mann, on the situation of the Pretender in Italy. He lives at Albano, hunting and shooting. Few people go to see him.

Paris, 20th Nov. 1766.-Earl of Rochford, conversation with the Duc of Choisenl about the intentions of Spain with respect to the Manilla ransom.

Lisbon, 12th Nov. 1766.--Mr. Hay, suspicions of the designs of France and Spain to gain Portugal.

Escurial, 10th Nov. 1766.-Mr. Devisme,the Spaniards exasperated against England.

Paris, 26th Nov. 1766.-Earl of Rochford, question of the Canada bills nearly settled.

Turin, 19th Nov. 1766.- Mr. Sherdley, military pre. parations at Toulon.

Berne, 18th Nov. 1766.-Mr. Norton, on a new con stitution for Geneva.

Escurial, 17th Nov. 1766.-Mr. Devisme, peace necessary to Spain.

Berne, 26th Nov.-Mr. Norton. Genevans to be expelled from France.

Lisbon, 26th Nov. 1766.-Mr. Hay, dispute between the civil and ecclesiastical courts as to what marriages were legal.

Escurial, 17th Nov. 1766.-Mr. Devisme. Grimaldi devoted to France. Manilla ransom ; the French disturbing the settlement of it. Mr. Devisme on a plan for the surprise of Gibraltar.

Florence, 29th Nov. 1766.-Sir H. Mann. The Pre. tender has committed great outrages against some of his people in a drunken fit, pursuing them with a drawn sword.

Berne, 3rd Dec. 1766.—Mr. Norton, on the new constitution for Geneva.

Madrid, 1st Dec. 1766.-Mr. Devisme. Grimaldi protects the Jesuits. Their folly.

Berne, 16th Dec. 1766.—Mr. Norton, on the affairs of Geneva.

Florence, 13th Dec. 1766.-Sir H. Mann, on the dis pute with the Court of Rome about ecclesiastical communities.

Paris, 13th Jan. 1767.—Lord Rochford, on the Manilla ransom and Falkland Isles.

Madrid, 15th Dec. 1766.—Mr. Devisme, on the new regulations for the Spanish militia, and project to surprise Portugal.

Paris, 31st Dec. 1766.-Lord Rochford, on the state MARQUI of the French sugar islands.

DOWX1 Berne, 20th Dec. 1766.-Mr. Norton, on the affairs of Geneva. Notes of a letter to M. Pictet.

Madrid, 22nd Dec. 1766.-Mr. Devisme, on the repairs of the Havana, and affairs of the Jesuits in South America.

Cadiz, 12th Dec. 1766.—Consul Hardy, on Spanish naval preparations.

Paris, 7th Jan. 1767.—Lord Rochford, on the state of Dunkirk.

Paris, 7th Jan. 1767.—Mr. Porten, on the Canada bills.

Berne, 27th Dec. 1766.—Mr. Norton, on the affairs of Geneva.

Venice, 10th Jan. 1767.—Sir James Wright, on the disease of the cattle in Germany.

Paris, 22nd Jan. 1767.-Lord Rochford, on the question of the East India prisoners. Treaty of commerce at Utrecht never ratified, according to the Duc de Choiseul.

Tetuan, 15th Dec. 1766.-Mr. Popham, on the internal trade of Africa.

Jan. 14.-Notes of a letter for Mr. Norton, on the mediation at Geneva.

Geneva, 10th Jan 1767.-Mr. Pictet, on the French seizing his house to cut off the communication of Geneva with France.

Berne, 17th Jan. 1767.–Mr. Norton. Ordonnance against Geneva.

Florence, 10th Jan. 1767.—Sir H. Mann, on the ecclesiastical affairs of Poland.

Madrid, 12th Jan. 1767. -Mr. Devisme, on the delay of the Flota.

Paris, 28th Jan. 1767.—Lord Rochford. M. de Stain. ville under a lettre de cachet has shut up his wife. Duc de Choiseul complained of for it. Spain dissatisfied with France on account of the Manilla business.

Paris, 4th Feb. 1767.—Lord Rochford, on the sales of the French East India Company. On the Manilla ransom.

Paris, 4th Feb. 1767.— Mr. Porten, on the Canada bills.

28th Jan. 1767.-Mr. Sherdloy, on the arrival of the Prince of Brunswick at Turin.

Berne, 24th June 1767.-Mr. Norton, on cutting off the communication with Geneva. The King of Prussia renews his leases at Neufchatel. Disturbances there.

Florence, 24th Jan. 1767.-Sir H. Mann. Disputes with the Court of Rome.

Paris, 12th Feb. 1767.-Lord Rochford. The Spaniards gone to take possession of the Falkland Islands. The Emperor about to attack the King of Prussia."

Turin, 7th Feb. 1767.--Mr. Sherdley. Prince of Brunswick's illness.

Florence, 3rd Feb. 1767.—Sir H. Mann, on the differ. ence with the Court of Rome.

Berne, 7th Feb. 1767.—Mr. Norton, on the affairs of Geneva.

