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HOUSE OF Michaelmas 1620, the said 5001. to be allowed to Mathias LORDS.

Fowle by the King.

The indenture is signed H. Yelverton, and is noted, “ It may please your excellent Majesty this is your “ Majesty's part of an indenture, whereby your Majesty expressing that you have taken the making of gold

and silver thread into your own hands, do hereby

grant unto Mathias Fowle and his assigns to have the “ sole working thereof under your Majesty within your “ Majesty's realm of England and Ireland and do“ minions thereof for 21 years, he is hereby to deliver " the same to such person or persons as your Highness “ shall appoint to receive it to your Majesty's use and “ at such rate and price, and under such covenants as “ are agreed upon on your Majesty's behalf and are “ herein expressed.” “ And is done by warrant of your “ Majesty's Privy Seal directed to the Lord Chancellor “ and others in this behalf.” (Seal wanting).

1618, April 22.--Copy of a Commission to the Lord Chancellor, Lord Treasurer, and others, to examine, find out, and punish abuses in the making or importing of gold and silver thread.

1618, May 22.-Copy of Warrant by Sir Francis Michell and Henry Tweedy, by virtue of a commission under the Great Seal, for the imprisonment of Robert Patrickson and William Whiting, for breach of the patent for gold and silver thread.

1618, June 2.- Copy of Warrant by Sir Francis Michell and Henry Tweedy, by virtue of a commission under the Great Seal, for the imprisonment of Robert More and others for breach of the patent for gold and silver thread.

1618, June 6.--Warrant from Sir Francis Michell and Henry Tweedy for the discharge of Robert More and others from prison.

1618, Oct. 26.--Copy of a Commission to the Lord Chancellor and others to examine the abuses in importing and making of gold and silver thread.

1618, Dec. 9.-Patent to Sir Giles Mompesson grant ing him certain monies out of the fines for inns, &c.,

T 118, C., for his necessary expences incurred in executing the commission of the 3rd of March 1616. Sealed.

1618-19, Feb, 20.-Patent to Richard Williams and David Lewis granting them the monopoly of the trade in Welsh butter. Neither signed nor sealed.

1619, April 29. Summons from Sir Giles Mompesson
and Sir Francis Michell, Commissioners for the manu-
facture of gold and silver thread, to Deane and others
to appear before them.

1. Same to Mr. Deevy and others. May 27.
2. Same to Thomas Hall and others. June 12.
3. Same to Francis Broade and others. June 14.
4. Same to Thomas Crowche and others. June 30.
5. Same to Nicholas Cary and others. July 8.
6. Same to same. July 12.
7. Same to Joseph Simmonds and others. 1619-20.

Jan. 4.
1619, April 30.—John Acton of Elmeley Lovett in
the county of Worcester, to Ralph Clare; grant of the
second presentation to the rectory of All Hallows,
Worcester. [See April 13, 1622.]

[1619, May 15].-" The duplicamente of the account " of Sir Giles Mompesson, Knight, receiver of the fines, “ rents, and profits, for licenses of innkeepers for one “ whole year and a half and 28 days ended the 29th day of September 1618.” Recites letters patent appointing Sir Giles and others Commissioners, gives the name of each inn licensed, and the sums received and paid under the commission. The account is declared before Sir Fulke Grevill, Chancellor and under Treasurer of the Exchequer, and Sir Edward Bromley, one of the Barons of the Exchequer. 1619, May 13. Audited, May 15. [Parchment Roll].

1619, May 24.-Notes respecting Commissions grant ing patents for the making of gold and silver thread.

1619, May 24.-License from the King to Sir Nicholas Salter and Richard Dike, the present holders of the patent for making gold and silver thread, to import gold and silver thread from abroad, forasmuch as they cannot make gold thread of a good colour.

1619, June 8.--Bond by Mathias Fowle for 5001. to observe conditions respecting gold and silver tbread trade.

1619, July 25.-Note from Richard Dike to Mr. Ward or Mr. James to take up 75 papers of gold imported by Hugh Perry. Annexed, 1. Hugh Perry to Mr. Davis, to take certain goods

into his custody. Dec. 11.

2. Richard Dike to Davis, to give the customs Horse

officers notice of arrival of certain gold and silver LORD

in the ship of Nicholas Joiner. Dec. 15. 3. Richard Dike to —

35 pounds of gold and silver “unpacked in a fatt of carpets” has

come from Hambro in Wm. Grove's ship. Dec. 17. 4. Richard Dike to

12 lbs. of gold and
silver are expected in Wm. Grove's ship, directed
to Sir Humphrey Fleetwood, in a white box in a

trunk. Dec. 18.
5. Richard Dike to Mr. Davis. Mr. Nicholas Leake
had 150 papers of gold on board the “unicorn."

Dec. 22.
6. Same to same. There are 20 papers of gold on
board John Broadoke's ship from Hambro'.

Dec. 22.
7. Same to same. About certain gold belonging to

Mr. Robinson. Dec. 22.
8. Same to Mr. Davis, Mr. Ward, or Mr. Norton.

1,125 marks of copper, promised by Mr. Estote
when he went abroad, are now come. Jan. 12.

