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HLoS8°* 1611, May 31.—Sir Thomas Chaloner to Mr. Bowyer.

'Has heard from Richmond; prays him to meet him


[1611, May].—Sir Thomas Chaloner to Mr. Bowyer, "at his house at Tower Hill." Asks for precedents respecting officers to former Princes of Wales: cites Richard de la Bere, Chamberlain to the Black Prince, from Sergeant Dodrige's book, Thomas Vaughan, Chamberlain to the son of Edw. IV., &c.

[1611, May].—Sir Thomas Chaloner to Mr. Bowyer. Begs his book may be returned. Returns paper sent by Bowyer. In Sergeant Dodrige's book mention is made of De la Bere, Chamberlain to the Black Prince. Is very anxious for precedents respecting chamberlains, treasurers, or controllers to former Princes. . 1611, May. St. James's.—Sir Thomas Chaloner to Mr. Bowyer. Begs him to send him "the grant of "the great office by sea to the Prince," and the other honours done to former Princes, if ready.

1611, June.—Patent granting tho monopoly for the making of gold and silver thread to Richard Dike and others. Neither signed nor soaled.

1611, Oct. 8.—Paper, endorsed, " Reckoning touching "my nephew Knyvett's patent in reversion." Account of fees in procuring patent in reversion of office of Clerk of the Parliaments.

1611, Oct. 9. York House.—Lord Chancellor Ellesmere to Mr. Richard Bancroft. Desires him, as executor of the late Archbishop of Canterbury, to give to Mr. Bowyer, Clerk of the Parliaments, all bills delivered to the late Archbishop as first of the Committees to whom those Bills were referred, which had not been returned as usual. Signed by the Chancellor. Noted with a certificate by Richard Bancroft that ho has no such Bills, &c. in his hands.

1612, —Draft of "An Act for the repealing of a "branch of the Statute of 1° Jac. Rg., which enablcth "all persons to inform upon the same against such as "sell less than a full ale quart of the best beer or ale "for a penny: And An Act for the suppressing of new "erected stables and petty osleries in and about the "cities of London and Westminster, and the suburbs "thereof." The provisions of the former Acts to be put in execution by duly appointed and sworn inspectors, instead of by common informers. Petty stables in obscure places to be suppressed, as giving facilities for the concealment and escape of thieves and robbers. Endorsed, 1612, in which year Parliament was not Bitting.

1612-13, Jan. 28.—Bond by George Pye and Thomas Roche to Richard Crompton for repayment of SI. 8s.

1613, [March or May] 27.—"Articles to be enquired "of in the mctropolitical visitation of the most reverend "father in God George by God's providence Archbishop "of Cant. [Abbott], primate and metropolitan of all "England, in this present year of our Lord God one "thousand six hundred and thirteen concerning tho "Dean, Canon, and prebendaries of the Cathedral "Church of Sarum." Found amongst the documents relating to Archbishop Laud*s visitations. The endorsement is in Dell's handwriting. See Second Report of Commissioners. Appx., p. 108.


1. Answers of the Dean and Chapter to all the interrogatories seriatim.

[1613?].—"A most, humble supplication of divers "poor prisoners and many others the King's Majesty's "loyal subjects, ready to testify it by tho oath of alle"giance in all sincerity, whose grievances are lament"able only for cause of conscience." The Act of the 7th year of His Majesty's reign exempted persons taking the oath of supremacy from coming to church. Judges and justices extend the benefit of this Act to others beside Popish recusants, not so the bishops. Petitioners pray that the Act may in express words be extended to all. Subscribed, "By His Majesty's faithful subjects "most falsely called anabaptists." Noted, rejected by the Committee.

[1613 P],—Draft of " An Act to prevent tho impunity "of foreign murders in some cases." Duels are frequently fought in France or elsewhere abroad, in order to escape the laws of England; in future any British subject, principal or accessory to a duel fought abroad, may be tried by the Court of King's Bench, as if the duel had been fought in this country. Not mentioned in journals. Probably brought in in consequence of death of Ld. Edwd. Bruco, who was killed in a duel with Sir Ed. Sackville, afterwards Earl of Dorset, under the walls of Antwerp, See Clarendon, I. 106, 8vo edition.

1613-14, Feb. 19.—Writs of summons to Parliament Ho


Philip, Lord Wharton.

Lodovicke, Earl of Richmond.

Thos. West, Lord Delawarr.

Francis, Lord Norreis of Ricott.

Robert, Viscount Lisle. 1614, April 8. — Draft of "An Act concerning tho "High and Mighty Prince Frederick, Count Palatine "of Rhene, Duke of Bavaria of the sacred Roman "Empire, Arch Shewer and Elector, &c. and the High "and Mighty Princess, the Lady Elizabeth, his wife, "daughter to the King's Majesty, and their issues." Tho Act is for settling the succession to tho Crown upon tho children of the Princess Elizabeth after Prince Charles and his children, and for naturalizing the Count Palatine. The Bill passed through all stages in both Houses, but did not receive the royal assent. L. J., II. 689.

1614, April 14.—Draft of "An Act for the founding "and establishing of a college or hospital in the town "of East Grinstead in the county of Sussex, according "to the intention of the late Right Hon. Robert, Earl "of Dorset, for 31 persons, and fop incorporating the "said 31 persons and enabling them with maintenance "and revenue according to the last will of the said "Earl." Read 1'. C. J., I. 464. Reported from Committee, but no further proceeding. May 24. C. J., I. 495.