Naples, 27th Jan. 1767.-Mr. Hamilton. Affairs of Falkland Isles.

Paris, 18th Feb. 1767.-Lord Rochford, about letters to illegitimate Princes of the Blood, and on the Manilla ransom.

Paris, 25th Feb. 1767.-Lord Rochford. Complaints from English merchants in France, &c. Affairs of Poland.

Madrid, 8th Feb. 1767.-Mr. Devisme, on the Manilla ransom; anticipated attack on Gibraltar Poncet's scheme with respect to Africa. French invasion of Portugal.

Berne, 14th Feb. 1767.—Mr. Norton. Affairs at Geneva.

Paris, 4th March 1767.-Lord Rochford. Commer. cial relations with France. Report about Hispaniola.

Berne, 18th Feb. 1767.-Mr. Norton. Affairs of Geneva.

Paris, 11th March 1767.—Lord Rochford, on the ces. sion of Hispaniola. Affairs of Poland.

Madrid, 24th Jan. 1767. Mr. Devisme, on the consequences of the internal disturbances. M. Mourier, his scheme for a French invasion of Portugal. · Lisbon, 25th Feb. 1767.-Mr. Hay. Shares of the Company. Favour shown to Denmark.

Genoa, 28th Feb. 1767.—Consul Holford, on the ex. ploits of the Corsicans.

Venice, 26th Feb. 1767.—Sir James Wright, on the warlike preparations of Spain.

Madrid, 28th Feb. 1767.—Mr. Devisme, relating to Falkland Isles. Inability of Spain to go to war. Invasion of Portugal.



Paris, 18th March 1767.—Lord Rochford, relating to opposed by Russia and Prussia. Evil results which will MARQUIS English prisoners at Havre. Remonstrances of the probably flow from the altercation which ensued.

OP LANSFrench Parliament against the latest financial schemes. Copenhagen, 21st Oct. 1766.–Mr. Gunning. To the

Berne, 4th March 1767.-Mr. Norton, on the affairs of effect that a Russian alliance renders a Danish alliance

a watter of indifference.
14th March 1767.-On M. Beauteville's instructions. Hamburgh, 4th Nov.1766.-Mr. Woodford, persuading

Florence, 7th March 1767.-Sir H. Mann, on the state to an alliance with Russia. Interview with M. Saldern.
of Corsica.

The Turkish casus fæderis will not be mentioned. Genoa, 7th March 1767.—Consul Holford. Expedition Question as to Slesvig. against Corsica, which is almost entirely in the hands Stockholm, 7th Nov. 1766.-Mr. Goodricke, on the of the insurgents.

designs of Russia to counteract the French influence in Paris, 25th March 1767.-Lord Rocbford. Remon- Sweden, and enclosing an account of the expenses strances of the French Parliament. Designs of Prussia attending the Diet in Sweden. on Poland.

Stockholm, 8th Nov. 1766.—Sir J. Goodricke. A Florence, 4th April.—Sir Horace Mann. State of scheme of France to increase the royal authority in Corsica.

Sweden, and thereby its own influence. The machinery Genoa, 4th March 1767.--Consul Holford. The same of a convocation of the States to be used for that pur. subject.

pose. Venice, 25th March 1767.-Sir J. Wright, on the pro- Stockholm, 10th Nov. 1766.—On the French intrigues spect of war.

in Sweden. Cadiz, 13th March 1767.-Consul Hardy, on the ar. Warsaw, 12th Nov. 1766.-Mr. Wroughton. Obstinacy rival of the Flota.

of the King, Stanislas II. (Poniatowski) in opposing Genoa, 21st March 1767.-Consul Holford, on Cor Russia and Prussia. The Dissidents. sica.

Petersburg, 12th Nov. 1766.—Sir G. Macartney. The Berne, 18th March 1767.-Mr. Norton, on M. Beaute. Diet unlikely to do anything for the Dissidents, beyond ville's instructions.

what they cannot avoid. The Poles encouraged by Madrid, 30th March 1767.-- Mr. Devismo. Papers

Austria to quit their connection with Russia. The King printed secretly by the Government. Mr. Devisme has of Prussia wishing it, in order to seize part of Poland. not been able to discover the secret. It is said they Warsaw, 15th Nov. 1766.-Mr. Wroughton. Speech regard the “family compact” and some engagement of the nuncio in the Diet. The Court wishes to leave with Austria.

the affairs of the Dissidents unsettled, though thereby Paris, 16th April 1767.-- Lord Rochford, on the ship exposing themselves to the full rage of its Russian and Jove, and the expulsion of the Jesuits from Spain.

Prussian neighbours. Madrid, 2nd April 1767.-Mr. Devisme, on the expul. Eecurial, 17th Nov. 1766.-Mr. Devisme, on the death sion of the Jesuits.

of the Queen Mother, Elizabeth Farnese. The attempted 4th April 1767.—Sir H. Mann, on the quarrel with reforms in national costume. Scheme of abandoning Rome.