1619, Aug. 5.-Letters patent granting sole license
for salting, drying, and packing fish in the counties of
Devon and Cornwall, to Henry Heron, to the use of
William Earl of Tulliberdine, in Scotland. Noted. “1o.
“ Maij 1624, delivered in open Court pr. Comite Mount.
" gomery to be cancelled. H. Elsynge, Cler Parl.”
See L. J., III. 339.

1619, Aug. 9.-Warrant signed by Sir Henry Yelverton and Sir Francis Michell for Mr. Henshawe and others to be brought before them.

1619, Oct. 11.—Letters patent for the incorporation of the Master, Wardens, and comnalty of gold and silver beaters of the city of London.

1619, Dec. 25.--Account by Richard Dike of the amount of [gold and silver thread] undertaken to be wrought and imported by the several persons mentioned for the six months from June 24th 1619 to 25th Dec. 1619.

[1619, ].—The grievances of Michael Sellar; wrongfully imprisoned at the suggestion of Sir Giles Mompesson, on pretence that he had manufactured gold and silver thread without the licence of the Commissioners.

(1619, ]. — Petition of Richard Vaughan, of Pitstowe, in the county of Hereford, “to the Committee “ for the House” of Parliament; to be relieved against Edward Powell, of Pengelly, respecting certain lands in Hereford concerning which there has been litigation for 28 years. Endorsed, “ Rejected.”

[1619.]-Book containing lists of persons under their several counties and places of abode, for purposes apparently of some assessment.

1619-20, Jan. 19.-" Orders made and established touching the manufacture of gold and silver thread, “ as well by and with the consent and allowance of Sir “ Giles Mompesson, Knight, and Francis Michell, Esq., two of His Majesty's Commissioners, touching the “ gd manufacture, as of all such as have hereunto sub“ scribed their names, being the workers or undertakers “ of the said manufacture." 1. Undertakers only to make a certain quantity weekly: 2. to bring their work weekly to be " sealed,” to register sales, &c.: 3. not to make or sell more than their proportion : 4. only to employ registered workmen, &c.; 5. and pay them stated wages : 6. to sell gold and silver thread at price fixed : 7. penalties to be imposed for not attending summons of Commissioners : 8. these and future orders to be kept secret: 9. penalty for omission of weekly attendance : 10. no part of his proportion to be assigned by any undertaker to another: 11. two undertakers in turn weekly with a solicitor and messenger of the Co. to make search for gold and silver thread imported, or made in England in breach of the patent, to seize the same and bring it to the office of the Commissioners : 12. every undertaker to answer on oath when called upon by the Commissioners respecting his conduct in these matters since 24th Dec. 1619: 13. every undertaker to mark all gold and silver thread made by him with his own peculiar mark : 14. Penalties to be disposed of as follows; one-third to informer, the rest as the Commissioners shall think fit: 15. If any question arise about these orders, the Commissioners to decide the interpretation : 16. New orders to be made or old altered by Commissioners with consent of majority of undertakers.

This document is signed by Sir Giles Mompesson, Francis Michell, and the undertakers. See L. J., III. 36.



George Marshall to Richard Crompton for repayment of HOUSE OF 1. Book of Bonds entered into by the undertakers 511. 58.

LORDS. for performance of the orders made by the Com. 1620. Aug. 16.--Warrant by Sir Giles Mompesson to missioners. 1619-20, Jan. 27-Jan. 29.

Mr. Davis, one of the deputies of the farmers of the 1619-20. Feb. 4.-Bond for 1001. by John Warde not customs, to release 37 papers of gold and silver thread to sell the gold and silver wire lately seized from him imported by John Burnet, on his giving a bond not to until the same be sealed by the Commissioners for that offend against the King's proclamation again. manufacture, to give account of all gold and silver 1620, Sept. 29.-Bond by Nathaniel Deard to Sir Giles thread he now has, and never to import any for the Mompesson and Fr. Michell, not to sell “Ardasse or future in breach of the patent.

“ Bellardine silk,” for the making of gold and silver
1619-20, Feb. 10.-Similar bond by Wm. Cranmer. thread except to persons authorised by the Commis-

1619-20, March 2.-Warrant from Sir Giles Mom. sioners for the said manufacture.
pesson to “ Jervis Unwon, the messenger," to summon 1620, Oct. 14.--Warrant from Francis Michell for
Robert Patrickson and Claudius Durell to appear. attachment of John Lambard.

1620, April 1.- Patent granting royalty of 38. 4d. on 1620, Oct. 23.-Warrant from Sir Giles Mompesson
the pound on gold and silver wire to Richard Dike, Wm. and Sir Francis Michell to Mr. Ward, one of the" waigh-
Bennett, and George Salter, for three years for 2001. a ters,” belonging to the farmers of the customs, to
year. See L. J., III. 42. Report of conference with bring certain papers of Venice gold and silver thread
1. C., March 12, 1620-21.

to the office of the Commissioners for that manufacture.
[1620], April 16.- Sir John Hollis to Mr. Boyer 1620, Nov. 3.--Summons from Sir Giles Mompesson
[Bowyer]. The Prince wishes to have an exact abstract and Francis Michell for appearance before them of Wm.
of all the rights and privileges of Princes of Wales, Parker.
“ signed and witnessed under your hand, and if you 1620, Nov. 13.-Copy of writs of summons to Parlia-
" will you shall present them to the Prince yourself." ment directed to the Lord Chief Justice, the King's

Sergeant and the King's Principal Secretary. See L. J.,
1. List of “Offices conferred on the King's issue.” III. 10, &c. 5. Feb. 1620-21.