1614, April 16.—Draft of "An Act for the better "enabling of Herbert Pelham, Esquire, to mako sale "of certain lands for tho payment of his debts." Read 1". C. J. 466. Noted, "Upon division of the "House dashed, 201 against the passage, 133 for it."

1614, May 2.—Draft of " An Act concerning printing "and binding of books brought from beyond the seas." The Act imposes penalties upon both sellers and buyers of books printed beyond the seas, which have been previously published by authority in this realm. Read 1". C. J., I., 470. Rejected on second reading. 20 May. C. J. 490.

1614, May 2.—Draft of " An Act for the relief of the "creditors of Sir William Dillon, Knight, and Robert "Dillon, Esq., his son and heir apparent, and for tho "sale of their lands for payment of their debts." Road 1*. C. J., I. 470. No further proceeding.

1614, May 9.—Draft of "An Act for discovery of "thieves and punishment of retailing broggers, bro"kers, and other concealers of stolen goods within "the City of London and within the compass of three "miles of tho said city." Read 1*. C. J., I. 476. No further proceeding.

1614, May 13. — Draft of " An Act for the confirmation "of a grant made by tho Master and Fellows of Mag"daleno College in the University of Cambridge to the "late Queen Elizabeth in tho 17th year of Her reign "of a house and garden in the parish of St. Botolph "without Aldgatc, London." The laud being now in the possession of the Earl of Oxford, he has built upon it one hundred and twenty houses and tenements and expended large sums of money. The Act confirms the grant for the protection of himself and his tenants. Read 1*. C. J., I. 483. No further proceeding.

1614, May 14.-—Draft of "An Act for the increase of "timber for ensuing times." Every possessor of a certain quantity of land to plant a portion with acorns, and afterwards to transplant the young trees and protect them from cattle, &c. Imposes penalties. Read 1", and rejected. C. J., I. 483.

1614, May 17.—Engrossment of "An Act to enable "Sir Warwick Hele, Knight, or any of tho sons of Sir "John Hele, Knight, deceased, father of the said Sir "Warwick Hele, being in possession, to make leases "of certain lands whereof the said Sir John Hele died "seized." C. J., I. 487. Ordered to be engrossed, but no further proceeding is mentioned.


1. Draft of preceding. Endorsed "L. 1*, 3 Maij.
"L. 2", 17° Maij." C. J. for 3d May wanting.

2. Another draft.

1614, May 21.—Draft of "An Act for knights and "burgesses to have places in Parliament for the county "palatine, city of Durham, and borough or town of "Barnard Castle, alias Castle Barnard." The Act gives two knights for the county of Durham, two citizens for the city of Durham, and two burgesses for the borough of Castle Barnard. Read 1*, C. J., 492. Committed; no further proceeding. 31st May, C. J., I. 502.

1614, May 23. —Draft of "An Act to confirm and "enable the erection and establishment of an alms"house, a free grammar school, and a preacher in the "town of Monmouth, intended to be done and performed i o» "by the Master and four wardens of the fraternity * "of the art or mystery of Haberdashers in tho City "of London, at the only costs and charges of William "Jones, Merchant Adventurer, a member of the said "fraternity, and now resident at Hamburgh, in the "parts beyond the seas." Brought from H. C. L. J., n. 706. The Bill passed through all stages in both Houses, but did not receive the royal assent.

1614, May 23.—Draft of " An Act for the enabling of "John Tewe, clothier, to make sale of certain lands "for the payment of his debts." Brought from H. C. L. J.. II. 706. The Bill passed through all stages in both Houses, but did not receive the royal assent.

1614, May 23.—Draft of "An Act for the confirmation "of a decree in Chancery." The Act confirms a decree made with the consent of Henry Jernegan, Lord of the Manor of Painswick in the county of Gloucester, and the customary tenants of the manor. Brought from H. C. L. J., EL 706. The Bill passed through all stages in both Houses, but did not receive the royal assent.]

1614, May 24.—Draft of " An Act for the safe keeping "of the records and books of the sessions of the peace "and of inrolments taken before justices and clerks "of the peace." In consequence of frequent changes in the office of Custos Rotulorum and Clerks of the peace records are constantly lost. The Bill enacts that a house shall be provided in each county for their safe custody. Bead 1*. C. J., I. 495. No further proceeding.

1614, May 24.—Draft of "An Act for the sale of "certain lands of Sir William Fowrth, Knt., deceased, "for the payment of his debts and the better perform"ance of his last will and testament." Read 1". C. J., 495. No further proceeding.

1614, May 25.—Draft of "An Act for the relief of "Dame Jane Skynner, the late wife of Sir John Skynner, "deceased, for the recovery of her dower out of tho "manor of Castle Campes in the counties of Cambridge "and Essex." Read 1". C. J., I. 496. No further proceeding.

1614, May 31. —Draft of "An Act for the better "enabling of Erasmus Record to have and enjoy the "benefit of a decree made for him in Chancery." Not mentioned in Journals.