Madrid. State of the Ministry. Portuguese affairs. Berne, 8th April 1767.—Mr. Norton, on M. Beaute. State of the army. ville's instructions.

Copenhagen, 18th Nov. 1766.-Mr. Gunning. The Barcelona, 4th April 1767.-Consnl Miller. Expulsion King cool to Prince Charles of Hesse. State of the of the Jesuits.

Ministry. The navy in a good condition, and the
Genoa, 4th April 1767.-Consul Holford, relating to officers in the English interest.

Warsaw, 19th Nov. 1766.—Mr. Wroughton. The Dict Madrid, 5th April 1767.—Mr. Devieme, on 'the ex. continues to sit. Jealousy between the Czartoriskis and pulsion of the Jesuits.

Poniatowskis. Russia will probably now cultivate the Paris, 22nd April 1767.-Mr. Portin, on the Canada friendship of the former. The explanation of the act of bills.

1764 will probably pass the Diet as wished by Russia Florence, 11th April 1767.-Sir H. Mann, on affairs and Prussia. Dangerous position of the King. of Corsica.

Warsaw, 22nd Nov. 1766.-Great tumult in the Diet Genoa, 11th April 1767.—Consul Holford, on the

on the question of religion and “ plurality.” The King affairs of Corsica.

left his throne, but the Diet continued the sitting. Madrid, 13th April 1767.-Mr. Devisme, on the expul. Warsaw, 26th Nov. 1766.--Apprehension of a war by sion of the Jesuits.

the interference of Russia. Constantinople, 16th March 1767.--Mr. Murray, on Vienna, 3rd Dec. 1766.-Lord Stormunt to Gen. Conthe decrease of the trade to the Levant.

way. Apprehensions of an alliance between England, Berne, 25th April 1767.-Mr. Norton, on affairs of Russia, and Prussia, entertained by Kaunitz, who has Neufchatel.

no wish to be drawn into a French alliance. Florenco, 21st April 1767.—Sir H. Mann. Affairs of Paris, 1th Dec. 1766.-Lord Rochford, relating to the Jesuits.

Kerr's children. A question of private international Paris, 6th May 1767.--Lord Rochford, on the cxpulsion law. of the Jesuits.

Copenhagen, 6th Dec. 1766.- Mr. Gunning to Cien. Madrid, 27th April 1767. - Mr. Devisme, on the Conway. Bernsdorff restored to the King's favour. Jesuits.

Conduct of M. Saldern. Rumoured Prusso-Bavarian
Florence, 23rd May 1767.—Sir Horace Mann. The alliance.
same subject.

Petersburg, 24th Nov. 1766.-Mr. Macartney. The
Vol. 29.

exchange of Holstein for the Counties of Oldenburg and

Delmenhorst likely to be opposed by Prussia and Austria, Contains abstracts of despatches from foreign minis- Denmark, 12th Dec. 1766.-Froin M. Saldern, in ters and consuls to the Earl of Shelburne and General Denmark, to a Friend at Hamburgh. Polish affairs Conway. In it will be found the despatches relating to and character of the Danish Ministers. The following the complicated negociations carried on chietly at the passage is interesting :-“Je vous supplie instamment instance of Chatham, for the formation of a Grand « de croire rien de ce que le Comte de Modene avance Northern alliance, and to the events which preceded the “ sur l'affaire des limites avec la Russie et la Pologne. first partition of Poland. There is a very interesting “ Cette affaire fait nullement un objet, car à dire le vrai account of the Pretender in the letter from Sir Horace “ la Russie gagnera jamais à regler les limites. Le plus Mann, of the 19th May 1767. The list given below fort trouve guères son compte à régler des limites contains everything of importance in the volume. Wbere " avec le foible.” the contrary is not stated, the despatch is addressed to Lisbon, 17th Dec. 1766.-Mr. Hay. No appearance of the Earl of Shelburne.

Portugal coming into the views of France and Spain. 1764.--Lettre d'un Gentilhomme Corse à un de ses The Č. D'Oeyras absolute. His manner of doing compatriotes au sujet d'un bon Gouvernement pour business. assurer le repos de l’Isle, 1764.

23rd Dec. 1766.-Extract of a letter from M. Saldern. 1765.- List of the King of France's land forces in Will insist upon banishing foreign influences from the autumn 1765. Etat de la population de la ville et du Danish Court. Expresses contempt for all the Danish Canton de Berne; probably by Mr. Norton.

ministers except Bernstorff. 4th Sept. 1766. - Declaration of the French Ambassa Paris, 31st Dec. 1766.—Mr. Porten, on the Canada dor to Baron Friessendorf at Stockholm.

4th Sept. 1766.—On the obligations under which Hague, 30th Jan. 1767. – Sir J. Yorke to Gen. Sweden was to France.

Conway, Enclosing articles of a convention between Warsaw, 18th Oct. 1766.-From Mr. Wroughton. An Portugal and Denmark. Surprise thereat. attempt of the King to increase the revenue and army, Copenhagen, 31st Jan. 1767.-Mr. Gunning. Promo




tions at the King's birthday. Count Moltke made (3.) The ordinary revenues of the kingdoms of Maror
Grand Marshal.