Begins with Edward, son of Henry III. appointed 1620, Nov. 13.-Writs of summons to Parliament to
Constable of Dover and Guardian of the Cinque

George, Marquess of Buckingham.
Ports by patent of 50 Hen. III. (1376); ends

Lodovico, Earl of Richmond.
with Richard, Duke of York, son of Edward IV.,

Charles, Earl of Nottingham. locum tenens regni in Ireland, 19 Edw. IV., and

Tobie, Archbishop of York. after (1479 et seq.). Endorsed, 26 Dec. presented

Richard, Bishop of St. Asaph. " to the Earl of Say."

-, Bishop of Llandaff. 2. Pedigree of the Royal Family of England from

--, Bishop of Chester.
37 Hen. III. (1252) to 22 Ric. II. (1398), showing

Christopher, Lord Teynham.
the offices conferred on the King's issue. En 1620, Nov. 22.-Bond by George Melsam and others,

dorsed, Regia proles gerens officia publica." to Richard Crompton, for repayment of 521. 108.
1620, May 15.-Draft of a warrant dormant directing 1620, Dec. 9.-A list of Earls, Viscounts, and Barons,
all persons to assist the bearer, Jervis Unwon, messenger created since the 6th of Nov. 1610. Noted “lent to
to the Co. for the manufacture of gold and silver thread, " me by Sir Richard St. George, 9 December 1620."
in arresting all persons found making the said thread Annexed,
in breach of the King's patent.

1. A list of creations, Jan. 1, 1616 to Nov. 20, 1618,
1620, May 16.-Warrant from Sir Giles Mompesson

and a list of Peers now to be admitted.” “ Proand Francis Michell, to Jervis Unwon, messenger, to

“ ceres qui nunc in Parlam. admittendi.” summon John Eaton and others to appear before them, 1620, Dec. 14.-Register of proceedings of the Com

1620, May 21.-Patent granting the reversion of the missioners under the patent for the making of gold and
office of Writer and Ingrosser to the Great Seal to silver thread. Endorsed, “ A book for registring of all
Nathaniel Bacon for his life. Not signed or sealed. " such businesses or orders as are or shall be concluded

1620, May 30.—A book of licenses granted for the " by His Majesty's Commissioners for the manufacture
keeping of alehouses ; shewing the names of the houses “ of the gold and silver thread, and the undertakers
and the fines and rents paid for licenses. Mutilated, “for the same business, anno 1619." The dates range
the first seven and other leaves wanting. The dates from June 10, 1619 to Dec. 14, 1620.
range from Oct. 10, 1617, to May 30, 1620. The follow- (1620, 1-Draft of “An Act for better satis-
ing is an example of the entries. “A license granted “faction of due, just, and lawful debts." Debtors with
" the tenth of September 1618 to Thurstone Ashley, in ample means to pay their debts, escape payment by
St. Clements, Ipswich, clothier, to keep the mermaid conveyances of their estate in trust to others, or even
" in his house there wherein he now dwelleth during if committed to prison live there in great comfort, and
" the lives of himself, John Ashley, his brother, and under colour of writs of habeas corpus get leave to go
" John Humphrey, of St. Clements, aforesaid.” Fine, into the country when they desire it; persons so failing
51., rent, 58. See L. J., III. 46. 1620-21. March 15. to pay their debts, to be treated as bankrupts and their
Grievances of Inns.

estates, &c. sold ; in case of death or escape of debtor,
1620, June 4.-Warrant by Sir Giles Mompesson and their lands, estates, &c. to stand charged with their
Francis Michell, directed to Richard Warde and others, debts. Endorsed, “ 1620." Not traceable in Journals.
farmers of the customs, to produce certain seizures of (1620, P].-Petition of Mary Sole “ to the
gold and silver thread lately made by them.

“ High and Mighty Prince Charles.” Prays that her
[1620, July 7.]--Book containing copies of the pro- former petition, which he had delivered to the clerk not
clamations, commissions, &c., relating to “conceal read, may be read and considered by a committee.
“ ments ;" and a register of the warrants issued, and 1620-21, Jan. 4.-Writ of summons to Parliament to
of the lands claimed under the said commissions. The Henry Lord Grey of Groby.
dates range from 1617, Aug. 6 to 1620, July 7. See 1620–21, Jan. 11.-Writ to the Archbishop of Canter-
L. J., III. 36. Divers books and writings seized in the bury to assemble convocation. (Copy.)
houses of Sir Giles Mompesson.

1620-21, Jan. 12.-Draft of an Act for the disuniting
· 1620, July 9.]—Book containing at one end “An of the hamlet or village of Woodlands, in the county of
“ abstract or true entry of all such particulars as are Devon, from the parish of Ipplepen, and for the erection
" allowed to be passed for the use of Sir Giles Mom of a vicarage within the said hamlet of Woodlands,
“ pesson, Knight, by virtue of His Majesty's letters and for the endowing of the same with competent and
“ patent, under the Great Seal of England, dated 90 convenient means to maintain an able and sufficient
• Julij, Anno xviiio. Regis Jacobi.” This was a minister to serve the said cure.
patent for discovery of “concealed” lands, and in this Noted.-Lecta 1", 12° Jan. 18° Jac. Parliament was
book are contained descriptions of the lands claimed not sitting.
under the patent. At the other end of the book is “A. 1620–21, Jan. 13.-Copy of an order in council ap-
" Collection of lands given to parishes for good uses." pointing a commission to consider and advise upon the

1620, July 13.-Warrant by Sir Giles Mompesson for best means for the recovery and protection of the Pala.
tbe apprehension of Robert Genner and others.

tinate. The Commissioners are to enquire what men,
1620, July 26.- Warrant by Sir Giles Mompesson and horses, munition, ships, and treasure will be required,
Sir Francis Michell, for imprisonment of Robert and also as to the best time for the expedition.