1. Another copy of the Act.

1614, June 1.—Draft of " An Act to make void diverse "statutes, recognizances, and extents continued upon "the lands of Richard Whalley of Cornic to defraud "Sir Robert Wynde, Knight, of a debt of 2.000J. owing "by the said Richard Whalley." Read 1". C. J., 504. No further proceeding.

1614, Jnne 1.—Draft of "An Act for the ratifying "and conforming of the sale of certain lands and "tenements in Kessingland in the county of Suffolk, "formerly made towards the payment of the debts of "Benedict Campe, gent., deceased, and likewise for "the sale of other lands late the said Benedict Campe's, "for the payment of other his debts." Read 1*. C. J., I. 504. No further proceeding.

1614, June 1.—Draft of " An Act for confirmation of "an indenture of covenant and agreement made in "21° Elizabeth, between the Provost and Scholars of "King's College in Cambridge lords of the manor of "Eiuslipp, Middlesex, and the tenants there, concern"ing fines and heriots within the same manor." Read 1\ C. J., I. 504. No further proceeding.

1614, June 3.—Draft of " An Act for avoiding a eon"veyance gotten by undue practices without any good "consideration from Arthur Bagnole, Esquire, son and "heir of Sir Henry Bagnole, Knt." Read 1*. C. J., I. 505. No further proceeding.

1614, June 3.—Draft of "An Act for the keeping of "one of the general assizes and gaol delivery and two "of the general quarter sessions of tho peace for the "county of Buckingham yearly within the town of "Buckingham within the said county." Tho assizes were formerly held at Buckingham, but in the reign of Henry VIII. the town being consumed by fire, they were removed to other places. Read 1*. 0. J., I. 505. No further proceeding.

1614, June 3.—Draft of " An Act for the peace of the "King's subjects after judgment by them had at the "common law." No suits to be prosecuted in other courts in matters where judgments have been given in any of the King's courts of common law until reversed by error. Read 1*. C. J., I. 505. No further proceeding.

1614, June 3.—Draft of "An Act for relief of mer"chants of the Staple." Tho Act restores to the Major

Constables and Society of the Staple certain privileges House Of of selling, shipping, and transporting wools, &c. for- KP8' merly enjoyed by them under Statute and by letters patent, of which privilege they have recently been deprived by an order of the Council of State. Read 1". C. J., I. 505. No further proceeding.

1614. —Writ of summons to Parliament to [Edward, Lord Vaux of Harrowden].

1615, May 19.—Letters patent appointing Sir Francis Bacon, Sir Henry Yelverton, and others commissioners for contracting and compounding with lords of manors for grants of license to enclose and empark lands, and for liberty of free warren. [Seal wanting.]

1615, —Articles for the vicars choral and singing men of the cathedral church of ChicheHter. Signed "G. "Cunt." (Abbot). Much mutilated.


1. Answer of the vicars choral to the articles.
1615, Sept. 25.

2. Presentment made by Thomas Emerson, one of
the prebendaries to the articles. 1615, Sept. 26.

3. Answer of Godfrey Blaxton, one of the vicars.

4. Answer of John Clyfford and Thomas Younge,
lay vicars, to the articles.

5. Answer of Valentino Austin and Anthony But-
tery, two of Bishop Shurborne's clerks. 1615,
Sept. 25.

All these papers were found amongst those relating to Laud's visitation, 1634. See Second Report of Commissioners. Appx., p. 108.

1616, April 6.—Certificate by Parket Nightingale and others, that they spun (gold and silver thread) for Thomas Williams and others for many years before the granting of the patent for the said manufacture.

1616-17, Jan. 10.—Copy of an indenture made between the King of tho one part and Richard Dike, Mathias Fowle, and Francis Dorington of the other part: granting to them, their deputies and assigns, the monopoly of making gold and silver thread for 21 years, upon payment of 10J. per annum, and indemnification of loss to the customs caused by the ceasing of the importation of the said thread.

1616-17, Jan. 30.—Bond by Sir Barentine Molins, Knight, to Richard Crompton, for repayment of 15Z.

1616-17, March 3.—Letters patent appointing Sir Giles Mompesson and others Commissioners of Inns. Almost illegible from damp. Seal entire. See Commission. 1618, Dec. 9. where this is recited.

1616- 17, March 19. — Patent, after reciting the appointment of Sir Giles Mompesson and others as Commissioners of Inns, and for granting licenses to innkeepers, and the appointment of Sir Giles Mompesson as receiver of all fines, &c. received for grant of licenses under the said commission; grants to the said Sir Giles Mompesson and Thomas Mompesson one-fifth of all sums so received, for their joint lives and the life of the longer liver of them. (Seal).

1617, April 2.—Certificate of wardens and assistants of the Mystery of Goldsmiths of London, that the trade of gold and silver wire drawing and spinning upon silk is no new invention, but used for 60 years past, and that Thomas Ledsam, now prisoner in the Marshalsea, has served ten years apprenticeship to the same.

[1617, April 10].—Extract from Chancery Records; Book VI., fol. 246, of the finding of an inquisition, respecting the possessions of George Home, of Wedderburn, &c.

1617, Dec. 25. — Bond from Barnaby Newman to Richard Crompton for repayment of 20Z.

1617, Dec. 31.—Bond from Sir Wm. Fish to James Isaac for repayment of 201.