Denmark and Norway, and of the German provinces OF LANE
Petersburg, 3rd Feb. 1767.-Sir G. Macartney. Ex. belonging to the King of Denmark
pects that Prussia and Russia will join to protect the (4.) State of the debts of the King of Denmark.

(5.) Remarks upon the Danish feet, with a list of
Berlin, 3rd Feb. 1767.—Sir Andrew Mitchell. No the ships in 1766.
appearance of any quarrel with Austria. Probability Copenhagen, 4th May 1767.-Mr. Titley to Mr. Con-
of Russia calling on Prussia to join her in protecting way. Difficulties in the way of the projected alliance.
the Polish dissidents.

both political and commercial. The Holstein exchange. Hamburgh, 6th Feb. 1767.—Mr. Woodford. Prussia M. Sāldern's leaning to France. Dangers with which laying in munitions of war at Stettin.

Denmark is threatened from the spread of novel ideas. Hamburgh, 6th Feb. 1767.— State of trade; with 16th Jan. 1767.-Discours tenu à M. de Bernstorff lists of the vessels that arrived at Hamburgh in 1766. dans son Cabinet le 16 Jan. 1767. The whole docu

Berlin, 7th Feb. 1767.— Sir A. Mitchell. Military ment is in French, and contains the proposal for an preparations, supposed to be directed against Poland. alliance between England and Denmark.

Gibraltar, 8th Feb. 1767.-From Major-Gen. Irwin. Stockholm, 5th May 1767.-Mr. Goodricke. A proPuymilan's scheme to surprise Gibraltar. Weakness posal of sending Swedish recruits to India. of the garrison, Mr. Stuart's scheme, enclosing intelli- Nurenberg, 5th May 1767.-From Mr. Stanhope. gence concerning Puymilan's scheme to surprise Gib Armament at Toulon. raltar, and list of Spanish ships of war at Cadiz.

Hamburgh, 5th May 1767.-Mr. Woodford to Mr. Madrid, 8th Feb. 1767.--Mr. Devisme. Schemes of Conway, on the report of a renewal of the commercial Puymilan and Rostaign to surprise Gibraltar. Plan of treaty of 1716 between France and Hamburgh. En. a French invasion of Portugal. Invasion of Portugal. closing Articuli Revisi, being the conditions under

Berlin, 10th Feb. 1767.-Sir A. Mitchell, on the war which foreigners were admitted by the Senate to like preparations of Prussia.

become inhabitants of the city of Hamburgh. These Hague, 10th Feb. 1767.—Sir J. Yorke, on the same conditions did not apply to the English. subject.

Hague, 8th May 1767.—Sir Jos. Yorke. The indif. Petersburg, 13th Feb. 1767. - Mr. Macartney has ference of the Court of Vienna to the affairs of Poland, expressed the desire of England for the Russian alli. to be attributed to the want of support from France. ance, but that Turkey cannot be considered in the Naples, 12th May 1767.—Sir Wm. Hamilton to the treaty. Impossibility of coming to an agreement with Earl of Shelburne. An account of the Pretender, with M. Panin on this point. A secret understanding exists an extract from the letter of an English lady “who. between Prussia, Russia, and Denmark. It would be “ has always been attached to that family.” injurious to English interests were the support given Florence, 19th May 1767.-- Sir H. Mann to Lord to Daneskiold as against Bernstorff known at St., Shelburne, on the reception of the Pretender at the Petersburg.

Court of Rome. Hamburgh, 17th Feb. 1767.-Mr. Woodford, on the letter from Cardinal Albani to Sir Horace Mann, military preparations of Prussia.

relating to the relations of the Pretender with the Hague, 13th Feb. 1767.-Sir J. Yorke, on the warlike Pope. preparations of Prussia.

Petersburg, 3rd May 1767.-Mr. Macartney to Mr. • Dresden, 15th Feb. 1767.-Mr. Carroll. The same Sec. Conway, enclosing papers on Russian affairs. subject. Speculations on the same subject.

' 13th April 1767.-Mr. Macartney's letter to C. Panin,
Hague, 17th Feb. 1767.—Sir J. Yorke, on the milie on his leaving Russia.
tary preparations of Prussia.

Petersburg, 19th April 1767.-On the receipt of
Venice, 21st Feb. 1767.— Extract of a letter from some despatches from England, and the arrival of his
Sir James Wright to the Earl of Shelburne, on the successori
military preparations of Spain.