1620–21, Jan. 14.-Writ for prorogation of Parlia-
1620, July 28.-Summons from Sir Giles Mompesson ment. L. J., JII. 5. In extenso. (Seal wanting.)
and Sir Francis Michell, for Mr. Blechenden, silkman, 1620–21, Jan. 20.—Commission for prorogation of
in Paternoster Row, to appear before them.

Parliament. L. J., III. 6. In extenso.
1620, August 3. — Bond from Robert Nicholl and 1620-21. Jan. 27.-Order from Sir Giles Mompesson


HOUSE OF and Francis Michell, to Wm. Wheeler and others, with Committee for privileges to peruse and rectify the

Jervis Unwon, to make search for silk, gold, and silver, Journal Book daily, or as often as they think fit. In
underhand wrought, contrary to the proclamation. extenso. L. J., III. 21.

1620–21, Jan. 3)—Letter from the Lord Chancellor 1620-21, Feb. 17.-Copy of writ of summons to Par-
addressed to Mr. Weston and Mr. Drake, requesting liament to a Bishop and to a Judge (Precedent).
them to furnish Mr. Robert Bowyer, Clerk of the Parlia. See L. J., III. 21.
ments, with a list of the bishops, as now they stand, in 1620-21, Feb. 18.-Certificate, signed by William
order of precedence, “as the daily presence of all their Laud (then Dean of Gloucester), that Sir Francis
Lordships is to be entered in the journal book, accord- Steward, Walter Steward, William Carr, and James
ing to their precedence. Signed, Fr. Verulam, Can. Maxwell, are diligent resorters to the church, and re-

ceived the Sacrament on the first Sunday in Lent.
1. List of the bishops, as they are to be marshalled 1620-21, Feb. 19.-The Earl of Berkshire's submis-
in Parliament.

sion to the House touching Lord Scrope. In extenso.
1620-21, Feb. 3.-Order of the Court of Chancery in L. J., III. 22.
the suit of Mary Lady Cheney, against Edmund Nor 1620-21, Feb. 21.-Draft of " An Act for the repair-
wood and William Breeres.

“ ing and maintaining of an ancient haven, river, and

" channel of the borough and town of Colchester, in
1. Affidavit of Richard Edwards. 27 Feb.

" the county of Essex, and also for the paving of the
2. Testimony of Richard Gifford to the bad character " said town.”
of the defendant Breeres. 28 Feb.

Noted, Lecta 1a, 21 Feb. 18° Jac. C. J. wanting :
1620-21, Feb. 4.-Garter's Roll of the Lords. En Read 24, 5th May. C. J., I. 609; no further proceeding.
dorsed, by Bowyer (?), “ Catalogue of the Nobility, 1620–21, Feb. 22.-Draft of “ An Act for the trans-
delivered to me by Sir William Segar, Garter.”

ferring of diverse manors, lands, tenements, and Annexed,

“ hereditaments heretofore assured by the now Lord
List of the Lords of the Parliament (12 Jac. 1614), “ Viscount Mountague, for the discharge of certain

Noted by Bowyer. “This note, with a letter, and “ trusts to the late Lord Dormer, Sir Francis Engle-
" with a catalogue, to be delivered by Sir Wm. “ fylde, Bt., and Sir John Dormer, Knt., and their
“ Segar, Garter, I sent to Mr. Camden, Claren- “ heirs, upon Sir George Moore and Sir John Waller,
" cieux, on Saturday, 3d February, desiring his " Knts., and Thomas Spencer, Esq., and their heirs,
direction touching the marshalling of the “ for the performance of the said trusts."
“ nobility, and on Sunday he sent back both Noted, Lecta 1", 22 Feb. 18. Jac. C. J. wanting.
notes by my man, with a message, that Ord. to be engrossed, 22 March, C. J., I. 570; but no
" Garter's note was most true, and this mis further proceeding. .
"s taken.”

1620-21, Feb. 5.-Order of the House appointing com 1. List of Committee in H.C. 15 March. C. J.,
mittee to take consideration of the customs and orders

I. 554,
of this House, and of the privileges of the Peers of the 1620-21, Feb. 23.-Draft of “An Act to take away
kingdom and Lords of Parliament. L. J., III. 10. In “ the jointure of Dame Susan Croisley, wife of Sir

" George Croisley, Knt. and Baronet, made after
1620-21, Feb. 7.—Draft of " An Act to restrain com " marriage, for her elopement and separation of herself
* mon brewers and tipplers to be justices of peace in “ from the said Sir George Croisley, her husband, and
“ any county, city, or town corporate within this realm.” "disabling the children of the said Dame Susan, borne
Read 14. C. J., I. 511. No further proceeding.