[1617, ],—Draft of Information in the Court

of Exchequer at the suit of Sir Henry Yelverton, Attorney General, against Thomas Williams and others, goldwire drawers, for infringing the patent for gold and silver thread granted to Richard Dike, Mathias Fowlo, and Francis Dorrington.

1617- 18, March 11.—Letters patent appointing Robert Dixon and William Almond, Commissioners of alehouses.

1618, April 11.—Indenture made between the King of the one part and Mathias Fowle of London of the other part: grants to the latter, his ex'ors, adm'ors, and assigns, the sole right of making gold and silver thread, and copper gold and silver thread, for 21 years, in consideration of his making good the loss to the customs by the non-importation of the said thread upon a medium to be reckoned on the last seven years, and also of his paying 500Z. yearly to Sir Thomas Howard, Knight, one of the sons of Thomas Earl of Suffolk, Lord Treasurer of England, during the said term of 21 years, but after House op Michaelmas 1C20, the said 500L to be allowed to Mathias

LOttDS. Fowle by the King

The indenture is signed II. Yelverton, and is noted, "It may please your excellent Majesty this is your "Majesty's part of an indenture, whereby your Majesty "expressing that yon have taken the making of gold "and silver thread into your own hands, do hereby "grant unto Mathias Fowle and his assigns to have the "sole working thereof under your Majesty within your "Majesty's realm of England and Ireland and do"minions thereof for 21 years, ho is hereby to deliver "the same to such person or persons as your Highness "shall appoint to receive it to your Majesty's use and "at such rate and price, and under such covenants as "are agreed upon on your Majesty's behalf and are "herein expressed." "And is done by warrant of your "Majesty's Privy Seal directed to the Lord Chancellor "and others in this behalf." (Seal wanting).

1G18, April 22.—Copy of a Commission to the Lord Chancellor, Lord Treasurer, and others, to examine, find out, and punish abuses in the making or importing of gold and silver thread.

1018, May 22.—Copy of Warrant by Sir Francis Michell and Henry Tweedy, by virtue of a commission under the Great Seal, for the imprisonment of Robert Patrickson and William Whiting, for breach of the patent for gold and silver thread.

1618, June 2. — Copy of Warrant by Sir Francis Michell and Henry Tweedy, by virtue of a commission under the Great Seal, for the imprisonment of Robert More and others for breach of the patent for gold and silver thread.

1018, June 6.—Warrant from Sir Francis Michell and nenry Tweedy for the discharge of Robert More and others from prison.

1018, Oct. 20.—Copy of a Commission to the Lord Chancellor and others to examine the abuses in importing and making of gold and silver thread.

1018, Dec. 9.—Patent to Sir Giles Mompcsson granting him certain monies out of the fines for inns, &c, for his necessary exponces incurred in executing the commission of the 3rd of March 1616. Sealed.

1618-19, Feb. 20.—Patent to Richard Williams and David Lewis granting them the monopoly of the trade in Welsh butter. Neither signed nor sealed.

1019, April 29. Summons from Sir Giles Mompesson and Sir Francis Michell, Commissioners for the manufacture of gold and silver thread, to Deane and others to appear before them.


1. Same to Mr. Decvy and others. May 27.

2. Same to Thomas Hall and others. June 12.

3. Same to Francis Broade and others. June 14.

4. Same to Thomas Crowche and others. June 30.

5. Same to Nicholas Cary and others. July 8.

6. Same to same. July 12.

7. Same to Joseph Simmonds and others. 1619-20. Jan. 4.

1619, April 30.—John Acton of Elmeley Lovett in the county of Worcester, to Ralph Clare; grant of tho second presentation to tho rectory of All Hallows, Worcester. [See April 13, 1622.]

[1019, May 15].—" The duplicamente of the account "of Sir GileB Mompesson, Knight, receiver of the fines, "rents, and profits, for licenses of innkeepers for one "whole year and a half and 28 days ended the 29th day "of September 1618." Recites letters patent appointing Sir Giles and others Commissioners, gives the name of each inn licensed, and the sums received and paid under the commission. The account is declared before Sir Fulke Grevill, Chancellor and under Treasurer of the Exchequer, and Sir Edward Bromley, one of the Barons of the Exchequer. 1619, May 13. Audited, May 15. [Parchment Roll].

1019, May 24.—Notes respecting Commissions granting patents for tho making of gold and silver thread.

1619, May 24.—License from the King to Sir Nicholas Salter and Richard Dike, the present holders of the patent for making gold and silver thread, to import gold and silver thread from abroad, forasmuch as they cannot make gold thread of a good colour.

1619, June 8.—Bond by Mathias Fowle for 500*. to observe conditions respecting gold and silver thread trade.

1619, July 25.—Note from Richard Dike to Mr. Ward or Mr. James to take up 75 papers of gold imported by Hugh Perry.


1. Hugh Perry to Mr. Davis, to take certain goods into his custody. Dec. 11.

2. Richard Dike to Davis, to give the customs Hoi officers notice of arrival of certain gold and silver L< in the ship of Nicholas Joiner. Doc. 15.

3. Richard Dike to . 35 pounds of gold

and silver " unpacked in a fait of carpets" has
come from Harnbro in Wm. Grove's ship. Dec. 17.

4. Richard Dike to . 12 lbs. of gold and

silver are expected in Wm. Grove's ship, directed
to Sir Humphrey Fleetwood, in a white box in a
trunk. Dec. 18.