30th April 1767.-Count Panin to Mr. Macartney, Hague, 24th Feb. 1767.—Sir Jos. Yorke, on the mili- on the obstacles to the treaty between the two coun. tary preparations of Prussia.

tries. An account of the Russian establishment. Hamburgh, 24th Feb. 1767. – Mr. Woodford. The Paris, 22nd May 1767.-Précis of advices from Paris same subject.

relating to the finances of France.
28th Feb. 1767.-From Brussels. Prussia and Russia
favour the Dissidents. (Extract of a private letter in

Vols. 30, 31.
1766.-Plan d'attaque de Seville qui a été dicté à

These volumes are marked Foreign draughts from
M. Devisme en 1766 par le Chevalier Dumouriez qui

August 1766 to June 1767, and contain copies of draught l'avait proposé à la Cour de Portugal en 1765, et ensuite

despatches from the Earl of Shelburne and Gen. Concommuniqué par le Prince Merschersky au Marquis

way to various ministers and consuls at the chief d'Almodovar, ambassadeur d'Espagne à Lisbonne. European courts, with a few originals. The more

Berlin, 28th Feb. 1767.—Sir A. Mitchell. Military important papers are given below :-
preparations of Prussia, joined with Russia in favour of
the Dissidents in Poland.
3rd March 1767.--Conjectures about the object of the

France and Spain.

Whitehall, 12th August 1766.-Earl of Shelburne to Hague, 10th March 1767.—Sir Jos. Yorke, on the Lord George Lennox, Ambassador to the Court of march of the Russians into Poland.

France, relating to the liquidation of the Canada bills. Naples, 17th March 1767.-Sir Wm. Hamilton to the

March 1969 - Sir Wm. Hamiltom to the 12th Sept.- Encloses a letter of recall. The cyphers Earl of Shelburne, on the character of the King and to be handed over to Mr. Porten, pending the arrival his Minister, the Marquis Tanucci.

of Lord Rochford. 26th Nov. 1766.--Dictamen ad Protocollum du Roi 19th and 23rd Sept.-Earl of Shelburne to Mr. Porde Suede donné au Senat le 26 Nov. 1766, mentionné. ten, on the Canada bills. dans la Depeche, No. 16, 1766. (The King in this 25th Oct. and 7th Nov.-Earl of Shelburne to Lord paper protests against the limitations recently imposed Rochford, on the Canada bills, and state of Dunkirk. on his authority by the States.)

31st Oct.-Earl of Shelburne to the Count de Guerchy, 26th Nov. 1766.- Réponse du Senat au Dictamen de French Ambassador in London, on the Canada bills. S. M. Suedoise du 26 Nov. 1766. Replique du Roi à la 27th Nov.-Earl of Shelburne to Lord Rochford, on Reponse des Senateurs.

the Manilla ransom, and the Falkland Isles, Copenhagen, 4th May 1767.-Mr. Gunning to Mr. 18th Nov.-On the Canada bills, and the case of M. Conway. Equivocal conduct of M. Saldern, who is not Violars. Desires an account of the different trades of really so much in the English interest as he professed France. An agreement between the Earl of Shelburne himself to be. His demand for the removal of Count and the Count de Guerchy on the subject of the Canada Goertz from about the King's person. The letter bills. encloses a plan, written in French by " quelques fideles 28th Nov. - Earl of Shelburne to Lord Rochford, “ serviteurs” (but not signed), for the better govern- expressing his sense of the satisfactory manner in ment and administration of the country. Also the which the latter fills the post of Ambassador following papers :

29th Nov.-On the affairs of Spair, stating that (1.) The state of the population of the kingdoms of England will not consent to an arbitration on outstandDenmark and Norway, their productions, manufac. ing claims. (An original.). tures, and trade in general, in 1766.

12th Dec.--On the Manilla ranson and the Falkland (2.) List of all the ships that passed the Sund in the Isles. (An original.) year 1766.

19th Dec. -- Relating to the harbour of Dunkirk.




2nd Jan.-Opposition from France with respect to 13th Jan, 1767.—The intentions of Austria with MADOTT the Manilla ransom and the Falkland Isles. respect to Poland.

OP LANS20th Jan.—Mr. L. Macleane to Mr. Porten, enclosing 19th Dec. 1766.-Mr. Conway to Sir J. Goodricke at the agreement with respect to the Canada paper.

Stockholm. English policy is directed to undermining 23rd Jan.-Earl of Shelburne to Lord Rochford, on French influence in Sweden. The Great Northern the Manilla ransom. The whole sum to be insisted alliance. Daneskiold should be supported as against upon. There are some marginal notes in Lord Shel Bernstorff in Denmark. burne's handwriting.

9th Jan. 1767. - Amount of French pensions in 30th Jan.-Relating his answer to the Duke de Pen Sweden stated. The sources of English information thièvre, on the notice to be taken by the English Court in Sweden should be kept secret. of the death of the Countess of Toulouse.

19th Dec. 1766.- Mr. Conway to Mr. Titley at Copen30th Jan. and 3rd Feb.-To Mr. Porten, on the Canada hagen. To treat of an alliance purely defensive. Affairs bills.

of Holstein. Rivalry of Daneskiold and Bernstorff. 27th Feb.On a report of the cession of part of His. 19th Dec. 1766. Mr. Conway to Mr. Gunning. paniola by Spain to France.