" since the said elopement, to inherit any of the lands,
1620–21, Feb. 7.-Draft of“ An Act for the confirma- - tenements, or hereditaments of the said Sir George
6tion of a decree in Chancery made by the consent of “ Croisley."
" the Lord of the Manor of Painswick, in the county of Endorsed, Lecta 1", Feb. 23. C. J. wanting. See
“ Gloucester, and the customary tenants of the same note. C. J., I. 526. Not mentioned in Journals.
“ manor." Read 18 in H.C. C. J., I. 511. Ordered to 1620-21, Feb. 23.-Petition of Salomon Browne, ser-
be engrossed, but no further proceeding. March 9, 546. vant and solicitor to Tobie Archbishop of York, arrested

1620-21, Feb. 8.-Draft of “ An Act for the further at the suit of Whale and others, prays for writ of Habeas
“ reformation of jeofayles.” Lecta 14. C. J., I. 513. corpus. See L. J., III. 27. Writ ordered.
Ordered to be engrossed, May 24, 1621. C. J. I. 625,

1620–21, Feb. 27.-Draft of “ An Act for the free
but no further proceeding. See Act 21, Jac. I. c. 13.

“ traffic of sea coals, stone coals, and pit coals, in and 1620–21, Feb. 10.-Petition of Richard Camel, im- « out of the counties of Durham and Northumberland, prisoned in the Fleet for “his great contempt and

“ acquitted and discharged from the late unlawful is neglect in penning and directing of sundry writs of " exs

exactions of twopence, threepence, and sixteen pence " summons to divers Lords, Peers of this realm, in

" a chauldron, by the Mayor and Burgesses of the town

a chauldron ho the M
* other form than heretofore had been accustomed.”

“ and county of Newcastle-upon-Tyne.” Read 18. O.J.,
Expresses contrition, and prays for release. L. J., III. I. 529. No further proceeding.
14 In extenso.
1620-21, Feb. 13.-Draft of“ An Act to enable Martin

1620-21, Feb. 27.-Quittances and releases of all

claims against Jervis Unwon from Joseph Symonds, " Calthorp, Esquire, to make sale of certain lands for

H. Ambercourt, and Stephen Bellott.-Feb. 28. Wing" the payment of his debts and preferment of his

field Blackmore.—March 1. Thomas Heyrick and Mary younger children." Bill read 1a. C. J., I. 518; com

Howe.--March 3. Nicholas Taberrer, James Gobbin, mitted 17th March, 559; but no further proceeding.

Thomas Gunn, Alice Griffith, and Peter Vancourt.
1620-21, Feb. 13.-Draft of “An Act for the true

-March 5. Peter Symonds.
“ making of good and sufficient cards for wool.” Cards
being now made of very weak and insufficient wire, the

1620–21, Feb. 28,-Draft of “ An Act declaring the
Bill provides for a certain weight of wire in every pair

“ ancient and common law concerning saltmarshes, of cards. Cardmakers to set their name and mark

“ inned, gained, or lost by the sea, or ebbing or flowing upon cards before selling them. Read 14. C. J., I. 519.

“ of freshwater." Read 14. C. J., I. 531; but no further Ordered to be engrossed, 630, May 28 ; but no further


1620–21, Feb. 28.-Draft of “An Act for repressing
1620-21, Feb. 13.-Draft of “ An Act for the expla-

“the odious and loathsome sin of drunkenness, and for
s nation of a Statute made ) Edward VI., An Act

" the restraint of the excessive prices of beer and ale.” “ whereby certain chauntryes, colleges, free chapels,

C. J., I. 531. " and the possessions of the same be given to the King's

The Act fixes the price of beer and the quantities in 66 Majesty." Read 14. C. J., I. 518. Ordered to be

which it shall be brewed and sold ; imposes penalties,
engrossed, 597, April 30; but no further proceeding. one-third to go to the Company of Virginia, one-third to

1620-21. Feb. 15.-Draft of “ An Act for the recovery the poor of the parish in which the offence is committed,
" of small debts and duties in London, and for avoiding and one-third to the informer.
as of excessive charges of suit and travail for small Noted, “Upon question of commitment, refused."
" matters." No suit in which the debt or damage does

C.J., I. 531.
not exceed 101. to be removed into any of the King's 1620-21, March 1.-Sir Giles Mompesson to the Lord
courts at Westminster. Read 14. C. J., I. 521; but no Admiral [Buckingham). Prays him to influence the
further proceeding.

King to direct the Commons to set down their charges
1620-21, Feb. 16.-Draft of "An Act to enable jus- in writing, that he may have opportunity of answering
" tices of the peace to give restitution of possession in them, and of preserving his good name; his troubles
“ certain cases.” Read 1*. C. J., I. 523; bat no further have so overtired a sick body, that anger has been his

best physician. Is accused of other men's actions, and 1620–21, Feb. 17.-Order of the House for the Sub. condemned before he is heard. See L. J., III. 34.




1. Copy of preceding. 1620-21, March 2.-" The particular grievances of “ silkmen committed by Mr. Attorney, August 1619; “ with Sir Giles his threats and demeanour when he ** sat upon the commission.” In 1619 Richard Herne, sheriff and alderman of London, and others, were summoned by virtue of the commission for gold and silver thread, and called upon to enter into a bond to keep a true register of all their transactions in that trade; they desired time to consider, and that they might see the patent, and presently declined to execute the bonds; for which Sir Giles violently threatened them with imprisonment, which he soon after effected through Sir H. Yelverton.