5. Richard Dike to Mr. Davis. Mr. Nicholas Leake
had 150 papers of gold on board the "unicorn."
Dec. 22.

6. Same to same. There are 20 papers of gold on
board John Broadoke's ship from Hambro'.
Dec. 22.

7. Same to same. About certain gold belonging to
Mr. Robinson. Dec. 22.

8. Same to Mr. Davis, Mr. Ward, or Mr. Norton.
1,125 marks of copper, promised by Mr. Estote
when he went abroad, are now come. Jan. 12.

1619, Aug. 5.—Letters patent granting sole license for salting, drying, and packing fish in the counties of Devon and Cornwall, to Henry Heron, to the use of William Earl of Tulliberdine, in Scotland. Noted. "1°. "Maij 1624, delivered itiopen Court pr. Comite Mount"gomery to be cancelled. H. Elsynge, Cler Pari." See L. J., III. 339.

1619, Aug. 9.—Warrant signed by Sir Henry Yelverton and Sir Francis Michell for Mr. Henshawe and others to bo brought before them.

1619, Oct. 11.—Letters patent for the incorporation of the Master, Wardens, and comnalty of gold and silver beaters of the city of London.

1619, Dec. 25.—Account by Richard Dike of the amount of [gold and silver thread] undertaken to be wrought and imported by the several persons mentioned for the six months from June 24th 1019 to 25th Dec. 1019.

[1019, ].—The grievances of Michael Scllar;

wrongfullyvimprisoned at the suggestion of Sir Giles Mompesson, on pretence that he had manufactured gold and silver thread without tho licence of the Commissioners.

[1619, ].—Petition of Richard Vaughan, of

Pitstowe, in the county of Hereford, "to the Committee "for the House " of Parliament; to be relieved against Edward Powell, of Pengelly, respecting certain lands in Hereford concerning which there has been litigation for 28 years. Eiulorsed, " Rejected."

[1619.]—Book containing lists of persons under their several counties and places of abode, for purposes apparently of some assessment.

1619-20, Jan. 19.—" Orders made and established "touching the manufacture of gold and silver thread, "as well by and with the consent and allowance of Sir "Giles Mompesson, Knight, and Francis Michell, Esq., "two of His Majesty's Commissioners, touching tho "sd manufacture, as of all' such as have hereunto sub'' scribed their names, being the workers or undertakers "of the said manufacture." 1. Undertakers only to make a certain quantity weekly: 2. to bring their work weekly to be " Bealed,' to register sales, &c.: 3. not to make or sell more than their proportion: 4. only to employ registered workmen, &c.: 5. and pay them stated wages: 6. to sell gold and silver thread at price fixed: 7. penalties to be imposed for not attending Bummons of Commissioners: 8. these and future orders to be kept secret: 9. penalty for omission of weekly attendance: 10. no part of his proportion to be assigned by any undertaker to another: 11. two undertakers in turn weekly with a solicitor and messenger of the Co. to make search for gold and silver thread imported, or made in England in breach of the patent, to seize the same and bring it to the office of the Commissioners: •12. every undertaker to answer on oath when called upon by the Commissioners respecting his conduct in these matters since 24th Dec. 1619: 13. every undertaker to mark all gold and silver thread made by him with his own peculiar mark: 14. Penalties to be disposed of as follows; one-third to informer, the rest as the Commissioners shall think fit: 15. If any question arise about these orders, the Commissioners to decido the interpretation : 16. New orders to be made or old altered by Commissioners with consent of majority of undertakers.

This document is signed by Sir Giles Mompesson, Francis Michell, and the undertakers. See L. J., III.


Hu"^°F Annexed,

1. Book of Bonds entered into by the undertakers

for performance of the orders made by the Commissioners. 1619-20, Jan. 27-Jan. 29.

1619-20, Feb. 4.—Bond for 100Z. by John Warde not to sell the gold and silver wire lately seized from him until the same be sealed by the Commissioners for that manufacture, to give account of all gold and silver thread he now has, and never to import any for the future in breach of the patent.

1619-20, Feb. 10.—Similar bond by Wra. Cranmer.

1619-20, March 2.—Warrant from Sir Giles Mompesson to "Jervis Unwon, the messenger," to summon Robert Patrjckson and Claudius Durell to appear.

1620, April 1.—Patent granting royalty of"3«. id. on the pound on gold and silver wire to Bichard Dike, Win, Bennett, and George Salter, for three years for 200Z. a year. See L. J., III. 42. Report of conference with H. C, March 12, 1620-21.

[1620], April 16.—Sir John Hollis to Mr. Boyer [Bowyer]. The Prince wishes to have an exact abstract of all the rights and privileges of Princes of Wales, "signed ana witnessed under your hand, and if you "will you shall present them to the Prince yourself."


1. List of "Offices conferred on the King's issue." Begins with Edward, son of Henry III. appointed Constable of Dover and Guardian of the Cinque Ports by patent of 50 Hen. III. (1376); ends with Richard, Duke of York, son of Edward IV., locum ten ens .regni in Ireland, 19 Edw. IV., and after (1479 et seq.). Endorsed," 26 Dec. presented "to the Earl of Say."