Danish affairs. Rivalry of Daneskiold and Bernstorff. 3rd March.- Earl of Shelburne to Mr. Porten, on the France and Austria are taking great pains to establish Canada bills.

Saxon Princes in the Ecclesiastical Courts of Germany. 13th March.-Earl of Shelburne to Lord Rochford, on a proposed new treaty of commerce, with copy of

Vol. 32. some articles in the treaty of commerce.

A folio volume, labelled M. Neri sur le Cadastre. It 3rd April.—On the affairs of the North of Europe.

contains several French and Italian papers on the 14th April.-On the Canada bills.

censimento of Milan in 1764, with notes and queries 14th April.-Earl of Shelburne to Mr. Porten. The in Lord Shelburne's handwriting. same subject. 28th April:-Earl of Shelburne to Lord Rochford, on

Vol. 33. a memorial from some merchants of the City. This

This volume is entitled Advocate-General's Reports, letter is partly an original.

and contains a variety of original papers, mostly by Dr. 8th May.-On the conclusion of the affair of the Canada bills.

Marriott, the Queen's Advocate, on questions of private

international law arising out of the treaty of Paris. 5th June.—The Spanish Minister disavows any know

A letter to the Right Hon. the Earl of Shelburne by ledge of the cession of Hispaniola.

Solomori Schomberg, Public Notary, on the refusal of 25th Oct. 1766.--Earl of Shelburne to Messrs. Des

the French Ambassador to legalize his acts. The folmaretz and Frazer, as to the harbour of Dunkirk.

lowing passage is characteristic of the times,--" These 26th May 1767.-Requiring their opinion how the air

" notaries by this advertisement appear degraded and of the place will be affected by the intended demolition

“ stigmatized in the heart of their own country, and of the harbour.

“ that too by the proscription of a Frenchman." 22nd Aug. 1766.-Earl of Shelburne to Mr. Devisme,

16th Aug. 1766.-The Earl of Shelburne to the on the Manilla ransom. Determination of England to

Advocate and Attorney-General, on the question of law insist on its payment.

involved in the above refusal. 25th Oct. 1766.-On the nomination of Sir James

28th Aug. 1766.-Dr. Marriott to the Earl of ShelGrey, Ambassador to Spain.

burne, with copies of reports of the Attorney and 16th Jan. 1767. - On the Manilla ransom and the Falkland Isles.

Solicitor Genera). 14th April.-Earl of Shelburne to Mr. Devisme. Con

6th Sept. 1766.- Dr. Marriott to the Earl of Shel

burne, with an opinion on the case of the Notaries. nection of the Courts of Madrid and Versailles. 15th May.-Measures are being taken against the

Will, if wished, write to Elie de Beaumont to get his Jesuits at Naples.

opinion. 20th Dec. 1766.—Earl of Shelburne to Major-Gen.

1st Feb. 1766.—Dr. Marriott's opinion on the case of Irwin, Governor of Gibraltar, approving of his con

the Notaries Public.

The Petition of the Notaries addressed to General duct.

Conway. 20th Dec. 1766.--To observe the behaviour of sus

General Conway to the Earl of Shelburne, about the picious persons who are likely, from information re

Notaries. ceived, to appear shortly at Gibraltar.

Whitehall, 5th Feb.--A Letter to the Earl of Shel20th March 1767.--On the same subject, and the rela

burne, enclosing a letter (missing) from Mr. Burke, tions with the Barbary States. 16th Jan. 1767.-Earl of Shelburne to M. de Vignola,

relating what steps had been taken by General Conway

in the matter of the Notaries. Venetian Foreign Minister, assuring him of orders being

25th June 1766.-Copy of a conversation that passed sent to the English Consuls to assist the Venetians in

between the Count de Guerchy and Mr Cortissos, a their affairs with the Moors.

Public Notary, the 25th June 1766. A highly theatrical 13th Feb. 1767.-Earl of Shelburne to M. le Comte de Viry, stating the E. India Company will not permit

dialogue in rather incorrect French, probably by M.

Cortissos. The following is an extract:the residence of an Apostolic Vicar at Bombay.

Guerchy.Il n'y a que deux notaires qui parlent


Notaire.—Comment, Monsieur ?
7th Oct. 1766.-Earl of Shelburne to Mr. Norton. Ap- Guerchy.-Oui, vous le parles, mais ce n'est rien. Je
plication from M. Trembley in behalf of the Bourgeoisie ne signe que pour Messieurs Bonnet et Ogier.
of Geneva. Complaints from the Council of Berne of

Notaire.- Permettez moi, Monsieur, de vous dire une the London Chronicle. Probable recall of M. Pictet.

2nd Jan. 1767.-Declining to interfere in the affair Guerchy.-Qu'il soit vite donc, car je m'en aille, je of Geneva.

m'en vais sortir. 2nd Dec. 1766.-Earl of Shelburne to Mr. Sherdley. Notaire.-Eh bien, Monseigneur, puisque vous y perDesigns of the French at Antibes.

sistes, nous sommes déterminés de poursuivre notre 3rd April 1767. - Earl of Shelburne to M. Pictet,

requête, et comme nous sommes sujets de ce royaume recalling him from Geneva.

nous sommes sous la protection de nos loix, et nos 15th May.- Earl of Shelburne to M. Pictet, explain

mne to M. Fictet, explain ministres sont obligés d'y preter leurs mains. ing his position at Geneva.