1620-21, March 2.-Draft of “ An Act for the better ordering and governing of carmen and cars to be “ used within the city of London and the liberties and “ suburbs of the same, and of wharfingers and keepers “ of wharves for stowage of wood and coal upon the " river of Thames in or near London, and for necessary “ means to utter the same." C. J., I. 533. Read 1a, but no further proceeding.

1620–21, March 2.-Petition of Edward Evre to the King. John Moile obtained fudgment against petitioner in an action for waste in the Court of Common Pleas, which judgment was affirmed by the King's Bench. Prays that a writ of error may be awarded. Noted by the King, “ James R. fiat." See L. J., III. 152.

1620-21, March 3.—Warrant of the House of Lords to search for Sir Giles Mompesson, and for papers, &c. L. J., III. 35. With the amendments made March 6 in the margin. Signed Fr. St. Alban, Canc. See L. J., III. 38. Annexed,

1. Fair copy of the above as amended.

2. Draft of same and memoranda. 1620–21, March 3.-Extract from the journals of H. L. respecting proclamation for apprehension of Sir Giles Mom pesson. L. J., III. 34. In extenso. Annexed, 1. Proclamation of the King for apprehension of

Sir Giles Mompesson, referred to in King's speech,

March 26. L. J., III. 69. Printed. 1620-21, March 7.-Draft of “ An Act for the natu“ ralization of William Herbert." Read 1°. C. J., I. 542. Annexed, 1. Certificate that Herbert hath received the Holy

Communion for 14 or 15 years. Signed “ Ambro“ sius Regemorterus, minister of the Word of “ God in the Dutch Congregation at London.”

3 March 1621. No further proceeding. 1620–21, March 7.-Draft of “ An Act for the improve “ ing and better ordering of commons, intercommons, “ and waste grounds for the good of the poor com“ moners and all interested therein." Gives power to the Lord Chancellor to appoint commissions where desired, to apportion all common land in severalty among those having common rights. Read 14. C. J., I. 542. Noted, “ Rejected.” See C. J., I. 611.

1620–21, March 9.-Draft of “ An Act imposing a fine “ on brewers for setting on work within London and " the suburbs of the same, and within two miles com" pass without the same suburbs, more coopers and in “ other manner than by a statute made in the three " and twentieth year of King Henry the Eighth is “ tolerated." The Act recited limits the number of coopers to be employed by brewers, but inflicts no penalties ; this Bill imposes a fine, half to the King and half to the informer. Read 14. C. J., I. 546. No further proceeding.

1620-21, March 9.-Draft of “ An Act against the “ importation of logwood and the deceipts and abuses “ in dyeing therewith.” All logwood imported in the country to be burnt, with the exception of 50 tons per annum reserved for the use of Sir Thomas Compton under letters patent. Read 1°. C. J., I. 546. No further proceeding

1620–21, March 9.-Draft of “ An Act for continuance “ of a former statute made in the 4th year of the King's “ Majesty's reign, intituled An Act for the true making “ of woollen cloths and for some additions and altera" tions in and to the same. Read 14. C. J., I. 546. Almost similar to Act 21 Jac. 1. c. 18. Annexed, 1. List and proceedings of Committee in H. C.

21 March 1621. C. J., I. 565. No further

proceeding. 1620-21, March 10.-Draft of "An Act for the Com"pany of Tallow Chandlers of the city of London."

Tallow chandlers being only exempted by the general HOUSE OF name of victuallers out of the statutes against regrators, forestallers, and ingrossors, are much molested by informers. The Bill provides for their exemption by their proper nomination of Tallow chandlers. Noted, “ Lecta 1*. 10 Martij 1621.” Not mentioned in the Journals.

1620–21, March 10.-Rough notes of various proceedings in the House from 22 Feb. to 10 March. Sec L. J.. III. 26 to 40.

1620-21, March 12.-Draft of “An Act for the further
" explanation of the Statute 5 Edward VI., cap. 14,
“ touching forestalling, and of the Statute 5 Elizabeth,
“ cap. 22, touching the dressing of skins and pelts into
" leather, and for the incorporating of the Glovers and
“ Leather dressers residing within five miles of the city
“ of London." Read 1a and rejected. C. J., I. 549.
1. “Objections of the Leather Sellers of London

against the incorporation of the Glovers and
“ Leather dressers desired, with the answers

" thereunto.”
1620-21, March 12.-Draft of “ An Act for the refor-
“mation of diverse abuses and deceipts committed and
« used in dyeing." Against the importation and use
for dyeing of logwood, blockwood, St. Martin's wood
and Camperga wood. C. J., I. 549. No further

1620-21, March 12.-Draft report from the Committee
for Privileges of their interview with the King con-
cerning protestations upon honor. In extenso. L. J.,
III. 41. The draft is amended by the Earl of Clare, from
whom there is a letter on the back to the Earl of Exeter,
requesting him, if he approves of the report, to forward
it to the Earl Marshal. [Undated:

1. Another draft of the report. 12 March 1621.
2. Another draft with letter on the back from Earl
of Clare to Elsynge, requesting him to return the
Earl Marshal's note “that I may redeliver him

“ according to his desire.” [Undated.]
3. The Earl of Clare to Elsynge, stating his recol-

lections of the interview with the King upon the
question of protestation upon honor in 1621. This
letter is probably in answer to some application
from Elsynge for assistance in supplying an omis.
sion of the report in the Journals. See note, L.J.,

III. 41. Nov. 20, 1626.
1620–21, March 13.-Draft of “An Act for the assur-
“ ance and establishment of grants heretofore made to
" the late Queen Elizabeth by collegiate and ecclesi-
“ astical corporations and persons." Read 19. L. J.,
III. 43. Committed May 8. L. J., III. 114, 174. No
further proceeding.