2. Pedigree of the Royal Family of England from 37 Hen. III. (1252) to 22 Ric. II. (1398), showing the offices conferred on the King's issue. Endorsed, "Regia proles gerens officia publica."

1620, May 15.—Draft of a warrant dormant directing alt persons to assist the bearer, Jervis Unwon, messenger to trie Co. for the manufacture of gold and silver thread, in arresting all persons found making the said thread in breach of the King's patent.

1620, May 16.—Warrant from Sir Giles Mompesson and Francis Michell, to Jervis Unwon, messenger, to summon John Eaton and others to appear before them.

1620, May 21.—Patent granting the reversion of the office of Writer and Ingrosser to the Great Seal to Nathaniel Bacon for his life. Not signed or sealed.

1620, May 30.—A book of licenses granted for the keeping of alehouses ; shewing the names of the houses and the fines and rents paid for licenses. Mutilated, the first seven and other leaves wanting. The dates range from Oct. 10, 1617, to May 30, 1620. The following is an example of the entries. "A license granted "the tenth of September 1618 to Thurstone Ashley, in "St. Clements, Ipswich, clothier, to keep the mermaid "in his house there wherein he now dwelleth during "the lives of himself, John Ashley, his brother, and "John Humphrey, of St. Clements, aforesaid." Fine, 5i., rent, 5«. See L. J., III. 46. 1620-21. March 15. Grievances of Inns.

1620, June 4.—Warrant by Sir Giles Mompesson and Francis Michell, directed to Richard Warde and others, farmers of the customs, to produce certain seizures of gold and silver thread lately made by them.

[1620, July 7.]—Book containing copies of the proclamations, commissions, &c, relating to "conceal"roents j" and a register of the warrants issued, and of the lands claimed under the said commissions. The dates range from 1617, Aug. 6 to 1620, July 7. See L. J., III. 36. Divers books and writings seized in the houses of Sir Giles Mompesson.

[1620, July 9.]—Book containing at one end "An "abstract or true entry of all such particulars as are "allowed to be passed for the use of Sir Giles Mom"pesson, Knight, by virtue of His Majesty's letters *' patent, under the Great Seal of England, dated 9° "Julij, Anno xviii". Regis Jacobi." This was. a patent for discovery of " concealed" lands, and in this book are contained descriptions of the lands claimed under the patent. At the other end of the book is "A "Collection of lands given to parishes for good uses."

1620, July 13.—Warrant by Sir Giles Mompesson for the apprehension of Robert Genner and others.

1620, July 26.—Warrant by Sir Giles Mompesson and Sir Francis Michell, for imprisonment of Robert Patrickson.

1620, July 28.—Summons from Sir Giles Mompesson and Sir Francis Michell, for Mr. Blechenden, silkman, in Paternoster Row, to appoar before them.

1620, August 3. —Bond from Robert Nicholl and

George Marshall to Richard Crompton for repayment of House or 511.5%. L^8

1620, Aug. 16.—Warrant by Sir Giles Mompesson to Mr. Davis, one of the deputies of the farmers of the customs, to release 37 papers of gold and silver thread imported by John Burnet, on his giving a bond not to offend against the King's proclamation again.

1620, Sept. 29.—Bond by Nathaniel Deard to Sir Giles Mompesson and Fr. Michell, not to sell "Ardasse or "Bellardine silk," for the making of gold and silver thread except to persons authorised by the Commissioners for the said manufacture.

1620, Oct. 14.—Warrant from Francis Michell for attachment of John Lambard.

1620, Oct. 23.—Warrant from Sir Giles Mompesson and Sir Francis Michell to Mr. Ward, one of the " waigh"ters," belonging to the farmers of the customs, to bring certain papers of Venice gold and silver thread to the office of the Commissioners for that manufacture.

1620, Nov. 3.—Summons from Sir Giles Mompesson and Francis Michell for appearance before them of Wm. Parker.

1620, Nov. 13.—Copy of writs of summons to Parliament directed to the Lord Chief Justice, the King's Sergeant and the King's Principal Secretary. See L. J., HI. 10, &c. 5 Feb. 1620-21. 1620, Nov. 13.—Writs of summons to Parliament to— George, Marquess of Buckingham. Lodovico, Earl of Richmond. Charles, Earl of Nottingham. Tobie, Archbishop of York. Richard, Bishop of St. Asaph.

, Bishop of Llandaff.

, Bishop of Chester.

Christopher, Lord Teynham. 1620, Nov. 22.—Bond by George Melsam and others, to Richard Crompton, for repayment of 52Z. 10s.

1620, Dec. 9.—A list of Earls, Viscounts, and Barons, created since the 6th of Nov. 1610. Noted "lent to "me by Sir Richard St. George, 9 December 1620." Annexed,

1. A list of creations, Jan. 1, 1616 to Nov. 20,1618,
and a list of Peers now to be admitted." "Pro-
"ceres qui nunc in Parlam. admittendi."

1620, Dec. 14.—Register of proceedings of the Commissioners under the patent for the making of gold and silver thread. Endorsed, " A book for registring of all "such businesses or orders as are or shall be concluded "by His Majesty's Commissioners for the manufacture "of the gold and silver thread, and the undertakers "for the same business, anno 1619." The dates range from June 10, 1619 to Dec. 14, 1620.