Guerchy. --Faites ce que vous voudres.

Notaire.--Assurément nous le ferons. Adieu Mon-
Affairs of Northern Europe.

19th Dec. 1766.—Mr. Conway to Sir G. Macartney,
on sending Mr. Stanley to Russia. Regrets that Russia (The succeeding papers are all by Dr. Marriott.)
does not enter cordially into the scheme for the Great 2nd March 1767.-An exposition of notarial rights, in
Northern alliance

a letter to the Right Hon. the Earl of Shelburne. 19th Dec. 1766.-Complaining of the backwardness 23d Oct. 1764.--Report on the case of the Santissima of the Courts of Russia and Prussia to enter into the Trinidada, addressed to the Earl of Halifax, projected alliance.

30th Nov. 1764.-Report made to Eord Halifax on
27th Dec. 1767.-Russia insisting on the Turkish Casus, the treaty of Madrid, 1667, respecting the privileges
Federis. General disinclination of the Court of Russia accorded to the British Commerce, with the kingdom of
to send or receive ministers of the first rank. Regrets the Two Sicilies.
the prospect of the negociations proving quite abortive. 14th Dec. 1764.-Second report on the treaty of

19th Dec. 1766.--Mr. Conway to Lord Stormont at Madrid.
Vienna. Assurance of the pacific disposition of Austria. Case of the creditors of the Jesuits in Canada.





On the status of the French East-India Company in " likewise requires that he shod watch every occasion
Canada under the peace by which Canada was sur " for advancing the interests of his country's

DOWN. rendered to England.

Berlin, 2nd May 1767.-Prusse (le Roi de) au Comte 5th Jan. 1765.–Observations on the position of the de Maltzan (decyphered). Proposed marriage between inhabitants of St. Dominica leaving that island, after the the Duc de Chablais and an Austrian archduchess. conclusion of the peace by which it passed to England. state to be formed for their benefit in Italy at the

Report and answer in the case of the creditors of the expense of the Duchy of Parma and the Republic
Jesuits in St. Dominica,

of Genoa. Necessity of preventing this. The Court to 7th Jan.—To the Attorney and Solicitor-General, on manage to communicate the news by a side wind to the case of the inhabitants of St. Dominica.

Second report on the status of the French East-India Compiègne, 14th Aout 1767.-Duc de Choiseul à du
Company in Canada.

Prat à Stockholme. Necessity of getting rid of the 4th April 1765.-Second report on Dominica. The party of the Bonnets at all hazards, even without treaty of neutrality, 1686. Impossibility of neutralizing

assembling the Diet, which could be done afterwards. colonies.

and of acting while Russia is still occupied with the 12th Feb. 1765.—Report to the Lords of Trade on the Polish question. proposed treaty of commerce with Russia.

Compiègne, 20th Aout 1767.-Duc de Choiseul à 14th Feb. 1765.—Report to the Lords of Trade on the l'Abbat. The same subject. treaty of neutrality of 1686.

Stockholm, 3rd Jan. 1768.-M. du Prat au Duc de 12th May 1765.- To the Attorney and Solicitor- Choiseul. General account of Swedish politics. General on the second reference to him of the case of El Pardo, 29th Feb. 1768. – Grimaldi to Prince the Jesuits in Canada; accompanied by a paper, entitled Masserano. A translation of his letter in cypher. Proofs relating to the Institute of the Society of “Whether it might be proper to publish to the English Jesuits.

“ nation our Memorials, which prove that we ought

“ not to be subject to the payment of the 2,000,000 Vol. 34.

" promised by the Abp. of Manilla ?" The papers in this volume belong more properly to Madrid, 28th March 1768.-Grimaldi to Pr. MasseDivision II., and will be noticed under that head.

rano. On the pretension of the English to the Turk's

Island and the Manilla ransom.
Vol. 35.

London, 27th May 1768.-As to Corsica. Difference of

opinion between Lord Weymouth and Lord Shelburne. This volume, marked “ Interceptions,” contains copies Versailles. 30th Mai 1768.-Choiseul le Duc de) à of three sets of papers, the first and second relating to l'Ébat (at Warsaw ?).—The confederation of Bar. High European politics in 1767-8, and 1782-3, the third to

character of Zamoyski. Difficulty of active assistance American politics in 1780-2. Only the first set is here

being given by France to Poland owing to their remotereported on. It consists of intercepted despatches from

ness from each other. the French ministers abroad to the French ministers at

Stockholme. - Choiseul (le Duc de) à l'Abbat, at home. An account of the second and third sets is

Stockholme. Friendship of France for Sweden. Improreserved for Division II. of this report, with which they

bability of the “ Gazette officielle" having said anything have a more natural connection than they have with

derogatory to the dignity of the latter court. Division I. As the papers of the second set were inter