1620–21, March 13.-Draft of " An Act for the passing of the accounts of sheriffs, escheators, Collectors of “ subsidies, tenths, fifteenths, and aids without charge “ or delay.” Read 1a. C. J., I. 551. Annexed, 1. List and proceedings of Committee in H. C.

15 April. C. J., I. 555. No further proceeding. 1620-21, March 13.—Report from the Lords SubCommittee, that they have viewed the Journal Book of entries of this House from the beginning of the present session until the end of February.

1620-21, March 14.-Draft of " An Act against fore“ stalling and engrossing of sheep skins and lamb skins " for the relief of many poor tradesmen." Lecta 1a. C. J., I. 553. No further proceeding.

1620-21, March 14.-Draft of “ An Act for reversing " and avoiding of a fine pretended to be acknowledged " by Elionor, the King's late ward and the late wife of “ Sir John Croke, Knight, during her infancy and co“ verture, to the disinherison of her sisters and heirs, " being then also wards to the King. And for the de“ termination of sundry suits and variances between “ the said Sir John Croke, Knt., and Sir John Law“ rance, Knt., and Dame Grissell his wife, concerning “ the exposition of the last will and testament of Jervase " Gibbons, Esq., the late father of the said Dame 66 Grissell and Elionor.” Noted, Lecta 14. 14° Martij. No mention in Journals.

1620–21, March 15.-Petition of Richard Reynolds and Robert Wright, praying for their discharge from the Fleet. In extenso. L. J., III. 47. Annexed, 1. Order of the House for their discharge. 15 March

1621. In extenso. - L. J., III. 47. 1620-21, March 15.--Draft of “ An Act for the good " order and government of the makers of knives, “ sickles, shears, and scissors in Halamshire in the

HOUSE OF " county of York, and parts near adjoining." Read 1^. LORDS.

C. J., 554. Similar to the Act 21 Jac. I. 31., with the exception of the names of the first officers of the Company of Cutlers of Hallamshire. No further proceedings.

1620-21, March (15).-Petition of Robert Breres, messenger of His Majesty's aviary. Was assaulted by Jeffery Passmore and his wife and William Herbert, when serving a warrant upon Passmore by command of the Marquess of Buckingham in the matter of the arrest of Booth, one of His Majesty's grooms. Prays for redress. See L. J., III. 45. Annexed, 1. Petition of Elizabeth King, wife of Nicholas

King, that her husband may be discharged, he having been committed for assisting Passmore in

the arrest of Booth. 1620–21, March (15].-Petition of Roger Harris, citizen and freeman of London, that he may be dismissed from further attendance in the matter of the arrest of Jewell, the Lord Stafford's man. See L. J., III. 45. Annexed, 1. Petition of Roger Harris and John Pepwell,

citizens and freemen of London. That they may be allowed to proceed against Jewell, notwith standing he claims privilege as servant to Lord Stafford, Jewell never having been servart to Lord Stafford until after the serving of the exe.

cution. See L. J., III. 45, 56, 58. 1620–21, March 16.—Mem.: that Richard Wilmot was sworn to give evidence respecting the patent of inns. L. J., III. 48.

1620–21, March 16.--Mem.: that George Gelders was sworu to give evidence respecting the patent of concealments. L. J., III. 48.

[1620–21, March 16.]—Depositions of Robert More and others respecting the gold and silver thread business, headed “The grievances of diverse of the gold “ wire drawers of London for several imprisonments “ of their persons and other great wrongs done unto " them by the patentees and commissioners, concern. “ ing the making of gold and silver thread.” See L. J., III. 48, &c. Annexed, Depositions of witnesses in the gold and silver

thread business.
[March 16.]—John Trott, Francis West, John

Ferne, Samuel Bucklye, and Auray Pinkney,
William Gere (statement 12 July 1619), Nicholas
Carey (and complaint), Samson Newport, Richard
Lambe, John Burnett, William Parker, John
Carpenter, Nicholas Leatt, William Gilly,
Francis Lake and others, William Bruen, Robert
More, Thomas Ledsham and others (and state-
ment of grievances), Mary Fitche, Elizabeth
Cockryn and others, Wm. Whiting, John Mar-
some, Humbert Court (the Frenchman), William
Davis, Richard Fishborn, John Nanfan, Bryan
Rogers, Henry Wood, Wm. Acton, Thomas

Norton of the Old Bailey, and others.
1620–21, March 17.-Examination of Jervis Unwon:
had certain seizures in his hands of gold and silver
thread, &c. Mr. Henry Wood, “the solicitor for that
“ business," after the Parliament began, came to him
and told him that Sir G. Mompesson desired that the
said seizures should be restored to the true owners,
saving only certain copper wire. See L. J., III. 67.
1. Instructions for examination of Jervis Unwon

and others. 1620-21, March 18.—Commission appointing Sir James Ley, Lord Chief Justice, Speaker of the House pro tempore, in the absence of the Lord Chancellor. L. J., III. 51. In extenso. Signed by the King, and sealed.