[1620, .]—Draft of "An Act for better satis

"faction of due, just, and lawful debts." Debtors with ample means to pay their debts, escape payment by conveyances of their estate in trust to others, or even if committed to prison live there in great comfort, and under colour of writs of habeas corpus get leave to go into the country when they desire it; persons so failing to pay their debts,, to be treated as bankrupts and their estates, &c. sold j in case of death or escape of debtor, their lands, estates, &c. to stand charged with their debts. Endorsed, " 1620." Not traceable in Journals.

[1620, P].—Petition of Mary Sole "to the

"High and Mighty Prince Charles." Prays that her former petition, which he had delivered to the clerk not read, may be read and considered by a committee.

1620-21, Jan. 4.—Writ of summons to Parliament to Henry Lord Grey of Groby.

1620-21, Jan. 11.—Writ to the Archbishop of Canterbury to assemble convocation. (Copy.)

1620-21, Jan. 12.—Draft of an Act for the disuniting of the hamlet or village of Woodlands, in the county of Devon, from the parish oflpplepen, and for the erection of a vicarage within the said hamlet of Woodlands, and for the endowing of the same with competent and convenient means to maintain an able and sufficient minister to serve the said cure.

Noted.—Lecta 1*, 12° Jan. 18° Jac. Parliament was not sitting.

1620-21, Jan. 13.—Copy of an order in council appointing a commission to consider and advise upon the best means for the recovery and protection of the Palatinate. The Commissioners are to enquire what men, horses, munition, ships, and treasure will be required, and also as to the best time for the expedition.

1620-21, Jan. 14.—Writ for prorogation of Parliament. L. J., III. 5. In eztenso. (Seal wanting.)

1620-21, Jan. 20.—Commission for prorogation of Parliament. L. J., III. 6. In eztenso.

1620-21. Jan. 27.—Order from Sir Giles Mompesson

Hottsk Op and Francis Micholl, to Wm. Wheeler and others, with Lows. Jervis Unwon, to make search for silk, gold, and silver, underhand wrought, contrary to the proclamation.

1620-21, Jan. (?)—Letter from the Lord Chancellor addressed to Mr. Weston and Mr. Drake, requesting them to furnish Mr. Robert Bowyer, Clerk of the Parliaments, with a list of the bishops, as now they stand, in order of precedence, "as the daily presence of all their Lordships is to be entered in the journal book, according to their precedence. Signed, Fr. Verulam, Can.


1. List of the bishops, as they are to bo marshalled in Parliament. 1620-21, Feb. 3.—Order of the Court of Chancery in the suit of Mary Lady Cheney, against Edmund Norwood and William Breeres. Annexed,

1. Affidavit of Richard Edwards. 27 Feb.

2. Testimony of Richard Gifford to the bad character of the defendant Breeres. 28 Feb.

1620-21, Feb. 4.—Garter's Roll of the Lords. Endorsed, by Bowyer (?), "Catalogue of the Nobility, delivered to me by Sir William Segar, Garter."


List of the Lords of the Parliament (12 Jac. 1614), Noted by Bowyer. "This note, with a letter, and "with a catalogue, to be delivered by Sir Wm. "Segar, Garter, I sent to Mr. Camden, Claren"cieux, on Saturday, 3d February, desiring his "direction touching the marshalling of the "nobility, and on Sunday he sent back both "notes by my man, with a message, that "Garter's note was most true, and this mis"taken."

1620-21, Feb. 5.—Order of the House appointing committee to take consideration of the customs and orders of this House, and of the privileges of the Peers of the kingdom and Lords of Parliament. L. J., III. 10. In extenso. ,

1620-21, Feb. 7.—Draft of " An Act to restrain com"mon brewers and tipplers to be justices of peace in "any county, city, or town corporate within this realm." Read 1". C. J., I. 511. No further proceeding.

1620-21, Feb. 7.—Draft of" An Act for the confirma"tion of a decree in Chancery made by the consent of "the Lord of the Manor of Painswick, in the county of "Gloucester, and the customary tenants of the same "manor." Read 1* in H. C. C. J., I. 511. Ordered to be engrossed, but no further proceeding. March 9, 546.

1620-21. Feb. 8.—Draft of "An Act for the further "reformation of jeofayles." Lecta 1". C. J., I. 513. Ordered to be engrossed, May 24, 1621. C. J. I. 625, but no further proceeding, See Act 21, Jac. I. c. 13.

1620-21, Feb. 10.—Petition of Richard Camel, imprisoned in the Fleet for "his great contempt and "neglect in penning and directing of sundry writs of "summons to divers Lords, Peers of this realm, in "other form than heretofore had been accustomed." Expresses contrition, and prays for release. L. J., III.

1620-21, Feb'. 13.—Draft of " An'Act to enable Martin "Calthorp, Esquire, to make sale of certain lands for "the payment of his debts and preferment of his "younger children." Bill read 1*. C. J., I. 518; committed 17th March, 559 ; but no further proceeding.

1620-21, Feb. 13.—Draft of "An Act for the true "making of good and sufficient cards for wool." Cards being now made of veiy weak and insufficient wire; the Bill provides for a certain weight of wire in every pair of cards. Cardmakers to set their name and mark upon cards before selling them. Read 1*. C. J., I. 519. Ordered to be engrossed, 630, May 28; but no further proceeding.