London, 3rd June 1768.-Caracciolo (the Marq.) to mixed with those of the first and third, the principle of the Mara. Tanucci. (Extract.) Corsica. “The French arrangement previously pursued has been departed from,

Ambassador has had many conferences with the and the papers have been printed in chronological order. “ Secretaries of State on the subject of the Cabinet not Dresde, 24th Aout 1766.-De Sacken (le Comte) au

“ agreed thereon. The Chancellor, the D. of Grafton, Comte de Bruhl. Rumours of the negociations between " and Ld. Shelburne wish to support the Corsicans ; England and Russia, and of an additional duty to be

“ being of the same mind with Ld. Chatham, whose imposed on Silesian linen. Count Bruhl to inform

" creatures they are. Ld. Weymouth & all the Bedford himself.:

“ party against it; the Consul of Leghorn, now here, 31st Jan. 12 mm St. Petersburg, u ., 1767.—The Empress of Russia " has been questioned by the Ministers, as to the mari. to Monsieur Mousin Pouchkin. (Translation.) On open

“ time places of Corsica, whether advantageous to the ing a trade between Russia and Portugal, to supply the

French, or the contrary to the English in peace or latter with hides, sailcloth, hemp, cables, and brass,

" war, with regard to commerce.” immediately from the ports of Russia, which commodities

Bielefeld, 7th June 1768.-Prusse (Frederic, Roi de) they have hitherto had from England at an advanced

au Comte de Maltzan. (Decyphered.) On the Corsican price.

question. “Je remarque seulement que le GouverneLondon, 30th Jan. 1767.-Sellern (Count), to Prince

"ment Anglois manifestant si peu de vigeur dans ses a Kaunitz. (Translation.) Conversation that passed

" mesures vis-à-vis de la France et de l'Espagne rendra between the King of Great Britain and the Count.

toujours plus entreprenantes ces deux couronnes et His Majesty dilated on the benefits of peace and the

“ s'imposera de la sorte la nécessité d'abandonner le improbability of Prussia wishing for a renewal of war.

“ systeme pacifique qu'il paroit avoir si fort à cæur au London, 27th February 1767.—A report that a war is

“ moment présent." ready to break out, and that the Prussian troops are in

Potsdam, 8th Aout 1768.- Au même. (Decyphered.) motion and drawing towards Poland. Count Maltzan Folly of the measures adopted by the English governo affirms in general that he knows nothing of this matter. ment towards America. A very interesting letter. but in private conference has said he did not pretend to

Compiègne, 24th Aout 1768.-- Gérard. Attitude of judge how far the Court of Russia would concern itself France and Turkey towards Poland. in the affairs of Poland.

Stockholm, 9th Sept. 1768.--Du Prat à Choiseul. No Stockholm, 3rd April.-Duc de Breteuil à Choiseul. one in Sweden, except M. de Scheffer, approves of the General sketch of Swedish politics.

scheme of a coup-d'Etat. Enclosed is an extract from Londr., le 25 Decembre 1767.-De Maltzan (le Comte) a letter of General de Fersen, who pronounces against au Roi de Prusse (Extract decyphered). On the removal

it, and expresses a very low opinion of the King and of the Earl of Shelburne from the Foreign Office. Cold

Queen. ness between him and the Duke of Grafton.

Versailles, 10th Sept. 1768. — Choiseul à Gérard. London, 20th Nov. 1767.-M. Alexis Mousin Pouchkin

The Polish patriots to be encouraged, but not so as

to compromise France. Tyrannical conduct of Russia to the Empress of Russia. (Extract translated) on the will never be forgotten by the Poles. Probability of Russian trade to be opened with Portugal and its the Porte taking active measures. advantage to the latter in preference to their receiving

ference to their receiving London, is Sept. 1768.-Philosophoff (M.) to Count the same commodities from England.

Panin. (Extract, decyphered and translated.) Count Moscow, 1 Nov. 1767.-The Empress of Russia to Bernstorff told him yesterday, in confidence, that the M. Alexis Pouchkin (decyphered and translated), on Court of France had concluded treaties with Saxony the new additional duty laid upon Russia linens, desir and Darmstadt and had taken a number of their troops ing him to remonstrate with the ministry against it; into pay, and that they were in negociation to the same several merchants and manufacturers, it seems, had purpose with Bavaria and Hesse Cassel. petitioned against it, but without success. M. Pouchkin Schleswick et Holstein, l'Etat des Droits que sa is reprimanded for not supporting the merchants peti. Majesté Imperial de Russie prétend avoir sur les Duchés tion by making a strong remonstrance against the mea de. An elaborate paper, containing most of the facts sure, without waiting for her Majesty's express com- which later formed the groundwork of the Schleswick mands. “The duty of a minister is not contined to the Holstein question. “ mere fulfilling and obeying orders sent him, but it Stockholm, 23rd Sept. 1768,--Du Prat à Choiseul,


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