1620-21, March 19.-Draft of “An Act for making “ void of a decree lately made in His Majesty's High * Court of Chancery against the heirs of William “ Goddard, Esquire, deceased, for the lands of in“ heritance, whereof the said William Goddard died “ seized." Not mentioned in Journals.

1620-21, March 20.-Petition of Edward Newton, servant to the now Under-Sheriff of Surrey, committed to the Fleet for contempt in arresting a servant of Lord Stafford's; prays for discharge on account of his youth, want of experience, and poverty. I. J., III. 56. Annexed,

1. Copy of preceding. 1620–21, March 20.-Petition of Easter Favour to the House of Commons. About two years and a half ago

her house was searched, and she imprisoned by Mr. House Of Fowle and others, for refusing to swear she would LORDS. never work at her trade of spinning of silver thread ; prays for redress. See L. J., III. 56.

1620-21, March 20.–Petition of Stephen Bellott. Has for many years got his living by working gold and silver thread. About two years ago Mr. Fowle sent his poursuivant, Ireland, who searched petitioner's house, broke open the door of a chamber, and carried away his mill, “the only instrument of his living ;" has been able to obtain no redress, for which he now prays.

1620–21, March 20.-Draft of " An Act for the establishing the inheritance of the heirs of Richard “Young, Esquire, deceased, according to an indenture “ of bargain and sale to him made by Michael Lecke, “ Esquire, for good and valuable consideration by him “ satisfied and paid. And for the continuance of an “ extent for His Majesty's debt upon the same lands “till full satisfaction thereof." Not mentioned in Journals.

1620-21, March 20 and 21.-Names of witnesses sworn in the Lord Chancellor's case. See L. J., III. 55, &c.

1620-21, March 21.-Copy of the oath taken by Mr.
Bowyer, Clerk of the Parliaments. Noted, “Unto
“ the supremacy and to this oath I was sworn before
“ the Right Hon. the Lord Chancellor, the 30th of
Jan. 1609, in presence of Mr. Benboe, Clerk to Sir
George Copin, Clerk of the Crown, and others. R. B."
“ L. J., III. 59. In extenso. See also L. J., III. 41.
1. Form of oath to be administered to such clerks

as the Clerk of the Upper House employed, either
in the office or in the Parliament. March 12.

See L. J., III. 42.
2. Copy of a letter of Edward IV., dated Oct. 24, 1472

(12° Ed. IV.), granting the office of Clerk of the
Parliaments to John Gunthoupe for his life, to
be performed by himself or his deputy. This
copy is addressed “ To Robert Bowyer, Clerk of
“ the Parliaments," who, being dangerously sick,
applied for leave to appoint a deputy. March 12,
1620-21. See L. J., III. 41. This paper was pro-

bably used as a precedent at that time.
3. List of Clerks of the Parliament, and particulars

of their patents, from 1 Hen. VIII. to 39 Elizabeth.

See L. J., III. 42.–March 1620-21. 1620-21, March 21.–Form of oath to be administered to witnesses in Parliament. L. J. III., 60. In extenso.

1620-21, March 21.-Draft of interrogatories to be administered to the witnesses in the Lord Chancellor's case. L. J., III. 60. In extenso.

1620-21, March 21.-Memorandum respecting case of Sir G. Reynell, and names of other witnesses examined in the Lord Chancellor's case. See L. J:, III, 60.

1620–21, March 21.-Memoranda for examination of Norbury and other witnesses in the Lord Chancellor's case. See L. J., III. 60.

1620-21, March 21.-Same for Barker and others.

1620-21, March 21.-Copy of examination of Sir Thomas Perient, read April 19. L. J., III. 80. And copy of examnination of Philip Holman, taken March 22, in the Lord Chancellor's case.

1620–21, March 21.–List of persons to be sent for as witnesses in the Lord Chancellor's case.

1620–21, March 22.-List of witnesses sworn this day in the Lord Chancellor's case. L. J. III., 61.

1620–21, March 22.-Petition of William Pargiter, Montagu Wood, and Christopher Awbrey, for present relief of the wrongs endured by them by the indirect dealing of the Lord Chancellor. See L. J., III. 61.

1620-21, March 22.-Order of the House for stay of writ of extent, which Thomas Harding was endeavouring to sue out against the lands of Sir Giles Mompesson. L. J., III. 61.

1620–21, March 22.- Three warrants dormant. See L. J., III, 62. “The warrants dormant to seize and “ imprison, &c., and exceed all kinds of warrants ; “wbereof there be three, and one of them is without “ date, and rayed, and the other hath a date with a new “ hand." These are no doubt the warrants here alluded to, as they exactly correspond with the description. They are all signed by the Chancellor, with others. In one case he signs himself “Fr. Bacon "; in the two others, “Fr. Verulam.”

1620–21, March 22.-Draft of warrant for commitment of Fowles and Gelders to the Fleet. L. J., III. 65.

1620-21, March 23.-Collection of Sir Giles Mom. pesson's offences touching inns and hosteries. L, J.,

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