1620-21, Feb. 13.—Draft of "An Act for the expla*' nation of a Statute made 1 Edward VI., An Act "whereby certain chauntryes, colleges, free chapels, "and the possessions of the same be given to the King's "Majesty." Read 1». C. J., I. 518. Ordered to be engrossed, 597, April 30; but no further proceeding.

1620-21, Feb. 15.—Draft of "An Act for the recovery "of small debts and duties in London, and for avoiding "of execssivo charges of suit and travail for small "matters." No suit in which the debt or damage does not exceed 10?. to be removed into any of the ^King's courts at Westminster. Read 1*. C. J., I. 521; but no further proceeding.

1620-21, Feb. 16.—Draft of "An Act to enable jus-' "ticos of the peace to givo restitution of possession in "certain cases." Readl*. C. J., I. 523; but no further proceeding.

1620-21, Feb. 17.—Order of the House for the Sub

committee for privileges to peruse and rectify the House Of Journal Book daily, or as often as they think fit. In Lo*D8extenso. L. J., III. 21.

1620-21, Feb. 17.—Copy of writ of summons to Parliament to a Bishop and to a Judge (Precedent). See L. J., III. 21.

1620-21, Feb. 18.—Certificate, signed by William Laud (then Dean of Gloucester), that Sir Francis Steward, Walter Steward, William Carr, and James Maxwell, are diligent resorters to the church, and received the Sacrament on the first Sunday in Lent.

1620-21, Feb. 19.—The Earl of Berkshire's submission to the House touching Lord Scrope. In extenso. L. J., III. 22.

1620-21, Feb. 21.—Draft of " An Act for the repair"ing and maintaining of an ancient haven, river, and "channel of the borough and town of Colchester, in "the county of Essex, and also for the paving of the "said town."

Noted, Lecta 1", 21 Feb. 18° Jac. C. J. wanting: Read 2", 5th May. C. J., I. 609; no further proceeding.

1620-21, Feb. 22.—Draft of "An Act for the trans"ferring of diverse manors, lands, tenements, and "hereditaments heretofore assured by the now Lord "Viscount Mountague, for the discharge of certain "trusts to the late Lord Dormer, Sir Francis Engle"fylde, Bt., and Sir John Dormer, Knt., and their "heirs, upon Sir George Moore and Sir John Waller, "Knts., and Thomas Spencer, Esq., and their heirs, "for the performance of the said trusts."

Noted, Lecta 1*, 22 Feb. 18. Jac. C. J. wanting. Ord. to be engrossed, 22 March, C. J., I. 570; but no further proceeding.


1. List of Committee in H. C. 15 March. C. J.,
I. 554.

1620-21, Fob. 23.—Draft of "An Act to take away "the jointure of Dame Susan Croisley, wife of Sir "George Croisley, Knt. and Baronet, made after "marriage, for her elopement and separation of herself "from the said Sir George Croisley, her husband, and "'disabling the children of the said Dame Susan, borne "since the said elopement, to inherit any of the lands, "tenements, or hereditaments of the said Sir George "Croisley."

Endorsed, Lecta 1", Feb. 23. C. J. wanting. See note. C. J., I. 526. Not mentioned in Journals.

1620-21, Feb. 23.—Petition of Salomon Browne, servant and solicitor to Tobio Archbishop of York, arrested at the suit of Whale and others, prays for writ of Habeas corpus. See L. J., III. 27. Writ ordered.

1620-21, Feb. 27.—Draft of "An Act for the free "traffic of sea coals, stone coals, and pit coals, in and "out of the counties of Durham and Northumberland, "acquitted and discharged from the late unlawful "exactions of twopence, threepence, and sixteen pence "a chauldron, by the Mayor and Burgesses of the town *' and county of Newcastle-upon-Tyne." Readl*. C.J., I. 529. No further proceeding.

1620-21, Feb. 27.—Quittances and releases of all claims against Jervis Unwon from Joseph Symonds, H. Ambercourt, and Stephen Bellott.—Feb. 28. Wingfield Blackmore.—March 1. Thomas Heyrick and Mary Howe.-—March 3. Nicholas Taberrer, James Gobbin, Thomas Gunn, Alice Griffith, and Peter Vancourt. —March 5. Peter Symonds.

1620-21, Feb. 28,—Draft of "An Act declaring the "ancient and common law concerning saltmarshes, "inned, gained, or lost by the sea, or ebbing or flowing "of freshwater." Read 1\ C. J., 1.531; but no further proceeding.

1620-21, Feb. 28.—Draft of "An Act for repressing "the odious and loathsome sin of drunkenness, and for "the restraint of the excessive prices of beer and ale." C. J., I. 531.

The Act fixes the price of beer and the quantities in which it shall be brewed and sold; imposes penalties, I one-third to go to the Company of Virginia, one-third to the poor of the parish in which the offence is committed, and one-third to the informer.

Noted,." Upon question of commitment, refused." C. J., I. 531.

1620-21, Maroh 1.—Sir Giles Mompcsson to the Lord Admiral [Buckingham]. Prays him to influence the King to direct the Commons to set down their charges in writing, that he may have opportunity of answering them, and of preserving his good name; his troubles have so overtired a sick body, that anger has been his best physician. Is accused of other men's actions, and condemned before he is heard. See L. J., III. 34.

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